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  1. [clang-format] Fix C# nullable-related errors (details)
  2. [clang-format] Rename common types between C#/JS (details)
  3. [SVE][LoopVectorize] Add support for scalable vectorization of first-order recurrences (details)
  4. [SystemZ] Support builtin_frame_address with packed stack without backchain. (details)
  5. [AMDGPU] Regenerate shift tests. NFCI. (details)
  6. [AMDGPU] Regenerate fp2int tests. NFCI. (details)
  7. [mlir] Add support for ops with regions in 'gpu-async-region' rewriter. (details)
  8. [LLD] Improve --strip-all help text (details)
  9. [LV] Account for tripcount when calculation vectorization profitability (details)
  10. [ORC] Silence unused variable warnings in Release builds. NFC. (details)
  11. Revert "[ARM] Transforming memcpy to Tail predicated Loop" (details)

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