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  1. [clang][dataflow] Do not allow substitution of true/false boolean literals in `buildAndSubstituteFlowCondition` (details)
  2. [clang][dataflow] Add `buildAndSubstituteFlowCondition` to `DataflowEnvironment` (details)
  3. [ubsan] Using metadata instead of prologue data for function sanitizer (details)
  4. [Coroutine] Remove the '!func_sanitize' metadata for split functions (details)
  5. Fix sphinx docs build (details)
  6. [NFC][lldb] Correct Module::FindFunctions documentation (details)
  7. [test] Add workaround for flaky error we see on Windows bots (details)
  8. [mlir][bufferize] Improve to_tensor/to_memref folding (details)
  9. Revert "[X86] Support `_Float16` on SSE2 and up" (details)
  10. [RISCV] Cost model for scalable reductions (details)
  11. [RISCV] Remove a use of getMinVLen in favor of getRealMinVLen (details)
  12. [libc++][lit][AIX] Port tests for money format to AIX (details)
  13. [libc++][lit][AIX] Port tests for getting time to AIX (details)
  14. Add wait for child processe(s) to exit. (amended+clang-formatted) (details)
  15. [LV] Allow scalable vectorization with vscale = 1 (details)
  16. [RISCV] Add tests for (load (add X, [2048,4094])). NFC (details)
  17. [RISCV] Remove repeated calls to getSExtValue. NFC (details)
  18. [Sanitizer][Darwin] atos does not show line numbers for globals (details)
  19. Revert "[clang] Introduce -fstrict-flex-arrays=<n> for stricter handling of flexible arrays" (details)
  20. [Sanitizer][Darwin] Mark test UNSUPPORTED instead of XFAIL (details)
  21. [docs] Restore missing blank line (details)
  22. Delete 'llvm.asan.globals' for global metadata. (details)

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