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  1. [buildbot-clangd-ubuntu-clang] deployed new docker image (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git)

  1. [lld/mac] Implement support for searching dylibs with @executable_path/ in install name (detail)
  2. [lld/mac] Implement support for searching dylibs with @loader_path/ in install name (detail)
  3. [yaml2obj] Initial the support of yaml2obj for 32-bit XCOFF. (detail)
  4. Fixed the build failure of yaml2obj in XCOFFEmitter.cpp: (detail)
  5. [AMDGPU][Libomptarget] Rework logic for locating kernarg pools (detail)
  6. [OpenCL] Fix missing addrspace on implicit move assignment operator (detail)
  7. [mlir][linalg] Cleanup LinalgOp usage in comprehensive bufferization. (detail)
  8. [AMDGPU] Fix MC tests for v_fmaak_f16 and v_fmamk_f16 (detail)
  9. [LV] Mark increment of main vector loop induction variable as NUW. (detail)
  10. [Clang] Support a user-defined __dso_handle (detail)
  11. [SimpleLoopBoundSplit] Split Bound of Loop which has conditional branch with IV (detail)
  12. ASTConcept.h - remove unused <string> include. NFCI. (detail)
  13. [PhaseOrdering] Update tests after 23c2f2e6b24d. (detail)
  14. [NFC] Fix semantic discrepancy for MVT::LAST_VALUETYPE (detail)
  15. [clang] NFC: test for undefined behaviour in RawComment::getFormattedText() (detail)
  16. [lld/mac] Implement support for searching dylibs with @rpath/ in install name (detail)
  17. [llvm] Add interface to order inlining (detail)
  18. [OpenCL] Add const attribute to ctz() builtins (detail)

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