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Build Log

Revision: 343219
  1. Reapply changes reverted by r343235

    - Add fix so that all code paths that create DWARFContext
      with an ObjectFile initialise the target architecture in the context
    - Add an assert that the Arch is known in the Dwarf CallFrameString method (detail)
    by lukecheeseman
  2. Fix and modernize StringMatcher comment; NFC (detail)
    by svenvh
  3. [MIPS GlobalISel] Lower i64 arguments

    Lower integer arguments larger then 32 bits for MIPS32.
    setMostSignificantFirst is used in order for G_UNMERGE_VALUES and
    G_MERGE_VALUES to always hold registers in same order, regardless of

    Patch by Petar Avramovic.

    Differential Revision: (detail)
    by petarj
  4. [X86][Btver2] CVTSS2I/CVTSD2I - add missing JFPU0 pipe

    We issue JFPU1->JSTC then JFPU0->JFPA then -> JALU0 (integer pipe)

    Match AMD Fam16h SOG + llvm-exegesis tests (detail)
    by rksimon

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