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  1. [CodeComplete] Tweak code completion for `typename`. (detail)
  2. AggressiveInstCombineInternal.h - reduce unnecessary includes to forward declarations. NFC. (detail)
  3. VNCoercion.cpp - remove unused includes. NFC. (detail)
  4. Fix some clang-tidy namespace closing comments warnings. NFC. (detail)
  5. LiveRangeEdit.h - reduce AliasAnalysis.h include to forward declaration. NFC. (detail)
  6. MemoryLocation.h - reduce Instruction.h include to forward declaration. NFC. (detail)
  7. Constants.h - remove unnecessary forward declarations. NFC. (detail)
  8. [ARM] VCVTT fpround instruction selection (detail)
  9. [AArch64][SVE] Guard perm and select bfloat16 intrinsic patterns (detail)
  10. [AArch64][SVE] Predicate bfloat16 load patterns with HasBF16 (detail)
  11. [lldb] Rewrite Scalar::Promote (detail)
  12. [lldb/Unwind] Use eh_frame plan directly when it doesn't need to be augmented (detail)
  13. LoopVectorize.h - reduce AliasAnalysis.h include to forward declaration. NFC. (detail)

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