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  1. Add pass to strip debug info from MIR (details)
  2. [libunwind] Clean up __arm64__ (details)
  3. [gn build] Port a79b2fc44bf (details)
  4. [ORC] Expand the OrcV2 C API bindings. (details)
  5. [ORC] Add C API support for adding object files to an LLJIT instance. (details)
  6. Clean up usages of asserting vector getters in Type (details)
  7. [llvm][Codegen] Make `getVectorTypeBreakdownMVT` work with scalable types. (details)
  8. [AArch64][GlobalISel] CallLowering: Don't generate new copies each time we need (details)
  9. [PowerPC] Don't assert on SELECT_CC with i1 type (details)
  10. [X86] Improve min/max reduction costs. (details)
  11. [clangd] Set up machinery for gtests of ClangdLSPServer. (details)
  12. [gn build] Port 1229245df7c (details)
  13. [ORC] Require JITDylib to be specified when adding IR and objects in the C API. (details)
  14. [DomTree] Replace ChildrenGetter with GraphTraits over GraphDiff. (details)
  15. [PowerPC][Future] Fix for 6c4b40def77622a5cf62a219ef4af63dc876e144 (details)
  16. [TLI] Per-function fveclib for math library used for vectorization (details)
  17. Make BitVector::operator== return false for different-sized vectors. (details)
  18. Update empty() call with namespace to clear ambiguity. (details)
  19. [WebAssembly] Use dummy debug info in Emscripten SjLj (details)
  20. [LoopLoadElim] Fix crash by always checking simplify form (details)
  21. [OpenMP] Put old APIs back and added new _async series for backward compatibility (details)
  22. [OpenMP] Allow <math.h> to go first in C++-mode in target regions (details)
  23. Re-land [Codegen/Statepoint] Allow usage of registers for non gc deopt values. (details)
  24. [PowerPC] Bail out of redundant LI elimination on an implicit kill (details)
  25. [gn build] Port 4275eb13315 (details)
  26. [libc] Change minimum cmake requirement. (details)
  27. llvm-dwarfdump: Return non-zero on error (details)
  28. Rename OptimalLayout to OptimizedStructLayout at Chris's request. (details)
  29. [PowerPC] Update alignment for ReuseLoadInfo in LowerFP_TO_INTForReuse (details)
  30. [PowerPC][UpdateTestChecks] Remove the extra # when scrubbing loop comments (details)
  31. Revert "[DomTree] Replace ChildrenGetter with GraphTraits over GraphDiff." (details)
  32. [MLIR] Introduce an op trait that defines a new scope for auto allocation (details)
  33. [lldb/Reproducers] Fix typo introduced when disabling register failing tests (details)
  34. Move CFGDiff.h from IR to Support (details)
  35. Remove extra whitespace. NFC. (details)
  36. Fix `-Wextra` warning. NFC. (details)
  37. [MLIR][NFC] applyPatternsGreedily -> applyPatternsAndFoldGreedily (details)
  38. [DomTree] Replace ChildrenGetter with GraphTraits over GraphDiff. (details)
  39. [MLIR] Support for taskwait and taskyield operations, and translating the same to LLVM IR (details)
  40. Revert "[DomTree] Replace ChildrenGetter with GraphTraits over GraphDiff." (details)

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