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  1. Simplify conditionals in DNBArchMachARM64::EnableHardwareSingleStep (detail)
  2. [clangd] config() -> Config::current to avoid confict with NS (detail)
  3. [X86] Add common prefixes to merge more hadd/sub tests checks (detail)
  4. [PowerPC] Fix FeatureISA3_1 def in to imply FeatureISA3_0. (detail)
  5. [flang] Add coarray lowering hooks. (detail)
  6. [mlir] add unsigned comparison builders to Affine EDSC (detail)
  7. Fix a few cases that were incorrectly parsed as unary-expressions (detail)
  8. [CMake] Fix incorrect handling of get_target_property failure (detail)
  9. [MLIR] Add variadic isa<> for Type, Value, and Attribute (detail)
  10. [CMake][compiler-rt] Only set lld as available when it was built (detail)
  11. [SVE] Remove calls to VectorType::getNumElements from Instrumentation (detail)
  12. Clang Driver: Use Apple ld64's new @response-file support. (detail)
  13. Clang Driver: refactor support for writing response files to be (detail)
  14. [FileCheck][NFC] Clean up RUN style in verbose.txt test (detail)
  15. [FileCheck] Permit multiple -v or -vv (detail)

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