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  1. [ARM] Generate VDUP(Const) from constant buildvectors (detail)
  2. Partially revert the Fuchsia changes to avoid the use of PIC (detail)
  3. Revert "[DSE] Remove stores in the same loop iteration" (detail)
  4. Revert "[AMDGPU] Add gfx1013 target" (detail)
  5. [SystemZ] Return true from isMaskAndCmp0FoldingBeneficial(). (detail)
  6. [CMake][Fuchsia] Disable vcruntime for first stage as well (detail)
  7. Revert "[LoopNest] Fix Wdeprecated-copy warnings" (detail)
  8. [libc++] NFC: Rewrite the documentation for the debug mode (detail)
  9. [DSE] Add another multiblock loop DSE test. NFC (detail)
  10. [lldb] Don't print script output twice in HandleCommand (detail)
  11. [scudo] Add Scudo support for Trusty OS (detail)
  12. [InstCombine] add FMF tests for fneg-of-select; NFC (detail)
  13. [InstCombine] fix nsz (fast-math) propagation from fneg-of-select (detail)
  14. [LLDB][NFC] Remove parameter names from forward declarations from hand written expressions used in (detail)
  15. [SystemZ] Return true from convertSetCCLogicToBitwiseLogic for scalar integer. (detail)
  16. Update and improve compiler-rt tests for -mllvm -asan_use_after_return=(never|[runtime]|always). (detail)
  17. [Polly][Isl] Removing nullptr constructor from C++ bindings. NFC. (detail)
  18. Revert "Revert "[LoopNest] Fix Wdeprecated-copy warnings"" (detail)
  19. LTO: Export functions referenced by non-canonical CFI jump tables (detail)
  20. [NFC] In the future, all intrinsics defined for compatibility with the XL (detail)
  21. [mlir][tosa] Temporarily support 2D and 3D tensor types in matmul (detail)
  22. [libc][NFC] Use add_library instead of add_llvm_library for a few libraries. (detail)
  23. [libc] Add a macro to include/exclude subprocess tests. (detail)
  24. [libc][NFC][Obvious] Compare against size_t values in ArrayRef tests. (detail)
  25. [JITLink][MachO] Split C-string literal sections on null-terminators. (detail)
  26. [OpenMP] Add an information flag for device data transfers (detail)
  27. Add llvm_unreacheable to silence warning "not all control paths return a value" (NFC) (detail)
  28. Revert "Add a static assertions for custom Op<> to not defined data members (NFC)" (detail)
  29. Rename compiler-rt/lib/orc/endian.h to endianness.h to avoid conflict with system headers (detail)
  30. Add a couple of missing includes (detail)
  31. ORTRT: Add tests for string_view equality and inequality operators (detail)
  32. Reland "[AMDGPU] Add gfx1013 target" (detail)
  33. [PowerPC][Dwarf] Assign MMA register's dwarf register number to negative value (detail)
  34. [NFC][XCOFF] Use yaml2obj in llvm-objdump/XCOFF/section-headers.test instead of binary files. (detail)
  35. [RISCV][NFC] Add a single space after comma for VType (detail)
  36. Add Twine support for std::string_view. (detail)
  37. Fix LIT test failure encountered on AIX (detail)
  38. Remove white space in llvm-objdump/XCOFF/section-headers.test (detail)
  39. [mlir] Fix body-less async.execute printing (detail)
  40. [PowerPC] Make sure the first probe is full size or is the last probe when stack is realigned (detail)
  41. [CMake] Don't use libc++ by default on Windows yet (detail)
  42. [mlir][linalg] Prepare fusion on tensors for scalar operands. (detail)
  43. [Docs] Fix incorrect return type for example code (detail)
  44. [NFC] Reformat MachineValueType (detail)
  45. Fix the 4203-Buildbot failure in LLVM Buildbot on llvm-clang-win-x-aarch64 (detail)

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