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  1. [mlir][docs] Fix name of get arith->LLVM patterns in docs (details)
  2. Reland [clang] Pass -clear-ast-before-backend in Clang::ConstructJob() (details)
  3. [Sanitizers] Replaced getMaxPointerSizeInBits with getPointerSizeInBits, which was causing failures for 32bit x86. (details)
  4. Use llvm::erase_if (NFC) (details)
  5. [OpenMP] libomp: add check of task function pointer for NULL. (details)
  6. BPF: remove intrindics @llvm.stacksave() and @llvm.stackrestore() (details)
  7. [gn build] Port 009f3a89d833 (details)
  8. [RISCV] Rewrite forwardCopyWillClobberTuple to not assume that there are exactly 32 registers. NFC (details)
  9. [mlir] Flipping Test dialect to prefixed form _Both (details)
  10. [LoopUtils] Simplify addRuntimeCheck to return a single value. (details)
  11. [JITLink][NFC] Fix Wdangling-else warning in LinkGraphTests (details)
  12. [AIX] Disable tests failing due to lack of 64-bit XCOFF object file support (details)
  13. Fix a comment in SemaSYCL to make sure I can commit (details)
  14. BPF: fix a bug in IRPeephole pass (details)
  15. [LV] Update test that was missed in e844f05397b72. (details)
  16. [AArch64][GlobalISel] combine and + [la]sr => ubfx (details)
  17. [NFC][BPF] fix comments and rename functions related to BTF_KIND_DECL_TAG (details)
  18. [mlir] SPIR-V: add sin, cos, log, sqrt OCL ops (details)
  19. [runtimes] Use the new "runtimes" build by default and deprecate other builds (details)
  20. [mlir] Update approximation range for Tanh operation (details)
  21. Add tests for the other variants of BreakpointCreateBySourceRegex. (details)
  22. [libc++][NFC] Reorganize release notes (details)
  23. Fix crash when diagnosing a CTAD failure in an array new expression (details)
  24. [libcxx] Make allocator<T>:allocate throw bad_array_new_length (details)
  25. Fix Linux error in (details)
  26. [MLIR] Expose optional attribute parsing functions (details)
  27. [Support][ThinLTO] Move ThinLTO caching to LLVM Support library (details)
  28. [gn build] Port 92b8cc52bbc8 (details)
  29. Revert "[Support][ThinLTO] Move ThinLTO caching to LLVM Support library" (details)
  30. [gn build] Port 8e46e34d2435 (details)

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