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  1. [InstCombine] remove unneeded one-use checks for icmp fold (details)
  2. [ARM] Fold VCMP into VPT (details)
  3. [docs][llvm-size] Write llvm-size documentation (details)
  4. [docs][llvm-strings] Write llvm-strings documentation (details)
  5. Move some definitions from Sema to Basic to fix shared libs build (details)
  6. [clangd][vscode] update the development doc. (details)
  7. [InstCombine] add/move tests for icmp with add operand; NFC (details)
  8. [X86][NFC] Add a `use-aa` feature. (details)
  9. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Remove another illegal select test (details)
  10. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix RegBankSelect for G_FRINT and G_FCEIL (details)
  11. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix some broken run lines (details)
  12. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fail select of G_INSERT non-32-bit source (details)
  13. [NFC] remove unused functions (details)
  14. [SystemZ]  Call erase() on the right MBB in (details)
  15. [LV] Add ARM MVE tail-folding tests (details)
  16. [libFuzzer] Remove unused version of FuzzedDataProvider.h. (details)
  17. [ExecutionEngine] Don't dereference a dyn_cast result. NFCI. (details)
  18. [ARM] Add patterns for CTLZ on MVE (details)
  19. [ARM] Lower CTTZ on MVE (details)
  20. [ARM] Add patterns for bitreverse intrinsic on MVE (details)
  21. [ARM] Add patterns for BSWAP intrinsic on MVE (details)
  22. [InstCombine] move tests for icmp+add; NFC (details)
  23. [InstCombine] remove unneeded one-use checks for icmp fold (details)
  24. [clangd] Simplify semantic highlighting visitor (details)
  25. [SimplifyCFG] FoldTwoEntryPHINode(): consider *total* speculation cost, (details)
  26. [OPENMP]Fix parsing/sema for function templates with declare simd. (details)
  27. [ARM] A predicate cast of a predicate cast is a predicate cast (details)
  28. [X86][AVX] matchShuffleWithSHUFPD - add support for zeroable operands (details)
  29. [Clang][Codegen] Relax available-externally-suppress.c test (details)
  30. [Clang][Codegen] Disable arm_acle.c test. (details)
  31. Implement std::condition_variable via pthread_cond_clockwait() where (details)
  32. [lldb][NFC] Make ApplyObjcCastHack less scary (details)
  33. [lldb] Remove SetCount/ClearCount from Flags (details)
  34. [ARM][Codegen] Autogenerate arm-cgp-casts.ll test. (details)
  35. [PGO] Use linkonce_odr linkage for __profd_ variables in comdat groups (details)
  36. [LTO][Legacy] Add new C inferface to query libcall functions (details)
  37. [lld] Update lld driver to use new LTO APIs to handle libcall symbols (details)
  38. [Coverage] Assert that filenames in a TU are unique, NFC (details)
  39. [Coverage] Speed up file-based queries for coverage info, NFC (details)
  40. do not emit -Wunused-macros warnings in -frewrite-includes mode (details)
  41. Open fstream files in O_CLOEXEC mode when possible. (details)
  42. [NFC] Move dumping into GDBRemotePacket (details)
  43. [PowerPC] Cust lower fpext v2f32 to v2f64 from extract_subvector v4f32 (details)
  44. [Docs] Adds Getting Started/Tutorials, Reference to LLVM docs homepage (details)
  45. [Docs] Bug fix for docs homepage (details)
  46. [NFC] Test commit access (details)
  47. Revert "Implement std::condition_variable via pthread_cond_clockwait() (details)
  48. [lit] Make internal diff work in pipelines (details)
  49. Add a director, along with README.txt and LICENSE.txt, for libc. (details)
  50. [clang-tidy] add checks to bugprone-posix-return (details)
  51. [compiler-rt][crt]  make test case nontrivial in (details)
  52. [Modules][Objective-C] Use complete decl from module when diagnosing (details)
  53. [OPENMP]Fix the test, NFC. (details)
  54. [test] Clean up previous raw profile before merging into it (details)
  55. [Remarks] Allow remarks::Format::YAML to take a string table (details)
  56. [PowerPC] Cust lower fpext v2f32 to v2f64 from extract_subvector v4f32 (details)
  57. Fix warning: lambda capture 'temp_file_path' is not used (details)
  58. [Reproducer] Implement dumping packets. (details)
  59. Fix swig python package path (details)
  60. Add libc to path mappings in git-llvm. (details)
  61. llvm-reduce: Make tests shell-independent by passing the interpreter on (details)
  62. [GlobalISel] Partially revert r371901. (details)
  63. Revert r372035: "[lit] Make internal diff work in pipelines" (details)
  64. [test] Fail gracefully if the regex doesn't match (details)
  65. llvm-reduce: Remove some string copies (details)
  66. llvm-reduce: Clean out previous test temp/output dir, since it was a dir (details)
  67. [OPENMP] Fix the test, NFC (details)
  68. [libFuzzer] Always print DSO map on Fuchsia libFuzzer launch (details)
  69. Revert "[lldb][NFC] Make ApplyObjcCastHack less scary" (details)
  70. Push lambda scope earlier when transforming lambda expression (details)
  71. [ELF][Hexagon] Allow PT_LOAD to have overlapping p_offset ranges on (details)
  72. [ScriptInterpreter] Initialize globals when loading a scripting module. (details)
  73. Remove reliance on lax vector conversions from altivec.h in VSX mode. (details)
  74. Fix reliance on lax vector conversions in tests for x86 intrinsics. (details)
  75. Fix reliance on -flax-vector-conversions in AVX intrinsics headers and (details)
  76. [test] Disable reproducer dump test on Windows (details)
  77. [X86] Enable commuting of EVEX VCMP for all immediate values during (details)
  78. [X86] Add test case for missed opportunity to commute a VCMP instruction (details)
  79. [X86] Add support for commuting EVEX VCMP instructons with any immediate (details)
  80. [X86] Allow masked VBROADCAST instructions to be turned into BLENDM with (details)
  81. [X86] Split oversized vXi1 vector arguments and return values into (details)
  82. [git-llvm] Do not reinvent `@{upstream}` (take 2) (details)
  83. [Attributor] Create helper struct for handling analysis getters (details)
  84. [clangd] Remove stale comment. NFC (details)
  85. [Attributor] Use Alias Analysis in noalias callsite argument deduction (details)
  86. [ARM][MVE] Add invalidForTailPredication to TSFlags (details)
  87. Reland "[lldb][NFC] Make ApplyObjcCastHack less scary" (details)
  88. [RISCV] Define __riscv_cmodel_medlow and __riscv_cmodel_medany correctly (details)
  89. [bugpoint] Add support for -Oz and properly enable -Os. (details)
  90. [RISCV] Add option aliases: -mcmodel=medany and -mcmodel=medlow (details)
  91. [llvm-objcopy] - Remove python invocations from 2 test cases. (details)
  92. [Clang] Pragma vectorize_width() implies vectorize(enable) (details)
  93. [llvm-readobj] - Refactor the code. (details)
  94. [LoopUnroll] Use LoopSize+1 as threshold, to allow unrolling loops (details)
  95. [ARM] LE support in ConstantIslands (details)
  96. [AMDGPU]: PHI Elimination hooks added for custom COPY insertion. Fixed (details)
  97. [llvm-readobj] - Fix a TODO in elf-reloc-zero-name-or-value.test. (details)
  98. [llvm-ar] Parse 'h' and '-h': display help and exit (details)
  99. [llvm-readobj] - Fix BB after r372087. (details)
  100. [lldb] [Process/gdb-remote] Fix defaulting signal to invalid in action (details)
  101. [SimplifyLibCalls] Mark known arguments with nonnull (details)
  102. Patch from Phabricator (details)
  103. [NFC} Updated test (details)
  104. [ELF][AARCH64] Refactor AArchErrataFix to match changes in ARMErrataFix (details)
  105. [NFC] Updated test (details)
  106. [SimplifyLibCalls] Fix -Wunused-result after D53342/r372091 (details)
  107. [NFCI] Fixed buildbots (details)
  108. [InstCombine] Annotate strdup with deref_or_null (details)
  109. [SVE][MVT] Fixed-length vector MVT ranges (details)
  110. [SLC] Preserve attrs for strncpy(x, "", y) -> memset(align 1 x, '\0', y) (details)
  111. Add SemanticRanges to Clangd server. (details)
  112. [X86] Use APInt::getLowBitsSet helper. NFCI. (details)
  113. Revert Patch from Phabricator (details)
  114. [Attributor][Fix] Initialize the cache prior to using it (details)
  115. [RISCV] Switch to the Machine Scheduler (details)
  116. [docs] Make --version text more correct (details)
  117. [yaml2obj/obj2yaml] - Allow setting an arbitrary values for e_machine. (details)
  118. [obj2yaml] - Support PPC64 relocation types. (details)
  119. [llvm-readobj] - Test PPC64 relocations properly. (details)
  120. [ARM][LowOverheadLoops] Add LR def safety check (details)
  121. lldb: move a test input to the test Inputs dir (details)
  122. Hide implementation details in namespaces. (details)

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