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  1. [VectorCombine] add tests for non-zero gep offsets; NFC (details)
  2. [LCSSA] Use IRBuilder for PHI creation. (details)
  3. [X86][AVX] Ensure we only combine to PSHUFLW/PSHUFHW on supporting targets (details)
  4. [libcxx] Add compatible with constraint tests for some shared_ptr constructors. (details)
  5. [X86][AVX512] Fold concat(and(x,y),and(z,w)) -> and(concat(x,z),concat(y,w)) for 512-bit vectors (details)
  6. [LCSSA] Provide option for caller to clean up unused PHIs. (details)
  7. [PPC] Adjust run line for hardware-loops-crash.ll (details)
  8. [InstCombine] Fold abs(-x) -> abs(x) (details)
  9. [InstSimplify] Fold abs(abs(x)) -> abs(x) (details)
  10. [X86] Add assembler support for {disp8} and {disp32} to control the size of displacement used for memory operands. (details)
  11. [NewPM][LVI] Abandon LVI after CVP (details)
  12. Updated the -I option description. (details)
  13. [msan] Respect no_huge_pages_for_shadow. (details)
  14. [ELF] --wrap: set isUsedInRegularObj of __wrap_ only if it is defined (details)
  15. [llvm-jitlink] Support promotion of ODR weak symbols in -harness mode. (details)
  16. [llvm-jitlink] Add -phony-externals option to suppress unresolved externals. (details)
  17. Use llvm::is_contained where appropriate (NFC) (details)
  18. Outline non returning functions unless a longjmp (details)
  19. [HotColdSplit] Add test case for unlikely attribute in outlined function (details)
  20. [X86] Add parity test cases for PR46954. (details)
  21. [X86] Improve parity idiom recognition to handle (and (truncate (ctpop X)), 1). (details)
  22. [CMake] Pass bugreport URL to standalone clang build (details)
  23. [SCEV] Precommit tests with signed counting down loop. (details)
  24. [Attributor] AAPotentialValues Interface (details)
  25. [X86] combineX86ShuffleChain - pull out repeated RootVT.getSizeInBits() calls. NFCI. (details)
  26. [X86] Use const APInt& in for-range loop to avoid unnecessary copies. NFCI. (details)
  27. [X86] Pass SDLoc by const reference. NFCI. (details)
  28. [X86] Use const APInt& in for-range loop to avoid unnecessary copies. NFCI. (details)
  29. [DWARFYAML][debug_aranges] Make the 'Descriptors' field optional. (details)
  30. [InstSimplify] Reduce code duplication in icmp of binop folds (NFC) (details)
  31. Revert "[Attributor] AAPotentialValues Interface" (details)
  32. Remove unused param tag to fix Wdocumentation warning. NFC. (details)
  33. [DAG] TargetLowering::LowerAsmOutputForConstraint - pass SDLoc as const& (details)
  34. [DAG] TargetLowering::expandMUL_LOHI - pass SDLoc as const& (details)
  35. Use merge null and isa<> tests into isa_and_nonnull<>. NFCI. (details)
  36. X86InstrInfo.cpp - fix include ordering. NFCI. (details)
  37. GlobalISel: Implement bitcast action for G_EXTRACT_VECTOR_ELEMENT (details)
  38. [InstSimplify] add tests for max(max x,y), x) and variants; NFC (details)
  39. [InstSimplify] fold max (max X, Y), X --> max X, Y (details)
  40. [IR] Add IRBuilderBase::CreateVectorSplat(ElementCount EC) variant (details)
  41. Remove debug flags from test (NFC) (details)
  42. [AMDGPU] Regenerate tests to fix whitespace indentations (details)
  43. [X86] Add test cases for missed opportunity to use a byte test instruction instead of an xor with 0 in parity patterns. (details)
  44. [X86] Use parity flag from byte test/cmp instruction for __builtin_parity when input fits in 8 bits. (details)
  45. [lldb] [test] Fix DW_TAG_GNU_call_site-DW_AT_low_pc.s relocation (details)
  46. [Clang] Remove run-lines which use opt to run -ipconstprop. (details)
  47. [StackSafety, NFC] Don't insert empty objects into the map (details)
  48. Recommit "[IPConstProp] Remove and move tests to SCCP." (details)
  49. [Bindings] Remove ipc_propagation. (details)
  50. Reland D64327 [MC][ELF] Allow STT_SECTION referencing SHF_MERGE on REL targets (details)
  51. [RISCV] eliminate the repetition declare of SDLoc DL (details)
  52. [NFC][PowerPC] Add a multiclass for fsetcc to define them in a uniform way (details)
  53. [FLANG] Fix issues in SELECT TYPE construct when intrinsic type specification is specified in TYPE GUARD statement. (details)
  54. [MC] Default MCAsmBackend::mayNeedRelaxation() to false (details)
  55. [OpenMP][AMDGCN] Support OpenMP offloading for AMDGCN architecture - Part 3 (details)
  56. [gn build] Port 160ff83765a (details)
  57. [CMake] Default ENABLE_X86_RELAX_RELOCATIONS to ON (details)
  58. [MLIR][SPIRV] Control attributes support for loop and selection (details)
  59. [NFC] [MIR] Document the reg state flags (details)
  60. [libunwind] Make the test depend on the libunwind explicitly. (details)
  61. [DebugInfo] Make DIELocList::SizeOf() more explicit. NFCI. (details)
  62. [DebugInfo] Fix a comment and a variable name. NFC. (details)
  63. [DebugInfo] Fix misleading using of DWARF forms with DIELabel. NFCI. (details)
  64. [DebugInfo] Make DIEDelta::SizeOf() more explicit. NFCI. (details)
  65. [Attributor] Check nonnull attribute violation in AAUndefinedBehavior (details)
  66. [MachOYAML] Remove redundant variable initialization. NFC. (details)
  67. [MLIR][Shape] Lower `shape.broadcast` to `scf` (details)
  68. [debugserver] Fix that is_dot_app is producing unused warnings (details)
  69. [mlir][Vector] Add transformation + pattern to split vector.transfer_read into full and partial copies. (details)
  70. [LV] Do not check widening decision for instrs outside of loop. (details)
  71. fix lldb test on lib64 systems (details)
  72. [mlir] Extended Buffer Assignment to support AllocaOps. (details)
  73. [yaml2obj] - Add a support for "<none>" value for all optional fields. (details)
  74. Add document outline symbols from unnamed contexts, e.g. extern "C". (details)
  75. [llvm-readobj] - Don't call `unwrapOrErr` in `findSectionByName`. (details)
  76. [clang][Tooling] Fix addTargetAndModeForProgramName to use correct flag names (details)
  77. [asan][tsan] Mark tests failing with debug checks as XFAIL (details)
  78. [msan] Compile the libatomic.c test with a C compiler (details)
  79. Execute llvm-lit with the python found by CMake by default (details)
  80. [cmake] Make MSVC generate appropriate __cplusplus macro definition (details)
  81. [lldb/Process/Windows] Attempting to kill exited/detached process in not an error (details)
  82. Fix --llvm-bin after D78478 (details)
  83. [llvm-readobj] - Massive test cases cleanup. (details)
  84. [llvm-readobj] - Don't stop dumping when the name of a relocation section can't be read. (details)
  85. [clang][Tooling] Optimize addTargetAndMode in case of invalid modes (details)
  86. [analyzer] Simplify function SVal::getAsSymbolicExpression and similar ones (details)
  87. [analyzer] Introduce minor refactoring of SVal::getSubKind function (details)
  88. [clangd] Support new/deleta operator in TargetFinder. (details)
  89. [ARM] Fix IT block generation after Thumb2SizeReduce with -Oz (details)
  90. [clang][ARM] Add name-mangling test for direct __fp16 arguments. (details)
  91. [InstCombine] add tests for xor-of-ors; NFC (details)
  92. [InstCombine] reduce xor-of-or's bitwise logic (PR46955) (details)
  93. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix selecting broken copies for s32->s64 anyext (details)
  94. [X86][SSE] Start shuffle combining from ANY_EXTEND_VECTOR_INREG on SSE targets (details)
  95. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Apply load bitcast to s.buffer.load intrinsic (details)
  96. Revert "[InstCombine] reduce xor-of-or's bitwise logic (PR46955)" (details)
  97. GlobalISel: Reimplement moreElementsVectorDst (details)
  98. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Remove old hacks for boolean selection (details)
  99. GlobalISel: Handle arbitrary FewerElementsVector for G_IMPLICIT_DEF (details)
  100. [mlir] First-party modeling of LLVM types (details)
  101. [DWARFYAML] Offsets should be omitted when the OffsetEntryCount is 0. (details)
  102. [InstCombine] reduce xor-of-or's bitwise logic (PR46955); 2nd try (details)
  103. [NFC][APInt][DenseMapInfo] Move DenseMapAPIntKeyInfo into DenseMap.h as DenseMapInfo<APInt> (details)
  104. [DWARFYAML] Implement the .debug_loclists section. (details)
  105. [analyzer][tests] Fix SATest update functionality (details)
  106. [FPEnv] Don't transform FSUB(-0,X)->FNEG(X) in SelectionDAGBuilder. (details)
  107. Revert "[mlir][Vector] Add transformation + pattern to split vector.transfer_read into full and partial copies." (details)
  108. [SCEV] If Start>=RHS, simplify (Start smin RHS) = RHS for trip counts. (details)
  109. [MSAN] Instrument freeze instruction by clearing shadow (details)
  110. [Utils] Add noundef attribute to vim/emacs/vscode syntax scripts (details)
  111. [llvm] Add a parser from JSON to TensorSpec (details)
  112. [mlir][Vector] Add transformation + pattern to split vector.transfer_read into full and partial copies. (details)
  113. [mlir][DialectConversion] Add support for mergeBlocks in ConversionPatternRewriter. (details)
  114. [mlir][DialectConversion] Remove usage of std::distance to track position. (details)
  115. [X86] Use h-register for final XOR of __builtin_parity on 64-bit targets. (details)
  116. [PGO] Change a `NumVSites == 0` workaround to assert (details)
  117. [FPEnv] IRBuilder fails to add strictfp attribute (details)
  118. [NewPM][LoopVersioning] Port LoopVersioning to NPM (details)
  119. [X86][SSE] Shuffle combine blends to OR(X,Y) if the relevant elements are known zero. (details)
  120. [X86] Make ENDBR instruction a scheduling boundary (details)
  121. [compiler-rt][profile] Fix various InstrProf tests on Solaris (details)
  122. [PGO] Extend the value profile buckets for mem op sizes. (details)
  123. [gn build] Port f78f509c758 (details)
  124. [ArgPromotion] Replace all md uses of promoted values with undef. (details)
  125. [X86] support .nops directive (details)
  126. Fix layering violation Transforms/Utils -> Scalar (details)
  127. [InstSimplify] add tests for min-of-max variants; NFC (details)
  128. [InstSimplify] fold variations of max-of-min with common operand (details)
  129. [flang] Fix bug detecting intrinsic function (details)
  130. [PGO] Enable the extended value profile buckets for mem op sizes. (details)
  131. [llvm-jitlink] Add support for static archives and MachO universal archives. (details)
  132. [AArch64] Add missing isel patterns for fcvtzs/u intrinsic on v1f64. (details)
  133. Fix typo: s/epomymous/eponymous/ NFC (details)
  134. Allow .dSYM's to be directly placed in an alternate directory (details)
  135. [CodeGen][ObjC] Mark calls to objc_unsafeClaimAutoreleasedReturnValue as (details)
  136. [MC] Set sh_link to 0 if the associated symbol is undefined (details)
  137. [ARM] Test for converting VPSEL to VMOVT. NFC (details)
  138. Revert "[X86][SSE] Shuffle combine blends to OR(X,Y) if the relevant elements are known zero." (details)
  139. [WebAssembly] Implement prototype v128.load{32,64}_zero instructions (details)
  140. [ARM] Convert VPSEL to VMOV in tail predicated loops (details)
  141. [HWASan] [GlobalISel] Add +tagged-globals backend feature for GlobalISel (details)
  142. [mlir][OpFormatGen] Add support for eliding UnitAttr when used to anchor an optional group (details)
  143. [MemorySSA] Restrict optimizations after a PhiTranslation. (details)
  144. [flang] Make preprocessing behavior tests runnable as regression tests (details)
  145. Reland D61689 Change -gz and -Wa,--compress-debug-sections to use gABI compression (SHF_COMPRESSED) with integrated assembler (details)
  146. [SVE] Remove bad calls to VectorType::getNumElements() from PowerPC (details)
  147. [NFC][ARM] Silence unused variable in release builds (details)
  148. [UBSan] Increase robustness of tests (details)
  149. [SVE] Remove bad call to VectorType::getNumElements() from ARM (details)
  150. [SVE] Remove bad call to VectorType::getNumElements() from AMDGPU (details)
  151. [VE] Extend integer arguments and return values smaller than 64 bits (details)
  152. [MC] Fix memory leak when allocating MCInst with bump allocator (details)
  153. [flang] Handle spaces (more) correctly in REAL input (details)
  154. Remove unneeded RoundDefault enumerator, and fix spelling in comments (details)
  155. [clang-tidy][NFC] Use correct size call for reserve (details)
  156. [test] Exit with an error if no tests are run. (details)
  157. [SVE] Remove bad calls to VectorType::getNumElements() from X86 (details)
  158. [flang] Acquire file accessibility, size, positioning (details)
  159. [flang] Defer "next input record" processing until handlers established (details)
  160. Fix use-after-scope in 7209f83112db caught by the sanitizer bots (details)
  161. [ELF] Add --dependency-file option (details)
  162. OpenMP: Fix typo variabls -> variables (details)
  163. [Attributor][NFC] Clang format (details)
  164. [flang] Implement runtime support for INQUIRE statements (details)
  165. [SCEVExpander][PowerPC]clear scev rewriter before deleting instructions. (details)
  166. Temporarily revert "[test] Exit with an error if no tests are run." (details)
  167. [lldb/Test] Fix skipTestIfFn for fucntions that return a value (details)
  168. [SimpleLoopUnswitch][NFC] Add option to always drop make.implicit metadata in non-trivial unswitching and save compile time (details)
  169. [PGO] Move __profc_ and __profvp_ from their own comdat groups to __profd_'s comdat group (details)
  170. Add test utility 'split-file' (details)
  171. [AMDGPU] Make GCNRegBankReassign assign based on subreg banks (details)
  172. [PowerPC] mark r+i as legal address mode for vector type after pwr9 (details)
  173. [X86][AVX512] Fix build fail after D81548 (details)
  174. [PGO] Use multiple comdat groups for COFF (details)
  175. [YAMLParser] Fix a typo: iff -> if. NFC. (details)
  176. [clang] Include trailing-requires-clause in FunctionDecl's source range (details)
  177. [mlir][Linalg] Conv ops lowering to std calls added. (details)
  178. [JumpThreading] Don't limit the type of an operand (details)
  179. [NFC] [PowerPC] Refactor fp/int conversion lowering (details)
  180. [JumpThreading] Merge/rename thread-two-bbsN.ll tests; NFC (details)
  181. [llvm-readobj] - Simplify findSectionByName(). NFCI. (details)
  182. [clang-tidy] Fix regression in RenamerClangTidy (details)
  183. [MLIR] Add an integration test for 2 D vector.transfer_read (details)
  184. [DebugInfo][unittest] Use YAML to generate the .debug_loclists section. (details)
  185. [llvm-readobj/readelf] - Refine the implementation of printMipsOptions(). (details)
  186. [llvm-readobj] - An attempt to fix BB. (details)
  187. [analyzer] Model iterator random incrementation symmetrically (details)
  188. [llvm-readobj] - A second attempt to fix BB. (details)
  189. [X86][AVX] Add v8f32 'reverse' HADD(SHUFFLE,SHUFFLE) test coverage (details)
  190. Partially revert "[cmake] Make MSVC generate appropriate __cplusplus macro definition" (details)
  191. [SCEV] Consolidate some smin/smax folding tests into single test file. (details)
  192. [AArch64] Consider instruction-level contract FMFs in combiner patterns. (details)
  193. Revert rG66e7dce714fab "Revert "[X86][SSE] Shuffle combine blends to OR(X,Y) if the relevant elements are known zero."" (details)
  194. [ARM] Generated SSAT and USAT instructions with shift (details)
  195. [BasicAA] Enable -basic-aa-recphi by default (details)
  196. [llvm-readobj] - A third attempt to fix BB. (details)
  197. [lldb] fix typo (details)
  198. [JumpThreading] Add a test for simplification of cast of any op; NFC (details)
  199. [JumpThreading] Remove cast's constraint (details)
  200. [SVE] Replace remaining _MERGE_OP1 nodes with _PRED variants. (details)
  201. [YAMLTraits] Fix mapping <none> value that followed by comments. (details)
  202. [AArch64][SVE] Fix CFA calculation in presence of SVE objects. (details)
  203. [AArch64][SVE] Add missing unwind info for SVE registers. (details)
  204. [JumpThreading] Update test freeze.ll; NFC (details)
  205. [MLIR][SPIRVToLLVM] Indentation and style fix in tests (details)
  206. [mlir] Fix adding wrong operand value in `promoteMemRefDescriptors`. (details)
  207. [mlir] translate types between MLIR LLVM dialect and LLVM IR (details)
  208. [mlir] provide same APIs as existing LLVMType in the new LLVM type modeling (details)
  209. [InstSimplify] reduce code for min/max analysis; NFC (details)
  210. [InstSimplify] add tests for min/max with constants; NFC (details)
  211. [mlir] switch the modeling of LLVM types to use the new mechanism (details)
  212. [mlir] Fix GCC5 compilation problem in MLIR->LLVM type translation (details)
  213. [InstSimplify] fold nested min/max intrinsics with constant operands (details)
  214. [mlir][Vector] Add linalg.copy-based pattern for splitting vector.transfer_read into full and partial copies. (details)
  215. [lit] Add --time-trace-output to lit (details)
  216. [X86][AVX] isHorizontalBinOp - relax lane-crossing limits for AVX1-only targets. (details)
  217. [X86] Remove unused canScaleShuffleElements helper (details)
  218. [Concepts] Include the found concept decl when dumping the ConceptSpecializationExpr (details)
  219. [Support][PPC] Fix bot failures due to cd53ded557c3 (details)
  220. [SyntaxTree] Add support for `LiteralExpression` (details)
  221. [mlir][Vector] Relax condition for `splitFullAndPartialTransferPrecondition` (details)
  1. win32 builder - Shorted path length (details)
  2. fixed script for Windows (details)
  3. upgraded windows10-vs2019 to 32 cores (details)
  4. fixed shortended paths (details)
  5. Revert "Temporarily disable email notification for test-suite pipeline jobs" (details)

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