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  1. Use concrete natural type alignment for masked load/store operations instead of 0. (detail)
  2. [analyzer] SATest: Add initial docker infrastructure (detail)
  3. [analyzer] SATest: Add convenience 'docker' command (detail)
  4. [analyzer] SATest: Add a set of initial projects for testing (detail)
  5. [analyzer] SATest: Make docker interfaces transparent (detail)
  6. [analyzer] SATest: Make main script Python2 compatible (detail)
  7. [analyzer] SATest: Do not re-run CMake in Docker if not needed (detail)
  8. [analyzer] SATest: Add an easy option to connect to docker for debugging (detail)
  9. [analyzer] SATest: Add 5 more projects for testing (detail)
  10. [analyzer] SATest: Fix package versions for test dependencies (detail)
  11. [analyzer] SATest: Use logger in single-threaded mode as well (detail)
  12. [MLIR][Shape] Fix ambiguous symbol (detail)
  13. Ensure that CompilerInvocationTest normalizes default target triples (detail)
  14. [libclang] Get rid of relience on SourceManager member signature (detail)
  15. [AST] Fix a crash on accessing a class without definition in constexpr function context. (detail)

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