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  1. [ARM][MVE] tail-predication (detail)
  2. Revert "[clang] Remove the DIFlagArgumentNotModified debug info flag" (detail)
  3. [CodeGen] Increase the size of a SmallVector (detail)
  4. DWARFDebugLoc(v4): Add an incremental parsing function (detail)
  5. [] Add a --update flag (detail)
  6. [] Parse RUN: lines with --update (detail)
  7. [] Infer --filters flags when using --update (detail)
  8. [] Skip manual tests when using --update (detail)
  9. [] Copy to binary directory to omit --clang (detail)
  10. [] Allow updating multiple files in one go (detail)
  11. [NFC] Regenerate ast-dump-json tests (detail)
  12. Include the mangled name in -ast-dump=json (detail)
  13. [] Use -ast-dump=json to get mangled name (detail)
  14. Move floating point related entities to namespace level (detail)
  15. gn build: Merge e6584b2b7b2 (detail)
  16. Fix stepping too far (detail)
  17. Recommit "[ThinLTO] Add correctness check for RO/WO variable import" (detail)
  18. [AMDGPU] Lower llvm.amdgcn.s.buffer.load.v3[i|f]32 (detail)
  19. [Clang][ASTImporter] Added visibility check for ClassTemplateDecl. (detail)
  20. [ARM,MVE] Add reversed isel patterns for MVE `vcmp qN,rN` (detail)
  21. [CodeComplete] Constructor overload candidates report as vector(int) (detail)
  22. [RISCV] Match GCC `-march`/`-mabi` driver defaults (detail)
  23. [clangd] Add isHeaderFile helper. (detail)
  24. [clangd] Replace getLangOpts().isHeaderFile usage with isHeaderFile (detail)
  25. clang: enable unwind tables on FreeBSD !amd64 (detail)
  26. Implement target(branch-protection) attribute for AArch64 (detail)
  27. [X86][SSE] Add test for extractelement from volatile vector load (detail)
  28. [llvm-objcopy][NFC] Use generated object file in COFF/add-section.test (detail)
  29. Add read-only data assembly writing for aix (detail)
  30. [clangd] Fix SelectionTree behavior on constructor init-lists. (detail)
  31. [clangd] Don't consider class template params part of constructor name. (detail)
  32. [scudo][standalone] Enabled SCUDO_DEBUG for tests + fixes (detail)
  33. [clangd] Fix typo in symbol kind conversion (detail)
  34. [MirNamer][Canonicalizer]: Perform instruction semantic based renaming (detail)
  35. [clang-format] Flexible line endings (detail)
  36. Comment the fact that DWARFDebugInfoEntry isn't copyable. (detail)
  37. [libcxx] use __builtin_isnan in std::isnan. (detail)
  38. [libc++] [chrono] Fix year_month_weekday::ok() implementation. (detail)
  39. [CMake] Configure the Info.plist so it contains a real version number. (detail)
  40. [LoadStoreVectorize] Use '||' instead of '|' between sides with function (detail)
  41. [DebugInfo] Allow spill slots in call site parameter descriptions (detail)
  42. [ThinLTO] Fix -Wunused-function in NDEBUG builds after (detail)
  43. [llvm-objcopy][MachO] Implement --redefine-sym and --redefine-syms (detail)
  44. [AST] Let DeclarationNameInfo printing use PrintingPolicy, and fix (detail)
  45. [clangd] Don't repeat class template args when printing constructor (detail)
  46. [SVFS] Inject TLI Mappings in VFABI attribute. (detail)
  47. [OpenMP 5.0] - Extend defaultmap, by Chi Chun Chen. (detail)
  48. [GCOV] Skip artificial functions from being emitted (detail)
  49. Rename posix/FileSystem.cpp to FileSystemPosix.cpp (detail)
  50. Add RTTI support to the SymbolFile class hierarchy (detail)
  51. [-gmodules] Let LLDB log a warning if the Clang module hash mismatches. (detail)
  52. [LoopCacheAnalysis]: Fix assertion failure during cost computation (detail)
  53. Add a missing triple in ast-dump-decl-json.m (detail)
  54. [mips] Do not emit R_MIPS_JALR for sym+offset in case of O32 ABI (detail)
  55. [mips] Enable `la` pseudo instruction on 64-bit arch. (detail)
  56. Revert "[LoadStoreVectorize] Use '||' instead of '|' between sides with (detail)
  57. gn build: Merge d6de5f12d48 (detail)
  58. re-land [DebugInfo] Add debug location to stubs generated by CGDeclCXX (detail)
  59. [clang-tidy] modernize-use-using work with multi-argument templates (detail)
  60. [SimplifyCFG] propagate fast-math-flags (FMF) from phi to select (detail)
  61. [clang-tidy] modernize-use-override new option AllowOverrideAndFinal (detail)
  62. Revert "re-land [DebugInfo] Add debug location to stubs generated by (detail)
  63. Remove Support/Options.h, it is unused (detail)
  64. gn build: Merge 631be5c0d41 (detail)
  65. [clang-tidy] Give readability-redundant-string-init a customizable list (detail)
  66. Revert "[clang-tidy] Give readability-redundant-string-init a (detail)
  67. [GISel][CombinerHelper] Add support for scalar type for the result of (detail)
  68. [GISel][CombinerHelper] Use uses() instead of operands() when traversing (detail)
  69. Don't use end-of-line comments for the DebugInfoKind enum, NFC (detail)
  70. [clang-tidy] Fix readability-redundant-string-init for c++17/c++2a (detail)
  71. [clang-tidy] Give readability-redundant-string-init a customizable list (detail)
  72. dotest: Add a way for the run_to_* helpers to register dylibs (detail)
  73. Don't add optnone or noinline if the function is already marked as (detail)
  74. [COFF] Don't error if the only inputs are from /wholearchive: (detail)
  75. [WebAssembly] Fix miscompile of select with and (detail)
  76. DebugInfo: Templatize rnglist header parsing to setup for reuse with (detail)
  77. Add a testcase for Clang modules being updated within one LLDB session. (detail)
  78. Fix -Wunused-result warnings in LLDB (detail)
  79. Avoid including Builtins.h in Preprocessor.h (detail)
  80. [lldb-vscode] support the completion request (detail)
  81. [llvm-cov] Fix illegal cast from uint64_t to int64_t (detail)
  82. DebugInfo: Use loclistx for DWARFv5 location lists to reduce the number (detail)
  83. [RISCV] Handle variable sized objects with the stack need to be (detail)
  1. Further reduce the amount of parallel test jobs in the LLDB asan (detail)

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