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  1. Add support of the next Ubuntu (Ubuntu 22.04 - Jammy Jellyfish) (detail)
  2. Use StringRef::contains (NFC) (detail)
  3. [TableGen] Use llvm::erase_value (NFC) (detail)
  4. [AMDGPU] add tests for alternate form of usubsat; NFC (detail)
  5. [x86] add tests for variants of usubsat; NFC (detail)
  6. [BasicAA] Add range test with multiple indices (NFC) (detail)
  7. [MLIR] FlatAffineValueConstraints: Fix bug in mergeSymbolIds (detail)
  8. Use llvm::is_contained (NFC) (detail)
  9. [llvm] Call *(Set|Map)::erase directly (NFC) (detail)
  10. [ARC] Fix -Wunused-variable. NFC (detail)
  11. [sanitizer] Remove use_count from StackDepotNode (detail)
  12. [sanitizer] Remove tag from StackDepotNode (detail)
  13. [instcombine] Fix oss-fuzz 39934 (mul matcher can match non-instruction) (detail)
  14. Treat branch on poison as immediate UB (under an off by default flag) (detail)
  15. X86InstrInfo: Refactor and cleanup optimizeCompareInstr (detail)
  16. X86InstrInfo: Look across basic blocks in optimizeCompareInstr (detail)
  17. pre-comitting tests for D110865 (detail)
  18. Use llvm::any_of and llvm::none_of (NFC) (detail)
  19. [Target, Transforms] Use predecessors instead of pred_begin and pred_end (NFC) (detail)
  20. [mlir] Rename to avoid overlap in accessor prefixing (detail)
  21. [ELF] Remove ignored options that likely nobody uses (detail)
  22. [mlir] Switch arith, llvm, std & shape dialects to accessors prefixed both form. (detail)
  23. [NFC][sanitizer] constexpr a few functions (detail)
  24. [NFC][sanitizer] DCHECKs in hot code (detail)
  25. [NFC][sanitizer] Use power of two in TwoLevelMap (detail)
  26. [RISCV] Rename vmulh-sdnode-rv32.ll and add rv64 command line. NFC (detail)

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