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  1. [Flang][test] Fix Windows buildbot. (detail)
  2. A post-processing for BFI inference (detail)
  3. [AMDGPU][IndirectCalls] Fix register usage propagation for indirect/external calls (detail)
  4. Revert "[X86FixupLEAs] Sub register usage of LEA dest should block LEA/SUB optimization" (detail)
  5. Revert "[X86FixupLEAs] Transform the sequence LEA/SUB to SUB/SUB" (detail)
  6. [lit] Attempt for fix tests failing because of 'warning: non-portable path to file' (detail)
  7. Revert "Allow signposts to take advantage of deferred string substitution" (detail)
  8. [MLIR] Simplify affine.if ops with trivial conditions (detail)
  9. [VPlan] Add more sinking/merging tests with predicated loads/stores. (detail)
  10. [clang] NRVO: Improvements and handling of more cases. (detail)

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