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Unstable Build #2390 (Jan 8, 2021 6:15:21 AM)

  1. [CMake] Don't enable BUILD_WITH_INSTALL_RPATH when using custom build rpath (details)
  2. [NewPM] Don't error when there's an unrecognized pass name (details)
  3. [X86] Correct the comments about comparison intrinsics. NFCI. (details)
  4. [llvm-readobj] [ARMWinEH] Clearly print an invalid case of packed unwind info as such (details)
  5. [AArch64][SVE] Add lowering for llvm abs intrinsic (details)
  6. [MachineLoop] New helper isLoopInvariant() (details)
  7. [clang][cli] Port DiagnosticOpts to new option parsing system (details)
  8. [VE] Add SVOB intrinsic instruction (details)
  9. [LV] Don't sink into replication regions (details)
  10. Revert "[clang][cli] Port DiagnosticOpts to new option parsing system" (details)
  11. [NFC] Update some PPC tests marked as auto-generated (details)
  12. Fix two pessimizing moves. (details)
  13. [VE] Extract & insert vector element isel (details)
  14. [VE] Expand single-element BUILD_VECTOR to INSERT_VECTOR_ELT (details)
  15. [LV] Legalize scalable VF hints (details)
  16. [SVE] Add support to vectorize_width loop pragma for scalable vectors (details)
  17. [AArch64] Fix crash caused by invalid vector element type (details)
  18. [clangd] NFC, avoid potential ODR violation. (details)
  19. [clangd] Cleanup a remaining Optional<SymbolID> usage, NFC. (details)
  20. [VE][NFC] Clean ISel patterns for LSV and LVS (details)
  21. [compiler-rt] Implement __atomic_is_lock_free (details)
  22. [libc++] Add missing XFAIL to tests that need __atomic_* libcalls (details)
  23. [clangd] go-to-implementation on a base class jumps to all subclasses. (details)
  24. [SLP] limit verifyFunction to debug build (PR48689) (details)
  25. Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "[analyzer] NFC: Move path diagnostic consumer implementations to libAnalysis.""""" (details)
  26. [AArch64] Add +pauth archictecture option, allowing the v8.3a pointer authentication extension. (details)
  27. [AArch64] Add +flagm archictecture option, allowing the v8.4a flag modification extension. (details)
  28. [MLIR][NFC] remove unnecessary includes form tablegen command (details)
  29. [lldb][NFC] Refactor setup code for Clang diagnostics (details)
  30. [VP] ISD helper functions [VE] isel for vp_add, vp_and (details)
  31. [gn build] Port 9c4b2225b24 (details)
  32. Revert "[SLP]Need shrink the load vector after reordering." (details)
  33. [OpenCL] Documentation for experimental C++ libs (details)
  34. [WebAssembly] Change label numbers to variables in test (details)
  35. [VE] Support pack_f32p and pack_f32a intrinsic instructions (details)
  36. [MLIR][SPIRV] Add `UsableInSpecConstantOp` trait. (details)
  37. [X86][SSE] Add tests for unpack(hop(),hop()) (details)
  38. [NFC] Renaming PackStack to AlignPackStack (details)
  39. [SLP][NFC]Add a test for reused shrink check, NFC. (details)
  40. [X86][SSE] Add vphaddd/vphsubd unpack(hop(),hop()) tests (details)
  41. [MLIR][OpenMP] Attribute to include WsLoop upperbound (details)
  42. [TableGen] Add the assert statement, step 1 (details)
  43. [ARM] Update and regenerate test checks. NFC (details)
  44. [WebAssembly] Rename wasm_rethrow_in_catch intrinsic/builtin (details)

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