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  1. [SVE] Eliminate calls to default-false VectorType::get() from SystemZ (details)
  2. [LSR][SCEVExpander] Avoid blind cast 'Factor' to SCEVConstant in FactorOutConstant. (details)
  3. [TRE] Allow accumulator elimination when base case returns non-constant (details)
  4. [lldb] Fix SLEB128 decoding (details)
  5. Make regcoal_remat_empty_subrange.ll test require asserts build. (details)
  6. Disable this test for Windows. (details)
  7. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Move GlobalISel source files to a dedicated subdir. (details)
  8. [mlir][gpu] Add subgroup Id/Size/Num to GPU dialect (details)
  9. [NFC] Temporarily disable check for 'uglygep' while investigating some buildbot failure. (details)
  10. [gn build] Port 49a4f3f7d88 (details)
  11. [gn build] Port 6756a2c9533 (details)
  12. [gn build] Port 69fa84a6e95 (details)
  13. [gn build] Port ba2a01645b5 (details)
  14. [gn build] Port c973ad1878f (details)
  15. [gn build] Port e53f5580578 (details)
  16. [libc++] Avoid warning for large types with std::atomic in the test suite (details)
  17. Propose naming principle for NodeRole and apply it (details)
  18. [docs] Fix self-contradictory description of llvm_unreachable (details)
  19. [InstCombine] move vector select ahead of select-shuffle (details)
  20. [PGO] Enable the working set size scaling under the partial sample PGO. (details)
  21. [flang] avoid GCC < 8 compiler failure after D80794 (details)

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