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  1. [mlir][openacc] Translate ExitDataop to LLVM IR (details)
  2. [AIX] Implement AIX special bitfield related alignment rules (details)
  3. [AMDGPU] Set unused dst_sel to '?' in the encoding (details)
  4. [LoopUnroll] Add multi-exit test which does not exit through latch. (details)
  5. [OpenMP] Fixed Bug 49356 (details)
  6. [HWASan] Build separate LAM runtime on x86_64. (details)
  7. [llvm][doc] fix header for read/write_register intrinsics in LangRef (details)
  8. [Clang][NVPTX] Add NVPTX intrinsics and builtins for CUDA PTX cp.async instructions (details)
  9. [Clang][NVPTX] Add NVPTX intrinsics and builtins for CUDA PTX redux.sync instructions (details)

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