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  1. [DebugInfo] Fix DWARF expressions for __block vars that are not on the heap (detail)
  2. [AArch64] Lower bitreverse in ISel (detail)
  3. Silence "Undefined or garbage value returned to caller" static analysis warning. NFCI. (detail)
  4. [mlir] fix misformatted documentation for memref convention (detail)
  5. [mlir] Improve TransferOp verifier: broadcasts are in_bounds (detail)
  6. [clang-tidy] Fix altera-struct-pack-align crash for struct fields with incomplete type (detail)
  7. [APInt][NFC] Fix typo vlalue->value (detail)
  8. [RISCV][NFC] Correct alignment in scatter/gather tests (detail)
  9. [AMDGPU] Tweak VOP3_INTERP16 profile (detail)
  10. [clang] In DependencyCollector on Windows, ignore case and separators when discarding duplicate dependency file paths. (detail)
  11. [X86] Don't dereference a dyn_cast<> - use a cast<> instead. NFCI. (detail)
  12. [x86] update fma test with deprecated intrinsics; NFC (detail)
  13. [mlir][openacc] Translate ExitDataop to LLVM IR (detail)
  14. [AIX] Implement AIX special bitfield related alignment rules (detail)
  15. [AMDGPU] Set unused dst_sel to '?' in the encoding (detail)

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