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  1. [clang][NFCI] Fix random typos (detail/ViewSVN)
    by Jan Korous
  2. [CMake] Add -z defs on Solaris

    Like other ELF targets, shared objects should be linked with -z defs on Solaris.

    Tested on x86_64-pc-solaris2.11 and sparcv9-sun-solaris2.11.

    Differential Revision: (detail/ViewSVN)
    by ro
  3. [clang, test] Fix Clang :: Headers/max_align.c on 64-bit SPARC

    Clang :: Headers/max_align.c currently FAILs on 64-bit SPARC:

      error: 'error' diagnostics seen but not expected:
        File /vol/llvm/src/clang/dist/test/Headers/max_align.c Line 12: static_assert failed due to requirement '8 == _Alignof(max_align_t)' ""
      1 error generated.

    This happens because SuitableAlign isn't defined for SPARCv9 unlike SPARCv8
    (which uses the default of 64 bits).  gcc's sparc/sparc.h has

      #define BIGGEST_ALIGNMENT (TARGET_ARCH64 ? 128 : 64)

    This patch sets SuitableAlign to match and updates the corresponding testcase.

    Tested on sparcv9-sun-solaris2.11.

    Differential Revision: (detail/ViewSVN)
    by ro

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