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  1. Fix DRR pattern when attributes and operands are interleaved and a dag subtree appears in the rewrite (details)
  2. Revert "Reland "[NewPM][CodeGen] Introduce CodeGenPassBuilder to help build codegen pipeline"" (details)
  3. [gn build] Port 16c8f6e9134 (details)
  4. Reland "[NewPM][CodeGen] Introduce CodeGenPassBuilder to help build codegen pipeline" (again) (details)
  5. [gn build] Port 480936e741d (details)
  6. [RISCV] Define vsext/vzext intrinsics. (details)
  7. Revert "[llvm-elfabi] Add flag to preserve timestamp when output is the same" (details)
  8. [lsan] Parse suppressions just before leak reporting (details)
  9. [NFC][lsan] Extract PrintResults function (details)
  10. [mlir][python] Aggressively avoid name collisions in generated python ODS code. (details)
  11. [ORC] Move Orc RPC code into Shared, rename some RPC types. (details)

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