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  1. phab doc: Replace or remove references to svn (details)
  2. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Widen 16-bit shift amount sources (details)
  3. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix argument lowering for vectors of pointers (details)
  4. GlobalISel: Don't assert on MoreElements creating vectors (details)
  5. TableGen/GlobalISel: Address fixme (details)
  6. GlobalISel: Move getLLTForMVT/getMVTForLLT (details)
  7. Add gdb pretty printer for MutableArrayRef, remove ConstArrayRef. (details)
  8. Add builtins for aligning and checking alignment of pointers and (details)
  9. [mlir] mlir-cpu-runner test's cblas_interface should export functions on (details)
  10. [mlir] add a missing dependency for Linalg conversion (details)
  11. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Implement selection of <2 x float> vector splat. (details)
  12. CodeGen: Use LLT instead of EVT in getRegisterByName (details)
  13. GlobalISel: Fix else after return (details)
  14. DAG: Don't use unchecked dyn_cast (details)
  15. GlobalISel: Handle llvm.read_register (details)
  16. TableGen/GlobalISel: Add way for SDNodeXForm to work on timm (details)
  17. TableGen/GlobalISel: Fix pattern matching of immarg literals (details)
  18. [lldb/Lua] Add lua typemaps for INOUT params (details)
  19. [mlir] Use getDenseElementBitwidth instead of (details)
  20. When diagnosing the lack of a viable conversion function, also list (details)
  21. AVR: Update for getRegisterByName change (details)
  22. [lldb] Remove spurious file (details)
  23. [AMDGPU] Fix bundle scheduling (details)
  24. When reading Aux file in chunks, read consecutive byte ranges (details)
  25. [ELF] Fix includeInDynsym() when an undefined weak is merged with a lazy (details)
  26. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix G_EXTRACT_VECTOR_ELT mapping for s-v case (details)
  27. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select G_EXTRACT_VECTOR_ELT (details)
  28. Relax opcode checks in test for G_READCYCLECOUNTER to check for only a (details)
  29. CWG2352: Allow qualification conversions during reference binding. (details)
  30. [NFC] Style cleanup (details)
  31. fix a few typos to cycle the bots (details)
  32. fix another typo to cycle bots (details)
  33. [ThinLTO] Pass CodeGenOpts like UnrollLoops/VectorizeLoop/VectorizeSLP (details)
  34. [xray] Remove cl::sub from alias options (details)
  35. clang-tidy doc - remove the widths (details)
  36. [Syntax] Update comment, remove stale FIXME. NFC (details)
  37. [LV] VPValues for memory operation pointers (NFCI) (details)
  38. Restore order in clang-tidy section of release notes (details)
  39. Allow system header to provide their own implementation of some builtin (details)
  40. [NFC] [PowerPC] Add isPredicable for basic instrs (details)
  41. [clangd] Improve type printing in hover (details)
  42. [clangd] Fix markdown rendering in VSCode (details)
  43. Fix several issues with compiler extensions (details)
  44. [SVEV] Recognise hardware-loop intrinsic loop.decrement.reg (details)
  45. Follow up of 67bf9a6154d4b82c, minor fix in test case, removed duplicate (details)
  46. [libcxx] Force-cache LIBCXX_CXX_ABI_LIBRARY_PATH (details)
  47. [CMake] Support running libc++abi tests in CrossWinToARMLinux cache file (details)
  48. XFAIL load_extension.ll test on macOS only (details)
  49. [MIR] Fix cyclic dependency of MIR formatter (details)
  50. [LV] Silence unused variable warning in Release builds. NFC. (details)
  51. Don't use dyn_cast_or_null if we know the pointer is nonnull. (details)
  52. [X86][AVX] Add tests for v8f32/v8i32 089abcde and 0189abcd shuffles (details)
  53. Fix Wdocumentation warning. NFCI. (details)
  54. Fix Wdocumentation warning. NFCI. (details)
  55. Data formatters: Look through array element typedefs (details)
  56. Fix "pointer is null" static analyzer warnings. NFCI. (details)
  57. [ARM,MVE] Make `vqrshrun` generate the right instruction. (details)
  58. [ARM][Thumb2] Fix ADD/SUB invalid writes to SP (details)
  59. [lldb/lua] Make convenience_variables.test compatible with lua-5.1 (details)
  60. [lldb/DWARF] Don't automatically search dwo unit attributes (details)
  61. [CodeComplete] Suggest 'return nullptr' in functions returning pointers (details)
  62. [lldb] Surpress "bitfield too small" gcc warning (details)
  63. [Support] ThreadPoolExecutor fixes for Windows/MinGW (details)
  64. [lldb][tests] Take into account all parent's categories when traverse (details)
  65. [lldb][test] NFC, re-use _getTestPath() function (details)
  66. [FPEnv] Generate constrained FP comparisons from clang (details)
  67. [lldb][tests] Cleanup '.categories' (details)
  68. Reverting, broke some bots. Need further investigation. (details)
  69. Sprinkle some constexpr on default ctors so the compiler can diagnose (details)
  70. ARMLowOverheadLoops: a few more dbg msgs to better trace rejected TP (details)
  71. RangeDataVector: Support custom sorting for D63540 (details)
  72. [ARM][MVE] Tail predicate VMAX,VMAXA,VMIN,VMINA (details)
  73. [FPEnv] Invert sense of MIFlag::FPExcept flag (details)
  74. [lldb][tests][NFC] Unify variable naming convention (details)
  75. [lldb][tests] Make it possible to expect failure for a whole category (details)
  76. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Clamp G_ZEXT source sizes (details)
  77. [LIBOMPTARGET]Ignore empty target descriptors. (details)
  78. [DebugInfo] Improve error message text (details)
  79. [DebugInfo][NFC] Remove unused variable/fix variable naming (details)
  80. [NFC] format unittest for ExprMutAnalyzer (details)
  81. [PowerPC] Handle constant zero bits in BitPermutationSelector (details)
  82. Add support for __declspec(guard(nocf)) (details)
  83. Add missing nullptr checks. (details)
  84. [analyzer] Add PlacementNewChecker (details)
  85. [mlir][spirv] Fix typos related to (de)serialization. (details)
  86. [InstCombine] add tests for fsub; NFC (details)
  87. [BPF] extend BTF_KIND_FUNC to cover global, static and extern funcs (details)
  88. [clangd] Fix targetDecl() on certain usage of ObjC properties. (details)
  89. [gn build] Port 5e7beb0a414 (details)
  90. [X86][AVX] lowerShuffleAsLanePermuteAndShuffle - consistently normalize (details)
  91. Fix "pointer is null" static analyzer warning. NFCI. (details)
  92. Fix "pointer is null" static analyzer warning. NFCI. (details)
  93. [examples] Add missing dependency in llvm examples (details)
  94. [AIX] Allow vararg calls when all arguments reside in registers (details)
  95. Fix "pointer is null" static analyzer warning. NFCI. (details)
  96. [AArch64] Add function attribute "patchable-function-entry" to add NOPs (details)
  97. [X86] Support function attribute "patchable-function-entry" (details)
  98. Support function attribute patchable_function_entry (details)
  99. [Driver][CodeGen] Add -fpatchable-function-entry=N[,0] (details)
  100. [ELF] Make TargetInfo::writeIgotPlt a no-op (details)
  101. [LegalizeVectorOps] Improve handling of multi-result operations. (details)
  102. [lldb] Remove FieldDecl stealing hack by rerouting indirect imports to (details)
  103. [lldb/Lua] Support loading Lua modules (details)
  104. Update the attribution policy to use the 'Author' property of a git (details)
  105. [analyzer] Move PlacementNewChecker to alpha (details)
  106. [TargetLowering][ARM][X86] Change softenSetCCOperands handling of ONE to (details)
  107. [lld][WebAssembly] Add libcall symbols to the link when LTO is being (details)
  108. [CMake] Fix modules build after DWARFLinker reorganization (details)
  109. [clang] Fix out-of-bounds memory access in ComputeLineNumbers (details)
  110. [Driver][PowerPC] Move powerpcspe logic from cc1 to Driver (details)
  111. [ASTMatchers] Make test more clear about what it is verifying (details)
  112. [Tests] Precommit tests showing default branch padding on skylake (details)
  113. [lldb] Make CompleteTagDeclsScope completion order deterministic (details)
  114. [lldb] Fix TestClangASTContext.TestFunctionTemplateInRecordConstruction (details)
  115. Implement new AST matcher hasAnyCapture to match on LambdaExpr captures. (details)
  116. MakeUniqueCheck.cpp: explicit the fact that there is an autofix for this (details)
  117. clang-tidy doc: Refresh the list of checkers and polish the script (details)
  118. [TargetLowering] Use SelectionDAG::getSetCC and remove a repeated call (details)
  119. clang-tidy doc: unbreak the CI (details)
  120. Summary: update macro for OFF_T so that sanitizer works on AARCH64. (details)
  121. [lldb/Scripts] Remove (details)
  122. [lldb/Scripts] Remove (details)
  123. [lldb/Scripts] Move android script from underneath Python dir (details)
  124. [AArch64] Add isAuthenticated predicate to MCInstDesc (details)
  125. [lldb/Test] Bypass LLDB_TEST_COMMON_ARGS for certain dotest args (NFC) (details)
  126. [lldb/Utils] Remove vim-lldb (details)
  127. lldbutil: Forward ASan launch info to test inferiors (details)
  128. Let targets adjust operand latency of bundles (details)
  129. [lldb/Reproducer] Add SBReproducer::Replay overload (again) (details)
  130. Only destroy static locals if they have non-trivial destructors. (details)
  131. [LockFileManager] Make default waitForUnlock timeout a parameter, NFC (details)
  132. [NFC][InlineCost] Factor cost modeling out of CallAnalyzer traversal. (details)
  133. [mlir] NFC: put C++ code emission classes in their own files (details)
  134. [mlir][ods] Support dialect specific content emission via hooks (details)
  135. Improve precision of documentation comment. (details)
  136. [AArch64] Don't generate libcalls for wide shifts on Darwin (details)
  137. Remove redundant implicit cast creation. (details)
  138. Add a FIXME and corresponding test coverage for some suspicious behavior (details)
  139. Clean up and slightly generalize implementation of composite pointer (details)
  140. driver: Allow -fdebug-compilation-dir=foo in joined form. (details)
  141. [Driver] Fix OptionClass of -fconvergent-functions and -fms-volatile (details)
  142. [Concepts] Fix MarkUsedTemplateParameters for exprs (details)
  143. Remove umask tests (details)
  144. [COFF] Align ARM64 range extension thunks at instruction boundary (details)
  145. [TargetLowering][ARM][Mips][WebAssembly] Remove the ordered FP compare (details)
  146. [SCEV] [NFC] add more test cases for range of addrecexpr with nsw flag (details)
  147. [NFC] [PowerPC] Update mi-peephole-splat test (details)
  148. [AMDGPU] Remove unnecessary v_mov from a register to itself in WQM (details)
  149. Mark the test/Feature/load_extension.ll test as unsupported on Darwin. (details)
  150. [X86] Use ReplaceAllUsesWith instead of ReplaceAllUsesOfValueWith to (details)
  151. [X86][Disassembler] Simplify readPrefixes (details)
  152. [X86] Preserve fpexcept property when turning strict_fp_extend and (details)
  153. [X86] Simplify code by removing an unreachable condition. NFCI (details)
  154. Add test for GDB pretty printers. (details)
  155. [X86] Remove dead code from X86DAGToDAGISel::Select that is no longer (details)
  156. [InstCombine] Preserve nuw on sub of geps (PR44419) (details)
  157. [LoopSimplify] Regenerate test checks; NFC (details)
  158. [LoopRotate] Add tests for rotate with switch; NFC (details)
  159. DSE: fix bug where we would only check libcalls for name rather than (details)
  160. [X86] Add more complex tests for vector masks used with AND/OR/XOR. (details)
  161. [X86][AVX] Add lowerShuffleAsLanePermuteAndSHUFP lowering (details)
  162. Fix copy+paste typo in shuffle test name (details)
  163. [Sema] Improve -Wrange-loop-analysis warnings. (details)
  164. [X86] Fix outdated comment (details)
  165. moveOperands - assert Src/Dst MachineOperands are non-null. (details)
  166. Remove copy ctors identical to the default one. NFC. (details)
  167. Fix uninitialized value clang static analyzer warning. NFC. (details)
  168. Fix "pointer is null" static analyzer warning. NFCI. (details)
  169. Fix "pointer is null" static analyzer warnings. NFCI. (details)
  170. Fix "pointer is null" static analyzer warning. NFCI. (details)
  171. Fix "pointer is null" static analyzer warning. NFCI. (details)
  172. Fix "pointer is null" static analyzer warnings. NFCI. (details)
  173. GlobalModuleIndex - Fix use-after-move clang static analyzer warning. (details)
  174. [X86AsmBackend] Be consistent about placing definitions out of line (details)
  175. [X86AsmBackend] Move static function before sole use [NFC] (details)
  176. [X86] Adjust nop emission by compiler to consider target decode (details)
  177. [mlir] NFC: Remove Value::operator* and Value::operator-> now that Value (details)
  178. [ASTMatchers] extract public matchers from const-analysis into own patch (details)
  179. Revert "[ASTMatchers] extract public matchers from const-analysis into (details)
  180. [ExecutionEngine] Re-enable FastISel for non-iOS arm targets. (details)
  181. Add -Wrange-loop-analysis changes to ReleaseNotes (details)
  182. [X86] Turn FP_ROUND/STRICT_FP_ROUND into (details)
  183. [X86][Disassembler] Simplify and optimize reader functions (details)
  184. [LegalizeVectorOps] Only pass SDNode* instead SDValue to all of the (details)
  185. [LegalizeVectorOps] Remove some of the simpler Expand methods. Pass (details)
  186. [X86][Disassembler] Replace custom logger with LLVM_DEBUG (details)
  187. [Support] Optionally call signal handlers when a function wrapped by the (details)
  188. [ORC] Fix argv handling in runAsMain / lli. (details)
  189. [Disassembler] Delete the VStream parameter of (details)
  190. [X86][Disassembler] Optimize argument passing and immediate reading (details)
  191. [X86][Disassembler] Shrink from 36M to 6.1M (details)
  192. [LegalizeVectorOps] Expand vector MERGE_VALUES immediately. (details)
  193. [TargetLowering][X86] Connect the chain from STRICT_FSETCC in (details)
  194. [LegalizeVectorOps] Parallelize the lo/hi part of STRICT_UINT_TO_FLOAT (details)
  195. [SCEV] more accurate range for addrecexpr with nsw flag. (details)
  196. [X86] Don't call LowerSETCC from LowerSELECT for (details)
  197. [NFC] Refactor memory ops cluster method (details)
  198. [profile] Support merge pool size >= 10 (details)
  199. [X86][Disassembler] Simplify (details)
  200. [X86][Disassembler] Merge X86DisassemblerDecoder.cpp into (details)
  201. [X86][AVX] lowerShuffleAsLanePermuteAndSHUFP - only set the demanded (details)

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