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  1. [CodeGen][SVE] Replace deprecated calls in getCopyFromPartsVector() (details)
  2. [LiveVariables] Don't set undef reg PHI used as live for FromMBB (details)
  3. [libcxx testing] Fix bot failure in my last commit (details)
  4. lld: ignore the `-search_paths_first` option on MachO (details)
  5. [CodeGen] Enable tail call position check for speculatable functions (details)
  6. [analyzer] Add support for ObjCIndirectCopyRestoreExpr. (details)
  7. [analyzer] ObjCAutoreleaseWriteChecker: Support explicit autoreleasepools. (details)
  8. [libc++] Support move construction and assignment in <thread> in C++03 (details)
  9. [MLIR] Shape to standard dialect lowering (details)
  10. [lldb/Test] Don't print 'command invoked' (details)
  11. [doc] Fix typo. (details)
  12. [libc++] Fix test broken in C++03 due to requiring C++11 features from vector (details)
  13. [profile] Sync with llvm. (details)
  14. [XCOFF][AIX] Use 'L..' instead of 'L' for PrivateGlobalPrefix (details)
  15. [InstSimplify] fix bug in matching or-with-not op (PR46083) (details)
  16. [AIX] Change the default target CPU to power4 for AIX on Power (details)
  17. [doc] Fix use of ` where `` was intended in attribute docs. (details)
  18. [VectorCombine] Add multi-use multiply test for D80885 (details)

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