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  1. [NFC][scudo] Avoid integer overflow in test (detail)
  2. [mlir-reduce] Create MlirReduceLib (detail)
  3. Revert "[Fuchsia] Use libc++abi on Windows in Fuchsia toolchain" (detail)
  4. [clang][clangd] Use reverse header map lookup in suggestPathToFileForDiagnostics (detail)
  5. [ValueTypes] Fix scalable-vector changeExtendedVectorTypeToInteger (detail)
  6. [clang][ARM] Remove arm2/3/6/7m CPU names (detail)
  7. Add -fno-visibility-inlines-hidden option (detail)
  8. [lldb][NFC] Remove unused 'using ArrayRef' in RegisterValueTest (detail)
  9. [CodeGen] Fix a scalable-vector crash in VSELECT legalization (detail)
  10. [mlir] Split linalg reshape ops into expand/collapse. (detail)
  11. [mlir][linalg] Cleanup LinalgOp usage in generalization. (detail)
  12. [RISCV] Reserve an emergency spill slot for any RVV spills (detail)
  13. [LLDB] Skip on arm/linux (detail)
  14. [LLDB] Skip on arm/linux (detail)
  15. [mlir][linalg] Cleanup LinalgOp usage in promotion. (detail)
  16. [ARM] Prettify gather/scatter debug comments. NFC (detail)
  17. [mlir][linalg] Cleanup LinalgOp usage in test passes. (detail)
  18. [mlir][linalg] Cleanup LinalgOp usage in bufferize, detensorize, and interchange. (detail)
  19. [LLD] [COFF] Fix autoexport from LTO objects with comdat symbols (detail)
  20. [mlir][linalg] Cleanup LinalgOp usage in drop unit dims. (detail)
  21. [lit] Fix testing of standalone clang and lld builds (detail)
  22. [mlir][linalg] Transform PadTensorOp into InitOp, FillOp, GenericOp (detail)
  23. [mlir][linalg] Cleanup LinalgOp usage in loop lowering. (detail)
  24. [libc++] Remove unused variable warnings (detail)
  25. [mlir][linalg] Cleanup LinalgOp usage in op declarations. (detail)
  26. [analyzer] Add forwarding `addVisitor` method (detail)
  27. [Matrix] Preserve existing fast-math flags during lowering (detail)
  28. [flang] Check for duplicate definitions of defined input/output procedures (detail)
  29. [mlir][linalg] Cleanup LinalgOp usage in scalar inlining. (detail)
  30. [mlir] Fix warnings. (detail)
  31. [RISCV] Precommit a test case to show overwriting vector frame objects. (detail)
  32. [mlir][linalg] Cleanup LinalgOp usage in capi. (detail)
  33. [mlir][sparse] add more type combinations to sparse storage scheme (detail)
  34. [clang-format] Fix PointerAlignmentRight with AlignConsecutiveDeclarations (detail)
  35. [clang-format] Add PPIndentWidth option (detail)
  36. [lld-macho] Parse re-exports of nested TAPI documents (detail)
  37. [DebugInstrRef][2/3] Track PHI values through register coalescing (detail)
  38. [CostModel][AArch64] Add tests for ctlz, ctpop and cttz. NFC. (detail)
  39. Revert "[DebugInstrRef][2/3] Track PHI values through register coalescing" (detail)

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