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  1. [GlobalISel] Add a store-merging optimization pass and enable for AArch64. (details)
  2. [gn build] Port dc84770d559b (details)
  3. [llvm] Use make_early_inc_range (NFC) (details)
  4. [MLIR][LLVM] Permit integer types in switch other than i32 (details)
  5. [STATEPOINT] Force implicit-def for lr register. (details)
  6. Revert "[MLIR][LLVM] Permit integer types in switch other than i32" (details)
  7. [libcxx] [Coroutine] Conform Coroutine Implementation (details)
  8. [gn build] Port 2e6ae1d3f2de (details)
  9. tsan: speed up pthread_setname_np (details)
  10. tsan: use pthread_equal instead of direct pthread_t comparison (details)

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