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  1. [VE] Fix initializer visibility (detail)
  2. [NFC] Inline assertion-only variable (detail)
  3. [trace] rename ThreadIntelPT into TraceTrace (detail)
  4. [AMDGPU] flat scratch ST addressing mode on gfx10 (detail)
  5. Reland "[Modules] Add stats to measure performance of building and loading modules." (detail)
  6. [mlir] Add some more std bufferize patterns. (detail)
  7. [mlir] Add std.dynamic_tensor_from_elements bufferization. (detail)
  8. [mlir][DialectConversion] Fix recursive `clone` calls. (detail)
  9. [mlir] Use dynamic_tensor_from_elements in shape.broadcast conversion (detail)
  10. Lexer: Update the Lexer to use MemoryBufferRef, NFC (detail)
  11. Revert "[Sanitizers] Remove OpenBSD support" + 1 (detail)
  12. [libomptarget][amdgcn] Implement missing symbols in deviceRTL (detail)
  13. [hmaptool] Fix `NameError: global name 'num_buckets' is not defined` in `action_dump`. (detail)
  14. Revert "[gn build] (manually) port d09b08919ca" (detail)
  15. lldb: Update for change in `clang::Lexer`'s constructor (detail)
  16. [libc++][test] Spell "TEST_CONSTEXPR_CXX17" correctly (detail)
  17. [libc++][test] Pass correct ordering to std::merge (detail)
  18. [libc++][test] atomic<T> requires trivially copyable T (detail)
  19. [libc++][test] Don't violate precondition [atomics.flag]/6 (detail)
  20. [libc++][test] test allocator<const T> extension only on libc++ (detail)
  21. [libc++][test] Silence MSVC "comparison of signed and unsigned" warning (detail)
  22. [libc++][test] Test nonconforming atomic_fetch_XXX overloads only on libc++ (detail)
  23. [libc++][test] MSVC has no __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ (detail)
  24. clang/Lex: Stop using SourceManager::getBuffer (detail)
  25. [GWP-ASan] Cleanup (NFC) (detail)
  26. Add option to use older clang ABI behavior when passing certain union types as function arguments (detail)
  27. [X86] Fix assert fail when element type is i1. (detail)
  28. Revert "Reland "[Modules] Add stats to measure performance of building and loading modules."" (detail)
  29. Ensure that checkInitIsICE is called exactly once for every variable (detail)
  30. [DAGCombiner] Tighten reasscociation of visitFMA (detail)
  31. [ORC] Remove commented out methods accidentally left in in 069919c9ba3. (detail)
  32. Fixup clang-tidy after recent Clang change. (detail)
  33. Add llvm_unreachable to avoid MSVC warning (detail)
  34. [IRCE] Do not transform if loop has small number of iterations (detail)
  35. [PowerPC] Add test case for missing `nsw` flag. NFC. (detail)
  36. [NPM][StackSafetyAnalysis] Pin uses of -analyze to legacy PM (detail)
  37. Refactor tracking of constant initializers for variables. (detail)
  38. [SCEV] Recommit "Use nw flag and symbolic iteration count to sharpen ranges of AddRecs", attempt 2 (detail)
  39. [FileCollector] Move interface into FileCollectorBase (NFC) (detail)
  40. [gcov] Delete CC1 option -test-coverage (detail)
  41. Use LLVM_TOOLCHAIN_UTILITIES to allow utils to be installed in the toolchain (detail)
  42. [NPM][PFOProfile] Fix some tests under NPM (detail)
  43. [COFF][ARM] Fix CodeView for Windows on 32bit ARM targets. (detail)
  44. [gcov] Unify driver and CC1 option names for -ftest-coverage & -fprofile-arcs (detail)
  45. [mlir][Python] Add python binding to create DenseElementsAttribute. (detail)
  46. Adding new Azul representative to security group (detail)
  47. [sanitizer] Fix compilation on older systems (detail)
  48. [Driver] Clean up -gz & --compress-debug-sections (detail)
  49. [LTO][Legacy] Eliminate an unused member of llvm::LTOModule. NFC. (detail)
  50. Properly track whether a variable is constant-initialized. (detail)
  51. [IR] Adds mustprogress as a LLVM IR attribute (detail)
  52. [mlir] Expose Value hierarchy to C API (detail)
  53. Revert "[ARM][LowOverheadLoops] Adjust Start insertion." (detail)
  54. [ARM][SchedModels] Convert IsCPSRDefinedPred to MCSchedPredicate (detail)
  55. [SystemZ] Fix disassembler crashes (detail)
  56. [AMDGPU][NFC] Tidy SIOptimizeExecMaskingPreRA for extensibility (detail)
  57. [yaml2obj][ELF] - Simplify the code that performs sections validation. (detail)
  58. Add a nul byte to packet str before logging, increase default size. (detail)
  59. Silence unused variable warning in Release builds. NFCI. (detail)
  60. Move clang/Tooling/Core/Lookup.h to clang/Tooling/Refactoring/Lookup.h (detail)
  61. [clang-format] Drop clangFrontend dependency for FormatTests (detail)
  62. [Sanitizers] Remove OpenBSD support (new attempt) (detail)
  63. [clangd] NFC: Resolve Clang-Tidy warnings in Protocol.cpp (detail)

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