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  1. [libc++][pstl] Implement tag dispatching mechanism for Parallel STL (details)
  2. [mlir][sparse][pytaco] add PyTACO SpMM example (details)
  3. [lld][WebAssembly] Handle TLS symbols in older object file (details)
  4. [gn build] fix mac build after 0c425b43b952f4 (details)
  5. [InstrProf] Add single byte coverage mode (details)
  6. Revert "[OpenMP] Ensure broken assumptions print once, not thousands of times." (details)
  7. [NFC] remove unnecessary references. (details)
  8. [RISCV] Add support for matching vwmulsu from fixed vectors (details)
  9. [Driver] Update clang -B help message (details)
  10. Fix tensor.extract for complex elements (details)
  11. [lldb] Remove reproducers documentation (details)
  12. [InstCombine] Fold and-reduce idiom (details)
  13. [Test] Add 'ne' tests for and-reduce pattern folding (details)

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