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  1. [lldb] Fix that SBThread.GetStopDescription is returning strings with (details)
Commit 61b6a4e82653e1209126404d33ad20a268f55db1 by Raphael Isemann
[lldb] Fix that SBThread.GetStopDescription is returning strings with
uninitialized memory at the end.
`SBThread.GetStopDescription` is a curious API as it takes a buffer
length as a parameter that specifies how many bytes the buffer we pass
has. Then we fill the buffer until the specified length (or the length
of the stop description string) and return the string length. If the
buffer is a nullptr however, we instead return how many bytes we would
have written to the buffer so that the user can allocate a buffer with
the right size and pass that size to a subsequent
`SBThread.GetStopDescription` call.
Funnily enough, it is not possible to pass a nullptr via the Python SWIG
bindings, so that might be the first API in LLDB that is not only hard
to use correctly but impossible to use correctly. The only way to call
this function via Python is to throw in a large size limit that is
hopefully large enough to contain the stop description (otherwise we
only get the truncated stop description).
Currently passing a size limit that is smaller than the returned stop
description doesn't cause the Python bindings to return the stop
description but instead the truncated stop description + uninitialized
characters at the end of the string. The reason for this is that we
return the result of `snprintf` from the method which returns the amount
of bytes that *would* have been written (which is larger than the
buffer). This causes our Python bindings to return a string that is as
large as full stop description but the buffer that has been filled is
only as large as the passed in buffer size.
This patch fixes this issue by just recalculating the string length in
our buffer instead of relying on the wrong return value. We also have to
do this in a new type map as the old type map is also used for all
methods with the given argument pair `char *dst, size_t dst_len` (e.g.
SBProcess.GetSTDOUT`). These methods have different semantics for these
arguments and don't null-terminate the returned buffer (they instead
return the size in bytes) so we can't change the existing typemap
without breaking them.
Reviewers: labath, jingham
Reviewed By: labath
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Tags: #lldb
Differential Revision:
The file was modifiedlldb/packages/Python/lldbsuite/test/python_api/thread/
The file was modifiedlldb/bindings/python/python-typemaps.swig
The file was modifiedlldb/bindings/interface/SBThread.i