1. [ARM][MVE][Intrinsics] remove extraneous intrinsics. (Reapply) (details)
Commit c1ef116cd99cfcce27a073d4d240b0377c0c62d9 by mark.murray
[ARM][MVE][Intrinsics] remove extraneous intrinsics. (Reapply)
Summary: I overstepped my reach and generated too many intrinsics; these
never made it into the tests.
Remove these extras. Some needed to be signed-olny, and there were some
possible but unrequired _x variants that needed an extra argument to
IntrinsicMX to allow [de-]selection at compile-time.
Reviewers: simon_tatham
Subscribers: kristof.beyls, dmgreen, cfe-commits
Tags: #clang
Differential Revision:
The file was modifiedclang/include/clang/Basic/
The file was modifiedclang/include/clang/Basic/