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  1. [x86] add signed compare variant test for PR50055; NFC (detail)
  2. [NFC] Remove variable that was set but not used. (detail)
  3. Fix dfsan handling of musttail calls. (detail)
  4. [llvm-dwp] Skip type unit debug info sections (detail)
  5. [SDAG] allow cast folding for vector sext-of-setcc with signed compare (detail)
  6. [mlir] Add support for filtering patterns based on debug names and labels (detail)
  7. [mlir-lsp] Avoid empty range diagnostic (detail)
  8. Remove unused function from a previous iteration of unique-stable-name (detail)
  9. [mlir] Resolve TODO and use the pass argument instead of the TypeID for registration (detail)
  10. [llvm-dwp] Adding support for v5 index writing (detail)
  11. [llvm-dwp] Add support for DWARFv5 type units                                                                                                                                                                ... (detail)
  12. [llvm-dwp] Add support for rnglists and loclists (detail)
  13. [mlir][NFC] Split the non-templated bits out of IROperand into a base class (detail)
  14. Revert "[libc++] NFC: Move unwrap_iter to its own header" (detail)
  15. [gn build] Port 05d164b25c40 (detail)
  16. PR50337, PR50561: Fix determination of whether a template parameter list (detail)
  17. Differential Revision: (detail)
  18. [CodeGen][NFC] Remove unused virtual function (detail)
  19. [SYCL] Fix __builtin_sycl_unique_stable_name to work on windows/spir (detail)
  20. [clangd] TUScheduler uses last active file for file-less queries (detail)
  21. [clangd][Protocol] Drop optional from WorkspaceEdit::changes (detail)
  22. [X86][SSE] combineScalarToVector - only reuse broadcasts for scalar_to_vector if the source operands scalar types match (detail)
  23. [NFC][trace][intel-pt] small test fixes (detail)
  24. Add a .mailmap entry for my two email addresses (detail)
  25. [clangd] Drop optional on ExternalIndexSpec (detail)
  26. [NFC] Test commit. Fix typos. (detail)
  27. [Fuchsia] Use libc++abi on Windows in Fuchsia toolchain (detail)
  28. [Clang][OpenMP] Emit dependent PreInits before directive. (detail)
  29. Revert "Differential Revision:" (detail)
  30. [libc++] Enable tests for the experimental library by default (detail)
  31. [PowerPC] [GlobalISel] Implementation of formal arguments lowering in the IRTranslator for the PPC backend (detail)
  32. [coro] Preserve scope line for compiler generated functions (detail)
  33. [MC] Change "unexpected tokens" to "expected newline" and remove unneeded "in .xxx directive" (detail)
  34. [MC] Delete unneeded MCAsmParser &Parser (detail)
  35. [profile] Add -fprofile-instr-generate tests for weak definition and various linkages (detail)
  36. [InstrProfiling] Delete linkage/visibility toggling for Windows (detail)
  37. Recommit "Fix tmp files being left on Windows builds." with a fix for (detail)
  38. Fix llvm/test/tools/llvm-dwp/X86/type_dedup_v5.test (detail)
  39. [clangd] Improve resolution of static method calls in HeuristicResolver (detail)
  40. [AArch64] Add regression test for missed bfi optimization. (detail)
  41. Fix "control reaches end of non-void function" warnings on ppc64le (detail)
  42. [clang] Fix fail of OpenMP/tile_codegen_tile_for.cpp. (detail)
  43. [DFSan] Properly set argument ABI attributes (detail)

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