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  1. Revert "Add openmp as dependent project , so as to trigger buildbots on openmp commits" (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git)

  1. [AArch64][test] Add new tests for (mul (add x, c0), c1) (detail)
  2. [InstrProfiling] Add AIX triple to more tests (detail)
  3. [CSSPGO] Add stats for pre-inliner (detail)
  4. [NFC][PowerPC] Small code refactor in LoopInstrFormPrep (detail)
  5. [libomptarget] Move HostDataToTargetTy states into StatesTy (detail)
  6. [test] Precommit/fix up existing test for MemorySSA/ (detail)
  7. Fix missing argument introduced by D108788 (detail)
  8. [DAGCombine] Add node level checks for fp-contract and fp-ninf in visitFMULForFMADistributiveCombine(). (detail)
  9. [libc++][nfc] Fixes ppc64le-sanitizer build issue. (detail)
  10. [NPM] Added opt option -print-pipeline-passes. (detail)
  11. Revert "[NPM] Added opt option -print-pipeline-passes." (detail)
  12. [NPM] Added opt option -print-pipeline-passes. (detail)
  13. [docs] Mention that the legacy PM is deprecated and will be removed after 14 (detail)
  14. [CSSPGO] Use preinliner decision by default when available (detail)
  15. [LoopDistribute] Add tests inspired by PR50296, PR50288. (detail)
  16. [OpenMP][OpenMPIRBuilder] Implement loop unrolling. (detail)
  17. [SelectionDAG][VP] Fix VP memory ops' EVL/Mask indices (detail)
  18. [MC] Set SHF_INFO_LINK on SHT_REL/SHT_RELA sections (detail)
  19. [SVE] Fix the FP arithmetic instruction costs for SVE (detail)
  20. [mlir][linalg] Expose function to create op on buffers during bufferization. (detail)
  21. [lldb server] Tidy up LLDB server return codes and associated tests (detail)
  22. [VP] Declaration and docs for intrinsic (detail)
  23. [LegalizeTypes][VP] Add splitting support for binary VP ops (detail)
  24. [RISCV][test] Add tests for optimization with SH*ADD in the zba extension (detail)
  25. [RISCV][test] Add more tests for (mul (add x, c1), c2) (detail)
  26. [Unwind] Harmonise exception class for EHABI spec. (detail)
  27. Revert "[OpenMP][OpenMPIRBuilder] Implement loop unrolling." (detail)
  28. [libunwind] Compile with -Wunused-but-set-variable (detail)
  29. [X86][SSE] Add combine-pmadd.ll for PMADDWD/VPMADDUBSW combines (detail)
  30. [X86] Fold PMADD(x,0) or PMADD(0,x) -> 0 (detail)
  31. [libomptarget][amdgpu] Drop env variables (detail)
  32. [lldb] [client] Implement follow-fork-mode (detail)
  33. [clang] NFC: Remove duplicate DependentSizedMatrixType methods (detail)
  34. Revert @llvm.isnan intrinsic patchset. (detail)
  35. [clang] NFC: Extract DiagnosticOptions parsing (detail)
  36. [ARM] Add a tail-predication loop predicate register (detail)
  37. Revert "[lldb server] Tidy up LLDB server return codes and associated tests" (detail)
  38. [mlir] support translating OpenMP loops with reductions (detail)
  39. [mlir] Add Cpp emitter (detail)
  40. [AMDGPU] Add merging into S_BUFFER_LOAD_DWORDX8_IMM (detail)
  41. [MLIR][OpenMP] Add support for declaring critical construct names (detail)
  42. [clang-cl] Emit nicer warning on unknown /arch: arguments (detail)
  43. [RISCV] Split PseudoVSETVLI into 2 instructions to allow different register classes for rs1. (detail)
  44. [RISCV] Enable shrink wrap by default (detail)
  45. [RISCV] Teach instruction selection to elide sext.w in some cases. (detail)
  46. [analyzer][NFCI] Allow clients of NoStateChangeFuncVisitor to check entire function calls, rather than each ExplodedNode in it (detail)
  47. [InstrProfiling] Add one missing XCOFF line to profiling.ll (detail)
  48. [AArch64][SVE] Workaround incorrect types when lowering fixed length gather/scatter (detail)
  49. [flang] Fix non-deterministic line output function (detail)
  50. Revert "[analyzer][NFCI] Allow clients of NoStateChangeFuncVisitor to check entire function calls, rather than each ExplodedNode in it" (detail)
  51. [CSSPGO] Honor preinliner decision for ThinLTO importing (detail)
  52. Try to unbreak lldb build after 973519826edb76 (detail)
  53. [RISCV] Remove stale TODOs from test. NFC (detail)
  54. [RISCV] Add Zba command line to rv64i-exhaustive-w-insts.ll (detail)
  55. Try to unbreak Win build after 973519826edb76 (detail)
  56. [clangd, llvm] Remove redundant calls to c_str() (NFC) (detail)
  57. [llvm-profgen] Deduplicate and improve warning for truncated context (detail)
  58. clang/win: Add __readfsdword to intrin.h (detail)
  59. [X86][SSE] combineMulToPMADDWD - improve recognition of sign/zero extended upper bits (detail)
  60. [AMDGPU] Use S_BITCMP0_* to replace AND in optimizeCompareInstr (detail)
  61. [mlir] Add missing dep on MLIRTranslation (detail)
  62. [Unwind] Cast exception class pointer for strcpy (detail)
  63. [libc++][NFC] Replace uses of stdr:: by just std::ranges:: (detail)
  64. [libc++][docs] Remove "Last Updated" entries from the docs (detail)
  65. [Bazel] Update for Cpp emitter (2f0750dd2e) (detail)
  66. [libomptarget][amdgpu] Add gfx90a to build list (detail)
  67. [RISCV] Improve shrink wrap test (NFC) (detail)
  68. [libc++][NFC] Move concepts to a subheader. (detail)
  69. [X86] Remove isel predicates for xgetbv/xsetbv instructions so they can work on Windows. (detail)
  70. [libc++] Remove an unused internal concept. (detail)
  71. [AIX][PowerPC] Define __powerpc and __PPC macros (detail)
  72. [Bazel] Add explicit dependency on llvm:Support to reflect layering (detail)
  73. [InlineCost] Introduce attributes to override InlineCost for inliner testing (detail)
  74. [MipsISelLowering] avoid emitting libcalls to __multi3 (detail)
  75. [WebAssembly] Add Wasm SjLj support (detail)
  76. [WebAssembly] Fix names of WebAssemblyWrapper SDNodes. NFC (detail)
  77. [SCEVExpander] Simplify pointer overflow check (detail)
  78. [CSSPGO] Allow inlining recursive call for preinliner (detail)
  79. [test][NewPM] Remove RUN lines using -analyze (detail)
  80. [test] Remove missed RUN line after D109040 (detail)
  81. Try to unbreak Win build differently after 973519826edb76 (detail)
  82. Revert "Try to unbreak Win build differently after 973519826edb76" (detail)
  83. Fix lld build after 5881dcff7e76a68 (detail)
  84. [WebAssemlby] Remove redundant SDTypeProfile. NFC (detail)
  85. [test] Remove legacy PM tests in llvm/test/Other (detail)
  86. [llvm-profgen] Turn off cold context trimming by default (detail)
  87. [NFC] Remove some unclear attribute methods (detail)
  88. [Verifier] Only allow metadata on stores and loads (detail)
  89. [MemorySSA] Properly handle liveOnEntry in the walker printer (detail)
  90. Fix lldb after D108614 (detail)
  91. [libc++] Define insert_iterator::iter with ranges::iterator_t. (detail)
  92. [NFC] Added testcase for PR40750 (detail)
  93. [mlir] speed up construction of LLVM IR constants when possible (detail)
  94. [OpenCL] Remove decls for scalar vloada_half and vstorea_half* fns (detail)
  95. [flang] NFC: change non-nullable pointer arguments to references (detail)
  96. [flang] Fix scope in which undeclared symbols are created (detail)
  97. [NFC] Regenerate SVE ACLE intrinsics tests (detail)
  98. [Sanitizers] intercept clock_getcpuclockid on FreeBSD, and pthread_getcpuclockid. (detail)
  99. Revert "[CSSPGO] Honor preinliner decision for ThinLTO importing" (detail)
  100. [asan] Fixed link error by setting jump symbol to R_X86_64_PLT32. (detail)
  101. Fully qualify template template parameters when printing (detail)
  102. [GlobalISel] Combine icmp eq/ne x, 0/1 -> x when x == 0 or 1 (detail)
  103. [ORC] Move callWrapper and callSPSWrapper functions to ExecutorProcessControl. (detail)
  104. [ORC] Add specialized SPSSerializationTraits for ArrayRef<char>. (detail)
  105. [ORC] Add EPCGenericJITLinkMemoryManager: memory management via EPC calls. (detail)
  106. [gn build] Port dad60f8071d5 (detail)
  107. [ORC] Range check and narrow size value. (detail)
  108. [Sanitizers] remove empty test case. (detail)
  109. Reland "Try to unbreak Win build differently after 973519826edb76"" (detail)
  110. [openmp] NFC add bitcode comment (detail)
  111. [runtimeunroll] Under EXPENSIVE_CHECKS, validate loop info (detail)
  112. [runtimeunroll] Support epilogue unrolling with a parent loop (detail)
  113. [WebAssembly] Rename WrapperPIC -> WrapperREL. NFC (detail)
  114. [AMDGPU] Fold immediates in the optimizeCompareInstr (detail)
  115. [CSSPGO] Honor preinliner decision for ThinLTO importing (detail)
  116. [Coroutines] Only run verifyFunction in debug mode (detail)
  117. [AMDGPU] Process any power of 2 in optimizeCompareInstr (detail)
  118. [mlir][python] Simplify python extension loading. (detail)
  119. [mlir][scf] Allow runtime type of iter_args to change (detail)
  120. Fix typo in RISCVMatInt.cpp comments (detail)
  121. [LoopPredication] Fix MemorySSA crash in predicateLoopExits (detail)
  122. Revert "[NFC] Regenerate SVE ACLE intrinsics tests" (detail)
  123. [NFC] Recommit "Regenerate SVE ACLE intrinsics tests" (detail)
  124. [OMPIRBuilder] Add ordered directive to OMPBuilder (detail)
  125. [RISCV] Add SiFive core S51 (detail)
  126. [Coroutines] [Clang] Look up coroutine component in std namespace first (detail)
  127. AMDGPU: Remove FeatureLocalMemorySize0 (detail)
  128. Revert "[HardwareLoops] Change order of SCEV expression construction for InitLoopCount." (detail)
  129. [PowerPC] Enable fast-isel on AIX 64 subtarget (detail)

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