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  1. More master to main updates (detail)
  2. jenkins/jobs: Add timeout to the lnt-ctmark-* jobs (detail)

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  1. [flang][fir][NFC] Move remaining types to TableGen type definition (detail)
  2. [flang][fir][NFC] Remove dead code. (detail)
  3. [docs] Add a release note for the removing of -Wreturn-std-move-in-c++11 (detail)
  4. [Coroutine] Check indirect uses of alloca when checking lifetime info (detail)
  5. [NFC][AIX] Rename aix-csr-vector.ll to aix-csr-vector-extabi.ll (detail)
  6. [NARY][NFC] New tests for upcoming changes. (detail)
  7. [docs][JITLink] Reintroduce JITLink design/API doc with fixes and improvements. (detail)
  8. [RISCV] Reuse existing SDLoc and XLenVT in the switch in RISCVISelDAGToDAG::Select. NFC (detail)
  9. OpenMP: Fix object clobbering issue when using save-temps (detail)
  10. [debugserver] Fix logic to extract app bundle from file path (detail)
  11. [clang][RecoveryAST] Add design doc to clang internal manual. (detail)
  12. [mlir] Fix emitting attribute documentation (detail)
  13. [mlir][nfc] Fix typo in documentation comment (detail)
  14. [clang][cli] Add MarshallingInfoEnum multiclass (detail)
  15. [clang][cli] Remove marshalling from Opt{In,Out}FFlag (detail)
  16. [clangd] NFC, remove an extra "class" keyword. (detail)
  17. [AArch64] Add abs intrinsic costs (detail)
  18. [clang][cli] Store additional optimization remarks info (detail)
  19. [clang][cli] Round-trip the whole CompilerInvocation (detail)
  20. AArch64: relax address-space assertion in FastISel. (detail)
  21. [CodeGen] Canonicalise adds/subs of i1 vectors using XOR (detail)
  22. Prefer /usr/bin/env xxx over /usr/bin/xxx where xxx = perl, python, awk (detail)
  23. [lldb] Let ClangASTImporter assert that the target AST has an external source (detail)
  24. [lldb][NFC] Remove some obsolete comments in ClangASTImporter.cpp (detail)
  25. Support standalone build of clang-tidy unittest (detail)
  26. [X86][SSE] Move unaryshuffle(xor(x,-1)) -> xor(unaryshuffle(x),-1) fold into helper. NFCI. (detail)
  27. [NARY-REASSOCIATE] Support reassociation of min/max (detail)
  28. [X86] Regenerate sdiv_fix.ll tests. NFCI. (detail)
  29. [NFC] Fix build failure after 83d134c3c4222e8b8d3d90c099f749a3b3abc8e0 (detail)
  30. [RISCV] Unify scalable- and fixed-vector EXTRACT_SUBVECTOR lowering (detail)

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