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Unstable Build #1757 (Jul 3, 2020 12:55:41 AM)

  1. Temporarily disable email notification for test-suite pipeline jobs (details / githubweb)
  2. jenkins/jobs: Move lnt-ctmark-* jobs running on green-dragon-04 to 05 (details / githubweb)
  1. [AMDGPU] Insert PS early exit at end of control flow (details)
  2. [X86] Add back support for matching VPTERNLOG from back to back logic ops. (details)
  3. [PowerPC] Implement probing for dynamic stack allocation (details)
  4. [CostModel] Fix cast crash (details)
  5. [clang] Check ValueDependent instead of InstantiationDependent before executing the align expr for builtin align functions. (details)
  6. [X86] Remove MODRM_SPLITREGM from the disassembler tables. (details)
  7. [NFC] Use ADT/Bitfields in Instructions (details)
  8. Fix stack-clash probing for large static alloca (details)
  9. [Attributor] Create getName() method for abstract attribute (details)
  10. [OpenMP][OMPT]Add event callbacks for taskwait with depend (details)
  11. [Alignment][NFC] Use proper getter to retrieve alignment from ConstantInt and ConstantSDNode (details)
  12. [flang][NFC] Move and rework pgmath description used in folding (details)
  13. [Alignment][NFC] Use 5 bits to store Instructions Alignment (details)
  14. [llvm-readelf] - Do not error out when dumping symbols. (details)
  15. [llvm-readelf] - Do not report a misleading warning when there is no string table. (details)
  16. Regenerate PR19420 tests (details)
  17. [InstCombine] Add sext(ashr(shl(trunc(x),c),c)) folding support for vectors (details)
  18. [clangd] Improve hover on arguments to function call (details)
  19. Fix MSVC "result of 32-bit shift implicitly converted to 64 bits" warning. (details)
  20. [DWARFYAML][debug_gnu_*] Add the missing context `IsGNUStyle`. NFC. (details)
  21. [lldb] Fix missing characters when autocompleting LLDB commands in REPL (details)
  22. Regenerate mul-trunc tests, add vector variants and replace %tmp variable names to silence update_test_checks warnings (details)
  23. Add nonuniform vector trunc(or(shl(zext(x),c1),srl(zext(x),c2))) tests (details)
  24. Regenerate apint-cast tests and replace %tmp variable names to silence update_test_checks warnings (details)
  25. [DebugInfo] Use Cursor to detect errors in debug line prologue parser (details)
  26. [libcxx testing] Remove ALLOW_RETRIES from another test (details)
  27. Added tests for RecursiveASTVisitor for AST nodes that are special cased (details)
  28. RecursiveASTVisitor: don't call WalkUp unnecessarily in post-order traversal (details)
  29. Make RecursiveASTVisitor call WalkUpFrom for unary and binary operators in post-order traversal mode (details)
  30. Make RecursiveASTVisitor call WalkUpFrom for operators when the data recursion queue is absent (details)
  31. Revert RecursiveASTVisitor fixes. (details)
  32. [ARM] Add Cortex-A77 Support for Clang and LLVM (details)
  33. [AMDGPU] Don't combine DPP if DPP register is used more than once per instruction (details)
  34. [LLD][ELF][Windows] Allow LLD to overwrite existing output files that are in use (details)
  35. Add vector trunc(or(shl(zext(x),c1),zext(x))) tests (details)
  36. Add tests for trunc(shl/lshr/ashr(*ext(x),zext(and(y,c)))) patterns with variable shifts with clamped shift amounts (details)
  37. [clang][NFC] Store a pointer to the ASTContext in ASTDumper and TextNodeDumper (details)
  38. [clang][NFC] Also test for serialization in test/AST/ast-dump-comment.cpp (details)
  39. [clang][NFC] Add a missing /dev/null in test/AST/ast-dump-lambda.cpp (details)
  40. [IR] Short-circuit comparison with itself for Attributes (details)
  41. [llvm-readobj] - Use cantFail() for all `Obj->sections()` calls. NFCI. (details)
  42. [NFC][SimplifyCFG] Move X86 tests into subdir (details)
  43. [mlir] Add redundant copy removal transform (details)
  44. [DWARFYAML][unittest] Use parseDWARFYAML() in unit test. NFC. (details)
  45. [lldb/Utility] Simplify more Scalar methods (details)
  46. [ObjectYAML][ELF] Add support for emitting the .debug_gnu_pubnames/pubtypes sections. (details)
  47. [mlir] Add check for ViewLikeOpInterface that creates additional aliases. (details)
  48. [lldb/DWARF] Look for complete member definitions in other modules (details)
  49. [ARM] Generate [SU]RHADD from (b - (~a)) >> 1 (details)
  50. [AMDGPU] Added support of new inline assembler constraints (details)
  51. [InstCombine] canEvaluateTruncated - use KnownBits to check for inrange shift amounts (details)
  52. [clang][NFC] Removed unused parameters in InitializeSourceManager (details)
  53. [flang] Improve API for runtime allocator (I/O runtime work part 3) (details)
  54. [DWARFYAML][test] Use --ignore-case to suppress errors. (details)
  55. [InstCombine] add tests to show missing one-use checks; NFC (details)
  56. [InstCombine] add one-use check to cast+select narrowing transform (details)
  57. Enable basepointer for AIX. (details)
  58. [InstCombine] Precommit tests for PR43580. (details)
  59. [SLP] Precommit test for which spill cost is computed incorrectly. (details)
  60. [ARM][HWLoops] Create hardware loops for sibling loops (details)
  61. [SLP] Make sure instructions are ordered when computing spill cost. (details)
  62. [ELF] Resolve R_DTPREL in .debug_* referencing discarded symbols to -1 (details)
  63. [InstSimplify] Fold icmp with dominating assume (details)
  64. [NFC][InstCombine] Add some more tests for select based on non-canonical bit-test (details)
  65. [InstCombine] add tests for mul of bools; NFC (details)
  66. [InstCombine] fold mul of zext bools to 'and' (details)
  67. [llvm-ar][test] Unsupport error-opening-directory.test on FreeBSD (details)
  68. [XCOFF][AIX] Use 'L..' instead of '.L' for getPrivateGlobalPrefix in DataLayout (details)
  69. [flang] Add FIRBuilder.cpp (details)
  70. [libc++/libc++abi] Automatically detect whether exceptions are enabled (details)
  71. [InstCombine] Try to narrow expr if trunc cannot be removed. (details)
  72. [flang] Define new runtime error IOSTAT values (I/O runtime work part 4) (details)
  73. [flang] Track known file size, add IsATerminal (ext. I/O work part 5) (details)
  74. Revert AST Matchers default to AsIs mode (details)
  75. [PowerPC] Implement Vector Insert Builtins in LLVM/Clang (details)
  76. [clangd] Fix hover crash on invalid decls (details)
  77. [libcxx] Put clang::trivial_abi on std::unique_ptr, std::shared_ptr, and std::weak_ptr (details)
  78. [InstCombine] add more tests for mul of bools; NFC (details)
  79. [InstCombine] fold mul of sext bools to 'and' (details)
  80. [x86] improve codegen for bit-masked vector compare and select (PR46531) (details)
  81. [NFCI][InstCombine] shift.ll: s/%tmp/%i/ to silence update script warning (details)
  82. [NFCI][LoopUnroll] s/%tmp/%i/ in one test to silence update script warning (details)
  83. [PowerPC][NFC] Fix indentation (details)
  84. [LoopDeletion] Emit a remark when a dead loop is deleted (details)
  85. [gcov][test] Reorganize some compiler-rt/test/profile tests (details)
  86. [gcov][test] Add `UNSUPPORTED: host-byteorder-big-endian` to gcov-fork.c (details)
  87. [WebAssembly] Do not omit range checks for i64 switches (details)
  88. [flang] Further implementation of external I/O unit operations (part 6) (details)
  89. [X86] Add matching support for X86ISD::ANDNP to X86DAGToDAGISel::tryVPTERNLOG. (details)
  90. [PowerPC] Implement probing for prologue (details)
  91. [X86] Directly emit VPTERNLOG from canonicalizeBitSelect when possible. (details)
  92. [clangd] Config: loading and caching config from disk. (details)
  93. [gn build] Port 8bd000a65fe (details)
  94. [InstSimplify] Add additional zext/sext comparison tests (NFC) (details)
  95. [InstSimplify] Simplify comparison between zext(x) and sext(x) (details)
  96. [clangd] Config: compute config in TUScheduler and BackgroundIndex (details)
  97. [SVE] Fix invalid assert in expand_DestructiveOp. (details)
  98. [MLIR][Linalg] Generate the right type of load/store when lowering max/min pooling ops (details)
  99. [clangd] Try to fix windows buildbot. NFC (details)
  100. [analyzer][NFC] Move the data structures from CheckerRegistry to the Core library (details)
  101. [gn build] Port b6cbe6cb039 (details)
  103. [MLIR] Parallelize affine.for op to 1-D affine.parallel op (details)
  104. [X86][SSE] Add add/fadd reduction shuffle+subvector tests (details)
  105. [libcxx testing] Remove ALLOW_RETRIES from another test (details)
  106. [DAG] matchBinOpReduction - match subvector reduction patterns beyond a matched shufflevector reduction (details)
  107. [InstCombine] add test for miscompile (PR46561); NFC (details)
  108. [InstCombine] improve debug value names; NFC (details)
  109. [InstCombine] Always try to invert non-canonical predicate of an icmp (details)
  110. [InstCombine] fix miscompile from umul_with_overflow matching (details)
  111. [clang] Fix two tests that are affected by llvm opt change (details)
  112. Revert "[libcxx] Put clang::trivial_abi on std::unique_ptr, std::shared_ptr, and std::weak_ptr" (details)
  113. [X86] Disable VPBLENDVB formation in combineLogicBlendIntoPBLENDV if VPTERNLOG is supported. (details)
  114. [X86] Teach lowerShuffleAsBlend to use bit blend for v16i8/v32i8/v16i16 when avx512vl is enabled but not avx512bw. (details)
  115. [profile] Mark gcov test as unsupported on Darwin. (details)
  116. [flang] Extend & fix per-I/O-statement state (ext. I/O work part 7) (details)
  117. [Utils] Make -assume-builder/-assume-simplify actually work on Old-PM (details)
  118. [X86] Add test caes for pr46585. NFC (details)
  119. [DAGCombiner] Don't fold zext_vector_inreg/sext_vector_inreg(undef) to undef. Fold to 0. (details)
  120. [flang] Add fixes and missing stmts to I/O runtime API handlers (ext. I/O part 8) (details)
  121. Revert "[AssumeBundles] Use operand bundles to encode alignment assumptions" (details)
  122. Revert "[MLIR] Parallelize affine.for op to 1-D affine.parallel op" (details)
  123. [OpenMPOpt] ICV Tracking (details)
  124. [DAGCombiner] visitSIGN_EXTEND_INREG should fold sext_vector_inreg(undef) to 0 not undef. (details)
  125. [llvm-reduce] extractArgumentsFromModule(): don't crash when deleting instr twice (details)
  126. [llvm-reduce] extractGVsFromModule(): don't crash when deleting instr twice (details)
  127. [gn build] make stage2_unix_toolchain set clang_base_path (details)
  128. [gn build] fix link of libclang_rt.asan_osx_dynamic.dylib if command line tools are not installed (details)
  129. Fix two -Wrange-loop-analysis warnings that Xcode 12 beta incorrectly complains about (details)
  130. [WebAssembly] Do not assume br_table range checks will be gt_u (details)
  131. [llvm-objcopy] Fix crash when removing symbol table at same time as adding a symbol (details)
  132. [clang][PowerPC] Enable -fstack-clash-protection option for ppc64 (details)
  133. Add tests for clang -fno-zero-initialized-in-bss and llc -nozero-initialized-in-bss (details)
  134. [OpenMP][Tests] NFC use type macro in printf (details)
  135. [lldb][NFC] Remove an unnecessary cast in SBCommandInterpreter (details)
  136. [lldb][NFC] Clarify that spaces can't be in breakpoint names (details)
  137. [NFC] Clean up braces and anon namespace (details)
  138. [llvm] Cast to (void) the unused variable. (details)
  139. [clangd] Fix stack-use-after-scope (details)
  140. [X86][SSE] Add PACKSS/PACKUS style patterns tests (details)
  141. [ARM] Remove hasSideEffects from FP converts (details)
  142. Revert "Revert "[libcxx] Put clang::trivial_abi on std::unique_ptr, std::shared_ptr, and std::weak_ptr"" (details)
  143. [Driver] Pass -gno-column-info instead of -dwarf-column-info (details)
  144. [SCCP] Add test for range metadata (NFC) (details)
  145. [libomptarget][test] Fix text relocations by adding -fPIC (details)
  146. [OpenMP][OMPT] Fix ifdefs for OMPT code (details)
  147. [OpenMP][Tests] Flag compatibility of OpenMP runtime tests with GCC versions (details)
  148. [Fuchsia] Set projects and runtimes in the cache file (details)
  149. [Coroutines] Warning if return type of coroutine_handle::address is not void* (details)
  150. [lldb/DWARF] Look for complete array element definitions in other modules (details)
  151. [VE] Correct stack alignment (details)
  152. [lldb/Utility] Merge Scalar::Get(Value)TypeAsCString (details)
  153. Fix 46594 - Alignment assertion failure in instcombine (details)
  154. Fix off by one error in Bitfields (details)
  155. Fix indentation in FixedPoint.h. NFC. (details)
  156. [ARM] Use BaseT::getMemoryOpCost for getMemoryOpCost (details)
  157. Revert "Revert "Revert "[libcxx] Put clang::trivial_abi on std::unique_ptr, std::shared_ptr, and std::weak_ptr""" (details)
  158. [InstCombine] Lower infinite combine loop detection thresholds (details)
  159. [Scalarizer] InsertElement handling w/ constant insert index (details)
  160. [Scalarizer] ExtractElement handling w/ constant extract index (details)
  161. [Scalarizer] InsertElement handling w/ variable insert index (PR46524) (details)
  162. [Scalarizer] ExtractElement handling w/ variable insert index (PR46524) (details)
  163. [Support] Add path::user_config_directory for $XDG_CONFIG_HOME etc (details)
  164. [ARM] Add extra extend and trunc costs for cast instructions (details)
  165. [Scalarizer] visit{Insert,Extract}ElementInst(): avoid call arg evaluation order deps (details)
  166. [SystemZ/ZOS] Define Endian constants for z/OS. (details)
  167. [SystemZ/ZOS] Implement getMainExecutable() and is_local_impl() (details)
  168. [Support] fix user_cache_directory on mac (details)
  169. [analyzer] Force dependency checkers to be hidden (details)
  170. [TargetLowering] Improve expansion of ROTL/ROTR (details)
  171. [TargetLowering] Improve expansion of FSHL/FSHR by non-zero amount (details)
  172. RecursiveASTVisitor: don't call WalkUp unnecessarily in post-order traversal (details)
  173. Make RecursiveASTVisitor call WalkUpFrom for unary and binary operators in post-order traversal mode (details)
  174. Make RecursiveASTVisitor call WalkUpFrom for operators when the data recursion queue is absent (details)
  175. Removed a RecursiveASTVisitor feature to visit operator kinds with different methods (details)
  176. [PowerPC] Legalize SREM/UREM directly on P9. (details)
  177. [mlir][Vector] Add a VectorUnrollInterface and expose UnrollVectorPattern. (details)
  178. [mlir][Vector] Add custom slt / SCF.if folding to VectorToSCF (details)
  179. [analyzer][NFC] Don't allow dependency checkers to emit diagnostics (details)
  180. Regenerate neon copy tests. NFC. (details)
  181. Regenerate subreg liverange tests. NFC. (details)
  182. [X86][XOP] Add XOP target vselect-pcmp tests (details)
  183. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add some missing return tests (details)
  184. AMDGPU: Fix fixed ABI SGPR arguments (details)
  185. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix hardcoded register number checks in test (details)
  186. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Don't emit code for unused kernel arguments (details)
  187. GlobalISel: Move finalizeLowering call later (details)
  188. [ARM] Adjust default fp extend and trunc costs (details)
  189. [analyzer] Don't allow hidden checkers to emit diagnostics (details)
  190. [clang-tidy] Added alias llvm-else-after-return. (details)
  191. [clang-tidy] Fix incorrect default option in fc3c693b61 (details)
  192. [x86] add tests for vector select with non-splat bit-test condition; NFC (details)
  193. [OpenMP] Temporarily disable failing runtime tests for OpenMP 5.0 (details)
  194. [LV] Pass dbgs() to verifyFunction call. (details)
  195. Revert "[ScalarEvolution] createSCEV(): recognize `udiv`/`urem` disguised as an `sdiv`/`srem`" (details)
  196. [clang] Fix the incorrect dependence bits for DependentExtIntType. (details)
  197. [ARM] MVE FP16 cost adjustments (details)
  198. [lldb] Always round down in NSDate's formatter to match NSDate's builtin format (details)
  199. Reland "[ScalarEvolution] createSCEV(): recognize `udiv`/`urem` disguised as an `sdiv`/`srem`" (details)
  200. [clangd] More complete fix for hover crashes on invalid record. (details)
  201. [Support] Fix formatted_raw_ostream for UTF-8 (details)
  202. [XCOFF][AIX] Give symbol an internal name when desired symbol name contains invalid character(s) (details)
  203. [clang] Fix modules build after D82585 (details)
  204. [clang][utils] strip line and column numbers when generating serialization tests (details)
  205. [MLIR] Add a NoRegionArguments trait (details)
  206. [RISCV] Fold ADDIs into load/stores with nonzero offsets (details)
  207. [ELF][ARM] Represent R_ARM_LDO32 as R_DTPREL instead of R_ABS (details)
  208. [AIX] Add system-aix to lit config file (details)
  209. [mlir] Change ODS to have include and exclude regex (details)
  210. [FPEnv][Clang][Driver] Disable constrained floating point on targets lacking support. (details)
  211. [flang] Basic tests of external I/O runtime (part 9/9) (details)
  212. [SemaCXX] Fix false positive of -Wuninitialized-const-reference in empty function body. (details)
  213. [FPEnv][Clang][Driver] Failing tests are now expected failures. (details)
  214. [flang] Bug fix for ambiguous references to data and functions (details)
  215. AMDGPU: Don't ignore carry out user when expanding add_co_pseudo (details)
  216. [FPEnv][Clang][Driver] Failing tests are now expected failures only on PowerPC (details)
  217. [VE] Change to use isa (details)
  218. Revert "[FPEnv][Clang][Driver] Disable constrained floating point on targets lacking support." (details)
  219. [ELF] Drop an unneeded reference to `symtab` from SymbolTable::addSymbol (details)
  220. [Sanitizer] Fix demangling for Swift symbol names (details)
  221. [VE] Support symbol with offset in assembly (details)
  222. [WebAssembly] 64-bit memory limits (details)
  223. [libc] Add documentation for integration tests. (details)
  224. [WebAssembly] Added 64-bit memory.grow/size/copy/fill (details)
  225. DomTree: Remove getChildren() accessor (details)
  226. DomTree: Remove the releaseMemory() method (details)
  227. DomTree: Remove getRoots() accessor (details)
  228. DomTree: add private create{Child,Node} helpers (details)
  229. [flang] Add missing include for std::min (details)
  230. Use CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT instead of the environment variable SYSROOT (details)
  231. Add option LLVM_NM to allow specifying the location of the llvm-nm tool (details)
  232. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add types to special inputs (details)
  233. [clang] Rework how and when APValues are dumped (details)
  234. [AMDGPU] Tweak getTypeLegalizationCost() (details)
  235. [Support][NFC] Fix Wdocumentation warning in ADT/Bitfields.h (details)
  236. Fix [-Werror,-Wsign-compare] in dominator unit test. (details)
  237. [clang] Enable errors for undefined TARGET_OS_ macros in Darwin driver (details)
  238. [OpenMP][Tests] Fix/Mark compatibilty for GCC (details)
  239. [X86] Centalize the 'sse4' hack to a single place in X86TargetInfo::setFeatureEnabledImpl. NFCI (details)
  240. [Scalarizer] Centralize instruction DCE (details)
  241. [llvm-install-name-tool] Merge install-name options (details)
  242. [NFCI][IR] Introduce CallBase::Create() wrapper (details)
  243. [llvm-reduce] Reducing call operand bundles (details)
  244. [OpenMP] Add GOMP 5.0 loop entry points (details)
  245. Modifications to the algorithm sort benchmark (details)
  246. [NFCI][llvm-reduce] ReduceOperandBundles: actually put Module forward-declaration back into llvm namespace (details)
  247. [NFC] change getLimitedCodeGenPipelineReason to static function (details)
  248. Temporarily Revert "[llvm-install-name-tool] Merge install-name options" as it breaks the objcopy build. (details)
  249. [DAGCombiner] reassociate reciprocal sqrt expression to eliminate FP division (details)
  250. Fix sdk version test to use 99.99.99 as a max dummy version instead of 10.99.99. (details)
  251. Correct 3 spelling errors in headers and doc strings. (details)
  252. fix typos to cycle bots (details)
  253. [gn build] Port (details)
  254. [gn build] Port 05f2b5ccfc5 (details)
  255. Revert "[LV] Enable the LoopVectorizer to create pointer inductions" (details)
  256. [ModuloSchedule] Devirtualize PeelingModuloScheduleExpander::expand as it's not needed (details)
  257. [libc] Add documentation for clang-tidy checks. (details)
  258. [PowerPC][Power10] Exploit the xxsplti32dx instruction when lowering VECTOR_SHUFFLE. (details)
  259. [PowerPC] Implement Vector Splat Immediate Builtins in Clang (details)
  260. Create the framework and testing environment for MLIR Reduce - a tool (details)
  261. [X86-64] Support Intel AMX Intrinsic (details)
  262. [openmp] Move isAllowedClauseForDirective to tablegen + add clause version to (details)
  263. [gn build] Port 939d8309dbd (details)
  264. [PowerPC] Do not RAUW combined nodes in VECTOR_SHUFFLE legalization (details)
  265. [llvm-install-name-tool] Merge install-name options (details)
  266. [mlir] resolve types from attributes in assemblyFormat (details)
  267. [X86] Remove duplicate SSE4A feature bit from X86TargetParser.def. NFC (details)
  268. [Test] Add one more missing optimization opportunity test (details)
  269. [X86] Move the feature dependency handling in X86TargetInfo::setFeatureEnabledImpl to a table based lookup in X86TargetParser.cpp (details)
  270. [AMDGPU] Change Clang AMDGCN atomic inc/dec builtins to take unsigned values (details)
  271. [libomptarget] Implement atomic inc and fence functions for AMDGCN using clang builtins (details)
  272. [AMDGPU] Update isFMAFasterThanFMulAndFAdd assumptions (details)
  273. [X86] Merge X86TargetInfo::setFeatureEnabled and X86TargetInfo::setFeatureEnabledImpl. NFC (details)
  274. [X86] Remove assert for missing features from X86::getImpliedFeatures (details)
  275. [X86] Add 64bit and retpoline-external-thunk to list of featuers in X86TargetParser.def. (details)
  276. [CodeGen] Fix warnings in sve-vector-splat.ll and sve-trunc.ll (details)
  277. [SVE][CodeGen] Fix bug when falling back to DAG ISel (details)
  278. [SVE] Add more warnings checks to clang and LLVM SVE tests (details)
  279. [mlir][NFC] Remove usernames and google bug numbers from TODO comments. (details)
  280. [flang][OpenMP] Enhance parser support for flush construct to OpenMP 5.0 (details)
  281. [llvm-readobj] - Fix a crash scenario in GNUStyle<ELFT>::printHashSymbols(). (details)
  282. [lldb/DWARF] Add a utility function for (forceful) completion of types (details)
  283. [NFC] Adding the align attribute on Atomic{CmpXchg|RMW}Inst (details)
  284. Hand Allocator and IdentifierTable into FormatTokenLexer. (details)
  285. [SVE][CodeGen] Legalisation of unpredicated load instructions (details)
  286. [llvm-readobj] - Allow dumping partially corrupted SHT_LLVM_CALL_GRAPH_PROFILE sections. (details)
  287. [llvm-readobj] - Refactor ELFDumper<ELFT>::getStaticSymbolName. (details)
  288. [SVE][CodeGen] Legalisation of unpredicated store instructions (details)
  289. [llvm-readobj] - Split the printHashSymbols. NFCI. (details)
  290. [llvm-readobj] - Refine the error reporting in LLVMStyle<ELFT>::printELFLinkerOptions. (details)
  291. [clang-tidy] Fix an unused-raii check crash on objective-c++. (details)
  292. [llvm-readobj] - Add prepending # to mips-got.test and mips-plt.test. NFC. (details)
  293. [lldb] Make TestIOHandlerResizeNoEditline pass with Python 2 (details)
  294. [LV] Vectorize without versioning-for-unit-stride under -Os/-Oz (details)
  295. [mlir][spirv] Introduce OwningSPIRVModuleRef for ownership (details)
  296. [mlir][VectorOps] Lower vector.outerproduct of int vectors (details)
  297. [clangd] Store index in '.cache/clangd/index' instead of '.clangd/index' (details)
  298. [llvm-readobj] - Don't abort when dumping dynamic relocations when an object has both REL and RELA. (details)
  299. [llvm-readobj] - Fix indentation in broken-dynamic-reloc.test. NFC. (details)
  300. [NFC] Use hasAnyName matcher in place of anyOf(hasName()...) (details)
  301. [llvm-readobj] - Refactor the MipsGOTParser<ELFT> to stop using report_fatal_error(). (details)
  302. [OpenMP][NFC] Remove hard-coded line numbers from more tests (details)
  303. [X86] Fix a bug that when lowering byval argument (details)
  304. [Scalarizer] When gathering scattered scalar, don't replace it with itself (details)
  305. [lldb/test] Fix lldbutil.run_to_***_breakpoint for shared libraries (details)
  306. [DEBUGINFO]Add dwarf versions to the test, NFC. (details)
  307. [OpenMP] Use primary context in CUDA plugin (details)
  308. [ASTImporter] Corrected import of repeated friend declarations. (details)
  309. [flang] Add lowering of I/O statements. (details)
  310. [Bitfields][NFC] Make sure bitfields are contiguous (details)
  311. [CodeMoverUtils] Make specific analysis dependent checks optional (details)
  312. [lldb/Utility] Fix float->integral conversions in Scalar APInt getters (details)
  313. [ASTMatchers] Added hasDirectBase Matcher (details)
  314. [Clang] Handle AIX Include management in the driver (details)
  315. Combine multiple defs of arm64 register sets (details)
  316. Revert "Create the framework and testing environment for MLIR Reduce - a tool" (details)
  317. [x86] add test for buildvector lowering miscompile (PR46586); NFC (details)
  318. [HIP] Use default triple in llvm-mc for system ld (details)
  319. [ELF] Ignore --no-relax for RISC-V (details)
  320. [NativeSession] Add column numbers to NativeLineNumber. (details)
  321. [x86] fix miscompile in buildvector v16i8 lowering (details)
  322. [GlobalOpt] Don't remove inalloca from musttail-called functions (details)
  323. [lldb] Fix unaligned load in DataExtractor (details)
  324. Disable interception of sigaltstack on i386 macOS. (details)
  325. Revert "Temporarily disable the following failing tests on Darwin:" (details)
  326. orrectly generate invert xor value for Binary Atomics of int size > 64 (details)
  327. [PowerPC] Implement Vector Replace Builtins in LLVM (details)
  328. [SemaObjC] Add a warning for @selector expressions that potentially refer to objc_direct methods (details)
  329. [SemaObjC] Fix a -Wobjc-signed-char-bool false-positive with binary conditional operator (details)
  330. Expand the LLVM Developer Policy to include new sections on adding (details)
  331. Warn pointer captured in async block (details)
  332. [X86][AVX] Add AVX2 tests to extractelement-load.ll (details)
  333. [X86][AVX] Add test case showing incorrect extraction from VBROADCAST_LOAD on AVX2 targets (details)
  334. [mlir] Convert function signatures before converting globals (details)
  335. [NewPM][LoopFusion] Rename loop-fuse -> loop-fusion (details)
  336. [mlir] Support unranked types in func signature conversion in BufferPlacement. (details)
  337. [BasicAA] Remove -basicaa alias (details)
  338. [WebAssembly] Avoid scalarizing vector shifts in more cases (details)
  339. [gn build] Port dfa0db79d0e (details)
  340. Speculatively fix the sphinx build. (details)
  341. [SystemZ ABI] Allow class types in GetSingleElementType (details)
  342. [x86][lvi][seses] Use SESES at O0 for LVI mitigation (details)
  343. [X86][AVX] Don't fold PEXTR(VBROADCAST_LOAD(X)) -> LOAD(X). (details)
  344. [SCCP] Handle assume predicates (details)
  345. [lldb/Core] Fix crash in ValueObject::CreateChildAtIndex (details)
  346. Clang crashed while checking for deletion of copy and move ctors (details)
  347. LIS: fix handleMove to properly extend main range (details)
  348. [llvm] [docs] Do not require recommonmark for manpage build (details)
  349. [SCCP] Use range metadata for loads and calls (details)
  350. [flang] Make 'num_images()' intrinsic (details)
  351. [flang] Added missing runtime I/O definitions (details)
  352. [mlir] [VectorOps] [integration-test] Add i64 typed outer product (details)
  353. [Inliner] Don't skip inlining alwaysinline in optnone functions (details)
  354. Minor fixups to LLDB AArch64 register infos macros for SVE register infos (details)
  355. [x86][seses] Add clang flag; Use lvi-cfi with seses (details)
  356. [Statepoint] Factor out logic for non-stack non-vreg lowering [almost NFC] (details)
  357. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix skipping unused kernel arguments (details)
  358. GlobalISel: Handle EVT argument lowering correctly (details)
  359. [SVE] Make Constant::getSplatValue work for scalable vector splats (details)
  360. [mlir][Vector] Add ExtractOp folding (details)
  361. [ms] [llvm-ml] Add initial MASM STRUCT/UNION support (details)
  362. [libc] Add memchr implementation. (details)
  363. [lldb/api] Add checks for StackFrame::GetRegisterContext calls (NFC) (details)
  364. [SVE] Remove calls to VectorType::getNumElements from AsmParserTest (details)
  365. [llvm-readobj][test] Fix ELF/verneed-flags.yaml (details)
  366. Do not set LLDB_DEBUGSERVER_PATH if --out-of-tree-debugserver is passed. (details)
  367. [dotest] Log a warning when --server and --out-of-tree-debugserver are set (details)
  368. [RuntimeDyld][test] Fix ExecutionEngine/RuntimeDyld/X86/ELF_x86-64_none.yaml after D60122 (details)
  369. Revert "[SLP] Make sure instructions are ordered when computing spill cost." (details)
  370. [X86] Add back the assert in getImpliedFeatures that I removed in ef4cc70f3ed2a91e0a48c6448c517c3ba34c2846 (details)
  371. [OpenMP][Tests] Update compatibility with GCC (NFC) (details)
  372. [clang] Include missing LangOpts in `getModuleHash`. (details)
  373. [Statepoint] Reduce intendation and change a variable name [NFC] (details)
  374. [Statepoint] Use early return to reduce nesting and clarify comments [NFC] (details)
  375. [flang] Fix CHARACTER length folding problem (details)
  376. Create the MLIR Reduce framework (details)
  377. [Sema] Teach -Wcast-align to compute alignment of CXXThisExpr (details)
  378. [compiler-rt][Hexagon] Remove fma/fmin/max code (details)
  379. [WebAssembly] fix gcc 10 warning (details)
  380. [X86] Merge the FEATURE_64BIT and FEATURE_EM64T bits in X86TargetParser.def. (details)
  381. Revert "[X86] Merge the FEATURE_64BIT and FEATURE_EM64T bits in X86TargetParser.def." (details)
  382. [MLIR] Combine the 2 overloads of FuncOp::build() into one. (details)
  1. Temporarily disable email notification for test-suite pipeline jobs (details)
  2. jenkins/jobs: Move lnt-ctmark-* jobs running on green-dragon-04 to 05 (details)

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