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  1. Fix version string handling in to work with monorepo builds (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git)

  1. Allow arbitrary capability name in Thread Safety Analysis (detail)
  2. Removing an accidentally duplicated line of test code to fix bots. (detail)
  3. Revert "[Clang] Un-break scan-build after integrated-cc1 change" (detail)
  4. Revert "List implicit operator== after implicit destructors in a (detail)
  5. [lldb/CMake] Add check-lldb-shell and check-lldb-api targets for Xcode (detail)
  6. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Legalize G_PTR_ADD for arbitrary pointers (detail)
  7. [lldb/DataFormatters] Fix the `$$deference$$` synthetic child (detail)
  8. [APInt] Fix tests that had wrong assumption about sdivs with negative (detail)
  9. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Merge G_PTR_ADD/G_PTR_MASK rules (detail)
  10. [PATCH] Reland [Clang] Un-break scan-build after integrated-cc1 change (detail)
  11. [SLP] Add a test showing miscompilation in AltOpcode support (detail)
  12. [Matrix] Hide and describe matrix-propagate-shape option. (detail)
  13. [IR] Value::getPointerAlignment(): handle pointer constants (detail)
  14. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Merge trivial legalize rules (detail)
  15. [AArch64] Add custom store lowering for 256 bit non-temporal stores. (detail)
  16. Fix an over-suspend bug with LaunchInNewTerminalWithAppleScript sessions (detail)
  17. [lldb/Plugin] Rename AddressSanitizerRuntime for consistency with plugin (detail)
  18. [lldb/Plugin] Rename TSanRuntime for consistency with plugin (NFC) (detail)
  19. [lldb/Plugin] Rename UBSanRuntime for consistency with plugin (NFC) (detail)
  20. [lldb/Plugin] Rename MainThreadCheckerRuntime for consistency with (detail)
  21. [lldb/Plugin] Move DisassemblerLLVMC for consistency with plugin (NFC) (detail)
  22. [SLP] Don't allow Div/Rem as alternate opcodes (detail)
  23. Fix typos (detail)
  24. List implicit operator== after implicit destructors in a vtable. (detail)
  25. [Concepts] Placeholder constraints and abbreviated templates (detail)
  26. [mlir][Linalg] Add tensor support to Linalg EDSC Builders (detail)
  27. Revert "[mlir][Linalg] Add tensor support to Linalg EDSC Builders" (detail)
  28. [clang-tidy] Fix check for generic lambda invented template parameters (detail)
  29. [AArch64] Don't generate gpr CSEL instructions in early-ifcvt if (detail)
  30. [clang/Darwin] Remove __llvm_profile_counter_bias from export list for (detail)
  31. [Concepts] Constraint Satisfaction Caching (detail)
  32. [libc++] Make sure std::is_scalar returns true for block types (detail)
  33. [test] Use yaml2obj -o %t instead of > %t (detail)
  34. [polly] XFAIL memset_null.ll. (detail)
  35. [Concepts] Fix circular AST->Sema dependency in ASTConcept.cpp (detail)
  36. Revert "[Concepts] Placeholder constraints and abbreviated templates" (detail)
  37. [llvm] NFC: fix trivial typos in documents (detail)
  38. [libcxxabi] NFC: Fix trivial typos in comments (detail)
  39. [ORC] Add support for emulated TLS to ORCv2. (detail)
  40. [clang][IFS][test] Temporary work around for in-process cc1 ASAN issues. (detail)
  41. [ORC] Fix a missing move in ce2207abaf9. (detail)
  42. Resubmit: [AMDGPU] Invert the handling of skip insertion. (detail)
  43. [AMDGPU] SIRemoveShortExecBranches should not remove branches exiting (detail)
  44. [gn build] Port e53a9d96e6a (detail)
  45. [ORC] Update examples to incorporate changes in ce2207abaf9. (detail)
  46. [DA][TTI][AMDGPU] Add option to select GPUDA with TTI (detail)
  47. Update clang-interpreter example to incorporate changes in ce2207abaf9. (detail)
  48. [LICM] Don't cache AliasSetTrackers when run under legacy PM (detail)
  49. [lldb/Initializers] Move all ObjC initializers into AppleObjCRuntime (detail)
  50. [ORC] Fix the LLJITWithObjectCache example to address changes in (detail)
  51. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Fix llvm.returnaddress(0) selection when LR is (detail)
  52. [lldb] Add a display name to ClangASTContext instances (detail)
  53. [VE] i<N> and fp32/64 arguments, return values and constants (detail)
  54. [Concepts] Fix incorrect recovery in TryAnnotateTypeConstraint (detail)
  55. [clang][index] Index the injected class name types. (detail)
  56. [llvm-as] Fix assembling of index with multiple summaries sharing single (detail)
  57. [clangd] Handle the missing injectedClassNameType in targetDecl. (detail)
  58. Change the googlemock link (detail)
  59. [lldb] Fix an asan error from 27df2d9f556c (detail)
  60. [mlir][orc] unbreak MLIR ExecutionEngine after ORC changes (detail)
  61. [Concepts] Fix bug when referencing function parameters in instantiated (detail)
  62. [ARM][MVE] Clear MaskedInsts vector (detail)
  63. [llvm-readobj] - Rewrite gnuhash.test test to stop using precompiled (detail)
  64. [Doc] Update requirements for masked load/store (detail)
  65. [llvm-exegesis] Serial snippet: Restrict the set of back-to-back (detail)
  66. [lldb] s/lldb/%lldb in two tests (detail)
  67. [Alignment][NFC] Use Align with CreateMaskedStore (detail)
  68. [Concepts] Placeholder constraints and abbreviated templates (detail)
  69. Add support for (expressing) vscale. (detail)
  70. Revert "[Concepts] Fix bug when referencing function parameters in (detail)
  71. [clangd] Do not duplicate TemplatedDecls in findExplicitReferences (detail)
  72. [LLD][ELF][ARM] Don't apply --fix-cortex-a8 to relocatable links. (detail)
  73. [AArch64][SVE] Add intrinsic for non-faulting loads (detail)
  74. [lld/ELF] PR44498: Support input filename in double quote (detail)
  75. [lldb/DWARF] Remove one more auto-dwo method (detail)
  76. Remove extra ';' to fix Wpedantic. NFCI. (detail)
  77. [X86][SSE] combineExtractWithShuffle - pull out repeated extract index (detail)
  78. [mlir] Enable specifying verify on OpInterface (detail)
  79. [mlir][spirv] Add lowering for composite std.constant. (detail)
  80. Extend misc-misplaced-const to detect using declarations as well as (detail)
  81. [llvm-mca][NFC] Regenerate tests @HEAD. (detail)
  82. Use SelectionDAG::getShiftAmountConstant(). NFCI. (detail)
  83. [SelectionDAG] getShiftAmountConstant - assert the type is an integer. (detail)
  84. [InstCombine] add tests for fneg+fadd; NFC (detail)
  85. AMDGPU: Fix missing immarg on (detail)
  86. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: RegBankSelect interp intrinsics (detail)
  87. Revert "Extend misc-misplaced-const to detect using declarations as well (detail)
  88. [ASTImporter] Properly delete decls from SavedImportPaths (detail)
  89. AMDGPU: Fix interaction of tfe and d16 (detail)
  90. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Handle atomic_inc/atomic_dec (detail)
  91. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix RegbankSelect for llvm.amdgcn.fmul.legacy (detail)
  92. [MachineScheduler] Allow clustering mem ops with complex addresses (detail)
  93. [AArch64][SVE] Add patterns for unpredicated load/store to (detail)
  94. [ARM] MVE Gather Scatter cost model tests. NFC (detail)
  95. [ARM] Basic gather scatter cost model (detail)
  96. [VE] setcc isel patterns (detail)
  97. [InstCombine] fneg(X + C) --> -C - X (detail)
  98. Unconditionally enable lvalue function designators; NFC (detail)
  99. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add pre-legalize combiner pass (detail)
  100. AMDGPU: Do binop of select of constant fold in AMDGPUCodeGenPrepare (detail)
  101. AMDGPU: Look through casted selects to constant fold bin ops (detail)
  102. AMDGPU: Fix typo (detail)
  103. [VE] select and selectcc patterns (detail)
  104. [lldb/Target] Sort CMakeLists (NFC) (detail)
  105. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fold constant offset vector extract indexes (detail)
  106. [mlir] Swap use of to_vector() with lookupValues() in LLVMIRIntrinsicGen (detail)
  107. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix RegBankSelect for G_INSERT_VECTOR_ELT (detail)
  108. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select G_INSERT_VECTOR_ELT (detail)
  109. [compiler-rt] [builtins] Fix clear_cache_test to work with MPROTECT (detail)
  110. [gn build] (manually) port a174f0da62f (detail)
  111. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fold add of constant into G_INSERT_VECTOR_ELT (detail)
  112. [X86][SSE] combineExtractWithShuffle - (detail)
  113. [RISCV] Support ABI checking with per function target-features (detail)
  114. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Keep G_BITCAST out of waterfall loop (detail)
  115. AMDGPU: Fix element size assertion (detail)
  116. [AArch64] Add test for DWARF return address signing (detail)
  117. [PGO][PGSO] Update BFI in CodeGenPrepare::optimizeSelectInst. (detail)
  118. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select (detail)
  119. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select (detail)
  120. Regenerate test/CodeGen/ARM/vext.ll. NFC. (detail)
  121. Precommit NFC part of DAGCombiner change. NFC. (detail)
  122. [NFC][XCOFF] Refactor Csect creation into TargetLoweringObjectFile (detail)
  123. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Handle 16-bank LDS llvm.amdgcn.interp.p1.f16 (detail)
  124. [AArch64] Don't rename registers with pseudo defs in Ld/St opt. (detail)
  125. [gn build] [win] produce symbolized stack frames in release builds too (detail)
  126. Revert "Unconditionally enable lvalue function designators; NFC" (detail)
  127. [scudo][standalone] Reduce Android region sizes to 128MB (detail)
  128. [Flang] add some cmake code to allow for out-of-tree building of MLIR (detail)
  129. Revert "[gn build] [win] produce symbolized stack frames in release (detail)
  130. Revert "[DA][TTI][AMDGPU] Add option to select GPUDA with TTI" (detail)
  131. [ARM] Mark MVE loads/store as not having side effects (detail)
  132. [X86][SSE] combineExtractWithShuffle - extract(bitcast(broadcast(x))) (detail)
  133. [CMake][Fuchsia] Disable in-process cc1 (detail)
  134. Add a comment about when we can remove this construct; NFC. (detail)

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