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  1. [PM] Show the pass argument in pre/post-pass IR dumps (detail)
  2. [libcxx] [test] Use string().c_str() to convert a std::filesystem::path to a const char* (detail)
  3. [libcxx] [test] Ifdef out uses of create_fifo on windows (detail)
  4. [libcxx] [cmake] Add asm to the runtimes build languages (detail)
  5. [libcxx] [test] Add a MinGW target (detail)
  6. [libcxx] Use the allocating form of getcwd() on Glibc and Apple platforms (detail)
  7. Fix constructor declarations that are invalid in C++20 onwards. (detail)
  8. [MLIR][TOSA] Added Tosa to Standard/SCF Lowerings (const, if, while) (detail)
  9. [www] Add cxx_status tracking for C++23. (detail)
  10. BPF: Implement TTI.getCmpSelInstrCost() properly (detail)
  11. [Clang][Attributes] Allow not_tail_called attribute to be applied to virtual function. (detail)
  12. Add more historic DWARF vendor extensions (detail)
  13. [Remarks] Emit remarks for "auto-init" !annotations (detail)
  14. [Remarks] Provide more information about auto-init stores (detail)
  15. [Remarks] Provide more information about auto-init calls (detail)
  16. [gn build] Port 4753a69a316b (detail)
  17. Add Alignment argument to IRBuilder CreateAtomicRMW and CreateAtomicCmpXchg. (detail)
  18. [Clang][ASan] Correct AsanDtorKindToString to return non-void in default case (detail)
  19. [dfsan] Conservative solution to atomic load/store (detail)
  20. [Android] Use -l:libunwind.a with --rtlib=compiler-rt (detail)
  21. BPF: Add LLVMTransformUtils in CMakefile LINK_COMPONENTS (detail)
  22. [ELF] Add -z start-stop-gc to let __start_/__stop_ not retain C identifier name sections (detail)
  23. [RISCV] Support fixed vector extract_element for FP types. (detail)
  24. Revert 7a0da8894348, "scudo: Support memory tagging in the secondary allocator." (detail)
  25. [clang] Print 32 candidates on the first failure, with -fshow-overloads=best. (detail)
  26. [debug-info] refactor emitDwarfUnitLength (detail)
  27. Revert [MLIR][TOSA] Added Tosa to Standard/SCF Lowerings (const, if, while) (detail)
  28. Fix signed-compare warning. (detail)
  29. [flang][fir] Add array value operations. (detail)
  30. [TableGen] Use ListSeparator (NFC) (detail)
  31. [Scalar] Use range-based for loops (NFC) (detail)
  32. [llvm-dwarfdump] StringMap -> MapVector to make iteration order stable (detail)
  33. [X86] Use correct padding when in 16-bit mode (detail)
  34. [Driver] Create -ffile-compilation-dir alias (detail)
  35. [Driver] Rename -fprofile-{prefix-map,compilation-dir} to -fcoverage-{prefix-map,compilation-dir} (detail)
  36. [MC] Allow .cfi_sections with empty section list (detail)
  37. [RISCV] Add test cases for fixed vector extract element with non-constant index. NFC (detail)
  38. [Driver] Don't pass -ffile-compilation-dir through to cc1 (detail)
  39. [mlir] Remove some rarely used OpState members and use Operation members instead. (detail)
  40. [clang-format] [PR19056] Add support for access modifiers indentation (detail)
  41. [clang][NFC] Extract Target and AuxTarget creation in CompilerInstance to new function (detail)
  42. [Basic] Fix Wreturn-type gcc warning (NFC) (detail)
  43. [Test] Add one more test with corner cases for non-wrapping IVs (detail)
  44. [Sema] Fix MSVC "attribute is not recognized" warning (NFC) (detail)

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