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  1. clang-ve-ninja: build and install compiler-rt (details / githubweb)
  1. [DFSan] Fix flakey release_shadow_space.c accounting for Origin chains. (details)
  2. [LoopIdiom] Fix store size SCEV type. (details)
  3. [LLDB] Skip TestScriptedProcess on Arm/AArch64 Linux (details)
  4. re-land "[AA] Teach BasicAA to recognize basic GEP range information." (details)
  5. [fir] Add the abstract result conversion pass (details)
  6. [libcxx][pretty printers] Disable u16string tests (details)
  7. [LoopVectorize] Permit vectorisation of more select(cmp(), X, Y) reduction patterns (details)
  8. [BasicAA][NFC] Improve comment. (details)
  9. [AArch64] Emit AssertZExt for i1 arguments (details)

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