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Build Log

  1. [tooling] Relax an assert when multiple GPU targets are specified. (details)
  2. [clang-format] fix regression recognizing casts in Obj-C calls (details)
  3. Update docs for fast-math flags. (details)
  4. [IR] Reimplement FPMathOperator::classof as a whitelist. (details)
  5. [X86] combineX86ShufflesRecursively - pull out (details)
  6. [PGO][PGSO] SizeOpts changes. (details)
  7. [OPENMP50]Add support for master taskloop simd. (details)
  8. gn build: Merge r375254 (details)
  9. [DOCS]Update list of implemented constructs, NFC. (details)
  10. [Format] Add format check for throwing negative numbers (details)
  11. [Reproducer] Use ::rtrim() to remove trailing control characters. (details)
  12. [NFC][CVP] Add @llvm.*.sat tests where we could prove both no-overflows (details)
  13. [Codegen] Link MIRParser into CodeGenTests to fix MachineSizeOptsTest (details)
  14. [lit] Only send back test result from worker process (details)
  15. [lit] Remove unnecessary tracking of test_index (details)
  16. [lit] Reduce value of synthesized timeouts (details)
  17. AMDGPU: Fix SMEM WAR hazard for gfx10 readlane (details)
  18. [examples] Add an example of how to use JITLink and small-code-model (details)
  19. AMDGPU: Relax 32-bit SGPR register class (details)
  20. [examples] Fix some comments in the LLJITWithJITLink example (details)
  21. [lldb][NFC] Remove wrong tests in TestCallOverriddenMethod (details)
  22. [CVP] After proving that @llvm.with.overflow()/@llvm.sat() don't (details)
  23. [libunwind][Android] Fix findUnwindSections for ARM EHABI Bionic (details)
  24. scudo: Update TLS_SLOT_SANITIZER value. (details)
  25. [GISel][CallLowering] Make isIncomingArgumentHandler a pure virtual (details)
  26. [analyzer] Fix hidden node traversal in exploded graph dumps. (details)
  27. [analyzer] exploded-graph-rewriter: Fix dump for state 0. (details)
  28. [analyzer] Drop the logic for collapsing the state if it's same as in (details)
  29. [analyzer] Fix FieldRegion dumps. (details)
  30. [analyzer] exploded-graph-rewriter: Rename Environment to Expressions. (details)
  31. [WebAssembly] Allow multivalue signatures in object files (details)
  32. Update global_symbols.txt. (details)
  33. [NFC][CVP] Some tests for `mul` no-wrap deduction (details)
  34. [analyzer] exploded-graph-rewriter: Unforget to censor stmt_ids in the (details)
  35. [X86] Fix register parsing in .seh_* in Intel syntax (details)
  36. Disable exit-on-SIGPIPE in lldb (details)
  37. gn build: Merge r375288 (details)
  38. [CVP] setDeducedOverflowingFlags(): actually inc per-opcode stats (details)
  39. [Reproducer] Improve reproducer help (NFC) (details)
  40. [AMDGPU] Remove -amdgpu-spill-sgpr-to-smem. (details)
  41. [Reproducer] XFAIL TestWorkingDir on Windows (details)
  42. [SampleFDO] Add profile remapping support for profile on-demand loading (details)
  43. [hwasan] Remove system allocator fallback. (details)
  44. [AMDGPU] move PHI nodes to AGPR class (details)
  45. hwasan: Add missing SANITIZER_INTERFACE_ATTRIBUTE on (details)
  46. gn build: Build compiler-rt code with -fvisibility=hidden. (details)
  47. LiveIntervals: Fix handleMoveUp with subreg def moving across a def (details)
  48. [profile] Do not cache __llvm_profile_get_filename result (details)
  49. DebugInfo: Render the canonical name of a class template specialization, (details)
  50. [c++20] Add CXXRewrittenBinaryOperator to represent a comparison (details)
  51. [c++20] Add rewriting from comparison operators to <=> / ==. (details)
  52. P1152R4: Fix deprecation warnings in libc++ testsuite and in uses of (details)
  53. [analyzer] Specify the C++ standard in more tests. (details)
  54. [hip][cuda] Fix the extended lambda name mangling issue. (details)
  55. [clang][driver] Print compilation phases with indentation. (details)
  56. Prune two MachineInstr.h includes, fix up deps (details)
  57. Skip (more) PExpect tests under ASAN, I can't get them to work reliably. (details)
  58. Sema: Create a no-op implicit cast for lvalue function conversions. (details)
  59. [profile] Disable instrprof-get-filename-merge-mode.c on Windows (details)
  60. Move endian constant from Host.h to SwapByteOrder.h, prune include (details)
  61. [profile] Use -fPIC -shared in a test instead of -dynamiclib (details)
  62. New tautological warning for bitwise-or with non-zero constant always (details)
  63. Prune Analysis includes from SelectionDAG.h (details)
  64. Prune a LegacyDivergenceAnalysis and MachineLoopInfo include each (details)
  65. AMDGPU: Remove optnone from a test (details)
  66. [Implicit Modules] Add -cc1 option -fmodules-strict-context-hash which (details)
  67. Avoid including CodeView/SymbolRecord.h from MCStreamer.h (details)
  68. Add -Wbitwise-conditional-parentheses to warn on mixing '|' and '&' with (details)
  69. [Docs] Fix header level. (details)
  70. [analyzer] Fix a crash on tracking Objective-C 'self' as a control (details)
  71. [analyzer] PR43551: Do not dereferce void* in UndefOrNullArgVisitor. (details)
  72. [LLDB] bugfix: command script add -f doesn't work for some callables (details)
  73. convert LLDBSwigPythonCallTypeScript to ArgInfo::max_positional_args (details)
  74. Make it clear in the doc that 'all' in LLVM_ENABLE_PROJECTS does install (details)
  75. Revert "[Implicit Modules] Add -cc1 option -fmodules-strict-context-hash (details)
  76. Explicit in the doc the current list of projects (with easy copy and (details)
  77. Refine check for `_LIBCPP_C_HAS_NO_GETS` on FreeBSD (details)
  78. [X86][SSE] LowerUINT_TO_FP_i64 - only use HADDPD for size/fast-hops (details)
  79. [X86][SSE] lowerV16I8Shuffle - tryToWidenViaDuplication - undef unpack (details)
  80. [MSP430] Shift Amount Threshold in DAGCombine (Baseline Tests); NFC (details)
  81. [ARM] Add dependency on GlobalISel for unit tests to fix shared libs (details)
  82. [TargetLowering][DAGCombine][MSP430] add/use hook for Shift Amount (details)
  83. [X86] Pulled out helper to decode target shuffle element sentinel values (details)
  84. [SCEV] Simplify umin/max of zext and sext of the same value (details)
  85. eliminate nontrivial Reset(...) from TypedPythonObject (details)
  86. AMDGPU: Don't error on calls to null or undef (details)
  87. Fix minor warning in DWARFVerifier. (details)
  88. [LLD][ELF] - Update tests after yaml2obj tool update. (details)
  89. [yaml2obj][obj2yaml] - Do not create a symbol table by default. (details)
  90. [AMDGPU] Fix assertion due to initializer list (details)
  91. AMDGPU: Don't re-get the subtarget (details)
  92. AMDGPU: Add baseline tests for flat offset splitting (details)
  93. AMDGPU: Fix missing OPERAND_IMMEDIATE (details)
  94. AMDGPU: Split flat offsets that don't fit in DAG (details)
  95. AMDGPU: Increase vcc liveness scan threshold (details)
  96. [ConstantRange] Optimize nowrap region test, remove redundant tests; NFC (details)
  97. [ConstantRange] makeGuaranteedNoWrapRegion(): `shl` support (details)
  98. [InstCombine] Shift amount reassociation in shifty sign bit test (details)
  99. [InstCombine] Add tests for uadd/sub.sat(a, b) == 0; NFC (details)
  100. Fix buildbot error in SIRegisterInfo.cpp. (details)
  101. [InstCombine] Fold uadd.sat(a, b) == 0 and usub.sat(a, b) == 0 (details)
  102. Reverted r375254 as it has broken some build bots for a long time. (details)
  103. gn build: Merge r375375 (details)
  104. [NFC][InstCombine] conditional sign-extend of high-bit-extract: 'and' (details)
  105. [InstCombine] conditional sign-extend of high-bit-extract: 'or' pattern. (details)
  106. [IndVars] Eliminate loop exits with equivalent exit counts (details)
  107. [IndVars] Add a todo to reflect a further oppurtunity identified in (details)
  108. [X86] Check Subtarget.hasSSE3() before calling shouldUseHorizontalOp and (details)
  109. [Attributor] Teach AANoCapture to use information in-flight more (details)
  110. [Attributor][FIX] Silence sign-compare warning (details)
  111. [BPF] fix indirect call assembly code (details)
  112. [IR] Fix mayReadFromMemory() for writeonly calls (details)
  113. [LLD] Move duplicated dwarf parsing code to the Common library. NFC. (details)
  114. [LLD] [COFF] Use the local dwarf code instead of Symbolizer for (details)
  115. [LLDB] [Windows] Initial support for ARM register contexts (details)
  116. gn build: Merge r375390 (details)
  117. [InstCombine] Allow values with multiple users in (details)
  118. [CVP] Deduce no-wrap on `mul` (details)
  119. [NFC][InstCombine] Fixup comments (details)
  120. Use Align for TFL::TransientStackAlignment (details)
  121. [LLD] [COFF] Fix use of uninitialized memory since SVN r375390 (details)
  122. [ARM] Add and adjust saturation tests for upcoming qadd changes. NFC (details)
  123. [ARM] Lower sadd_sat to qadd8 and qadd16 (details)
  124. [MemCpyOpt] Fixing Incorrect Code Motion while Handling Aggregate Type (details)
  125. [obj2yaml] - Stop triggering UB when dumping corrupted strings. (details)
  126. [obj2yaml] - Fix a comment. NFC. (details)
  127. Fix llvm signal tests build. (details)
  128. [Alignment][NFC] TargetCallingConv::setOrigAlign and (details)
  129. [llvm/Object] - Make ELFObjectFile::getRelocatedSection return (details)
  130. Simplify usage of setFPAttrs. (details)
  131. [Alignment][NFC] TargetCallingConv::setByValAlign (details)
  132. [ARM] Add qadd lowering from a sadd_sat (details)
  133. [docs][llvm-ar] Update llvm-ar command guide (details)
  134. [Alignment][NFC] Add a helper function to DataLayout (details)
  135. [ARM] Extra qdadd patterns (details)
  136. [lldb] drop .symtab removal in minidebuginfo tests (details)
  137. [Alignment][NFC] Instructions::getLoadStoreAlignment (details)
  138. [Types] Define a getWithNewBitWidth for Types and make use of it (details)
  139. Pre-commit test cases for D64713. (details)
  140. [Alignment][NFC] Finish transition for `Loads` (details)
  141. [NFC] Cleanup with variable name IsPPC64 & IsDarwin (details)
  142. Fix Polly (details)
  143. [lldb] Add test for executing static initializers in expression command (details)
  144. PCH debug info: Avoid appending the source directory to an absolute path (details)
  145. [AArch64][DebugInfo] Do not recompute CalleeSavedStackSize (Take 2) (details)
  146. IndVarSimplify - silence static analyzer dyn_cast<> null dereference (details)
  147. CrossDSOCFI - silence static analyzer dyn_cast<> null dereference (details)
  148. GuardWidening - silence static analyzer null dereference warning with (details)
  149. GVNHoist - silence static analyzer dyn_cast<> null dereference warning (details)
  150. SystemZISelLowering - supportedAddressingMode - silence static analyzer (details)
  151. Unify timeouts in gdbserver tests and ensure they are larger if ASAN is (details)
  152. [NFC] Add missing include to fix modules build (details)
  153. Fix Wdocumentation warning. NFCI. (details)
  154. [PowerPC] Regenerate test for D52431 (details)
  155. Prune Pass.h include from DataLayout.h. NFCI (details)
  156. Prune include of DataLayout.h from include/clang/Basic/TargetInfo.h. NFC (details)
  157. [test] Merge Driver/as-w-warnings.c into as-no-warnings.c (details)
  158. SemaExceptionSpec - silence static analyzer getAs<> null dereference (details)
  159. [NFC][CVP] Add `shl` no-wrap deduction test coverage (details)
  160. [Clang] Add VerboseOutputStream to CompilerInstance (details)
  161. SemaTemplateDeduction - silence static analyzer getAs<> null dereference (details)
  162. Reverted r375425 as it broke some buildbots. (details)
  163. [X86] Rename matchBitOpReduction to matchScalarReduction. NFCI. (details)
  164. [AMDGPU] Select AGPR in PHI operand legalization (details)
  165. AMDGPU: Slightly restructure m0 init code (details)
  166. AMDGPU: Stop adding m0 implicit def to SGPR spills (details)
  167. AMDGPU: Erase redundant redefs of m0 in SIFoldOperands (details)
  168. AMDGPU: Use CopyToReg for interp intrinsic lowering (details)
  169. [GISel][CombinerHelper] Add a combine turning shuffle_vector into (details)
  170. [clang-fuzzer] Add new fuzzer target for Objective-C (details)
  171. Found more timeouts to unify. (details)
  172. [CVP] No-wrap deduction for `shl` (details)
  173. [lit] Remove redundancy from names and comments (details)
  174. AMDGPU: Select basic interp directly from intrinsics (details)
  175. [lit] Simplify test scheduling via multiprocessing.Pool (details)
  176. XFAIL on Windows (details)
  177. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Legalize fast unsafe FDIV (details)
  178. [examples] Add a dependency on ExecutionEngine to LLJITWithObjectCache (details)
  179. [X86][SSE] Add OR(EXTRACTELT(X,0),OR(EXTRACTELT(X,1))) movmsk v2X64 (details)
  180. [X86][SSE] Add OR(EXTRACTELT(X,0),OR(EXTRACTELT(X,1))) -> MOVMSK+CMP (details)
  181. Factor out common test functionality into a helper class. (NFC) (details)
  182. whitespace cleanup (details)
  183. [Implicit Modules] Add -cc1 option -fmodules-strict-context-hash which (details)
  184. Fix -fuse-init-array decision logic on NetBSD (details)
  185. [NFC] Fix typos in CMake comment (details)
  186. [X86][BMI] Pull out schedule classes from bmi_andn<> and bmi_bls<> (details)
  187. [hwasan] Workaround unwinder issues in try-catch test. (details)
  188. Fix lld detection in standalone compiler-rt. (details)
  189. [lit] Move increase_process_limit to ParallelRun (details)
  190. remove multi-argument form of PythonObject::Reset() (details)
  191. fix PythonDataObjectsTest.TestExceptions on windows (details)
  192. Minor coding style fix. NFC. (details)
  193. Refactor DependencyScanningTool to its own file (details)
  194. gn build: Merge r375483 (details)
  195. [CMake] Allow overriding MSVC_DIA_SDK_DIR via CMake (details)
  196. [CMake] [WinMsvc] Look for includes and libs in ${MSVC_BASE}/atlmfc (details)
  197. [clang-fuzzer] Update proto fuzzer example for r375453. (details)
  198. [FrontendTests] Don't actually run the full compiler, parsing is (details)
  199. Revert "[FrontendTests] Don't actually run the full compiler, parsing is (details)
  200. [builtins][test] Avoid unportable mmap call in clear_cache_test.c (details)
  201. [FrontendTests] Try again to make test not write an output file (details)
  202. [LLVMDebugInfoPDB] - Use cantFail() instead of assert(). (details)
  203. [ThinLTO] Don't internalize during promotion (details)
  204. [Alignment][NFC] Attributes use Align/MaybeAlign (details)
  205. [Alignment][NFC] Use MaybeAlign in AttrBuilder (details)
  206. [PowerPC] Turn on CR-Logical reducer pass (details)
  207. [Alignment][NFC] Convert LoadInst to MaybeAlign (details)
  208. [Alignment][NFC] Convert StoreInst to MaybeAlign (details)
  209. [ThinLTO] Add code comment. NFC (details)
  210. [MIPS GlobalISel] Select MSA vector generic and builtin add (details)
  211. [MIParser] Set RegClassOrRegBank during instruction parsing (details)
  212. [InstCombine] Signed saturation tests. NFC (details)
  213. [libcxx] Remove shared_ptr::make_shared (details)
  214. [InstCombine] Signed saturation patterns (details)
  215. Update git-llvm script to push to GitHub (details)
  216. [lldb] Adjust for the new class_rw_t layout. (details)
  217. gn build: make sync build work with git revs now that svn is gone (details)
  218. [AMDGPU] Allow tied operand subreg folding (details)
  219. Test commit - add clarification to README regarding Darwin. (details)
  220. Relax assertions when there's really no entries. [NFC] (details)
  221. [AMDGPU] Updated fold-vgpr-copy.mir test. NFC. (details)
  222. [NFC][LVI][CVP] Tests where pre-specified `add` no-wrap flags could be (details)
  223. [DAGCombine][ARM] x ==/!= c  ->  (x - c) ==/!= 0  iff '-c' can be folded (details)
  224. [HIP] Add option -fgpu-allow-device-init (details)
  225. [RISCV] Add support for -ffixed-xX flags (details)
  226. fix a few typos to test git committing (details)
  227. Revert "Fix lld detection in standalone compiler-rt." (details)
  228. Fix name of warn_ignored_hip_only_option (details)
  229. Revert r374202"[ObjC generics] Fix not inheriting type bounds in (details)
  230. typo fix test commit (details)
  231. [PowerPC][NFC] Remove deprecated Function Attrs comments (details)
  232. Fix broken sphinx link in CMake.rst. (details)
  233. [PowerPC][NFC] Remove deprecated Function Attrs comments #2 (details)
  234. [NFC] Strip trailing whitespace in test to test Github committing (details)
  235. [libcxx][test][NFC] Fix comment typos. (details)
  236. [c++2a] Allow comparison functions to be explicitly defaulted. (details)
  237. [TargetLowering] optimizeSetCCToComparisonWithZero(): add extra sanity (details)
  238. [MIPS GlobalISel] Select MSA vector generic and builtin sub (details)
  239. [MIPS GlobalISel] Select MSA vector generic and builtin mul (details)
  240. [lib/ObjectYAML] - Add a full stop to the comment. NFC. (details)
  241. [DebugInfo] Stop describing imms in TargetInstrInfo's (details)
  242. [Mips] Use appropriate private label prefix based on Mips ABI (details)
  243. [Support] Add a way to run a function on a detached thread (details)
  244. Revert "[Support] Add a way to run a function on a detached thread" (details)
  245. [Sanitizers] Add support for RISC-V 64-bit (details)
  246. [clangd] Propogate context in TUScheduler::run (details)
  247. Reland "[Support] Add a way to run a function on a detached thread"" (details)
  248. [X86] combineX86ShufflesRecursively - assert the root mask is legal. (details)
  249. [mips] Reformat `la / dla` expansion test cases. NFC (details)
  250. [mips] Add tests to check `la / dla` expansion in XGOT cases. NFC (details)
  251. [mips] Implement `la` macro expansion for N32 ABI (details)
  252. [mips] Use `expandLoadAddress` for JAL expansion (details)
  253. [libc++][NFC] Remove excess trailing newlines from most files (details)
  254. [analyzer] Fix off-by-one in operator call parameter binding. (details)
  255. [LVI][CVP] LazyValueInfoImpl::solveBlockValueBinaryOp(): use no-wrap (details)
  256. [LVI][NFC] Factor solveBlockValueSaturatingIntrinsic() out of (details)
  257. Fix non-portable GNU diff option (details)
  258. [Analysis] Update Analysis/LazyValueAnalysis/lvi-after-jumpthreading.ll (details)
  259. [clangd] abort if shutdown takes more than a minute. (details)
  260. Minor movement of one function with now-correct strictfp attribute to (details)
  261. [lldb] Add nodebug attribute to import-std-module/sysroot test (details)
  262. Revert 4334892e7b "[DAGCombine][ARM] x ==/!= c  ->  (x - c) ==/!= 0  iff (details)
  263. [NFC] Strip trailing whitespace from libc++ (details)
  264. Remove a no longer accurate sentence from the coding standards. (details)
  265. [libcxx][NFC] Strip trailing whitespace, fix typo. (details)
  266. Improve language in GettingStarted.rst (details)
  267. Use portable flag with nm in (details)
  268. Improve Clang's getting involved document and make it more inclusive in (details)
  269. Add beginning of LLVM's GettingStarted to GitHub readme (details)
  270. [Hexagon] Fix typo. NFC (details)
  271. [AMDGPU] Allow folding of sgpr to vgpr copy (details)
  272. [X86] Replace some regular expressions in xray tests with explicit (details)
  273. [MIPS GlobalISel] MSA vector generic and builtin sdiv, srem, udiv, urem (details)
  274. [MIPS GlobalISel] MSA vector generic and builtin fadd, fsub, fmul, fdiv (details)
  275. [clangd] Collect name references in the index. (details)
  276. [clangd] Handle the missing constructor initializers in (details)
  277. Hide implementation details in anonymous namespaces. NFC. (details)
  278. [libFuzzer] docs: update note to include REDUCE event. (details)
  279. Expose __hwasan_tag_mismatch_stub (details)
  280. Revert "Expose __hwasan_tag_mismatch_stub" (details)
  281. [compiler-rt] Expose __hwasan_tag_mismatch_stub (details)
  282. Don't add -fsplit-lto-unit for thin LTO builds with PS4 and Darwin (details)
  283. [MIPS GlobalISel] Select MSA vector generic and builtin fabs (details)
  284. [docs] Update link to the MIPS 64-bit ELF object file specification (details)
  285. [docs] Add Mips as a supported architecture in GettingStarted.rst (details)
  286. [clangd] Fix case of variables and functions in code complete tests. NFC (details)
  287. Fix compilation warning on the trailing whitespace. NFC. (details)
  288. [AMDGPU] Skip additional folding on the same operand. (details)
  289. [ARM] Begin adding IR intrinsics for MVE instructions. (details)
  290. [ARM] Add some sample IR MVE intrinsics with C++ isel. (details)
  291. [ARM] Add IR intrinsics for MVE VLD[24] and VST[24]. (details)
  292. [clang] New __attribute__((__clang_arm_mve_alias)). (details)
  293. [clang,ARM] Initial ACLE intrinsics for MVE. (details)
  294. [InstCombine] Known-bits optimization for ARM MVE VADC. (details)
  295. [NFC][XCOFF][AIX] Serialize object file writing for each CsectGroup (details)
  296. [InstCombine] Fold one-use variable into assert (details)
  297. [NFC] Remove redundant lines (details)
  298. [llvm-ifs][NFC] Adds TODO comment for dropping ObjectFileFormat on yaml (details)
  299. [CMake] Split logic across test suite subdirectories (NFC) (details)
  300. Speculative build fix for GCC 5.3.0 (details)
  301. [AMDGPU] Fix mfma scheduling crash (details)
  302. [clang-format] Remove the dependency on frontend (details)
  303. [lldb] [Python] Do not attempt to flush() a read-only fd (details)
  304. [ELF] -r: fix crash when processing a SHT_REL[A] that relocates a (details)
  305. [ARM] Attempt to fixup MveEmitter warnings (details)
  306. Add AIX toolchain and basic linker functionality (details)
  307. [ARM] Fixup MVE intrinsic tests with no assert builds (details)
  308. [clang-format] Remove duplciate code from Invalid BOM detection (details)
  309. Namespace fixup for D68340 build on MSVC (details)
  310. [GlobalISel][AArch64][AMDGPU][X86] Teach LegalizationArtifactCombiner to (details)
  311. [ObjC][ARC] Check whether the return and parameter types of the old and (details)
  312. [clang-format] update documentation (details)
  313. Revert "Disable exit-on-SIGPIPE in lldb" (details)
  314. [www] Change URLs to HTTPS. (details)
  315. Fix MSVC "not all control paths return a value" warnings. NFCI. (details)
  316. Fix MSVC "switch statement contains 'default' but no 'case' labels" (details)
  317. Follow on to Namespace fixup for D68340 (details)
  318. Follow up on D69112, fix build break for skipping field initialization (details)
  319. Fix cppcheck shadow variable warning. NFCI. (details)
  320. [Concepts] Constraint Enforcement & Diagnostics (details)
  321. [AMDGPU] Clean up update_llc_test_checks CodeGen tests (details)
  322. Try harder to fix GCC 5.3 build (details)
  323. Fix lld detection in standalone compiler-rt. (details)
  324. [CMake] Remove unused variable LLDB_TEST_CXX_COMPILER (details)
  325. [CMake] Don't set LLDB_TEST_* in the top-level CMakeLists (details)
  326. [CMake] Move test dependency tracking into test/CMakeLists.txt (details)
  327. [CMake] Move LLDB_TEST_BUILD_DIRECTORY into test/CMakeLists.txt (details)
  328. When diagnosing an ambiguity, only note the candidates that contribute (details)
  329. Test commit access via git (details)
  330. [compiler-rt] cmake: add include(BuiltinTests) to CompilerRTDarwinUtils (details)
  331. Always flush pending errors in MCAsmParser (details)
  332. [clang]Fixup clang -Werror,,-Wcovered-switch-default build failures (details)
  333. [clang-scan-deps] Add basic support for modules. (details)
  334. [SCEV] Delete unused code from header (details)
  335. [CMake] Update Fuchsia build configuration (details)
  336. Revert "Recommit "[Clang] Pragma vectorize_width() implies (details)
  337. [clang][ThinLTO] Promote cc1 -fthin_link_bitcode to driver (details)
  338. [SCEV] Start reworking backedge taken count APIs to unify max handling (details)
  339. [clang][DependencyScanning] clang-format. (details)
  340. Test commit via git. (details)
  341. Fix Clang -Wcovered-switch-default warning by moving llvm_unreachable (details)
  342. [SCEV] Expose and use maximum constant exit counts for individual loop (details)
  343. docs: Update instructions for requesting commit access (details)
  344. [X86][GISel] Remove unneeded custom selection code for handling shifts. (details)
  345. [hip] Allow the declaration of functions with variadic arguments in HIP. (details)
  346. Fix compilation warning. NFC. (details)
  347. gn build: (manually) merge 08074cc9 (details)
  348. gn build: Merge bb6a27fc257 (details)
  349. gn build: Merge d0bd3fc88be (details)
  350. gn build: Merge ffa214ef228 (details)
  351. git-llvm: Push to master branch by default (details)
  352. git-llvm: Drop dependency on github module (details)
  353. [LiveDebugValues] Small code clean up; NFC (details)
  354. [lldb] [Host/netbsd] Set Arg0 for 'platform process list -v' (details)
  355. [PowerPC] [Peephole] fold frame offset by using index form to save add. (details)
  356. Fix file-ordering nit in D67161. (details)
  357. [docs] Update Mips feature table in CodeGenerator.rst (details)
  358. Fix a variable typo in LiveDebugValues [NFC] (details)
  359. [llvm/Object] - Fix the error message reported for a broken (details)
  360. [obj2yaml] - Better dumping for relocations without symbols associated. (details)
  361. [clangd] DefineInline action availability checks (details)
  362. [clangd] DefineInline action apply logic with fully qualified names (details)
  363. gn build: Merge 74d39a42f10 (details)
  364. [clangd] Implement GetEligiblePoints (details)
  365. [clangd] Store Index in Tweak::Selection (details)
  366. [yaml2obj, obj2yaml] - Add support for SHT_NOTE sections. (details)
  367. [LLD][ELF] - Update test case after yaml2obj change. (details)
  368. [clang] Switch arm-mve-intrinsics tests to use %clang_cc1. (details)
  369. Fix compilation error in clangd/refactor/tweaks/ExpandAutoType.cpp (details)
  370. [clang-rename] NFC, make getCanonicalSymbolDeclaration robust on nullptr (details)
  371. [MIPS GlobalISel] Select MSA vector generic and builtin fsqrt (details)
  372. [clangd][NFC] Get rid of raw string literals in macros to make stage1 (details)
  373. [RISCV] Add support for half-precision floats (details)
  374. OpenMP Tasks dependencies hash re-sizing fixed. (details)
  375. [NFC] Rename LLVM_NO_DEAD_STRIP (details)
  376. [clang-format] [NFC] update the documentation in Format.h to allow (details)
  377. [CodeGen][SelectionDAG] Fix tiny bug in ExpandIntRes_UADDSUBO (details)
  378. [APInt] Add saturating multiply ops (details)
  379. [APInt] Add saturating left-shift ops (details)
  380. [SLP] adjust code comment; NFC (details)
  381. [AMDGPU] Remove update_llc_test_checks for a test (details)
  382. build: reindent text (NFC) (details)
  383. Add an instruction marker field to the ExtraInfo in MachineInstrs. (details)
  384. [clangd] Revert define-inline action changes to un-break windows (details)
  385. [PowerPC] add test for popcnt with any_extend; NFC (details)
  386. [libcxx] [test] Run `chmod +x` on executables when testing via SSH (details)
  387. gn build: Merge 8e567b0730f (details)
  388. [FPEnv] Teach the IRBuilder about correct use of the strictfp attribute. (details)
  389. [TableGen] Add asserts to make sure default values match property type (details)
  390. [Sema][Typo Correction] Fix another infinite loop on ambiguity (details)
  391. [SCEV] Add a clarifying comment around ExitLimit construction (details)
  392. ValueObject: Fix a crash related to children address type computation (details)
  393. [NFC][libomptarget] move remaining device specific code out of (details)
  394. Crt files are special cased by name when dealing with ctor and dtor (details)
  395. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Legalize FDIV16 (details)
  396. [DAGCombiner] widen zext of popcount based on target support (details)
  397. [X86] Add a check for SSE2 to the top of combineReductionToHorizontal. (details)
  398. Fix compilation error in ObjectFileMachO::ParseSymtab (details)
  399. [Driver] Force llvm to install its handlers before lldb's (details)
  400. [AMDGPU] Disallow dpp combining for dpp instructions without Src2 (details)
  401. [AMDGPU] Fold AGPR reg_sequence initializers (details)
  402. [llvm-objcopy][MachO] Add support for min os version load commands (details)
  403. build: remove `LLVM_CXX_STD` extension point (details)
  404. [CVP] add test for poison propagation bug (PR43802); NFC (details)
  405. [Alignment][NFC] getMemoryOpCost uses MaybeAlign (details)
  406. [LLD][ThinLTO] Handle GUID collision in import global processing (details)
  407. Revert "Add an instruction marker field to the ExtraInfo in (details)
  408. [gicombiner] Add parse failure tests for defs/match (details)
  409. AMDGPU: Fix the broken dominator tree when creating waterfall loop for (details)
  410. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Handle flat/global G_ATOMIC_CMPXCHG (details)
  411. [ARM] Uses "Sun Style" syntax for section switching (details)
  412. [Alignment][NFC] Convert AllocaInst to MaybeAlign (details)
  413. GlobalISel: Implement widenScalar for G_INSERT_VECTOR_ELT (details)
  414. [AMDGPU] Fixed asan failure in SIFoldOperands (details)
  415. Revert "[ARM] Uses "Sun Style" syntax for section switching" (details)
  416. Add the ability to pass extra args to a Python breakpoint callback. (details)
  417. Update version number in llvm python bindings (details)
  418. [x86] add tests for extractelement with undef index (PR42689); NFC (details)
  419. [BPF] fix a CO-RE issue with -mattr=+alu32 (details)
  420. [globalisel] Add LLVMDev 2019 talks and links for the 2017 talks (details)
  421. [globalisel] Fix typo in 'Add LLVMDev 2019 talks and links for the 2017 (details)
  422. [AMDGPU] Enable SGPR copy folding (details)
  423. lldb/COFF: Create a separate "section" for the file header (details)
  424. [lit] Don't fail when printing test output with special chars (details)
  425. lldb/minidump: Refactor memory region computation code (details)
  426. [clang][DependencyScanning] 80-col. (details)
  427. [LLDB] Fix inline variable only used in assertion. (NFC) (details)
  428. [globalisel] Restructure the GlobalISel documentation (details)
  429. Use __builtin_strlen in constexpr StringRef ctor with MSVC (details)
  430. Fix after 738af7a6241c98164625b9cd1ba9f8af4e36f197 (details)
  431. [libFuzzer] Enable extra counters for Fuchsia. (details)
  432. [lit] Move sharding logic into separate function (details)
  433. [SDAG] fold extract_vector_elt with undef index (details)
  434. [Clang][Bundler] Error reporting improvements (details)
  435. Add Record::getValueAsOptionalDef(). (details)
  436. [NFC] Add a tablegen node for the root of the AST node hierarchies. (details)
  437. Revert "[Clang][Bundler] Error reporting improvements" (details)
  438. [ORC] Avoid SymbolStringPtr copies in DynamicLibrarySearchGenerator (details)
  439. Reland "[Clang][Bundler] Error reporting improvements" (details)
  440. [X86][GISel] Fix typo in comment. NFC (details)
  441. Correct size_t format specifier (details)
  442. [AMDGPU] Fix Vreg_1 PHI lowering in SILowerI1Copies. (details)
  443. [YAMLTraits] - Revert a change committed by a mistake in D68983 (details)
  444. [ObjectYAML] - Do not use auto. NFC. (details)
  445. fix lldb build with -DLLVM_ENABLE_MODULES=On (missing #include) (details)
  446. Add all the issues to be voted upon in Belfast (details)
  447. [X86] NFC: expand inline memcmp test coverage (details)
  448. [X86] Prefer KORTEST on Knights Landing or later for memcmp() (details)
  449. [APInt] Introduce APIntOps::GetMostSignificantDifferentBit() (details)
  450. [X86] Only look up boolean reduction cost tables if the reduction is not (details)
  451. [NFC][libomptarget]Remove TRUE,FALSE macros from option.h (details)
  452. Fix a spelling mistake in a couple of intrinsic description comments. (details)
  453. [MCA] Fix a spelling mistake in a comment. NFC (details)
  454. [nfc][libomptarget] Inline option into target_impl (details)
  455. [nfc][libomptarget] Decrease coupling between files (details)
  456. [TargetLowering] Add getBooleanContents contents check to "SETCC (details)
  457. [LegalizeTypes] When promoting BITREVERSE/BSWAP don't take the shift (details)
  458. [SDAG] fold insert_vector_elt with undef index (details)
  459. PR43762: when implicitly changing the active union member for an (details)
  460. PR43400: Add test that we can instantiate a friend function that is (details)
  461. [lit] Drop the user-site packages directory from search paths when (details)
  462. PM: silence `-Wpessimizing-move` from GCC 9.2.1 (NFC) (details)
  463. [LLDB][formatters] ArgInfo::count -> ArgInfo::max_positional_args (details)
  464. Use isConvergent helper instead of directly checking attribute (details)
  465. [X86] Use 64-bit version of source register in LowerPATCHABLE_EVENT_CALL (details)
  466. OpenMP: Add helper function for convergent runtime calls (details)
  467. OpenMP: Add convergent to more runtime functions (details)
  468. TableGen: Use enum names in composeSubRegIndices table (details)
  469. PR43775: don't produce a bogus 'auto' -Wc++98-compat warning for CTAD (details)
  470. [clangd] Pass ExtraArgs to TestTU in TweakIsAvailable matcher (details)
  471. [c++20] Enforce rule that a union-like class or class with reference (details)
  472. [clangd] Reland DefineInline action availability checks (details)
  473. gn build: Merge 5ab9a850f6b (details)
  474. [X86] Fix 48/96 byte memcmp code gen (details)
  475. [clangd] Reland DefineInline action apply logic with fully qualified (details)
  476. [clangd] Reland Store Index in Tweak::Selection (details)
  477. [llvm-objcopy][MachO] Implement --only-section (details)
  478. [clangd] Do not insert parentheses when completing a using declaration (details)
  479. Fix (details)
  480. [RISCV] Lower llvm.trap and llvm.debugtrap (details)
  481. [AArch64][SVE] Implement masked load intrinsics (details)
  482. [ARM][AArch64] Implement __arm_rsrf, __arm_rsrf64, __arm_wsrf & (details)
  483. [clangd] Do not highlight keywords in semantic highlighting (details)
  484. [clangd] Flush streams when printing HoverInfo Name and Definition (details)
  485. [ARM][AArch64] Implement __cls,  __clsl and __clsll intrinsics from ACLE (details)
  486. minor doc typo fix / testing github commit (details)
  487. [Codegen][ARM] Add float softening for cbrt (details)
  488. [AMDGPU][MC][GFX10] Added v_interp_[p1/p2/mov]_f32_e64 (details)
  489. [DebugInfo] MachineSink: Insert undef DBG_VALUEs when sinking (details)
  490. [CVP] prevent propagating poison when substituting edge values into a (details)
  491. [clangd] Do not report anonymous entities in findExplicitReferences (details)
  492. [InstCombine][NFC] Tests for uadd.sat and sadd.sat canonicalisation. (details)
  493. [AArch64][Builtins] Avoid unnecessary cache cleaning (details)
  494. [DAGCombiner] widen any_ext of popcount based on target support (details)
  495. [DebugInfo] MachineSink: find more DBG_VALUEs to sink (details)
  496. lld/COFF: Simplify getOutputPath() using sys::path functions. (details)
  497. [LIBOMPTARGET]Fix build, NFC. (details)
  498. Precommit AArch64 test for -consider-local-interval-cost (details)
  499. [AArch64] Fix unannotated fall-through between switch labels (details)
  500. Add Windows Control Flow Guard checks (/guard:cf). (details)
  501. [InstCombine] Extra combine for uadd_sat (details)
  502. [LiveIntervalUnion] Expose extraction of last index in map for external (details)
  503. [NFC] Comment endif to test commit access (details)
  504. [clang] Add no_builtin attribute (details)
  505. Remove extra ';'. NFCI. (details)
  506. [scudo][standalone] Consolidate lists (details)
  507. [AIX] Refactor AIX Call Lowering to use CCState. NFCI. (details)
  508. [Docs] Disable Python docs when LLDB_DISABLE_PYTHON is set (details)
  509. [lit] Make a pure Python module (details)
  510. AMDGPU: Avoid overwriting saved PC (details)
  511. [utils] InlineFunction: fix for debug info affecting optimizations (details)
  512. [OPENMP]Fix PR43771: Do not capture contexprs variables. (details)
  513. Add missing lld checks in sanitizer tests. (details)
  514. [LV] Interleaving should not exceed estimated loop trip count. (details)
  515. Reland [AArch64][DebugInfo] Do not recompute CalleeSavedStackSize (Take (details)
  516. [IR] Use UnaryOperator::CreateFNeg in NoFolder::createFNeg (details)
  517. [lit] Remove redundant comments from main function (details)
  518. [Docs] Update source code link to Github (details)
  519. gn build: (manually) merge d157a9bc (details)
  520. [X86] Add a DAG combine to turn (and (bitcast (vXi1 (concat_vectors (details)
  521. Lexer::ReadToEndOfLine - fix Token uninitialised value warnings. NFCI. (details)
  522. [ConstantFold] Fold extractelement of getelementptr (details)
  523. Convert files added in d157a9bc8ba1 to unix line endings. (details)
  524. [ARM][Thumb2InstrInfo] Fix default `0` opcode when rewriting frame (details)
  525. [MachineOuliner][NFC] Refactoring code to make outline rerunning a (details)
  526. [Remarks] Emit the remarks section by default for certain formats (details)
  527. [Remarks] Remove references to ELF support (details)
  528. [PGO][PGSO] SizeOpts changes. (details)
  529. [Remarks] Add bitstream to the list of supported formats in clang (details)
  530. [Remarks] Fix Sphinx formatting (details)
  531. [LLDB] Remove incorrect invocation (details)
  532. [hwasan] Fix typo in the error type. (details)
  533. [NVPTX] Added* intrinsics (details)
  534. [lit] Refactor merging of user parameters (details)
  535. [Driver] Enable ShadowCallStack, not SafeStack, by default on AArch64 (details)
  536. Add support for DW_AT_export_symbols for anonymous structs (details)
  537. Revert "Use -fdebug-compilation-dir to form absolute paths in coverage (details)
  538. [MachineOutliner][NFC] clang-formating the MachineOutliner. (details)
  539. Revert "[Concepts] Constraint Enforcement & Diagnostics" (details)
  540. [Docs] Repurpose 'sources' page as 'contributing'. (details)
  541. [NFCI][XCOFF][AIX] Skip empty Section during object file generation (details)
  542. [scudo][standalone] Lists fix (details)
  543. Revert "[clang] Add no_builtin attribute" (details)
  544. [PowerPC] Do not emit HW loop if the body contains calls to lrint/lround (details)
  545. [Builtins] Teach Clang about memccpy (details)
  546. [debugserver] Detect arch from LLVM_DEFAULT_TARGET_TRIPLE (details)
  547. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Fix assertion fail in C++ selection for vector (details)
  548. Modernize (details)
  549. [lldb] move package generation from python to cmake (details)
  550. Recommit "Add a heap alloc site marker field to the ExtraInfo in (details)
  551. Replace abort with llvm_unreachable. (details)
  552. [NFC] Fix some indentation disturbed in D67368 (details)
  553. [PowerPC] Emit scalar fp min/max instructions (details)
  554. [clang][clang-scan-deps] Add -fcxx-modules to test for Darwin. (details)
  555. gn build: (manually) merge 75f72f6b (details)
  556. [msan] Remove more attributes from sanitized functions. (details)
  557. gn build: fix bad merge of 75f72f6b done in 3431f1ba (details)
  558. PR43764: Qualify a couple of calls to forward_as_tuple to be (details)
  559. gn build: Merge 38839d08b8e (details)
  560. [Attributor] Make IntegerState more flexible (details)
  561. Fix a few typos in lld/ELF to cycle bots (details)
  562. [lit] Remove callback indirection (details)
  563. [RISCV] Remove RA from reserved register to use as callee saved register (details)
  564. AMDGPU: Make VReg_1 only include 1 artificial register (details)
  565. [JITLink] Tighten section sorting criteria to fix a flaky test case. (details)
  566. [yaml2obj] - Improve handling of the SHT_GROUP section. (details)
  567. [yaml2obj] - Make .symtab to be not mandatory section for SHT_REL[A] (details)
  568. [clangd] Add missing highlights for using decls. (details)
  569. [llvm-readobj] - Fix a comment in stack-sizes.test. NFC. (details)
  570. [obj2yaml] - Update a comment in a test case. NFC. (details)
  571. [clangd] NFC, use URI::resolve to simplify the code. (details)
  572. [ConstantFold] Push extractelement into getelementptr's operands (details)
  573. [BranchFolding] skip debug instr to avoid code change (details)
  574. Revert rG70f5aecedef9a6e347e425eb5b843bf797b95319 - "Reland (details)
  575. [LCSSA] Forget values we create LCSSA phis for (details)
  576. [clangd] Add a hidden tweak to dump symbol under the cursor. (details)
  577. Fix unused variable warning. NFCI. (details)
  578. Revert "[NFC] Replace a linked list in LiveDebugVariables pass with a (details)
  579. Fix a spelling mistake in a comment. NFC (details)
  580. Fix a spelling mistake in a comment. NFC (details)
  581. Fix some spelling mistakes in comments. NFC (details)
  582. [LLDB] [PECOFF] Use FindSectionByID to associate symbols to sections (details)
  583. [IR] move helper function to replace undef constant (elements) with (details)
  584. [BitVector] Cast integer literals to BitWord [NFC] (details)
  585. [IR] move/change null-check to assert (details)
  586. [BitVector] Define BitWord as uintptr_t (details)
  587. [Hexagon] Handle remaining registers in getRegisterByName() (details)
  588. [InstCombine] add tests for icmp predicate canonicalization with vector (details)
  589. [bugpoint] Try to reduce passes after reducing everything. (details)
  590. [OPENMP]Fix PR43772: No warning in non-combined target regions. (details)
  591. [lldb][NFC] Make LLVMUserExpression::DoExecute return early (details)
  592. [clang] Add no_builtin attribute (details)
  593. [InstCombine] make icmp vector canonicalization safe for constant with (details)
  594. build: workaround stale caches (NFC) (details)
  595. build: make standalone builds work again (details)
  596. [X86] Pull out combineOrShiftToFunnelShift helper. NFCI. (details)
  597. Fix missing memcpy builtin on ppc64be See D68028 (details)
  598. [SLP] Generalization of stores vectorization. (details)
  599. Reland [AArch64][DebugInfo] Do not recompute CalleeSavedStackSize (Take (details)
  600. isBuiltinFunc() uses StringRef instead of const char* (details)
  601. [SLP] Fix -Wunused-variable. NFC (details)
  602. [LLDB][Python] fix another fflush issue on NetBSD (details)
  603. [lld] [ELF] Add '-z nognustack' opt to suppress emitting PT_GNU_STACK (details)
  604. [ELF] Delete redundant comment after D56554. NFC (details)
  605. [SVE][AArch64] Adding pattern matching for some SVE instructions. (details)
  606. Revert "[clang-format] Remove the dependency on frontend" (details)
  607. [libc++] Force the ABI namespace to be a reserved identifier (details)
  608. [X86][VBMI2] Add vector funnel shift tests (details)
  609. [globalisel][docs] Rewrite the pipeline overview (details)
  610. [LLDB] Fix for windows bots broken by unsupported tests (details)
  611. [X86] Narrow i64 compares with constant to i32 when the upper 32-bits (details)
  612. [lit] Make internal diff work in pipelines (details)
  613. [lit] Extend internal diff to support `-` argument (details)
  614. [Docs] Reflect the slow migration from guard to widenable condition (details)
  615. [SelectionDAG] Enable lowering unordered atomics loads w/LoadSDNode (and (details)
  616. [ValueObjectDisplay] Generalize the description of an option. (details)
  617. Fix argument numbering confusion when diagnosing a non-viable (details)
  618. [globalisel][docs] Rewrite the IRTranslator documentation (details)
  619. [globalisel][docs] Fix warning treated as error (details)
  620. [DWARF5] Added support for deleted C++ special member functions. (details)
  621. Accept __is_same_as as a GCC-compatibility synonym for the proper trait (details)
  622. [Headers] Fix compatibility between arm_acle.h and intrin.h (details)
  623. [LLDB][breakpoints] ArgInfo::count -> ArgInfo::max_positional_args (details)
  624. Replace std::function in PrintingPolicy with a callbacks object. (details)
  625. [LLD][ELF] Support --[no-]mmap-output-file with F_no_mmap (details)
  626. Thread safety analysis: Peel away NoOp implicit casts in initializers (details)
  627. [lit] Small improvements in (details)
  628. [lldbsuite] Remove unused support files (details)
  629. [lldbsuite] Remove pre_kill_hook package (details)
  630. [lldbsuite] Remove the DumpFormatter (details)
  631. [lldbsuite] Remove unused test_event files (details)
  632. [MS] Fix constexpr data member pointer conversions (details)
  633. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Legalize FDIV32 (details)
  634. Suppress useless GCC "bitfield is too small to hold all values of enum (details)
  635. Break out OrcError and RPC (details)
  636. [ADT] add equality operator for SmallSet (details)
  637. [lit] Refactor ordering of tests (details)
  638. [llvm-cov] Add option to whitelist filenames (details)
  639. gn build: (manually) merge a34680a3 (details)
  640. [WebAssembly][lld] Fix for static linking of PIC code (details)
  641. Revert "[llvm-cov] Add option to whitelist filenames" (details)
  642. [lli] Fix -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=on build (details)
  643. [lli-child-target] Fix -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=on build (details)
  644. [Orc][test] Fix -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=on build (details)
  645. [llvm-objcopy][MachO] Support indirect symbol table (details)
  646. [X86] Make memcmp vector lowering handle arbitrary expansions (details)
  647. [llvm-objcopy] Add REQUIRES directive to fix a test (details)
  648. [X86] Add test case for PR43758. NFC (details)
  649. [Target] Change PATCHABLE_EVENT_CALL/PATCHABLE_TYPED_EVENT_CALL to use (details)
  650. [PowerPC] Clear the sideeffect bit for those instructions that didn't (details)
  651. [AddressSanitizer] Only instrument globals of default address space (details)
  652. [] Fix invalid python string escape sequence (details)
  653. [Alignment] Use Align for TFI.getStackAlignment() in X86ISelLowering (details)
  654. [UpdateTestChecks] Fix invalid python string escapes (details)
  655. Enable OpenBSD support. (details)
  656. [llvm-objcopy] - Do not crash on object that has relocations but no (details)
  657. [clang][driver] Add basic --driver-mode=flang support for fortran (details)
  658. gn build: Merge 6bf55804924 (details)
  659. [AMDGPU] Consolidate one more getGeneration check (details)
  660. [AArch64][SVE] Implement additional integer arithmetic intrinsics (details)
  661. [X86] combineOrShiftToFunnelShift - use getShiftAmountTy instead of (details)
  662. [X86] combineOrShiftToFunnelShift - use isOperationLegalOrCustom to (details)
  663. [AArch64][SVE] Implement masked store intrinsics (details)
  664. [lldb] [test] Mark TestCustomShell XFAIL on *bsd as well (details)
  665. [ARM][AArch64][DebugInfo] Improve call site instruction interpretation (details)
  666. COFF: Set section permissions (details)
  667. [lldb-vscod] fix build with NDEBUG on windows (details)
  668. lldb-vscode: Add a forgotten cast to void (details)
  669. Rename a flang test case (details)
  670. [libomptarget] Always call malloc, free via SafeMalloc, SafeFree wrapper (details)
  671. [nfc][libomptarget] Move smid() into target_impl (details)
  672. minidump: Rename some architecture constants (details)
  673. LiveIntervals: Split live intervals on multiple dead defs (details)
  674. [ASTImporter] Add support for BuiltinTemplateDecl (details)
  675. [IR] Allow fast math flags on calls with floating point array type. (details)
  676. [compiler-rt] libhwasan interceptor ABI intercept longjmp/setjmp (details)
  677. [OPENMP50]Add support for parallel master taskloop simd directive. (details)
  678. [OPENMP][DOC]Update list of supported functions, NFC. (details)
  679. [OPENMP][DOC]Provide correct info about supported features, NFC. (details)
  680. [OpenMP] Reset affinity mask in the process child on FreeBSD (details)
  681. [NFC][LoopUnroll] Tests for peeling of first iteration (PR43840) (details)
  682. [bugpoint] Reduce metadata that does not contribute to crash. (details)
  683. [ObjectYAML] - Redefine LLVM_YAML_IS_SEQUENCE_VECTOR(llvm::yaml::Hex*) (details)
  684. [SelectionDAG] Add support for FP_ROUND in WidenVectorOperand. (details)
  685. [AArch64][MachineOutliner] Return address signing for outlined functions (details)
  686. [AIX] Lowering CPI/JTI/BA to MIR (details)
  687. gn build: (manually) merge 67474c60d34 (details)
  688. [LLD] - Fix a test after obj2yaml change. (details)
  689. Updating the documentation for the _Noreturn attribute; NFC. (details)
  690. [scudo][standalone] Add a free list to the Secondary (details)
  691. [SLPVectorizer] Use getAPInt() for comparison. NFCI. (details)
  692. Fix pattern error for S2_tstbit_i instruction (details)
  693. [ELF][test] Change references of %T to %t.dir (details)
  694. [nfc][libomptarget] Move named_sync() into target_impl (details)
  695. [NFC][MachineOutliner] Fix typo in comment (details)
  696. [LLDB][PythonFile] fix dangerous borrow semantics on python2 (details)
  697. [LLDB][Python] warning fix for LLDBSwigPythonBreakpointCallbackFunction (details)
  698. [clang][driver][flang] Mark test as unsupported on darwin (details)
  699. [AMDGPU] Simplify VCCZ bug handling (details)
  700. Add the readability-redundant-access-specifiers check. (details)
  701. [NFC] Move this set of STRICT_* cases to be next to the non-strict (details)
  702. [SLP] Vectorize jumbled stores. (details)
  703. Fix a false positive in misc-redundant-expression check (details)
  704. gn build: Merge 29dc0b17de6 (details)
  705. Fix modernize-use-nodiscard for classes marked [[nodiscard]] (details)
  706. Move this release note to its appropriate location; NFC. (details)
  707. Add an option to hicpp-signed-bitwise for positive integer literals. (details)
  708. [MSP430] adjust tests for Shift Amount Threshold; NFC (details)
  709. [MSP430] fix typo in test name; NFC (details)
  710. Fix readability-identifier-naming to prevent variables becoming (details)
  711. [sanitizer_common] Create max_allocation_size_mb flag. (details)
  712. [X86][SSE] combineX86ShuffleChain - use (details)
  713. [X86] Add FIXME comment to merge more of computeZeroableShuffleElements (details)
  714. [LegacyPassManager] Delete BasicBlockPass/Manager. (details)
  715. [DebugInfo][DAG] Distinguish different kinds of location indirection (details)
  716. [PowerPC][AIX] Adds support for writing the data section in object files (details)
  717. [globalisel][docs] Fix a label that was renamed (details)
  718. Revert "[NFC] Rename LLVM_NO_DEAD_STRIP" (details)
  719. [AArch64] Remove overlapping scheduling definitions (NFC) (details)
  720. [X86] Regenerate memmove vector width tests (details)
  721. [X86][SSE] Regenerate vector-rem tests (details)
  722. [globalisel][docs] Add a pass index (details)
  723. DebugServer: be more lenient about the target triple (details)
  724. [JITLink] Add a utility for splitting blocks at a given index. (details)
  725. gn build: Merge b9d8e23b806 (details)
  726. [clang][llvm] Obsolete Exynos M1 and M2 (details)
  727. [JITLink] Add missing include, explicitly qualify STLExtras functions. (details)
  728. [JITLink] Remove relocation unit tests. (details)
  729. gn build: Merge cd24a00bd32 (details)
  730. Fix __attribute__((enable_if)) to treat arguments with side-effects as (details)
  731. [globalisel][docs] Rework the Legalizer page slightly (details)
  732. Add a test file that was missed in (details)
  733. Add a test file that was missed in (details)
  734. [ReleaseNotes] Add item on deleting the BasicBlockPass(Manager). (details)
  735. [X86] Precommit new tests from D68757. NFC (details)
  736. [X86] Rewrite hasReassociableOperands and setSpecialOperandAttr to not (details)
  737. RegAllocFast: Use Register (details)
  738. AMDGPU: Don't fold S_NOPs with implicit operands (details)
  739. [clang][clang-scan-deps] Add support for extracting full module (details)
  740. [globalisel][docs] Add the tutorial to the Porting document (details)
  741. AMDGPU: Disallow spill folding with m0 copies (details)
  742. [MS] Don't reference deleted copy ctors from catchable types (details)
  743. [X86] Model MXCSR for all SSE instructions (details)
  744. [lit] Extract `_install_win32_signal_handler` function (details)
  745. [lit] Add helper for `test.result.code.isFailure` (details)
  746. [lit] Change progress bar color to red on first failure (details)
  747. Revert "[clang][clang-scan-deps] Add support for extracting full module (details)
  748. Fix -Wsign-compare warning with clang-cl (details)
  749. [clang][clang-scan-deps] Add support for extracting full module (details)
  750. gn build: Merge 33a745e6fe7 (details)
  751. Disable new clang-scan-deps test on Windows due to backslash path (details)
  752. [libc++] Add test and remove workaround for PR13592 (details)
  753. [clang][ScanDeps] Fix shadowing warning. (details)
  754. Run clang-format on lldb/source/Commands (NFC) (details)
  755. [lit] Silence warning about importing the resource module on Windows (details)
  756. [InstCombine] keep assumption before sinking calls (details)
  757. [Builtins] Fix bug where powerpc builtins specializations didn't remove (details)
  758. Revert "[Builtins] Downgrade duplicate source file warning from a fatal (details)
  759. [lit] Add missing import (details)
  760. [CodeView] Add option to disable inline line tables. (details)
  761. Revert "[CodeView] Add option to disable inline line tables." because it (details)
  762. [JITLink] Move block ownership from LinkGraph to Section. (details)
  763. [ThinLTO/WPD] Fix index-based WPD for available_externally vtables (details)
  764. Only ask once if we have no commands.  NFC. (details)
  765. Run clang-format on lib/CodeGen/CGCall.h and fix indentation (details)
  766. [clang-tidy] Regenerate clang-tidy check list 📋 (details)
  767. [GISel][CombinerHelper] Combine shuffle_vector scalar to build_vector (details)
  768. [Utils] Allow update_test_checks to check function information (details)
  769. [Attributor] Automatically deal with undef values for IRAttributes (details)
  770. [Attributor][NFC] Simplify the IRPosition interface (details)
  771. [Attributor][NFC] Do not record dependences on fixed attributes (details)
  772. [Attributor][NFC] Eagerly mark attributes as fixed. (details)
  773. [AArch64][SVE] Add patterns for some integer vector instructions (details)
  774. [Attributor] Add "free"-based heap2stack deduction (details)
  775. [libomptarget] Change nvcc compilation to use a unity build (details)
  776. comment typo fix to cycle bots (details)
  777. [MustExecute] Forward iterate over conditional branches (details)
  778. [Attributor][NFC] Do not delete dead blocks but "clear" them (details)
  779. [Attributor] Liveness for values (details)
  780. [llvm-objcopy][MachO] Implement --strip-all (details)
  781. [Attributor] Make liveness "edge-based" (details)
  782. [Attributor][FIX] Unbreak buildbot through test correction (details)
  783. [Attributor][NFCI] Improve the usage of IntegerStates (details)
  784. [libunwind] [Windows] Add a log message if EnumProcessModules fails (details)
  785. [clangd] Add parameter renaming to define-inline code action (details)
  786. [MustExecute] Silence clang warning about unused captured 'this' (details)
  787. [Diagnostics] Warn for std::is_constant_evaluated in constexpr mode (details)
  788. [llvm-readelf/llvm-readobj] - Improve dumping of broken versioning (details)
  789. Revert "[SLP] Vectorize jumbled stores." (details)
  790. [LLDB] [PECOFF] Don't crash in ReadImageDataByRVA for addresses out of (details)
  791. [LLDB] [Windows] Remove a TODO which probably won't be implemented (details)
  792. [LLDB] [PECOFF] Fix error handling for executables that (details)
  793. [LLDB] [Windows] Fix Windows-specific race condition in LLDB for session (details)
  794. [yaml2obj/obj2yaml] - Add support for SHT_GNU_HASH section. (details)
  795. [lldb/lit] Introduce %clang_host substitutions (details)
  796. [cfi] Add flag to always generate .debug_frame (details)
  797. [lldb] Fix offset intersection bug between MPX and AVX registers (details)
  798. [Test] Add a unit test exposing lack of SCEV invalidation in LICM during (details)
  799. minidump: Add an "arm64" constant (details)
  800. minidump: Create memory regions from the sections of loaded modules (details)
  801. [LICM] Invalidate SCEV upon instruction hoisting (details)
  802. [X86][SSE] Convert computeZeroableShuffleElements to emit KnownUndef and (details)
  803. Make flang driver stuff work on macOS (details)
  804. gn build: (manually) merge b32bae6f760 (details)
  805. [clang][analyzer] Using CallDescription in StreamChecker. (details)
  806. Build fix after 4b6597f (details)
  807. comment typo fix to cycle bots (details)
  808. [llvm-objcopy] Preserve .ARM.attributes section when stripping files (details)
  809. [PatternMatch] Add m_WithOverflowInst and m_ExtractValue matchers (details)
  810. [clangd] Add fno-delayed-parsing to new define inline tests (details)
  811. [clangd] Fix namespace aliases in findExplicitReferences (details)
  812. Revert "[DebugInfo] MachineSink: find more DBG_VALUEs to sink" (details)
  813. Revert "[DebugInfo] MachineSink: Insert undef DBG_VALUEs when sinking (details)
  814. [InstCombine] Canonicalize uadd.with.overflow to uadd.sat (details)
  815. gn build: (manually) merge cd24a00 more (details)
  816. [test][DebugInfo] Add the test for ARM call site parameters (details)
  817. Import Dexter to debuginfo-tests (details)
  818. [MachineOutliner][NFC] Fix FileCheck regex in two of test-cases (details)
  819. [TII] Use optional destination and source pair as a return value; NFC (details)
  820. AMDGPU: Simplify getAddressSpace calls (details)
  821. DAG: Add new control for ISD::FMAD formation (details)
  822. [clang-format] Fix SpacesInSquareBrackets for Lambdas with Initial (details)
  823. [InstCombine] regenerate test checks; NFC (details)
  824. [llvm-objcopy] --add-symbol: address post-commit reviews of D69093 (details)
  825. Fix missing memcpy, memmove and memset tail calls (details)
  826. Revert "Import Dexter to debuginfo-tests" (details)
  827. Upstream diff from swift-lldb. (details)
  828. [lldb] [test/API] Fix testcases symlink (details)
  829. Reapply "Import Dexter to debuginfo-tests"" (details)
  830. [InstCombine] simplify fcmp+select canonicalization; NFCI (details)
  831. [nfc][libomptarget] Reorganise support header (details)
  832. [FIX] Make LSan happy by *not* leaking memory (details)
  833. [msan] Blacklist __gxx_personality_v0. (details)
  834. [lit] Rename ProgressDisplay -> Display (details)
  835. [AArch64] Select saturating Neon instructions (details)
  836. Fix initialization-order-fiasco error in "Add a heap alloc site marker (details)
  837. [IPCP] Bail on extractvalue's with more than 1 index. (details)
  838. Sort HWASAN_RTL_SOURCES alphabetically (NFC). (details)
  839. Revert rG57ee0435bd47f23f3939f402914c231b4f65ca5e - [TII] Use optional (details)
  840. [InstCombine] add fast-math-flags for better test coverage; NFC (details)
  841. [X86] Enable YMM memcmp with AVX1 (details)
  842. XFAIL dexter tests on Darwin. (details)
  843. [lit] Fix internal env calling other internal commands (details)
  844. [lit] Always print newline before test time/summary (details)
  845. [lit] Extract Display.print_header function (details)
  846. [Utils][FIX] Unbreak update_XXX_test_checks after 3598b810029d (details)
  847. [InstCombine] Add the test that triggered the D60846 revert (details)
  848. [Symbol] Change ClangASTContext::GetCXXClassName return type (details)
  849. Revert rG0e252ae19ff8d99a59d64442c38eeafa5825d441 : [X86] Enable YMM (details)
  850. [ValueTracking] Allow context-sensitive nullness check for non-pointers (details)
  851. [Attributor] Make AANonNull perform context sensitive queries (details)
  852. [SLP] Vectorize jumbled stores. (details)
  853. [Attributor] Really use the executed-context (details)
  854. [PGO][PGSO] TargetLowering/TargetTransformationInfo/SwitchLoweringUtils (details)
  855. [AArch64] Update for Exynos (details)
  856. gn build: (manually) merge ec66603ac7 (details)
  857. Revert "gn build: (manually) merge ec66603ac7" (details)
  858. [X86] Remove FSIN/FCOS isel patterns and the pseudo instructions that (details)
  859. [asan] Provide an interface to update an allocation stack trace. (details)
  860. [asan] Fix lint failure in asan_interface.h (details)
  861. [PGO][PGSO] Fix -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=on builds after (details)
  862. gn build: s/target_/current_/g in compiler-rt/lib/{builtins,profile}. (details)
  863. Fix typeo in CPU_TYPE_ARM64_32 for older SDKs. (details)
  864. Fix compiler-rt build on macOS without XCode (details)
  865. [compiler-rt] Use xcrun instead of xcodebuild to find the SDK directory (details)
  866. [] Pass the builtin include dir to clang (details)
  867. Remove unneeded template alias, causes issues with some MSVC version (details)
  868. [clang][ScanDeps] Fix issue with multiple commands with the same input. (details)
  869. [WebAssembly] Expand setcc of v2i64 (details)
  870. [LVI] Regenerate test checks; NFC (details)
  871. [CVP] Add tests for icmp on local ranges; NFC (details)
  872. Refactor getDeclAtPosition() to use SelectionTree + targetDecl() (details)
  873. [scudo][standalone] Fix Secondary bug w/ freelist (details)
  874. [mca] Fix test case (NFC) (details)
  875. [WebAssembly] Handle multiple loads of splatted loads (details)
  876. [X86] add mayRaiseFPException flag and FPCW registers for X87 (details)
  877. [LV] Add test case that was supposed to go with D67948 (details)
  878. Fix undefined variable bug in debuginfotests (details)
  879. Quote path to Python 3 executable in case it contains spaces (details)
  880. [Remarks] Add support for linking remarks (details)
  881. gn build: Add support for cross-compiling the builtins and profile (details)
  882. [Remarks] Fix error message check in unit test (details)
  883. Fix a few typos in SourceLevelDebugging.rst (details)
  884. [profile] Clean up stale raw profiles in instrprof-write-file.c (details)
  885. [profile] Add a mode to continuously sync counter updates to a file (details)
  886. Revert "[X86] add mayRaiseFPException flag and FPCW registers for X87 (details)
  887. gn build: Merge e72e59e9028 (details)
  888. [profile] Speculative fix for Windows after D68351 (details)
  889. [profile] Second speculative fix for Windows (details)
  890. [profile] Third speculative fix for Windows after D68351 (details)
  891. Revert "[WebAssembly] Expand setcc of v2i64" (details)
  892. [profile] Fourth fix for toolchains without zlib after D68351 (details)
  893. Revert "[WebAssembly] Handle multiple loads of splatted loads" (details)
  894. [profile] Fifth speculative fix for Android after D68351 (details)
  895. [nfc][omptarget] Use builtin var abstraction. Second pass at D69476 (details)
  896. [CodeGen] Fix invalid llvm.linker.options about pragma detect_mismatch (details)
  897. [clang][driver] Add ProfileData to LLVM_LINK_COMPONENTS (details)
  898. Reland "[WebAssembly] Handle multiple loads of splatted loads" (details)
  899. clang: Fix assert on void pointer arithmetic with address_space (details)
  900. Fix update_mir_test_checks after 3598b8100 (details)
  901. [WebAssembly] SIMD integer min and max instructions (details)
  902. DAG: Add DAG argument to isFPExtFoldable (details)
  903. [utils] Reflow asm check generation to tolerate blank lines (details)
  904. [X86] Reland: Enable YMM memcmp with AVX1 (details)
  905. AMDGPU: Add default denormal mode to MachineFunctionInfo (details)
  906. [compiler-rt] [profile] Fix building for MinGW after d889d1efefe9f (details)
  907. [GlobalISel] Match table opt: fix a bug in matching num of operands (details)
  908. [AArch64][SVE] Implement several floating-point arithmetic intrinsics (details)
  909. [NFC][llvm-readobj] Pull common code into a helper (details)
  910. [NFC][llvm-readobj] Split getSectionIndexName function into two (details)
  911. [LegacyPM] Fix pass structure dumping (details)
  912. [MIPS GlobalISel] Improve reg bank handling in MipsInstructionSelector (details)
  913. Fix a brain-fail with debuginfo-tests/dexter internal tests (details)
  914. [libcxx] Disable -Wconstant-evaluated for testsuite (details)
  915. Unmask dexter debuginfo tests on Darwin (details)
  916. [SLP] avoid 'tmp' value name conflict with auto-generated CHECK script; (details)
  917. [SLP] avoid 'tmp' value name conflict with auto-generated CHECK script; (details)
  918. [SLP] avoid 'tmp' value name conflict with auto-generated CHECK script; (details)
  919. [Dexter] Cope better with empty source locations (details)
  920. [Dexter] Account for another no-lineno scenario (details)
  921. [LIBOMPTARGET]Call GetLaneId function, do not use its address in debug (details)
  922. [OpenCL] Support -fdeclare-opencl-builtins in C++ mode (details)
  923. [Dexter] Continue sprinking no-location fixes (details)
  924. [Object] Remove extra space in error message (details)
  925. [AArch64] Output the pseudo SPACE in asm and object files (details)
  926. [clang-tidy] New checker performance-trivially-destructible-check (details)
  927. gn build: Merge d36a0333102 (details)
  928. [LDV][RAGreedy] Inform LiveDebugVariables about new VRegs added by (details)
  929. [libomptarget] Implement target_impl for amdgcn (details)
  930. [libTooling] Add Stencil constructor. (details)
  931. Revert "[AArch64][MachineOutliner] Return address signing for outlined (details)
  932. [InstCombine] regenerate test checks; NFC (details)
  933. llvm-config: emit the C++ standard flag into CXXFLAGS (details)
  934. Remove unnecessary unit test dependencies. (details)
  935. [Utils] Hide the default behavior change of D68819 under a flag (details)
  936. [X86] Fix -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=on builds after (details)
  937. Revert "[LLD][ThinLTO] Handle GUID collision in import global (details)
  938. Disable exceptions in libfuzzer's copy of libcxxabi. (details)
  939. [X86] isFNEG - use switch() instead of if-else tree. NFCI. (details)
  940. [Support] Use /proc/self/exe for GNU Hurd (details)
  941. Reland "[WebAssembly] Expand setcc of v2i64" (details)
  942. [LV] Move interleave_short_tc.ll into the X86 directory to hopefully (details)
  943. [WebAssembly] Add experimental SIMD dot product instruction (details)
  944. Add MemTagSanitizer documentation. (details)
  945. [dsymutil] Add DW_TAG_common_block to dieNeedsChildrenToBeMeaningful (details)
  946. [X86][AVX] Add support for and/or scalar bool reduction with AVX512 mask (details)
  947. Illustrate a redirector using the example of round function from math.h. (details)
  948. [MIPS GlobalISel] Fix -Wunused-variable in -DLLVM_ENABLE_ASSERTIONS=off (details)
  949. [lit] Fix internal env calling env (details)
  950. [debuginfo-tests] Don't look for Python 3 if we already have it (details)
  951. Reapply [LLDB] [test] Use %clang_cl instead of in a few tests (details)
  952. [CMake] Add cross Windows to ARM Linux toolchain CMake cache file. (details)
  953. Warn when an output section name is longer than 8 characters (details)
  954. [X86] Change the behavior of canWidenShuffleElements used by (details)
  955. [NFC]: Removed an implicit capture argument from lambda. (details)
  956. [WinCFG] Handle constant casts carefully in .gfids emission (details)
  957. Recommit "[ThinLTO] Handle GUID collision in import global processing"" (details)
  958. [amdgpu] Fix known bits compuation on `MUL_I24`/`MUL_U24`. (details)
  959. [JT][CVP] Regenerate test checks, again (details)
  960. [MachineBasicBlock] Skip over debug instructions in (details)
  961. [TargetLowering] Move the setBooleanContents check on (xor (setcc), (details)
  962. DebugInfo: (NFC) Refactor DWARF version calculation to make a future (details)
  963. DebugInfo: Streamline debug_ranges/rnglists/rnglists.dwo emission code (details)
  964. [NewPM] Add an SROA pass after loop unroll (details)
  965. DebugInfo: Let -gdwarf use the toolchain default DWARF version, instead (details)
  966. DebugInfo: Accept -gdwarf even in clang-cl (details)
  967. [dsymutil] Add support for linking remarks (details)
  968. [dsymutil] Require darwin in fat binary test (details)
  969. Don't assume that __cxa_current_exception_type exists. (details)
  970. [dsymutil] Second attempt to fix dsymutil tests on non-darwin platforms (details)
  971. [X86] add mayRaiseFPException flag and FPCW registers for X87 (details)
  972. [X86] Model MXCSR for MMX FP instructions (details)
  973. [Attributor][NFCI] Remove obsolete code (details)
  974. [Attributor][FIX] NoCapture is not a subsuming property (details)
  975. [Attributor][NFCI] Avoid unnecessary work except for testing (details)
  976. [Attributor][FIX] Make value simplification aware of "complicated" (details)
  977. [Attributor][FIX] Handle the default case of a switch (details)
  978. [Attributor][FIX] Make AAValueSimplifyArgument aware of thread-dependent (details)
  979. [Attributor] `willreturn` + `noreturn` = UB (details)
  980. [Attributor][FIX] Make "known" and "assumed" liveness explicit (details)
  981. [Attributor][FIX] Transform invoke of nounwind to call + br %normal_dest (details)
  982. [Attributor][FIX] Do not try to cast if a cast is not required (details)
  983. [X86] Remove FeatureSSE3 from the implies list of HasFastHorizontalOps. (details)
  984. [AbstractCallSite][FIX] Correct faulty assertion (details)
  985. [Attributor] Ignore BlockAddress users in call site traversal (details)
  986. [X86][NFC] Fix buildbot failure on clang-x64-windows-msvc after commit (details)
  987. [IR] Avoid use of PointerType::getElementType() in one of the CallBrInst (details)
  988. python path should be platform-dependent (details)
  989. Revert BCmp Loop Idiom recognition transform (PR43870) (details)
  990. [X86] Move computeZeroableShuffleElements before (details)
  991. Fix uninitialized variable warning. NFCI. (details)
  992. NoFree argument attribute. (details)
  993. [Codegen] Both sides of '&&' are same; fixed (details)
  994. CustomTypeNode/SpecialTableSymbolNode - fix uninitialized variable (details)
  995. TargetMachine - fix uninitialized variable warning. NFCI. (details)
  996. Revert "NoFree argument attribute." (details)
  997. make -ftime-trace also trace time spent creating debug info (details)
  998. Revert "[Codegen] Both sides of '&&' are same; fixed" (details)
  999. Fix uninitialized variable warning. NFCI. (details)
  1000. Fix uninitialized variable warnings. NFCI. (details)
  1001. DIEAbbrev - fix uninitialized variable warning. NFCI. (details)
  1002. X86AsmPrinter - fix uninitialized variable warnings. NFCI. (details)
  1003. llvm.coverage.FunctionRecord - fix uninitialized variable warning. NFCI. (details)
  1004. FastISel - fix uninitialized variable warnings in constructor. NFCI. (details)
  1005. NoFree argument attribute. (details)
  1006. X86Operand::print - fix SymName shadow variable warning. NFCI. (details)
  1007. X86_MC::createX86MCSubtargetInfo - X86_MC::ParseX86Triple never returns (details)
  1008. build: avoid custom handling for C++ standard (details)
  1009. [LegacyPassManager] Fixed "null check after derefencing" warning (details)
  1010. GSYMTest::TestLineTable - check all LT1+LT2 comparisons. (details)
  1011. ARMAttributeParser - fix shadow variable name warnings from (details)
  1012. Fix -Wreorder warnings. NFCI. (details)
  1013. [Attributor][NFCI] Distinguish optional and required dependences (details)
  1014. [Attributor][NFCI] Do not track unnecessary dependences (details)
  1015. MatchTableRecord::emit - fix boolean operator precedence warnings from (details)
  1016. isImmPCRel/isImmSigned - both functions should return bool not unsigned. (details)
  1017. [LV] Generalize conditions for sinking instrs for first order (details)
  1018. isConditionalBranch/isUnconditionalBranch - use boolean operators. NFCI. (details)
  1019. A15SDOptimizer::getPrefSPRLane - fix null dereference warning. NFCI (details)
  1020. [mips] Split long lines in the code. NFC (details)
  1021. [mips] Remove trailing spaces. NFC (details)
  1022. CodeGen/DIE.h: prefer the default member initializer to the member (details)
  1023. TargetParserTest - testARMArch - stop bitwise operators on boolean (details)
  1024. Stop static analyzer warnings about using bitwise operators on booleans. (details)

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