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  1. Updated UnifiedTreeBuilder to fully support is_legacy_mode.

    This allows to use the newly added LLVMBuildFactory ability to transparently use SVN or github and switch between depending on the is_legacy_mode attribute, and adds a github support to UnifiedTreeBuilder.

    Patch by Andrei Lebedev

    Differential Revision: (detail)
    by gkistanova
  2. Added support for git/github to LLVMBuildFactory.

    Now LLVMBuildFactory supports both a "legacy mode" with SVN checkout and a git/github checkout.

    This provides a transparent way of dialing with the source code in all the bots which use LLVMBuildFactory directly or indirectly through UnifiedTreeBuilder.

    is_legacy_mode is True by default to keep the status quo, but later will be changed to False to migrate all the supported bots to github.

    Patch by Andrei Lebedev

    Differential Revision: (detail)
    by gkistanova
  3. Reverted r375035 and r375036 to fix the commit message and author name. (detail)
    by gkistanova

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