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  1. [libTooling] Improve error message from failure in selection Stencil (detail)
  2. [PPC][NFC] Add Subtarget and replace all uses of PPCSubTarget with Subtarget. (detail)
  3. [NewPM][LoopUnroll] Rename unroll* to loop-unroll* (detail)
  4. [SourceManager] don't check invalid param of getLocalSLocEntry() (detail)
  5. Revert "[clang driver] Move default module cache from system temporary directory" (detail)
  6. Migrate last batch of tests to gc-live bundle format (detail)
  7. [flang] Port tests to FileCheck: Hand port tests which use regexes (detail)
  8. [PGO] Add a functionality to always instrument the func entry BB (detail)
  9. [flang] Port tests to FileCheck: Hand port getdefinition* tests (detail)
  10. [flang] Port tests to FileCheck: Hand port getsymbols tests (detail)
  11. [flang] Port tests to FileCheck: Hand port canondo{08-18} tests (detail)
  12. [flang] Add CHARACTER type lowering helpers and runtime. (detail)
  13. [PowerPC] Add support for llvm.ppc.dcbt, llvm.ppc.dcbtst, llvm.ppc.isync intrinsics (detail)
  14. [mlir] [VectorOps] Add the ability to mark FP reductions with "reassociate" attribute (detail)

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