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  1. [ARM] Fix non-determenistic behaviour (detail)
  2. [cmake] Fix clang builds with BUILD_SHARED=ON and CLANG_LINK_CLANG_DYLIB=ON (detail)
  3. [analyzer] Fix a couple of bugs in HTML report generation. (detail)
  4. [BPF] disable ReduceLoadWidth during SelectionDag phase (detail)
  5. [X86] Use MVT::i8 instead of MVT::i64 for shift amount in BuildSDIVPow2 (detail)
  6. [clang-tidy] Fix false positive for cppcoreguidelines-init-variables (detail)
  7. AMDGPU/EG,CM: Implement fsqrt using recip(rsqrt(x)) instead of x * rsqrt(x) (detail)
  8. [AArch64] Add option to enable/disable load-store renaming. (detail)
  9. [Clang] Remove unused #pragma clang __debug handle_crash (detail)
  10. [analyzer] Add 10.0.0 release notes. (detail)
  11. [Support] When using SEH, create a impl instance for CrashRecoveryContext. NFCI. (detail)
  12. Re-land "[Clang][Driver] Remove -M group options ..." and "[Clang] Avoid crashing when generating crash diagnostics when '#pragma clang __debug ..." (detail)
  13. ReleaseNotes / external projects: Zig (detail)

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