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  1. [lldb/DWARF] Add support for location lists in package files (detail)
  2. Recommit: "[llvm-exegesis] Improve error reporting in Assembler.cpp" (detail)
  3. [lldb][NFC] Pointer to reference conversion for CompilerDeclContext params in ClangExpressionDeclMap. (detail)
  4. [MLIR] Add naive fusion of parallel loops. (detail)
  5. [OpenCL] Only declare _sat conversions for integer types (detail)
  6. [TableGen] Diagnose undefined fields when generating searchable tables (detail)
  7. [lldb] Remove Windows X-fail for TestCPPAuto and TestStepTarget (detail)
  8. [lldb][NFC] Modernize test setup code in several lang/cpp tests (detail)
  9. [AArch64][ASMParser] Refuse equal source/destination for LDRAA/LDRAB (detail)
  10. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select MUBUF path for global atomic cmpxchg (detail)
  11. [PatternMatch] Match XOR variant of unsigned-add overflow check. (detail)
  12. [CGP] Adjust CodeGen tests after e01a3d49c22 (detail)
  13. Add <128 x i1> as an intrinsic type (detail)
  14. [Hexagon][NFC] Rename VK_Hexagon_PCREL to VK_PCREL (detail)
  15. [AMDGPU][ConstantFolding] Fold llvm.amdgcn.fmul.legacy intrinsic (detail)
  16. [gn build] revert e8e078c8bf7987 (detail)
  17. [AArch64][SVE] Add initial backend support for FP splat_vector (detail)
  18. [ARM,MVE] Fix predicate types of some intrinsics (detail)
  19. [mlir] NFC: use ValueRange for BlockArgument in ConvertStandardToLLVM (detail)
  20. tsan: removing redundant loop in ThreadClock::release() (detail)
  21. [lldb][NFC] Remove giant do{...}while(false); in ClangASTSource::FindExternalVisibleDecls (detail)
  22. [mlir][spirv] Add mlir-vulkan-runner (detail)
  23. [SystemZ] Regenerate risbg tests. NFCI. (detail)
  24. [IRBuilder] Always respect inserter/folder (detail)
  25. [Sema][CodeComplete] Handle symlinks for include code completion (detail)
  26. [InstCombine] Fix removal from deferred instructions (detail)
  27. [mlir][ods] Adding attribute setters generation (detail)
  28. Revert "[IRBuilder] Always respect inserter/folder" (detail)
  29. [NFC][compiler-rt][test] Fully qualify string -> std::string (detail)
  30. [libc++] Fix ABI break in __bit_reference. (detail)
  31. [AMDGPU] Fix assumption about LaneBitmask content (detail)
  32. [analyzer] CERT: POS34-C (detail)
  33. [X86] Add DCI.isBeforeLegalize() check to the v64i1 constant splitting code in combineStore. (detail)
  34. [gn build] Set up include_dirs for a54d81f597 (first checker in a subdir) (detail)
  35. Fix Block::eraseArgument when block arg is also a successor operand. (detail)
  36. [gn build] Port a54d81f5979 (detail)
  37. [gn build] use \bfoo\b instead of \<foo\> in sync script (detail)
  38. [ValueTracking]  Improve isKnownNonNaN() to recognize zero splats. (detail)
  39. [AssumeBundle] Add documentation for the operand bundles of an llvm.assume (detail)
  40. [lldb/Core] Remove locking in the PluginManager (detail)
  41. [mlir][ODS] Add a new trait `TypesMatchWith` (detail)
  42. [mlir][Parser] Use APFloat instead of FloatAttr when parsing DenseElementsAttrs. (detail)
  43. Revert "[PatternMatch] Match XOR variant of unsigned-add overflow check." (detail)
  44. [mlir][NFC] Fix warning for mismatched sign comparison. (detail)
  45. [DDG] Data Dependence Graph - Graph Simplification (detail)
  46. [mlir][NFC] Fix 'gatherLoops' utility (detail)
  47. [CMake] Only detect the linker once in AddLLVM.cmake (detail)
  48. [UpdateTestChecks] Add support for '.' in ir function names (detail)
  49. [AMDGPU] Regenerate immediate constant tests (detail)
  50. [libFuzzer] Fix denominator in the "inputs have DFT" log line. (detail)
  51. Include static prof data when collecting loop BBs (detail)
  52. [mlir] [VectorOps] Framework for progressive lowering of vector.contract (detail)
  53. Reapply [IRBuilder] Always respect inserter/folder (detail)
  54. [OpenMP][OMPIRBuilder] Introducing the `OMPBuilderCBHelpers` helper class (detail)
  55. [Hexagon] Change HVX vector predicate types from v512/1024i1 to v64/128i1 (detail)
  56. [x86] add test for uint->fp with unsafe-fp-math (PR43609); NFC (detail)
  57. [AMDGPU] Update AMDGPUUsage with DWARF proposal (detail)
  58. [IndVarSimply] Fix assert/release build difference. (detail)
  59. [AMDGPU] AMDGPUUsage define call convention ABI (detail)
  60. [libc++] Fixes backreferences for extended grammar. (detail)
  61. [libc++] reduce <complex> parsing time (detail)
  62. [TSan] Fix incorrect expansion of `%deflake` lit substitution. (detail)
  63. [AMDGPU] Fix DS_WRITE_B32 patterns (detail)
  64. [lld][ELF] Add --shuffle-sections=seed to shuffle input sections (detail)
  65. Fix broken test on Windows caused by D74790 (detail)
  66. [ORC] Add generic initializer/deinitializer support. (detail)
  67. libclang: Add static build support for Windows (detail)
  68. Add benchmarks for basic_string::erase (detail)
  69. Another fix for 7d91633a2b9b1f563dc14c632cc0c461c3651f76 (detail)
  70. [ORC] Qualify nullptr_t. (detail)
  71. [ORC] Fix a missing move. (detail)
  72. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Cleanup min/max RegBankSelect tests (detail)
  73. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Remove outdated comment (detail)
  74. Add cl_khr_mipmap_image_writes as supported to AMDGPU (detail)
  75. AMDGPU: Enable integer division bypass (detail)
  76. [JITLink] Fix testcase for main JITDylib rename in 85fb997659b. (detail)
  77. [gn build] Port 85fb997659b (detail)
  78. [clang-tidy] fix readability-redundant-member-init auto-fix of Function-try-block (detail)
  79. [WebAssembly] Fix memory bug introduced in 52861809994c (detail)
  80. [NFC] Fix issues with clang-tidy checks list.rst (detail)
  81. Add a `%darwin_min_target_with_tls_support` lit substitution. (detail)
  82. Add an Offset field to the SourceLocation for LookupResult objects. (detail)
  83. [mlir][Linalg] Allow specifiying zero-rank shaped type operands to linalg.indexed_generic ops. (detail)
  84. [MS] Mark vectorcall FP and vector args inreg (detail)
  85. [ELF][test] Fix shuffle_sections.s (detail)
  86. [ELF][test] Fix --symbol-ordering-file tests of shuffle_sections.s (detail)
  87. [WebAssembly] Use llvm::Optional to store optional symbol attributes.  NFC. (detail)
  88. [mlir] Update usage of createJITDylib to createBareJITDylib after LLVM change (detail)
  89. [lldb/Test] Skip VSCode test on embedded Darwin (detail)
  90. [lld][WebAssembly] Allow symbols with explict import names to be undefined at link time. (detail)
  91. [gn build] (manually) partially (?) merge 7ff1f55a1219 (detail)
  92. [DebugInfo] Read CIE pointer as a relocatable value. (detail)
  93. [DebugInfo] Remove a misleading comment for llvm::dwarf::FDE. (detail)
  94. [DebugInfo][NFCI]: Removed an exclamation mark from error message. (detail)
  95. Fixup test after changes made in 709fd989. (detail)
  96. [Attributor] Allow multiple uses of a casted function pointer (detail)
  97. [examples] Fix the clang-interpreter example for changes in 85fb997659b. (detail)
  98. [examples] Fix the SpeculativeJIT example for 85fb997659b. (detail)
  99. [Attributor] Add initial AAIsDead for arguments (detail)
  100. [lldb/Test] s/skipIfDarwinEmbedded/skipIfRemote/ in VSCode tests. (detail)
  101. [Attributor][FIX] Do not create new calls edge we cannot handle (detail)
  102. [Attributor] Generalize `getAssumedConstantInt` interface (detail)
  103. TableGen: Fix logic for default operands (detail)
  104. [Attributor][FIX] Avoid setting wrong load/store alignments (detail)
  105. [Attributor] Use existing `returned` information better (detail)
  106. [Attributor][NFC] Add more memory_location tests (detail)
  107. [Attributor][NFC] Improve the debug output & add a TODO (detail)
  108. [MustExecute] Add backward exploration for must-be-executed-context (detail)
  109. [ELF][test] Fix section sh_type and sh_flags (detail)
  110. Fix compiler extension in standalone mode (detail)
  111. Remove debugging artefact. (detail)
  112. [lldb] Remove license headers from all test source files (detail)
  113. [Attributor][NFC] Prepare some tests to be used with update test script (detail)
  114. [Attributor][NFC] Refactor interface (detail)
  115. [Attributor] Make sure abstract attributes are properly initialized (detail)
  116. [LLD][ELF][ARM] Add test cases for R_ARM_THM_MOV*-type relocs (detail)
  117. [lldb/DWARF] Always construct a DWARFDebugInfo object (detail)
  118. [compiler-rt] [builtins] Fix logb / logbl tests (detail)
  119. [NFC] Remove ar/ranlib test noise during cmake step (detail)
  120. [ARM,MVE] Add vqdmull[b,t]q intrinsic families (detail)
  121. [clang-tidy] misc-no-recursion: point to the function defs, not decls (detail)
  122. SpeculativeExecution: fixed ingoring free execution (detail)
  123. [AMDGPU] simplifyI24 - replace GetDemandedBits with SimplifyMultipleUseDemandedBits (detail)
  124. [AArch64][SVE] Re-arrange definitions in (NFC) (detail)
  125. [lldb] Add boilerplate to recognize the .debug_tu_index section (detail)
  126. [lldb]: fix typo in lldb-gdb-remote.txt (detail)
  127. [Sema] Demote call-site-based 'alignment is a power of two' check for AllocAlignAttr into a warning (detail)
  128. Revert "Reland "[DebugInfo] Enable the debug entry values feature by default"" (detail)
  129. [clang][Index] Fix the incomplete instantiations in libindex. (detail)
  130. Regenerate rotate test. NFC. (detail)
  131. [AMDGPU] Don’t marke the .note section as ALLOC (detail)
  132. [Utils][x86] add an option to reduce scrubbing of shuffles with memops (detail)
  133. AMDGPU: Fix v2i64<->v4f32 bitcast (detail)
  134. [NFC][RDA] Break-up initialization code (detail)
  135. [PowerPC][NFC] We do not save/restore vrsave for any remaining subtargets. (detail)
  136. [x86] regenerate test checks with less shuffle scrubbing; NFC (detail)
  137. Add #include <condition_variable> to fix build after 85fb997659b5 (detail)
  138. [DAGCombine] visitEXTRACT_VECTOR_ELT - add SimplifyDemandedBits multi use support (detail)
  139. [clang][analyzer] Modify include AllocationState.h in PutenvWithAutoChecker.cpp (detail)
  140. [X86] Add DAG combines to form CVTPH2PS/CVTPS2PH from vXf16->vXf32/vXf64 fp_extends and vXf32->vXf16 fp_round. (detail)
  141. [AArch64][SVE] Add intrinsics for SVE2 bitwise ternary operations (detail)
  142. [x86] add vector tests for splatted memory ops; NFC (detail)
  143. [AArch64] Move isOverflowIntrOpRes help function to the ISD namespace in SelectionDAG.h. NFC (detail)
  144. [X86] Rewrite LowerBRCOND to remove dead code and handle ISD::SETCC and overflow ops directly. (detail)
  145. [libc++] Fix unintended ADL inside ref(reference_wrapper<T>) and cref(reference_wrapper<T>) (detail)
  146. [libc++] Fix unqualified call to 'ref' inside shared_ptr(unique_ptr<U, D>) (detail)
  147. [clang-tidy] maintain alphabetical order in Renamed checks section (detail)
  148. [X86] Fix a -Wparentheses warning. NFC (detail)
  149. [clang] Fix search path logic for C_INCLUDE_DIRS (detail)
  150. Add target.xml support for qXfer request. (detail)
  151. [lldb] Fix version string when using LLDB_REVISION but not LLDB_REPOSITORY (detail)
  152. [DAGCombiner] Use SDValue::getConstantOperandAPInt helper where possible. NFC. (detail)
  153. [macho][NFC] Extract all CPU_(SUB_)TYPE logic to libObject (detail)
  154. [mlir] Refactor the structure of the 'verifyConstructionInvariants' methods. (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-test-suite.git)

  1. Add a missing #include to tramp3d-v4.cpp (detail)

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