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Unstable Build #83 (Nov 6, 2019 1:37:51 AM)

  1. [MachineScheduler] Enable AA in PostRA Machine scheduler (detail)
  2. [AtomicExpandPass] Silence static analyzer warnings about operator (detail)
  3. [lldb] Fix readline/libedit compat patch for py2 (detail)
  4. [InstCombine] add tests for shift-logic-shift; NFC (detail)
  5. Add missing GVN =operator. NFCI. (detail)
  6. [GVN] Fix uninitialized variable warnings. NFCI. (detail)
  7. [JumpThreading] Factor out common code to update the SSA form (NFC) (detail)
  8. [NFC][ObjC][ARC] Add tests for OptimizeRetainRVCall (detail)
  9. [ObjC][ARC] Ignore lifetime markers between *ReturnValue calls (detail)
  10. [OPENMP][DOCS]Fix coloring of the implemented features status, NFC. (detail)
  11. [MachineOutliner] Fix uninitialized variable warnings. NFCI. (detail)
  12. [MCObjectFileInfo] Fix uninitialized variable warnings. NFCI. (detail)
  13. Fix uninitialized variable warning. NFCI. (detail)
  14. [LV] Apply sink-after & interleave-groups as VPlan transformations (NFC) (detail)
  15. [OPENMP]Improve diagnostics for unsupported unified addressing. (detail)
  16. [DFAPacketizer] Allow up to 64 functional units (detail)
  17. [lldb] [Python] Build readline override module only on Linux (detail)
  18. [ARM] Multi-vector MVE spill test (detail)
  19. [llvm-objcopy][ELF] Add OriginalType & OriginalFlags (detail)
  20. [llvm-objcopy][ELF] Implement --only-keep-debug (detail)
  21. [Object][MachO] Rewrite macho-invalid-fat-arch-size into YAML (detail)
  22. [MachineOutliner] Reduce scope of variable and stop duplicate getMF() (detail)
  23. Use iterator prefix increment. NFCI. (detail)
  24. Remove redundant assignment. NFCI. (detail)
  25. Revert "[Object][MachO] Rewrite macho-invalid-fat-arch-size into YAML" (detail)
  26. [JumpThreading] Factor out code to merge basic blocks (NFC) (detail)
  27. [globalisel][docs] Add KnownBits Analysis documentation (detail)
  28. [SLP] - Add couple safety checks to TreeEntry::dump(). NFC (detail)
  29. [hip] Enable pointer argument lowering through coercing type. (detail)
  30. [lldb] Fix Python 3 incompatibility in API/ (detail)
  31. [clangd] Implement semantic highlightings via findExplicitReferences (detail)
  32. [AMDGPU] return Fail instead of SolfFail from addOperand() (detail)
  33. [globalisel] Rename G_GEP to G_PTR_ADD (detail)
  34. [X86] Specifically limit fmin/fmax commutativity to NoNaNs + (detail)
  35. [dexter] Remove lit check for python 3 (detail)
  36. [dexter] Fix feature tests on Windows (detail)
  37. ValueObject: Upstream early-exit from swift-lldb. (NFC) (detail)
  38. [AMDGPU] Removed dead code handling M0CopyReg (detail)
  39. [lit] Fix `not` calling internal commands (detail)
  40. [llvm-objdump] Fix spurious "The end of the file was unexpectedly (detail)
  41. [HIP] Fix visibility for 'extern' device variables. (detail)
  42. [X86/Atomics] (Semantically) revert G246098, switch back to the old (detail)
  43. [AMDGPU] Removed dead code from R600ISelLowering.cpp (detail)
  44. Revert "[lit] Better/earlier errors when no tests are executed" (detail)
  45. Modernize add-dsym test Makefile (detail)
  46. testsuite: skipIfNoSBHeaders should skip when running remotely (detail)
  47. add missing @skipIfRemote (detail)
  48. [X86] Gate select->fmin/fmax transform on NoSignedZeros instead of (detail)
  49. [Reproducer] Add test case for expression evaluation (detail)
  50. [ValueObject] Upstream initialization from swift-lldb. (detail)
  51. [ValueObject] Upstream early exit from swift-lldb. (NFC) (detail)
  52. [Sema] Fixes templated friend member assertion (detail)
  53. [MIR] Add MIR parsing for heap alloc site instruction markers (detail)
  54. [OPENMP50]Simplify processing of context selector scores. (detail)
  55. Fix typo so that '-O0' is correctly specified (detail)
  56. [X86/Atomics] Correct a few transforms for new atomic lowering (detail)
  57. [lldb] Add a install target for lldb python on darwin (detail)
  58. [Hexagon] getCompoundCandidateGroup - fix 'false' value is implicitly (detail)
  59. [LoopRotationUtils] Check values are newly inserted into maps. (detail)
  60. [CMake] Prevent adding lld to test dependency (TEST_DEPS) when lld (detail)
  61. [mips] Fix `getRegForInlineAsmConstraint` to do not crash on empty (detail)
  62. [IRMover] Use GlobalValue::getAddressSpace instead of directly from its (detail)
  63. Revert "[analyzer] Add test directory for scan-build." (detail)
  64. [TestMTCSimple] Disable the test if you don't have libMTC (detail)
  65. [SLP] add tests for 2-wide reductions; NFC (detail)
  66. [AMDGPU] Add missing flags to DS_Real (detail)
  67. [globalisel][docs] Add a section about debugging with the block (detail)
  68. [Automaton] Make Automaton thread-safe (detail)
  69. [globalisel][docs] Rework GMIR documentation and add an early (detail)
  70. [globalisel][docs] Rework GMIR documentation and add an early (detail)
  71. [IRMover] Set Address Space for moved global values (detail)
  72. Fixed a profdata file size detection on Windows system. (detail)
  73. Implement `sys::getHostCPUName()` for Darwin ARM (detail)
  74. [PowerPC] Fix the incorrect 'RM' flag set on load/store instr (detail)
  75. [ADT] Add equality operator for SmallPtrSet (detail)
  76. YAML parser robustness improvements (detail)
  77. [clang-tidy] Add readability-make-member-function-const (detail)
  78. gn build: Merge 24130d661ed (detail)
  79. [clang-format] [PR35518] C++17 deduction guides are wrongly formatted (detail)
  80. clang-format: Add a fallback style to Emacs mode (detail)
  81. [clangd] Implement a function to lex the file to find candidate (detail)
  82. [ARM MVE] Remove accidental 64-bit vst2/vld2 intrinsics. (detail)
  83. [clang,MveEmitter] Fix sign/zero extension in range limits. (detail)
  84. [ARM,MVE] Integer-type nitpicks in MVE intrinsics. (detail)
  85. [ARM,MVE] Add intrinsics for gather/scatter load/stores. (detail)
  86. [Syntax] Add nodes for most common statements (detail)
  87. NeonEmitter: switch to enum for internal Type representation. (detail)
  88. [TTI][LV] preferPredicateOverEpilogue (detail)
  89. NeonEmitter: remove special 'a' type modifier. (detail)
  90. [AMDGPU] Improve code size cost model (part 2) (detail)
  91. Silence warning, PyMODINIT_FUNC already contains extern "C" (detail)
  1. Add an override for ignoring errors (detail)
  2. Fix syntax error introduced in 4f54ad8e (detail)
  3. Some code cleaning for LLDPerformanceTestsuite. (detail)
  4. Removed deprecated code from PollyBuilder. (detail)
  5. Create a separate step for each check in UnifiedTreeBuilder. (detail)
  6. Updated LLVMBuildFactory to place by default the build directory outside (detail)

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