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  1. [zorg] Add extra argument passing to getAnnotatedBuildFactory. (detail)

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  1. [Debuginfo][NFC] Rename error handling functions using the same pattern. (detail)
  2. [clang-format] Improve handling of C# attributes (detail)
  3. [ARM][MVE] Fix a corner case of checking for MVE-I with -mfpu=none (detail)
  4. [X86][SSE] lowerShuffleAsBitRotate - lower to vXi8 shuffles to ROTL on pre-SSSE3 targets (detail)
  5. [lldb] Delete the SharingPtr class (detail)
  6. [lldb][NFC] Remove Stream::Indent(const char *) overload in favor of the StringRef version (detail)
  7. [lldb] Add test for multiple inheritance (detail)
  8. [mlir] Use the first location in the fused location for diagnostic handler (detail)
  9. [lldb][NFC] Remove ConstString -> const char * -> StringRef conversions when calling Stream::Indent (detail)
  10. [libc++][macOS CI] Ensure that the SDK version is not older than the deployment target (detail)
  11. [mlir] StdToLLVM: add a separate test for the new memref calling convention (detail)
  12. [lldb][NFC] Remove the CppVirtualMadness test (detail)
  13. [VectorCombine] remove unused debug counter; NFC (detail)
  14. [X86] combineConcatVectorOps - reuse IsSplat and remove duplicate code. NFC. (detail)
  15. [libc++] Disable a filesystem test that uses debug mode with the macOS system libc++ (detail)
  16. [NFC] [lldb] Remove unused declaration (detail)
  17. [MLIR][GPU] Disallow llvm tanh intrinsics when lowering to NVVM/ROCm. (detail)
  18. [clangd] Expose completion range in code completion results (C++ API) (detail)
  19. Revert "[DSE] Add first version of MemorySSA-backed DSE (Bottom up walk)." (detail)
  20. [RISCV] Optimize seteq/setne pattern expansions for better code size (detail)
  21. P1957R2: conversion from a pointer to bool is considered narrowing. (detail)
  22. CWG1423: don't permit implicit conversion of nullptr_t to bool. (detail)
  23. [mlir][ods] Added RankedIntElementsAttr class (detail)
  24. [OPENMP50]Add restrictions for memory order clauses in atomic directive. (detail)
  25. [Clang][Driver] After default -fintegrated-cc1, make llvm::report_fatal_error() generate preprocessed source + again. (detail)
  26. [ARM][MVE] Tail-Predication: recognise (again) active lanes IR pattern (detail)
  27. [SCCP] Remove forcedconstant, go to overdefined instead (detail)
  28. Fix SFINAE in JSON.h constructor. (detail)
  29. Use C++14-style return type deduction in LLVM. (detail)
  30. [SystemZ]  Bugfix in emitSelect() (detail)
  31. [ms] [llvm-ml] Add support for attempted register parsing (detail)
  32. [test][DebugInfo][NFC] Fix line endings (detail)
  33. [libc++] Make sure that vector copy-construction is disabled for non-copyable types (detail)
  34. [X86CmovConversion] Make heuristic for optimized cmov depth more conservative (PR44539) (detail)
  35. [SystemZ]  Fix new test case for expensive checks. (detail)
  36. Fix errors/warnings in scudo build. (detail)
  37. [InstCombine] Use replaceOperand() in more places (detail)
  38. [IRBuilder] Remove more unnecessary NoFolder methods (detail)
  39. [OPENMP50]Add support for relaxed clause in atomic directive. (detail)
  40. [Attributor][NFC] Improve debug message (detail)
  41. [Attributor][FIX] Remove duplicate, half-broken functionality (detail)
  42. [Attributor] Return uses do not free pointers (detail)
  43. [CodingStandards] Add link to "Picking the Right Data Structure" (detail)
  44. [Attributor][NFC] Improve documentation (detail)
  45. [DirectoryWatcher] Fix misuse of FSEvents API and data race (detail)
  46. [lldb][NFC] Remove support file searching from SourceFileCompleter (detail)
  47. [BPF] implement isTruncateFree and isZExtFree in BPFTargetLowering (detail)
  48. [lldb][test] Remove symlink for API tests. (detail)
  49. gn build: Make scudo cflags more consistent with the cmake build. (detail)
  50. [NFC] Fix unused var in release builds (detail)
  51. [mlir] Turn flags in ConvertStandardToLLVM into pass flags (detail)
  52. Fix SFINAE in CFG.cpp. (detail)
  53. Use std::foo_t rather than std::foo in clang. (detail)
  54. [llvm][TextAPI] add simulators to output (detail)
  55. [Hexagon] Fix ABI info for returning HVX vectors (detail)
  56. Restore "[WPD/LowerTypeTests] Delay lowering/removal of type tests until after ICP" (detail)
  57. [Polly] LLVM OpenMP Backend -- Fix "static chunked" scheduling. (detail)
  58. [lldb][NFC] Test SourceFileCompletion by completing the target line-table argument (detail)
  59. [AMDGPU] Remove AMDGPURegisterInfo (detail)
  60. [gn build] Port 453a8f3af78 (detail)
  61. [X86] Raise the latency for VectorImul from 4 to 5 in Skylake scheduler models (detail)
  62. [BasicAA] Make BasicAA a cfg pass. (detail)
  63. [mlir] [VectorOps] Implement vector.reduce operation (detail)
  64. [clang-tidy] Added check to disable bugprone-infinite-loop on known false condition (detail)
  65. [lldb][NFC] Test ModuleCompletion mode by completing the target modules load argument (detail)
  66. [gn] Paper over Py3 urllib2 incompatibility in gn/ (detail)
  67. [NFC] Refactor the tuple of symbol information with structure for llvm-objdump (detail)
  68. Allow retrieving source files relative to the compilation directory. (detail)
  69. [libc++] Unbreak test suite (CWG1423) (detail)
  70. [AMDGPU] Fix implicit operands for ENTER_WWM pseudo (detail)
  71. scudo: Fix various test failures, mostly on 32-bit. (detail)
  72. Update test for windows. (detail)
  73. [OPENMP50]Full handling of atomic_default_mem_order in requires (detail)
  74. [ORC] Add debug logging to JITDylib::addDependencies. (detail)
  75. [JITLink] Add an assertion that block removal leaves no dangling symbols. (detail)
  76. [ORC] Fix symbol dependence propagation algorithm in ObjectLinkingLayer. (detail)
  77. [NFC] Delete extra white space in a test case. (detail)
  78. [mlir][VectorOps] Adds canonicalization rewrite patterns for vector ShapeCastOp. (detail)
  79. [Attributor] Identify dead uses in PHIs (almost) based on dead edges (detail)
  80. [Attributor][NFC] Clarify the documentation a bit more (detail)
  81. [RISCV] Add support for save/restore of callee-saved registers via libcalls (detail)
  82. [DebugInfo] Call site entries cannot be generated for FrameSetup calls (detail)
  83. [Hexagon] Don't generate short vectors in ISD::SELECT in preprocessing (detail)
  84. [compiler-rt] FuzzedDataProvider: add ConsumeData and method. (detail)
  85. [mlir][AffineOps] Adds affine loop fusion transformation function to LoopFusionUtils. (detail)
  86. [xray][clang] Always add xray-skip-entry/exit and xray-ignore-loops attrs (detail)
  87. [ConstantFold][SVE] Fix constand fold for vector call. (detail)
  88. Change clang option -ffp-model=precise to select ffp-contract=on (detail)
  89. Revert "Change clang option -ffp-model=precise to select ffp-contract=on" (detail)
  90. [AMDGPU] Fixed subreg use in sdwa-scalar-ops.mir. NFC (detail)
  91. [Utils] Allow "on-the-fly" argument changes for update_test_check scripts (detail)
  92. [X86] Don't disable code in combineHorizontalPredicateResult just because we have avx512 (detail)
  93. Use C++14-style return type deduction in clang. (detail)
  94. [mlir] Start Shape dialect (detail)
  95. [NFC] Fix spelling (detail)
  96. [NFC] Fix warning: comparison of integers of different signs. (detail)
  97. [MachO] Pad section data to pointer size bytes (detail)

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