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  1. [sanitizer] Test HWASan + LAM via QEMU. (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git)

  1. Revert "[NFC][msan] Fix warning on sanitizer-ppc64le-linux bot" (detail)
  2. [NFC][msan] Fix assigned-unused warning (detail)
  3. [NFC] Fix 'Load' name masking. (detail)
  4. [flang] Add tests for REPEAT. NFC (detail)
  5. [RISCV] Expand unaligned fixed-length vector memory accesses (detail)
  6. [Demangle][Rust] Parse binders (detail)
  7. [mlir] Add DivOp lowering from Complex dialect to Standard/Math dialect. (detail)
  8. [SimplifyLibCalls] Take size of int into consideration when emitting ldexp/ldexpf (detail)
  9. [LegalizeTypes] Avoid promotion of exponent in FPOWI (detail)
  10. [CodeGen] Refactor libcall lookups for RTLIB::POWI_* (detail)
  11. [InstCombine][msp430] Pre-commit test case for @llvm.powi and 16-bit ints (detail)
  12. [SimpleLoopUnswitch] Port partially invariant unswitch from LoopUnswitch to SimpleLoopUnswitch (detail)
  13. Add a toplevel .mailmap file (detail)
  14. [mailmap] Use my chromium address as my canonical email address (detail)
  15. [AMDGPU][Libomptarget][NFC] Remove atmi_place_t (detail)
  16. [lld/mac] Implement -reexport_framework, -reexport_library, -reexport-l (detail)
  17. [AMDGPU][Libomptarget][NFC] Remove bunch of dead structs (detail)
  18. [AArch64] Optimise bitreverse lowering in ISel (detail)
  19. [RISCV][NFC] Add '+mattr=+experimental-v' to RVV test (detail)
  20. [mlir][linalg] Cleanup LinalgOp usage in fusion on tensors (NFC). (detail)
  21. [mlir][linalg] Update result position calculation in the Structured Op Interface (NFC). (detail)
  22. [compiler-rt][asan] Enable unwind-tables for Arm Linux (detail)
  23. [TTI] NFC: Change getIntImmCodeSizeCost to return InstructionCost. (detail)
  24. [LV] NFC: Replace custom getMemInstValueType by llvm::getLoadStoreType. (detail)
  25. [LV] NFC: Remove redundant isLegalMasked(Gather|Scatter) functions. (detail)
  26. [PowerPC][AIX} FIx AIX bootstrap build. (detail)
  27. [compiler-rt][lsan] Increase libdl_deadlock test timeout (detail)
  28. [LV] Build and cost VPlans for scalable VFs. (detail)
  29. [AArch64][NFC] Fix failing cost-model test (detail)
  30. Add getDemandedBits for uses. (detail)
  31. Fix comments in test (detail)
  32. [clangd] Add support for the `defaultLibrary` semantic token modifier (detail)
  33. [clang] Implement the using_if_exists attribute (detail)
  34. [coro async] Add the swiftasync attribute to the resume partial function (detail)
  35. [lld/mac] Address review feedback and improve a comment (detail)
  36. [LoopStrengthReduce] Ensure that debug intrinsics do not affect LSR's output (detail)
  37. [lld/mac] Don't strip explicit dylib also mentioned in LC_LINKER_OPTION (detail)
  38. [lld/mac] Implement -needed_framework, -needed_library, -needed-l (detail)
  39. [lld/mac] Implement -dead_strip (detail)
  40. [OpenMP] Use new task type/flag for taskwait depend events. (detail)
  41. [lld/mac] try to fix tests after a5645513dba (detail)
  42. [libcxx][NFC] Tidy up calculation of __nbuf in num_put::do_put, and add comments (detail)
  43. [OpenMP] Fix improper printf format specifier (detail)
  44. Remove redundant comparisons (NFC) (detail)
  45. Add missing CMake dependency for mlir/lib/Reducer (NFC) (detail)
  46. Fix CMake error: TableGen targets must be in the DEPENDS list instead of LINK_LIBS (detail)
  47. [x86] add test for sext-of-setcc; NFC (detail)
  48. [SDAG] allow more cast folding for vector sext-of-setcc (detail)
  49. [lldb] Preserve type sugar when using SBValue::Dereference on C++ references (detail)
  50. [MLIR] Fix Standalone dialect test to work in out-of-tree builds (detail)
  51. Add matchers for gtest's ASSERT_THAT, EXPECT_THAT, ON_CALL and EXPECT_CALL (detail)
  52. Fix -Wsign-compare warning (NFC) (detail)
  53. Improve performance when parsing symbol tables in mach-o files. (detail)
  54. [SampleFDO] New hierarchical discriminator for FS SampleFDO (ProfileData part) (detail)
  55. [mlir-lsp] Report range of potential identifier starting at location of diagnostic (detail)

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