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  1. [analyzer][NFC] Introduce CallDescriptionSets (details)
  2. [analyzer][NFC] Introduce CallDescription::matches() in addition to isCalled() (details)
  3. [analyzer][NFC] Switch to using CallDescription::matches() instead of isCalled() (details)
  4. [analyzer][NFC] Demonstrate the use of CallDescriptionSet (details)
  5. [analyzer][NFC] CallDescription should own the qualified name parts (details)
  6. [analyzer][NFC] Consolidate the inner representation of CallDescriptions (details)
  7. [analyzer][NFC] Use enum for CallDescription flags (details)
  8. [analyzer][NFC] MaybeUInt -> MaybeCount (details)
  9. [DSE] Improve handling of `strncpy` in Dead Store Elimination (details)

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