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  1. [lld-macho] Use DO_BIND_ADD_ADDR_IMM_SCALED for bind opcodes (details)
  2. [tests] Add a couple of tests for zero stride trip counts w/loop varying exit values (details)
  3. [libc++] Add a bunch of missing _LIBCPP_HIDE_FROM_ABI in <ranges> (details)
  4. [libc++] Tidy-up instances of __STDCPP_DEFAULT_NEW_ALIGNMENT__ in the tests (details)
  5. [gn build] Fix llvm_build_instrumented_coverage=true builds with goma/rbe (details)
  6. [Libomptarget] Remove volatile from NVPTX work function (details)
  7. Revert D105519 "[WebAssembly] Deduplicate imports of the same module name, field name, and type" and its followup (details)
  8. AArch64/GlobalISel: Preserve memory types (details)
  9. GlobalISel: Remove some mystery code that clears isReturned (details)
  10. [PowerPC] Extra test case for LDARX (details)
  11. CodeGen: Make MachineOptimizationRemarkEmitterPass a CFG analysis (details)
  12. [OpenMP] Fixed a segmentation fault when using taskloop and target nowait (details)
  13. Revert D106128 "[lld-macho] Use DO_BIND_ADD_ADDR_IMM_SCALED for bind opcodes" (details)
  14. [Clang][RISCV] Correct the alignment of stores generated by vlseg/vlsegff. (details)
  15. [ORC-RT] Add ORC_RT prefix to WEAK_IMPORT macro. (details)
  16. [ORC-RT] Introduce a ORC_RT_JIT_DISPATCH_TAG macro. (details)
  17. [NFC] Correct documentation error in OpenMP release ReleaseNotes (details)

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