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Build Log

  1. gn build: Change scudo's list of supported platforms to a whitelist. (details)
  2. Add matchDynamic convenience functions (details)
  3. [lldb/Reproducer] Disable test on Windows to unblock the bot. (details)
  4. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Add support for selection of vector G_SHL with (details)
  5. [c++20] Determine whether a defaulted comparison should be deleted or (details)
  6. Move variable only used in an assert into the assert itself. (details)
  7. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Add missing default statement to a switch in the (details)
  8. Driver: Don't look for libc++ headers in the install directory on (details)
  9. Fetch sources from GitHub instead of SVN (details)
  10. [PowerPC] Fix MI peephole optimization for splats (details)
  11. [VPlan] Rename VPlanHCFGTransforms to VPlanTransforms (NFC). (details)
  12. gn build: Merge e60b36cf92e (details)
  13. [FPEnv] Constrained FCmp intrinsics (details)
  14. [OpenMP] Require trivially copyable type for mapping (details)
  15. [SimplifyCFG] Handle AssumptionCache being null. (details)
  16. [BPF] Support weak global variables for BTF (details)
  17. [SimplifyCFG] Account for N being null. (details)
  18. Optionally exclude bitfield definitions from magic numbers check (details)
  19. [SystemZ] Fix build bot failures (details)
  20. Symbol: use elaborated types for `DataExtractor` (details)
  21. [LV] Pick correct BB as insert point when fixing PHI for FORs. (details)
  22. [clangd] Navigation from definition of template specialization to (details)
  23. [ARM] Disable VLD4 under MVE (details)
  24. [ARM] Attempt to use whole register vmovs for MVE shuffles. (details)
  25. [llvm-dwarfdump][Statistics] Unify coverage statistic computation (details)
  26. Revert "Driver: Don't look for libc++ headers in the install directory (details)
  27. [InstSimplify] fold copysign with negated operand (details)
  28. Fix typo in the AST Matcher Reference doc Closes: #54 (details)
  29. [InstSimplify] fold copysign with negated operand, part 2 (details)
  30. [Frontend] Allow OpenMP offloading to aarch64 (details)
  31. [NFC][LivePhysRegs] Fix incorrect comment (details)
  32. [lldb/SWIG] Guard embedded Python code in SWIG interfaces by SWIGPYTHON (details)
  33. Fix a few doc typos, to cycle bots. (details)
  34. [PowerPC] Automatically generate store-constant.ll . NFC (details)
  35. Fix for build bot failure. For more details see: (details)
  36. [c++20] Synthesis of defaulted comparison functions. (details)
  37. Revert 393dacacf7e7 "[ARM] Enable TypePromotion by default" (details)
  38. [lldb] Add a test for how we lazily create Clang AST nodes (details)
  39. [compiler-rt] Add a critical section when flushing gcov counters (details)
  40. [DebugInfo] Make describeLoadedValue() reg aware (details)
  41. Revert "[DebugInfo] Make describeLoadedValue() reg aware" (details)
  42. [lldb] Support for DWARF-5 atomic types (details)
  43. [DebugInfo] Make describeLoadedValue() reg aware (details)
  44. [cmake] Disable GCC 9's -Wredundant-move (details)
  45. Reland "[AST] Traverse the class type loc inside the member type loc."" (details)
  46. [ARM] Additional tests and minor formatting. NFC (details)
  47. [ARM] Teach the Arm cost model that a Shift can be folded into other (details)
  48. gn build: Merge 6d5c273500a (details)
  49. [OpenCL] Handle address space conversions for constexpr (PR44177) (details)
  50. [clang][Tooling] Fix potential UB in (details)
  51. [ARM] Enable MVE masked loads and stores (details)
  52. [CommandLine] Add missing Callbacks (details)
  53. [lldb] Xfail for aarch64/linux (details)
  54. [ARM] Add missing REQUIRES: asserts to test. NFC (details)
  55. [ARM][MVE] Add complex vector intrinsics (details)
  56. [test][tools] Add missing and improve testing (details)
  57. [lldb] Improve/fix base address selection in location lists (details)
  58. [lldb/DWARF] Switch to llvm location list parser (details)
  59. [Attr] Add missing header for clang example. (details)
  60. [DebugInfo] Nerf placeDbgValues, with prejudice (details)
  61. [DebugInfo][EarlyCSE] Use the salvageDebugInfoOrMarkUndef(); NFC (details)
  62. [RISCV] Machine Operand Flag Serialization (details)
  63. [Parser] Don't crash on MS assembly if target desc/asm parser isn't (details)
  64. [RISCV] Fix mir-target-flags.ll (details)
  65. [clangd] Allow extract-to-function on regions that always return. (details)
  66. [test][llvm-cxxfilt] Fix darwin build bot (details)
  67. [lldb] Remove Xfail decorators from steadily passing tests (details)
  68. Fix build bot fails due to the patch here: (details)
  69. [test][llvm-cxxfilt] Add missing '-n' (details)
  70. Fix compilation warning from GCC7. NFC. (details)
  71. [clangd] Use expansion location when the ref is inside macros. (details)
  72. [ModuloSchedule] Fix data types in ModuloScheduleExpander::isLoopCarried (details)
  73. [ARM][MVE] Add intrinsics for immediate shifts. (details)
  74. [llvm][VFABI] Add more testing for LLVM internal mangling. (details)
  75. [clangd] Implement range patching heuristics for cross-file rename. (details)
  76. Fix the compiler warnings: "-Winconsistent-missing-override", (details)
  77. [GWP-ASan] 32-bit test pointers, allow multi-init for test. (details)
  78. [ARM] Fix NEON failure introduced by D71065. (details)
  79. [lldb][CMake] Fix build for the case of custom libedit installation (details)
  80. [lldb/SWIG] Guard Python type map in SWIG interface by SWIGPYTHON (details)
  81. [PowerPC] Refactor FinishCall. [NFC] (details)
  82. [ARM][MVE][Intrinsics] Add VMULL[BT]Q_(INT|POLY) intrinsics. (details)
  83. [ARM][MVE][Intrinsics] Add VQADDQ, VHADDQ, VRHADDQ, VQSUBQ, VHSUBQ, (details)
  84. [clangd] Delete default arguments while moving functions out-of-line (details)
  85. [clangd] Delete ctor initializers while moving functions out-of-line (details)
  86. [lldb] Clean up accidentally passing (details)
  87. Reland 198fbcb8, "Driver: Don't look for libc++ headers in the install (details)
  88. scudo: Add a basic malloc/free benchmark. (details)
  89. Magic number checker shouldn't warn on user defined string literals (details)
  90. [clangd] also filter out another possible diag from MS ASM syntax (details)
  91. The field ‘totalFrames’ which is total number of frames available, is (details)
  92. [PowerPC][NFC] Rename ANDI(S)o8 to ANDI(S)8o (details)
  93. [InstCombine] add tests for shuffle with insertelement operand; NFC (details)
  94. Fix clang -Wcovered-switch-default after (details)
  95. [clang][IFS] Allow 2 output files when using -o and -c with clang IFS (details)
  96. [c++20] Fix incorrect assumptions in checks for comparison category (details)
  97. [Attr] Move ParsedTargetAttr out of the TargetAttr class (details)
  98. [PGO][PGSO] Instrument the code gen / target passes. (details)
  99. Include Stmt.h where it seems to be necessary for modules builds (details)
  100. [ValueTracking] Allow context-sensitive nullness check for non-pointers (details)
  101. [IPConstantProp][NFCI] Improve and modernize tests (details)
  102. [libc] Add implementation of errno and define the other macros of (details)
  103. [PowerPC] [NFC] Cleanup xxpermdi peephole optimization (details)
  104. [hwasan] Offline symbolization script. (details)
  105. Implement LWG#1203 for raw_ostream. (details)
  106. Also synthesize _cmd and self for properties (details)
  107. [FormatManager] Provide a single entrypoint for GetCandidateLanguages(). (details)
  108. [c++20] Defaulted comparison support for array members. (details)
  109. [AArch64][SVE] Implement SPLAT_VECTOR for i1 vectors. (details)
  110. [Codegen][X86] Modernize/regenerate old tests. NFCI. (details)
  111. [ConstantFold][SVE] Fix constant folding for shufflevector. (details)
  112. Avoid Attr.h includes, CodeGen edition (details)
  113. Revert "[ARM][MVE] Add intrinsics for immediate shifts." and two (details)
  114. add support for strict operation fpextend/fpround/fsqrt on X86 backend (details)
  115. [FormatManager] GetCandidateLanguages shouldn't know about ValueObject. (details)
  116. [llvm/dwarfdump] Use the architecture string to filter. (details)
  117. [NFC] Add { } to silence compiler warning [-Wmissing-braces]. (details)
  118. [c++20] Fix handling of unqualified lookups from a defaulted comparison (details)
  119. Remove unused Unit test directory for xray. (details)
  120. [NFC][MacroFusion] Adding the assertion if someone want to fuse more (details)
  121. Turn off unused variable checking here since we're explicitly adding a (details)
  122. [MC] Delete MCCodePadder (details)
  123. Revert "[compiler-rt] Add a critical section when flushing gcov (details)
  124. [NFCi][llvm][MIRVRegNamerUtils] Making some code cleanup and stylistic (details)
  125. [Remarks][Driver] Error on -foptimization-record-file with multiple (details)
  126. Remove implicit conversion that promotes half to other larger precision (details)
  127. [BPF] Support to emit debugInfo for extern variables (details)
  128. [OpenMP][NFCI] Introduce llvm/IR/OpenMPConstants.h (details)
  129. [llvm-readobj][test] - Move platform specific test cases and their (details)
  130. [clangd] Simplify code using findName. NFC (details)
  131. Add more diff -b to roundtrip-compress.test (details)
  132. [llvm-readelf/llvm-readobj] - Improved the error reporting in a few (details)
  133. Add testcases exposing PR44135 (details)
  134. [LegalizeTypes] Bugfixes for big-endian targets when handling BITCASTs (details)
  135. [AArch64][SVE] Add wide compare immediate patterns (details)
  136. [TableGen] Permit dag operators to be unset. (details)
  137. Only Remove implicit conversion for the target that support fp16 (details)
  138. gn build: (manually) merge eb3e81f43 (details)
  139. [AArch64] Fix issues with large arrays on stack (details)
  140. [LLDB] [PECOFF] Make sure to set the address byte size in m_data after (details)
  141. [lldb][NFC] Make g_TotalSizeOfMetadata in (details)
  142. [lldb] Centralize type "desugaring" logic in ClangASTContext (details)
  143. [TypePromotion] Query target register width (details)
  144. add test for previous commit (details)
  145. [lldb] Actually enable wchar support in Editline when it is defined in (details)
  146. Reapply: [DebugInfo] Recover debug intrinsics when killing (details)
  147. [DWARF][RISCV] Test resolving of RISC-V relocations (details)
  148. [Alignment][NFC] CreateMemSet use MaybeAlign (details)
  149. [Docs] Improve SLP code snippet (details)
  150. [InstCombine] replace shuffle's insertelement operand if inserted scalar (details)
  151. [scudo][standalone] Define hasHardwareCRC32 for other archs (details)
  152. [test][llvm-cxxfilt] Improve comment for clarity (details)
  153. [DebugInfo] Support to emit debugInfo for extern variables (details)
  154. [BUG-FIX][XCOFF] fixed a bug of XCOFFObjectFile.cpp when there is (details)
  155. [ARM][MVE] Refactor complex vector intrinsics [NFCI] (details)
  156. [VectorUtils] Introduce the Vector Function Database (VFDatabase). (details)
  157. [RISCV] Improve assembler missing feature warnings (details)
  158. [analyzer] Keep track of escaped locals (details)
  159. [ELF] Refine section group --gc-sections rules to not discard (details)
  160. [ELF] --icf: do not fold preemptible symbols (details)
  161. [OPENMP50]Add if clause in target parallel for simd directive. (details)
  162. [VectorUtils] Fix -Wunused-private-field after D67572 (details)
  163. [profile] Add explanatory comments to instrprof-darwin-exports.c, NFC (details)
  164. [OPENMP]Remove extra space from error message. (details)
  165. [FPEnv] clang support for constrained FP builtins (details)
  166. Revert 30e8f80fd5a4 "[DebugInfo] Don't create multiple DBG_VALUEs when (details)
  167. Replace redundant code in FormatManager and FormatCache with templates (details)
  168. Fix bug 44190 - wrong code with #pragma pack(1) (details)
  169. [lldb/Reproducers] Support multiple GDB remotes (details)
  170. [lldb/Host] Use Host/Config.h entries instead of a global define. (details)
  171. Fix a -Wsign-compare error around wchar_t vs unsigned int. (details)
  172. Fix -Wincomplete-umbrella warning in the modules build (details)
  173. Assert launch success in run_to_breakpoint_do_run (details)
  174. [BPF] put not-section-attribute externs into BTF ".extern" data section (details)
  175. [DWARF5] Start emitting DW_AT_dwo_name when -gdwarf-5 is specified. (details)
  176. [cxx_status] Add missed Belfast paper affecting three-way comparisons. (details)
  177. Add missed #include in llvmorg-10-init-11532-g848934c67d4. (details)
  178. Revert "[DWARF5] Start emitting DW_AT_dwo_name when -gdwarf-5 is (details)
  179. Recommit "[DWARF5] Start emitting DW_AT_dwo_name when -gdwarf-5 is (details)
  180. scudo: Move getChunkFromBlock() allocated check into caller. NFCI. (details)
  181. scudo: Tweak how we align UserPtr. NFCI. (details)
  182. [Wdocumentation] Use the command marker. (details)
  183. [Wdocumentation] Properly place deprecated attribute (details)
  184. [Wdocumentation] Use C2x/C++14 deprecated attribute (details)
  185. [clangd] Fix an incorrect expectedResult usage in rename test. (details)
  186. Temporarily revert [lldb] e81268d - [lldb/Reproducers] Support multiple (details)
  187. [OPENMP50]Add if clause in target simd directive. (details)
  188. [lldb] Add #include to appease the modules build (details)
  189. Deprecate the hasDefaultArgument matcher (details)
  190. [DebugInfo] Refactored macro related generation, added a test case for (details)
  191. [cxx_status] Fix table layout. (details)
  192. [c++20] Return type deduction for defaulted three-way comparisons. (details)
  193. [Remarks][Docs] Enhance documentation for opt-remarks driver options (details)
  194. [OPENMP50]Do not mark the function as used if referenced only in declare (details)
  195. [libcxx] [test] Query the target platform, not the host one (details)
  196. Debug Info: Strengthen the test, NFC (details)
  197. [FormatManager] Add a unittest for GetCandidateLanguages() (details)
  198. [DWARF] Allow cross-CU references of subprogram definitions (details)
  199. DebugInfo: Clarify some more reasons v4 loc.dwo can't share much (details)
  200. [InstSimplify] add tests for insert constant + splat; NFC (details)
  201. [IR] allow undefined elements when checking for splat constants (details)
  202. Skip on ios testsuite runs. (details)
  203. [TypeCategory] IsApplicable gets a LanguageType, not a ValueObject. (details)
  204. Remove debugging printf and reformat code. (details)
  205. Revert "Temporarily revert [lldb] e81268d - [lldb/Reproducers] Support (details)
  206. [X86] Go back to considering v64i1 as a legal type under (details)
  207. Skip on ios etc device testing. (details)
  208. [DataFormatters] Change the Get() method to take a LanguageType. (details)
  209. [libcxx] Replace func_name with __name__ for compatibility with Python 3 (details)
  210. Do not cache hardcoded formats in FormatManager (details)
  211. [FormatManager] Move Language lookup into the obviously non-cached part (details)
  212. Revert "Reapply: [DebugInfo] Recover debug intrinsics when killing (details)
  213. Replace redundant code in LanguageCategory with templates (NFC) (details)
  214. Remove unsound caching in LanguageCategory (details)
  215. [libc++] Hide some functions and types in <future> and <thread> as (details)
  216. [FPEnv][X86] Constrained FCmp intrinsics enabling on X86 (details)
  217. Revert "[analyzer] Keep track of escaped locals" (details)
  218. NFC: Get rid of an unused parameter to CGObjCMac::EmitSelectorAddr. (details)
  219. [llvm][MIRVRegNamerUtil] Adding hashing against MachineInstr flags. (details)
  220. [c++20] Implement P1185R2 (as modified by P2002R0). (details)
  221. Reland "Enable `-funwind-tables` flag when building libunwind" (details)
  222. [X86] Split v64i1 arguments into 2 v32i1s that will be promoted to v32i8 (details)
  223. [llvm-ar] Improve tool selection heuristic (details)
  224. Fix mishandling of invalid-but-non-empty nested name specifiers in name (details)
  225. Revert "[DebugInfo] Refactored macro related generation, added a test (details)
  226. Change the mtc Makefile to check $SDKROOT value instead of depending on (details)
  227. [c++20] Delete defaulted comparison functions if they would invoke an (details)
  228. [c++20] Implement P1946R0: allow defaulted comparisons to take their (details)
  229. [cxx_status] Re-add missing cell. (details)
  230. [SanitizerCommon] Reduce wasting memory in LowLevelAllocator. (details)
  231. [ELF] Move a computeIsPreemptible() pass into ICF. NFC (details)
  232. [LegalizeTypes] Remove manual worklist management from (details)
  233. [PowerPC] Exploitate the Vector Integer Average Instructions (details)
  234. [llvm-readobj] Fix/improve printing WinEH unwind info for linked PE (details)
  235. [Alignment][NFC] Introduce Align in SROA (details)
  236. [CodeComplete] Fix a crash in preferred type and signature help (details)
  237. [DWARF5][SplitDwarf] Set default state for -fsplit-dwarf-inlining to be (details)
  238. [llvm-readelf] - Do no print an empty symbol version as "<corrupt>" (details)
  239. [LiveRegUnits] Add phys_regs_and_masks iterator range (NFC). (details)
  240. [PowerPC] [CodeGen] Use MachineBranchProbabilityInfo in (details)
  241. [AArch64][SVE] Move TableGen class definitions for gather loads (NFC) (details)
  242. [clangd] Deduplicate refs from index for cross-file rename. (details)
  243. [MCRegInfo] Add sub_and_superregs_inclusive iterator range. (details)
  244. [NFC][PowerPC] Remove the dead conditions in the if(cond) (details)
  245. [ARM][TypePromotion] Enable by default (details)
  246. [NFC] Correct the example in the comments of JSON.h to avoid mislead (details)
  247. [lldb/DWARF] Add support for DW_AT_loclists_base&DW_FORM_loclistx (details)
  248. [ARM][MVE] Add intrinsics for immediate shifts. (reland) (details)
  249. [ARM][LowOverheadLoops] Remove dead loop update instructions. (details)
  250. [lldb][NFC] Cleanup includes in FormatManagerTests.cpp (details)
  251. [Clang] Pragma vectorize_width() implies vectorize(enable) (details)
  252. [PowerPC][NFC] add test case for lwa - loop ds form prep (details)
  253. [AArch64][SVE] Implement intrinsics for non-temporal loads & stores (details)
  254. [clang-tidy] Link shared library clangTidyOpenMPModule to library (details)
  255. [Analyzer][NFC] Iterator Checkers - Separate iterator modeling and the (details)
  256. [TableGen] Add bang-operators !getop and !setop. (details)
  257. Revert "Reland [AArch64][MachineOutliner] Return address signing for (details)
  258. [llvm-readobj][llvm-readelf] - Remove excessive empty lines when (details)
  259. [ARM][MVE] Factor out an IntrinsicMX multiclass. (details)
  260. gn build: Merge afb13afcf22 (details)
  261. CodeGen: Allow annotations on globals in non-zero address space (details)
  262. [SYCL] Add support for auxiliary triple specification to Frontend (details)
  263. [AArch64][SVE] Add DAG combine rules for gather loads and sext/zext (details)
  264. [lldb][NFC] Remove ClangExternalASTSourceCommon::g_TotalSizeOfMetadata (details)
  265. [Analyzer] Iterator Modeling: Print Container Data and Iterator (details)
  266. Rollback assumeAligned in MemorySanitizer (details)
  267. [lldb][NFC] Remove dead metadata code in ClangASTSourceProxy (details)
  268. [DebugInfo] Fix printing of DW_LNS_set_isa (details)
  269. [Alignment][NFC] Introduce Align in IRBuilder (details)
  270. [test][llvm-dwarfdump] Add missing testing for some --debug-* options (details)
  271. Removing an unused selection field from a diagnostic; NFC. (details)
  272. [AArch64] Teach Load/Store optimizier to rename store operands for (details)
  273. Revert "[AArch64][SVE] Implement intrinsics for non-temporal loads & (details)
  274. [lldb] Don't search the metadata map three times when retrieving (details)
  275. [LLD][ELF][AArch64][ARM] Add missing classof to patch sections. (details)
  276. [LLD][ELF][AArch64][ARM] When errata patching, round thunk size to 4KiB. (details)
  277. AMDGPU: Fix copy-pasted test name error (details)
  278. [Analyzer] Iterator Checkers: Replace `UnknownVal` in comparison result (details)
  279. Verifier: Check frame-pointer attribute values (details)
  280. [ARM][NFC] Change test to use CHECK-NEXT (details)
  281. [Support] Add TimeTraceScope constructor without detail arg (details)
  282. [Loop] Add isRotated method to Loop class. (details)
  283. [SystemZ] Fix 128-bit strict FMA expansion pre-z14 (details)
  284. [TableGen] Remove unused target intrinsic generation logic (details)
  285. [X86] Erase dead LEA instruction after converting it to MOV in (details)
  286. [SystemZ] Add llvm.minimum / llvm.maximum tests (details)
  287. [AArch64] Skip debug ops with regsOverlap in AArch64 LD/ST opt. (details)
  288. Don't run expect based tests remotely. (details)
  289. [DA] Improve dump to show source and sink of the dependence (details)
  290. update to expect correct source line on arm64. (details)
  291. [ELF][AArch64] Rename --force-bti to -z force-bti and --pac-plt to -z (details)
  292. Remove TypeValidators (NFC in terms of the testsuite) (details)
  293. [OPENMP50]Add if clause in teams distribute simd directive. (details)
  294. [VFS] Extend virtual working directory test (details)
  295. [profile] Delete stale profile in test/profile/instrprof-set-filename.c, (details)
  296. [profile] Delete stale profiles in (details)
  297. [profile] Avoid allocating a page on the stack, NFC (details)
  298. [OPENMP50]Fix capturing of if condition in target parallel for simd (details)
  299. [SDAG] remove use restriction in isNegatibleForFree() when called from (details)
  300. [StringRef] Test all default characters in unit test (details)
  301. [AArch64] Be more careful to skip debug operands in LdSt Optimizier. (details)
  302. [VFS] Disable check for ../foo on Windows (details)
  303. Add intrinsics for unary narrowing operations (details)
  304. Fix -Wunused-variable in -DLLVM_ENABLE_ASSERTIONS=Off builds after (details)
  305. [MergeFuncs] Remove incorrect attribute copying (details)
  306. [analyzer] CStringChecker: Improve warning messages. (details)
  307. [analyzer] CStringChecker: Fix overly eager assumption that memcmp args (details)
  308. [analyzer] LocalizationChecker: Fix a crash on synthesized accessor (details)
  309. [ValueTracking] Add tests for non-null check after load/store; NFC (details)
  310. [ValueTracking] Pointer is known nonnull after load/store (details)
  311. [analyzer] Escape symbols conjured into specific regions during a (details)
  312. [InstCombine] Optimize overflow check base on uadd.with.overflow result (details)
  313. [WebAssembly] Add new `export_name` clang attribute for controlling wasm (details)
  314. return-object-by-reference ("non trivial") xfail on arm64 in (details)
  315. [OpenMP] Introduce the OpenMP-IR-Builder (details)
  316. [ADT] Fix SmallDenseMap assertion with large InlineBuckets (details)
  317. [libc++] Add fuzzing tests for parts of <random>. (details)
  318. [LegalizeTypes] In SoftenFloatRes_FP_EXTEND, move the check for input (details)
  319. [TSan] Pacify flaky test on Darwin (details)
  320. [OPENMP50]Add if clause in teams distribute parallel for simd directive. (details)
  321. [libc++] Fix fuzzing unit tests with exceptions disabled. (details)
  322. Add resurrecting Type Validators to projects.rst (details)
  323. [libc++] Fix fuzzing tests with older GCC compilers. (details)
  324. [lldb][dotest] Improve libc++ detection (details)
  325. Revert "[SDAG] remove use restriction in isNegatibleForFree() when (details)
  326. Fix detection of __attribute__((may_alias)) to properly look through (details)
  327. [lldb][dotest] Add `#include <algorithm>` to libc++ detection (details)
  328. [lldb/Host] Use Host/Config.h for LibXML2 instead of a global define (details)
  329. Don't call with duplicate libs (details)
  330. Suppress false-positive -Wuninitialized warnings in the constructor of a (details)
  331. [lldb/CMake] Simplify linking against curses (details)
  332. [lit] Improve formatting of error messages. NFC (details)
  333. [clang][clang-scan-deps] Aggregate the full dependency information. (details)
  334. [OpenMP] Use the OpenMP-IR-Builder (details)
  335. Revert "[DWARF] Allow cross-CU references of subprogram definitions" (details)
  336. Revert "[clang][clang-scan-deps] Aggregate the full dependency (details)
  337. [AArch64][x86] add tests for possible infinite loops in DAGCombiner; NFC (details)
  338. [analyzer] Do not cache out on some shared implicit AST nodes (details)
  339. [libc++] Require C++14 in all cases. (details)
  340. [libc++abi] Fix non-constant initialization of default terminate (details)
  341. gn build: (manually) merge d23c61490c (details)
  342. [Remarks][Driver] Ask for line tables when remarks are enabled (details)
  343. Rename TTI::getIntImmCost for instructions and intrinsics (details)
  344. [IR] Split out target specific intrinsic enums into separate headers (details)
  345. [AArch64][SVE] Add patterns for scalable vselect (details)
  346. [llvm][MIRVRegNamerUtils] Adding hashing on memoperands. (details)
  347. gn build: (manually) merge 5d986953c8b917bacfaa1f800fc1e242559f76be (details)
  348. [AutoFDO] Statistic for context sensitive profile guided inlining (details)
  349. [OpenMP][Docs] Mark 5.0 features worked on and list 5.1 features (details)
  350. [Syntax] Build nodes for simple cases of top level declarations (details)
  351. Fix an error in the block ABI documentation sample code (details)
  352. [ARM][MVE] Sink vector shift operand (details)
  353. [libc++] Fix -Wdeprecated-copy warnings in __bit_reference (details)
  354. Revert "[ARM][MVE] Sink vector shift operand" (details)
  355. [DWARF5][DWARFVerifier] Check that Skeleton compilation unit does not (details)
  356. Temporarily Revert "[libc++] Fix -Wdeprecated-copy warnings in (details)
  357. [compiler-rt] Add a critical section when flushing gcov counters (details)
  358. Revert unintentional change to compiler-rt as part of the (details)
  359. [NFC][llvm][MIRVRegNamerUtils] Moving methods around. Making some (details)
  360. [llvm-readobj][test] - Cleanup and split tests in tools/llvm-readobj (details)
  361. [libomptarget][nfc] Add missing header for amdgcn/target_impl (details)
  362. [AArch64][SVE] Remove nxv1f32 and nxv1f64 as legal types (details)
  363. [Tooling] Move raw string literal out of a macro call. NFC (details)
  364. [DataLayout] Fix occurrences that size and range of pointers are assumed (details)
  365. [lldb][NFC] Don't implement ClangASTContext::SetMetadata again as a (details)
  366. [NFC] - Typo fix in test/CodeGenCXX/runtime-dllstorage.cpp (details)
  367. Temporarily Revert "[DataLayout] Fix occurrences that size and range of (details)
  368. [Mips] Add support for min/max/umin/umax atomics (details)
  369. [clangd] Fix hover crashing on null types (details)
  370. [lldb] "See through" atomic types in ClangASTContext (details)
  371. [lldb] Remove ClangASTMetrics (details)
  372. [llvm-readobj][test] - Add a test for testing regular section flags and (details)
  373. [NFC] - Partially revert 9c48c2f9c477007234c (details)
  374. [clangd] Fix windows tests (details)
  375. [Tooling/Syntax] Helpers to find spelled tokens touching a location. (details)
  376. [Support] Extend TimeProfiler to support multiple threads (details)
  377. [clangd] Rename constructors and destructors in cross-file case (details)
  378. [Support] Try to fix bot failure after 8ddcd1dc26 (details)
  379. [DebugInfo] Prevent invalid fragments at ISel from dropping debug info (details)
  380. [Analyzer][Docs][NFC] Add CodeChecker to the command line tools (details)
  381. [Attributor][NFC] Refactoring `AANoFreeArgument::updateImpl` (details)
  382. [Attributor] [NFC] Use `checkForAllUses` helpr in (details)
  383. [Attributor][NFC] Fix comments and unnecessary comma (details)
  384. [NFC][ARM] Add some test triples (details)
  385. [Diagnsotics] Small Improvement on -Wmisleading-indentation (details)
  386. [clangd] Implement "textDocument/documentLink" protocol support (details)
  387. [llvm-dwarfdump] Add blank line after printing line table (details)
  388. [lldb/DWARF] Fix v5 location lists for dwo files (details)
  389. [ARM][MVE] Sink vector shift operand (details)
  390. [OpenMP][Test] Add check for aux-triple predefined macros (details)
  391. AMDGPU/SILoadStoreOptimizer: Simplify function (details)
  392. [ARM][CMSE] Add CMSE header and builtins (details)
  393. gn build: Merge 600d123c6ff (details)
  394. [Alignment][NFC] Adding Align compatible methods to (details)
  395. [ARM][MVE] findVCMPToFoldIntoVPS. NFC. (details)
  396. [Matrix] Add first set of matrix intrinsics and initial lowering pass. (details)
  397. gn build: Merge 526244b187d (details)
  398. Fix naming style. NFC. (details)
  399. [clang-tidy] Use early returns to make the code easier to read and (details)
  400. [clang] Turn -fno-builtin flag into an IR Attribute (details)
  401. [amdgpu] Fix `-Wenum-compare` warning. NFC. (details)
  402. [ASTImporter] Support functions with placeholder return types ... (details)
  403. [fuzzer] Add basic support for emscripten. (details)
  404. [lldb/CMake] Rename LLDB_DISABLE_CURSES to LLDB_ENABLE_CURSES (details)
  405. [BasicAA] Use GEP as context for computeKnownBits in aliasGEP. (details)
  406. [lldb/CMake] Rename LLDB_DISABLE_LIBEDIT to LLDB_ENABLE_LIBEDIT (details)
  407. [ELF] Add a comment to handleSectionGroup(). NFC (details)
  408. [lldb/Host] Use cmakedefine01 for LLDB_ENABLE_LIBXML2 (details)
  409. [lldb/Host] Use cmakedefine01 for LLDB_ENABLE_TERMIOS (details)
  410. [AArch64][PowerPC] add tests for shift sandwich; NFC (details)
  411. [lldb/Core] Add missing include (details)
  412. [lldb/Core] Add missing include (2/2) (details)
  413. [DAGCombiner] improve readability (details)
  414. [FormatEntity] Add mangled function name support (details)
  415. [SystemZ]  Implement the packed stack layout (details)
  416. Default to -fuse-init-array (details)
  417. [PS4] Predefine the __SCE__ macro for the x86_64-scei-ps4 triple (details)
  418. [compiler-rt] libFuzzer: update -merge_control_file= help message. (details)
  419. Rename LoopInfo::isRotated() to LoopInfo::isRotatedForm(). (details)
  420. Suppress -Wwarn-unused-variables when we don't know the constructor (details)
  421. TypeCategory: Initialize m_enabled to false (details)
  422. [AMDGPU] AMDGPUUsage clarify address space information and other typo (details)
  423. [Target] Remove Target::GetScratchClangASTContext (details)
  424. [OPENMP50]Improve checks for declare variant functions compatibility. (details)
  425. [LTO] Support for embedding bitcode section during LTO (details)
  426. [libc++] Add check to ensure oss-fuzz properly targets libc++. (details)
  427. [DAGCombiner] fold shift-trunc-shift to shift-mask-trunc (details)
  428. [OPENMP50]Fix possible conflict when emitting an alias for the functions (details)
  429. [sanitizers] Redirect stdout and stderr to TASK_LOG (details)
  430. [clang] [test] Disable the test exhausting stack on NetBSD (details)
  431. Revert "[DAGCombiner] fold shift-trunc-shift to shift-mask-trunc" (details)
  432. [NFC][InstSimplify] Refactoring ThreadCmpOverSelect function (details)
  433. [Attributor][FIX] Do treat byval arguments special (details)
  434. [libc++] Tolerate NaN returning random distributions for now (details)
  435. [clangd] Heuristically resolve dependent method calls (details)
  436. [AArch64][SVE] Add integer arithmetic with immediate instructions. (details)
  437. Update line number after previous patch added an additional unsupported (details)
  438. [libomptarget] Move resource id functions into target specific code, (details)
  439. [IR] Include target specific intrinsic headers (details)
  440. [libomptarget][nfc] Add declarations of atomic functions for amdgcn (details)
  441. hwasan: add tag_offset DWARF attribute to optimized debug info (details)
  442. __bit_reference: fix -Wdeprecated-copy warnings (details)
  443. NFC: DebugInfo: Refactor debug_loc/loclist emission into a common (details)
  444. NFC: DebugInfo: Refactor RangeSpanList to be a struct, like (details)
  445. Fix test to work correctly on 32-bit platforms. (details)
  446. [clangd] Fix Windows test failure by adding (details)
  447. [iOS sim] Simplify script (details)
  448. Temporarily revert "NFC: DebugInfo: Refactor RangeSpanList to be a (details)
  449. [libc++] Cleanup and enable multiple warnings. (details)
  450. [libc++] Mark all fuzzing tests as unsupported in C++03 (details)
  451. [NFC][AArch64] Fix typo. (details)
  452. Remove extra character I added to test my changes that I forgot to (details)
  453. [libcxx] [test] Fix valarray UB and MSVC warnings. (details)
  454. Correct inf typo (details)
  455. temporary (details)
  456. Update the man page (details)
  457. Revert an accidental commit af5ca40b47b3e85c3add81ccdc0b787c4bc355ae (details)
  458. [lldb] Remove xpasses after pr44037 fix committed (details)
  459. Reapply [LVI] Normalize pointer behavior (details)
  460. [LegalizeTypes] Remove unnecessary if before calling ReplaceValueWith on (details)
  461. [llvm-readobj] - Fix letters used for dumping section types in GNU (details)
  462. [yaml2obj] - Add a way to override sh_flags section field. (details)
  463. [clangd] Introduce paragraph, the first part of new rendering structs (details)
  464. [clangd] Introduce codeblocks (details)
  465. [clangd] Add "inline" keyword to prevent ODR-violations in DefineInline (details)
  466. [lldb/cmake] Temporarily revive LLDB_DISABLE_CURSES (details)
  467. [clangd] Fix windows builds (details)
  468. [LiveDebugValues] Omit entry values for DBG_VALUEs with pre-existing (details)
  469. Recommit "[AArch64][SVE] Implement intrinsics for non-temporal loads & (details)
  470. [lldb][NFC] Make metadata tracking type safe (details)
  471. [lldb][NFC] Add reminder to TestSampleTest that setUp should be deleted (details)
  472. [Docs] Fix target feature matrix for PowerPC and SystemZ (details)
  473. [lldb][NFC] Remove 'from __future__ import print_function' from all (details)
  474. [lldb][NFC] Remove unused includes in Utility's source files (details)
  475. [lldb][NFC] Remove all `setUp` overrides that only call the parent (details)
  476. [ARM][MVE][Intrinsics] Add *_x() variants of my *_m() intrinsics. (details)
  477. Revert "[ARM][MVE] findVCMPToFoldIntoVPS. NFC." (details)
  478. [ELF] Allow getErrPlace() to work before Out::bufferStart is set (details)
  479. [NFC] Use EVT instead of bool for getSetCCInverse() (details)
  480. [Sema] Improve diagnostic about addr spaces for overload candidates (details)
  481. [llvm-locstats] Avoid the locstats when no scope bytes coverage found (details)
  482. Revert "AMDGPU: Try to commute sub of boolean ext" (details)
  483. [ARM] Add custom strict fp conversion lowering when non-strict is custom (details)
  484. [ARM][MVE] Add intrinsics for more immediate shifts. (details)
  485. [llvm-dwarfdump][Statistics] Change the coverage buckets representation. (details)
  486. [ARM][MVE] Add vector reduction intrinsics with two vector operands (details)
  487. [x86] add tests for shift-trunc-shift; NFC (details)
  488. [libomptarget][nfc] Add nop syncwarp function for amdgcn (details)
  489. Reland [DataLayout] Fix occurrences that size and range of pointers are (details)
  490. [llvm-dwarfdump][Statistics] Don't count coverage less than 1% as 0% (details)
  491. [ARM][MVE] Make VPT invalid for tail predication (details)
  492. [ARM][MVE][Intrinsics] remove extraneous intrinsics. (details)
  493. [Tooling/Syntax] Helpers to find spelled tokens touching a location. (details)
  494. [clangd] Fall back to selecting token-before-cursor if (details)
  495. [llvm-exegesis][mips] Add BenchmarkResultTest unit test (details)
  496. Revert "[ARM][MVE][Intrinsics] remove extraneous intrinsics." (details)
  497. gn build: Merge 84728e65e95 (details)
  498. [ARM][MVE][Intrinsics] remove extraneous intrinsics. (Reapply) (details)
  499. [Scudo] [GWP-ASan] Add GWP-ASan to Scudo Standalone. (details)
  500. [ELF] Update st_size when merging a common symbol with a shared symbol (details)
  501. [ARM][MVE] Fix -Wunused-variable in -DLLVM_ENABLE_ASSERTIONS=Off builds (details)
  502. [ARM][MVE][Intrinsics] All vqdmulhq/vqrdmulhq tests should be for signed (details)
  503. [MC][PowerPC] Fix a crash when redefining a symbol after .set (details)
  504. [AArch64] Emit PAC/BTI flags (details)
  505. Revert "[ELF] Allow getErrPlace() to work before Out::bufferStart is (details)
  506. [GWP-ASan] [Scudo] ifdef entire GWP-ASan tests. (details)
  507. [libomptarget] Build most of common/src for amdgcn (details)
  508. [lldb/Host] Use cmakedefine01 for LLDB_ENABLE_POSIX (details)
  509. [lldb/Test] C++ test should use CXXFLAGS_EXTRAS (details)
  510. gn docs: remove obsolete reference to monorepo (details)
  511. [ARM] Fix in ICE when retrieving the number of micro-ops for vlldm/vlstm (details)
  512. [NFC] Guard scudo_standalone's optional dependency on GWP-ASan behind (details)
  513. [PGO][PGSO] Enable size optimizations in code gen / target passes for (details)
  514. [DAGCombiner] fold shift-trunc-shift to shift-mask-trunc (2nd try) (details)
  515. [InstSimplify] improve test coverage for insert+splat; NFC (details)
  516. [profile] Fix a crash when -fprofile-remapping-file= triggers an error (details)
  517. Revert "[VectorUtils] Introduce the Vector Function Database (details)
  518. [RISCV] Move DebugLoc Copy into CompressInstEmitter (details)
  519. Correct gcc vector splat conversion from float to int-vector (details)
  520. LanguageRuntime: Simplify NSException::GetSummary() output (details)
  521. [libc++] Ensure __config always defines certain configuration macros. (details)
  522. Fix -Wswitch-coverage warning in clang-tidy after ak_addrspace (details)
  523. Call objc_retainBlock before passing a block as a variadic argument (details)
  524. Revert "[libomptarget] Move resource id functions into target specific (details)
  525. [NFC] Change SelectionDAG::getMemBasePlusOffset() to use int64_t (details)
  526. [NFC] Add a SDValue overload for SelectionDAG::getMemBasePlusOffset() (details)
  527. [NFC] Implement SelectionDAG::getObjectPtrOffset() using (details)
  528. [NFC] Use SelectionDAG::getMemBasePlusOffset() instead of (details)
  529. [LSAN] Increase stack space for guard-page.c test (details)
  530. [lldb/CMake] Rename LLDB_DISABLE_PYTHON to LLDB_ENABLE_PYTHON (details)
  531. [lldb/CMake] Initialize LLDB_ENABLE_POSIX based on the UNIX variable. (details)
  532. [OPENMP]Fix skipping of functions body. (details)
  533. [Driver] Use .init_array for all gcc installations and simplify (details)
  534. [lldb/SWIG] Modulerize lldb.swig so parts of it can be reused. (details)
  535. [ubsan] Enable testing of .m files (details)
  536. [Legalizer] More detailed debugging printing in main loop (details)
  537. [Legalizer] Refactoring out legalizeMachineFunction (details)
  538. [Legalizer] Making artifact combining order-independent (details)
  539. [Mips] Fix gcc -Wunused-but-set-variable in -DLLVM_ENABLE_ASSERTIONS=Off (details)
  540. [OpenMP][Docs] Claim loop tiling. (details)
  541. [lit] Small cleanups. NFCI (details)
  542. [PowerPC] Add Support for indirect calls on AIX. (details)
  543. [analyzer] CStringChecker: Fix a crash on unknown value passed to (details)
  544. [libcxx] [test] Include missing headers. (NFC) (details)
  545. [c++20] Improve phrasing of diagnostic for missing #include <compare>. (details)
  546. PR44268: Fix crash if __builtin_object_size is applied to a heap (details)
  547. [Driver] Default to -momit-leaf-frame-pointer for AArch64 (details)
  548. [AArch64] Save FP for leaf functions when disabling frame pointer (details)
  550. gn build: add deps I failed to add in b2508ce85c1 (details)
  551. [Attributor] Reuse the IPConstantProp tests for the Attributor (details)
  552. [Attributor] Only replace instruction operands (details)
  553. [NFC] Rename ClangASTEmitters.h -> ASTTableGen.h (details)
  554. [NFC] Correct accidental use of tabs. (details)
  555. Introduce some types and functions to make it easier to work with the (details)
  556. Add a function to get the ExceptionSpecInfo of a function type; NFC. (details)
  557. Extract out WrappedRecord as a convenience base class; NFC. (details)
  558. Enable better node-hierarchy metaprogramming; NFC. (details)
  559. Extract the TypeClass <-> TypeCode map into a .def file; NFC. (details)
  560. Standardize the reader methods in ASTReader; NFC. (details)
  561. Abstract serialization: TableGen "basic" reader/writer CRTP classes that (details)
  562. Abstract serialization: TableGen the (de)serialization code for Types. (details)
  563. [Attributor][NFC] Simplify debug printing for abstract attributes (details)
  564. [Attributor][NFC] Reorder test functions (details)
  565. [Attributor][NFC] Add more simple test situations for callbacks (details)
  566. [Attributor] Annotate call sites of declarations with a callback (details)
  567. MSVC build fix: forget some unneeded and incorrect friends. (details)
  568. [ArgPromo][Tests] Run update_test_checks on all ArgumentPromotion tests (details)
  569. [Attributor][Tests] Copy & use the ArgumentPromotion tests (details)
  570. [NFC][llvm][MIRVRegNamerUtils] Refactoring GetHashableMO into (details)
  571. Move ASTRecordReader into its own header; NFC. (details)
  572. Move ASTRecordWriter into its own header; NFC. (details)
  573. gn build: (manually) merge 6404bd236 and d505e57cc2 (details)
  574. Revert "[clangd] Fall back to selecting token-before-cursor if (details)
  575. gn build: Merge 91dd67ef724 (details)
  576. Fix build with older (still supported) gcc versions. (details)
  577. [AArch64] add tests for fcvtl2; NFC (details)
  578. [clang] Fix modules build after addition of TypeBitCodes.def (details)
  579. [AArch64][test] Fix machine-outliner-size-info.mir after D71168 (details)
  580. [perf-training] Make training data location configurable (details)
  581. AArch64: Fix frame record chain (details)
  582. gn build: (manually and belatedly) merge ed153ef044fd (details)
  583. Revert "AArch64: Fix frame record chain" (details)
  584. [cxx_status] Fix paper number for "Concept auto" paper. (details)
  585. [LegalizeTypes] In PromoteFloatOp_SETCC, don't both querying for (details)
  586. [LegalizeTypes] Teach BitcastToInt_ATOMIC_SWAP to only create FP16_TO_FP (details)
  587. [IR] Include more target specific intrinsic headers (details)
  588. [analyzer] Add support for namespaces to GenericTaintChecker (details)
  589. [DAG] Add SimplifyDemandedBits support for BSWAP (details)
  590. [InstSimplify] fold splat of inserted constant to vector constant (details)
  591. [clang-tidy] Add cert-oop58-cpp check The check warns when (a member of) (details)
  592. gn build: Merge bbc9f6c2ef0 (details)
  593. [clang] Improve LLVM-style RTTI support in (details)
  594. [AST] Use a reference in a range-based for (details)
  595. [lldb] Remove RTTI in ClangExternalASTSourceCommon based on a global map (details)
  596. [Kaleidoscope][BuildingAJIT] Add a missing std::move. (details)
  597. [MC] Delete unused MCAsmInfoELF::UsesNonexecutableStackSection after (details)
  598. [MC] Ignore VK_WEAKREF in MCValue::getAccessVariant (details)
  599. [MC] Assume CommentStream is non-null in MCDisassembler::tryAdding* (details)
  600. [ORC] Make ObjectLinkingLayer own its jitlink::MemoryManager. (details)
  601. [PowerPC] Fix* lowering (details)
  602. [MC] Delete STT_SECTION special cases from MCSymbolELF::setType and (details)
  603. [llvm-objcopy][MachO] Implement --add-section (details)
  604. [llvm-objcopy][ELF] -O binary: use LMA instead of sh_offset to decide (details)
  605. [examples] Update LLJITWithJITLink example for change in c0143f37dab. (details)
  606. [Orc][LLJIT] Automatically use JITLink for LLJIT on supported platforms. (details)
  607. [examples] Rename LLJITWithJITLink to LLJITWithCustomObjectLinkingLayer. (details)
  608. [ELF] Delete redundant isLive() check. NFC (details)
  609. Resolve exception specifications after marking the corresponding (details)
  610. Properly compute whether statement expressions can throw, rather than (details)
  611. [c++20] Compute exception specifications for defaulted comparisons. (details)
  612. Mark the major papers for C++20 consistent comparisons as "done", and (details)
  613. [lldb][NFC] Replace ClangASTImporter's use of map/set with SmallPtrSet (details)
  614. [lldb][NFC] Remove unnecessary includes in source/Commands (details)
  615. Fix title underline in LangRef (details)
  616. [lldb][NFC] Remove ClangASTImporter::ResolveDeclOrigin (details)
  617. [clangd] Get rid of raw string literals in macro calls (details)
  618. [lldb][NFC] Fix file header of TestClangASTContext.cpp (details)
  619. [ARM] Move MVE opcode helper functions to ARMBaseInstrInfo. NFC. (details)
  620. [CodegenPrepare] Guard against degenerate branches (details)
  621. [lldb][NFC] Move definition of ClangASTMetadata out of (details)
  622. [NFC] Fix typos in Clangd and Clang (details)
  623. Fix for AMDGPU MUL_I24 known bits calculation (details)
  624. [BasicBlockUtils] Add utility to remove redundant dbg.value instrs (details)
  625. [LoopRotate] Add test case to show dbg value problem (details)
  626. [BasicBlockUtils] Fix dbg.value elimination problem in (details)
  627. Fix whitespace. (details)
  628. [lldb] Centralize desugaring of decltype-like types in ClangASTContext (details)
  629. [lldb][NFC] Remove all overloads of Copy/DeportType in ClangASTImporter (details)
  630. Add initial tests for update_{llc_,cc_,} (details)
  631. [lldb] Add unit test for ClangASTImporter (details)
  632. [Aarch64][SVE] Add intrinsics for scatter stores (details)
  633. [AArch64] Enable emission of stack maps for non-Mach-O binaries on (details)
  634. [AArch64][SVE2] Add intrinsics for binary narrowing operations (details)
  635. [Alignment][NFC] Deprecate CreateMemCpy/CreateMemMove (details)
  636. [llvm-exegesis] Set up AsmTargetStreamer in readSnippets (details)
  637. [lldb] Use file-based synchronization in TestVSCode_attach (details)
  638. adapt to github monorepo (details)
  639. Reland [AArch64][MachineOutliner] Return address signing for outlined (details)
  640. gn build: (manually, belatedly) merge r371898 (details)
  641. gn build: (manually, belatedly) merge r358832 (details)
  642. Revert "[Alignment][NFC] Deprecate CreateMemCpy/CreateMemMove" (details)
  643. Revert "[clangd] Implement "textDocument/documentLink" protocol support" (details)
  644. Silence an MSVC "not all control paths" diagnostic; NFC. (details)
  645. [clangd] Make Tweak::Selection movable. NFC (details)
  646. [clangd] Reapply b60896fad926 Fall back to selecting token-before-cursor (details)
  647. Revert "[clangd] Reapply b60896fad926 Fall back to selecting (details)
  648. [clangd] Reapply b60896fad926 Fall back to selecting token-before-cursor (details)
  649. [clang][SystemZ] Add support for -march=native (details)
  650. Fix floating point builtins to not promote float->double (details)
  651. [OPENMP50]Add if clause in target teams distribute parallel for simd (details)
  652. [llvm-exegesis][mips] Add SnippetGeneratorTest unit test (details)
  653. gn build: Merge 0add79aec2e (details)
  654. [mips] Add an assert in getTargetStreamer() (details)
  655. Revert "Revert "[libomptarget] Move resource id functions into target (details)
  656. [Bugpoint] Do not create illegal function attribute combos (details)
  657. [libunwind][RISCV] Add 64-bit RISC-V support (details)
  658. Fixing a -Wcovered-switch diagnostic and changing tabs to spaces; NFC. (details)
  659. [TLI] Support for per-Function TLI that overrides available libfuncs (details)
  660. [llvm-cxxfilt] Correctly demangle COFF import thunk (details)
  661. [SystemZ]  Improve verification of MachineOperands. (details)
  662. Revert "[clangd] Reapply b60896fad926 Fall back to selecting (details)
  663. [lit] max_failures does not need to be stored in LitConfig (details)
  664. [OPENMP50]Add if clause in target teams idistribute simd directive. (details)
  665. [OPENMP][DOCS]Mark if clause on simd done, NFC. (details)
  666. Always -I clang/include when tblgen'ing in Clang. (details)
  667. Move Basic{Reader,Writer} emission into ASTPropsEmitter; NFC. (details)
  668. Replace tabs with spaces. (details)
  669. Add the ability to use property-based serialization for "cased" types. (details)
  670. Use property-based serialization for DeclarationName. (details)
  671. Add the ability to declare helper variables when reading properties from (details)
  672. Add the ability for properties to be conditional on other properties. (details)
  673. Use property-based serialization for TemplateName. (details)
  674. Add Optional::map. (details)
  675. Use property-based serialization for TemplateArgument. (details)
  676. Forward {read,write}SomeEnumType to {read,write}Enum instead of directly (details)
  677. [OPENMP][DOCS]Claim simd nontemporal clause, NFC. (details)
  678. gn build: (manually) merge c82e4ef69 (details)
  679. [ELF] De-template PltSection::addEntry. NFC (details)
  680. [ELF] Delete relOff from TargetInfo::writePLT (details)
  681. [ELF] Delete unused declaration addIRelativeRelocs after D65995. NFC (details)
  682. Only run mangled_names.test if python3 is available. (details)
  683. [WebAssembly] Replace SIMD int min/max builtins with patterns (details)
  684. [InstCombine] Teach removeBitcastsFromLoadStoreOnMinMax not to change (details)
  685. [LoopFusion] Restrict loop fusion to rotated loops. (details)
  686. [NFC-I] Remove hack for fp-classification builtins (details)
  687. Fix a bug in the property-based serialization of dependent template (details)
  688. [TSan][Darwin] Avoid calling pthread_self() before libpthread is (details)
  689. [AArch64][SVE] Add patterns for logical immediate operations. (details)
  690. git-llvm: Add option to push to Github with SSH (details)
  691. Revert "[NFC-I] Remove hack for fp-classification builtins" (details)
  692. Add default initialization to compressed_pair. (details)
  693. [X86] Add x86 triple to command line in mxcsr-reg-usage.ll (details)
  694. [lldb] Respect previously set values of LLDB_TABLEGEN_EXE (details)
  695. [coroutines][PR41909] Generalize fix from D62550 (details)
  696. [WebAssembly] Setting export_name implies llvm.used (details)
  697. [AArch64][SVE] Change pattern generation code to fix (details)
  698. [RISCV] Added isCompressibleInst() to estimate size in (details)
  699. Honor  -fuse-init-array when os is not specified on x86 (details)
  700. [llvm][MIRVRegNamerUtils] Adding hashing on CImm / FPImm (details)
  701. [libc++] Rework compressed pair constructors. (details)
  702. [NFC][llvm][MIRVRegNamerUtils] Moving some switch cases and altering (details)
  703. [libc++] Add __default_init_tag to basic_string constructors (details)
  704. [llvm] Add llvm-lipo dependency to runtimes (details)
  705. Change `asan/TestCases/Darwin/malloc_zone-protected.cpp` to call abort (details)
  706. [llvm/runtimes] Add runtimes as a dependency of clang-bootstrap-deps (details)
  707. [LoopUtils] Updated deleteDeadLoop() to handle loop nest. (details)
  708. [LoopUtils] Updated deleteDeadLoop() to handle loop nest. (details)
  709. gn build: Merge c066ff11d84 (details)
  710. [libomptarget][nfc] Wrap cuda min() in target_impl (details)
  711. Run all threads when extending a next range over a call. (details)
  712. [c++20] Add deprecation warnings for the expression forms deprecated by (details)
  713. If constant evaluation fails due to an unspecified pointer comparison, (details)
  714. [c++20] P1959R0: Remove support for std::*_equality. (details)
  715. [SelectionDAG] Add the fpexcept flag to the SelectionDAG dumping output (details)
  716. Explicitly specify -std=c++11 and include <mutex> and (details)
  717. [libomptarget][nfc] Move timer functions behind target_impl (details)
  718. Check whether the destination is a complete type in a static_cast (or (details)
  719. [Attributor][NFC] Clang format the Attributor (details)
  720. Revert "[LoopUtils] Updated deleteDeadLoop() to handle loop nest." (details)
  721. gn build: Merge ec4749e3b8d (details)
  722. [NFC][Test][PowerPC] Add the test to verify the mask with constant (details)
  723. [MC] Delete redundant alignment update from (details)
  724. [LegalizeTypes] Remove the call to SplitVecRes_UnaryOp from (details)
  725. [LegalizeTypes] Remove ScalarizeVecRes_STRICT_FP_ROUND in favor of just (details)
  726. [LegalizeTypes] Pre-size the SmallVectors in ScalarizeVecRes_StrictFPOp (details)
  727. [lldb] Fix unused variable warning in ThreadPlanStepRange.cpp (details)
  728. [MachO] Fix detecting malformed DWARF. (details)
  729. [sanitizer] Construct InternalMmapVector without memory allocation. (details)
  730. [ELF] Add IpltSection (details)
  731. [MinGW] Implicitly add .exe suffix if not provided (details)
  732. [lit] [windows] Make sure to convert all path separators to backslashes (details)
  733. [lldb][NFC] Make clang-format happy by removing trailing space in (details)
  734. [ELF] Rename .plt to .iplt and decrease EM_PPC{,64} alignment of .glink (details)
  735. [ObjC][DWARF] Emit DW_AT_APPLE_objc_direct for methods marked as (details)
  736. [Support] Fix time trace multi threaded support with (details)
  737. Revert "[Support] Fix time trace multi threaded support with (details)
  738. Resubmit "[Alignment][NFC] Deprecate CreateMemCpy/CreateMemMove" (details)
  739. [lldb] Add support for calling objc_direct methods from LLDB's (details)
  740. [lldb][NFC] Remove implementation of GetOriginalDecl and just call (details)
  741. [lldb-vscode] Centrally skip debug info variants for vscode tests (details)
  742. [lldb][NFC] Remove all unnecessary includes for ClangASTSourceCommon.h (details)
  743. [lit] Remove lit's REQUIRES-ANY directive (details)
  744. Fix assertion failure in getMemOperandWithOffsetWidth (details)
  745. [OpenCL] Add ExtVectorElementExpr constant evaluation (PR42387) (details)
  746. [lldb] Remove modern-type-lookup (details)
  747. [RISCV][NFC] Trivial cleanup (details)
  748. [libcxx] Fix include paths in fuzzing/partial_sort.pass.cpp (details)
  749. [DebugInfo] Only print a single blank line after an empty line table (details)
  750. [libomptarget][nfc] Move omp locks under target_impl (details)
  751. PostRA Machine Sink should take care of COPY defining register that is a (details)
  752. [lldb][NFC] Allow creating ClangExpressionDeclMap and ClangASTSource (details)
  753. [ASTImporter] Friend class decl should not be visible in its context (details)
  754. [lldb][NFC] Rename ClangASTImporter::InsertRecordDecl to SetRecordLayout (details)
  755. Reland [NFC-I] Remove hack for fp-classification builtins (details)
  756. This adds constrained intrinsics for the signed and unsigned conversions (details)
  757. [lldb][NFC] Use StringRef in CreateRecordType and CreateObjCClass (details)
  758. [gicombiner] Add the MatchDag structure and parse instruction DAG's from (details)
  759. gn build: Merge 390c8baa544 (details)
  760. [clangd][NFC] Make use of TagDecl inside type for hover on auto (details)
  761. [clangd] Fix handling of inline/anon namespaces and names of deduced (details)
  762. Revert "Honor  -fuse-init-array when os is not specified on x86" (details)
  763. [AArch64] add tests for fcvtl2; NFC (details)
  764. [lit] Fix internal diff newlines for -w/-b (details)
  765. [AMDGPU] Update autogenerated checks (details)
  766. [ MC ] Match labels to existing fragments even when switching sections. (details)
  767. [InstCombine][AMDGPU] Trim more components of *buffer_load (details)
  768. [gicombiner] Process the MatchDag such that every node is reachable from (details)
  769. [SystemZ][FPEnv] Back-end support for STRICT_[SU]INT_TO_FP (details)
  770. [DAGCombiner] Add node back in the worklist in topological order in (details)
  771. [FPEnv] IRBuilder support for constrained sitofp/uitofp. (details)
  772. [RISCV] Add subtargets initialized with target feature (details)
  773. [libomptarget][nfc] Move three files under common, build them for amdgcn (details)
  774. [driver][darwin] Pass -platform_version flag to the linker instead of (details)
  775. Revert "[ASTImporter] Friend class decl should not be visible in its (details)
  776. [SDAG] remove use restriction in isNegatibleForFree() when called from (details)
  777. Revert "[SDAG] remove use restriction in isNegatibleForFree() when (details)
  778. [SDAG] adjust isNegatibleForFree calculation to avoid crashing (details)
  779. [AMDGPU] Fix typo in SIInstrInfo::memOpsHaveSameBasePtr (details)
  780. [objc_direct] fix uniquing when re-declaring a readwrite-direct property (details)
  781. llvm-diff: Perform structural comparison on GlobalVariables, if possible (details)
  782. [Clang FE, SystemZ]  Recognize -mpacked-stack CL option (details)
  783. [WebAssembly] Convert MC tests to from bitcode to asm (details)
  784. [Attributor][NFC] Add test for sle comparison in h2s. (details)
  785. [Attributor] H2S fix. (details)
  786. [LIBOPENMP][NVPTX]Fix the build error in the runtime. (details)
  787. [OPENMP50]Add parsing/sema analysis for nontemporal clause. (details)
  788. [FPEnv] Remove unnecessary rounding mode argument for constrained (details)
  789. [perf-training] Change profile file pattern string to use %4m instead of (details)
  790. Recommit "[DebugInfo] Refactored macro related generation, added a test (details)
  791. [Frontend] Fixes -Wrange-loop-analysis warnings (details)
  792. [Sema] Fixes -Wrange-loop-analysis warnings (details)
  793. [Driver] Avoid copies in range-based for loops (details)
  794. [IR] Use a reference in a range-based for (details)
  795. Fix buildbot failures after removing REQUIRES-ANY (details)
  796. AMDGPU/SILoadStoreOptimillzer: Refactor CombineInfo struct (details)
  797. [AIX] Avoid unset csect assert for functions defined after their use in (details)
  798. [LoopFusion] Move instructions from FC0.Latch to FC1.Latch. (details)
  799. [driver][darwin] Use explicit -mlinker-version in the -platform_version (details)
  800. [FPEnv][LegalizeTypes][LegalizeDAG][AArch64] Few fixes/improvements for (details)
  801. [analysis] Discard type qualifiers when casting values retrieved from (details)
  802. Revert "[ MC ] Match labels to existing fragments even when switching (details)
  803. [WebAssembly] Implement SIMD {i8x16,i16x8}.avgr_u instructions (details)
  804. [AMDGPU] Fixed cost model for packed 16 bit ops (details)
  805. [FPEnv][LegalizeTypes] Make ScalarizeVecOp_STRICT_FP_ROUND do its own (details)
  806. [AArch64][GlobalISel]: Fix a crash in GlobalIsel in dealing with 16bit (details)
  807. [X86] Manually format some setOperationAction calls to line up arguments (details)
  808. Temporarily Revert "[gicombiner] Add the MatchDag structure and parse (details)
  809. gn build: Merge e62e760f295 (details)
  810. [PowerPC] Add missing legalization for vector BSWAP (details)
  811. [docs] Remove `git llvm push` and `git llvm revert` from GettingStarted (details)
  812. [ELF] Fix a comment. NFC (details)
  813. [unwind] Don't link libpthread and libdl on Fuchsia (details)
  814. [CFG] Add an option to expand CXXDefaultInitExpr into aggregate (details)
  815. [X86] Add strict fma support (details)
  816. [X86] Add calculation for elements in structures in getting uniform base (details)
  817. [llvm-readelf][llvm-readobj] - Reimplement the logic of section flags (details)
  818. [ELF] writePlt, writeIplt: replace parameters gotPltEntryAddr and index (details)
  819. [llvm-readelf] - Change letters used for SHF_ARM_PURECODE and (details)
  820. [llvm-readobj][test] - Cleanup hash-histogram.test (details)
  821. [llvm-readob] - Refactor printing of sections flags. NFCI. (details)
  822. [llvm-readobj][test] - Move a comment. NFC. (details)
  823. [cmake] Add llvm-locstats to LLVM_TEST_DEPENDS (details)
  824. [NFC][TTI] Add Alignment for isLegalMasked[Gather/Scatter] (details)
  825. [llvm-exegesis][mips] Add lit test (details)
  826. [AArch64] Enable clustering memory accesses to fixed stack objects (details)
  827. [AArch64] Improve codegen of volatile load/store of i128 (details)
  828. [OpenCL] Add builtin function extension handling (details)
  829. recommit: [ASTImporter] Friend class decl should not be visible in its (details)
  830. [DebugInfo] Correctly handle salvaged casts and split fragments at ISel (details)
  831. [Syntax] Allow to mutate syntax trees (details)
  832. [Syntax] Uppercase the first letter of the test name. NFC (details)
  833. [Syntax] Use a hash table to search for tokens by their location (details)
  834. gn build: Merge 1ad15046dcf (details)
  835. Revert "Temporarily Revert "[gicombiner] Add the MatchDag structure and (details)
  836. gn build: Merge 7ea2e5195a8 (details)
  837. Revert "[DebugInfo] Correctly handle salvaged casts and split fragments (details)
  838. [gicombiner] Add support for arbitrary match data being passed from (details)
  839. [lldb][NFC] Add unit test for persistent variable lookup with (details)
  840. [InstCombine] add tests for copysign; NFC (details)
  841. [AArch64] match fcvtl2 with bitcasted extract (details)
  842. Add an -fno-temp-file flag for compilation (details)
  843. [globalisel] Attempt to fix ARM bots that emit the correct number in the (details)
  844. [NFC][InstCombine] Autogenerate assume.ll test (details)
  845. [gicombiner] Import tryCombineIndexedLoadStore() (details)
  846. [compiler-rt] Sync NetBSD ioctl definitions with 9.99.26 (details)
  847. [globalisel] Small correction to the fixup in 0a0813962d6. The two ID's (details)
  848. [ThinLTO] Show preserved symbols in DOT files (details)
  849. [clang] [cmake] Fix binary dir (details)
  850. [compiler-rt] [test] Disable ASLR for fuzzer tests on NetBSD (details)
  851. [LoopUtils] Updated deleteDeadLoop() to handle loop nest. (details)
  852. gn build: Merge 9883d7edc65 (details)
  853. [AArch64] update test checks; NFC (details)
  854. [NFC][InlineCost] Run clang-format on InlineCost.cpp (details)
  855. [compiler-rt] [test] Disable ASLR on LSAN+ASAN tests on NetBSD (details)
  856. [compiler-rt] [test] Disable ASLR on UBSAN+[AMT]SAN tests on NetBSD (details)
  857. [llvm-exegesis][NFC] internal changes (details)
  858. Reapply: [DebugInfo] Correctly handle salvaged casts and split fragments (details)
  859. Fix modules build by adding missing includes to LTO/Config.h (details)
  860. [NFC] Fix sanitizer lint problem that's breaking Android bot. (details)
  861. Revert "Add an -fno-temp-file flag for compilation" (details)
  862. [AArch64] add tests for bitcasted DUPLANE; NFC (details)
  863. [ MC ] Match labels to existing fragments even when switching sections. (details)
  864. [AArch64][SVE] Replace integer immediate intrinsics with splat vector (details)
  865. [AArch64][SVE] Fix gather scatter dag combine test. (details)
  866. Add support for the MS qualifiers __ptr32, __ptr64, __sptr, __uptr. (details)
  867. [PowerPC][NFC] Refactor splat of constant to vector. (details)
  868. [SelectionDAGBuilder] Use getConstant instead of getTargetConstant to (details)
  869. llvm-cxxmap: fix support for remapping non-mangled names. (details)
  870. [InstCombine] Allow to limit the max number of iterations (details)
  871. [Concepts] Constrained partial specializations and function overloads. (details)
  872. [Clang FE, SystemZ]  Don't add "true" value for the "mnop-mcount" (details)
  873. Revert "[AArch64][SVE] Replace integer immediate intrinsics with splat (details)
  874. [Concepts] Fix crash in D41910 (details)
  875. Fix more VFS tests on Windows (details)
  876. [NFC] Update FIXME for one VFS test (details)
  877. [libomptarget][nfc] Extract function from data_sharing, move to common (details)
  878. [Concepts] Fix incorrect move out of temporary in D41910 (details)
  879. [InstCombine] Insert instructions before adding them to worklist (details)
  880. [LoopFusion] Use the LoopInfo::isRotatedForm method (NFC). (details)
  881. [libomptarget][nfc] Introduce atomic wrapper function (details)
  882. [analyzer] NonnullGlobalConstants: Add support for kCFNull. (details)
  883. Correct version check 9.9.26 -> 9.99.26 (details)
  884. [libunwind] Fix evaluating DWARF operation DW_OP_pick (details)
  885. [FPEnv] Strict versions of llvm.minimum/llvm.maximum (details)
  886. [lldb/MachO] "Fix" intentional out-of-bounds error (NFC) (details)
  887. Tweak commit message for auto update of gn build script (details)
  888. Revert "[InstCombine][AMDGPU] Trim more components of *buffer_load" (details)
  889. [gn build] Update console print to match the commit message (NFC) (details)
  890. Change triple in test case to not include triples the test shouldn't (details)
  891. [clang-tools-extra] Fix linking dylib for LLVMFrontendOpenMP (details)
  892. Support powerpc when builing without init_array. (details)
  893. Move TypeSourceInfo to Type.h (details)
  894. Use hasOffsetApplied to initialize member HasOffsetApplied (details)
  895. Refactor CompareReferenceRelationship and its callers in preparation for (details)
  896. [Orc][LLJIT] Use JITLink even if a custom JITTargetMachineBuilder is (details)
  897. Add prototype for a function we call. (details)
  898. [analyzer] Teach MismatchedDealloc about initWithBytesNoCopy with (details)
  899. [Remarks][Driver][NFC] Make shouldEmitRemarks more available in the (details)
  900. [Remarks][Driver] Run dsymutil when remarks are enabled (details)
  901. Output names in the AST in tests (details)
  902. Trim trailing whitespace (details)
  903. Add method to ignore invisible AST nodes (details)
  904. [X86] Add test case to show incorrect formation of masked add from (details)
  905. [X86] Add a simple hack to IsProfitableToFold to prevent vselect+strict (details)
  906. Revert concepts changes from D41910 (details)
  907. Revert "[Orc][LLJIT] Use JITLink even if a custom (details)
  908. [Docs] Fix a typo (details)
  909. [WebAssembly] Add avgr_u intrinsics and require nuw in patterns (details)
  910. [lldb/test] Move script interpreter tests (details)
  911. [libomptarget][amdgcn] Correct return type of extern __clock64 to (details)
  912. [compiler-rt] [fuzzer] Include stdarg.h for va_list (details)
  913. make err msg in MachSymtabSectionInfo::GetSection clear about the file (details)
  914. [compiler-rt] [fuzzer] Enable LSan in libFuzzer tests on NetBSD (details)
  915. Reapply "NFC: DebugInfo: Refactor RangeSpanList to be a struct, like (details)
  916. DebugInfo: Don't use implicit zero addr_base (details)
  917. [Docs] Fix indentation in remarks section (details)
  918. [Remarks][Driver] Place temporary remark files next to temporary object (details)
  919. [lldb/Scripting] Simplify code by removing the #if. (details)
  920. [clang] Remove -Wexperimental-float-control. (details)
  921. DebugInfo: Include DW_AT_base_addr even in gmlt with no inline functions (details)
  922. [libomptarget][nvptx] Fix build, symbol ordering in target_impl.h (details)
  923. [analysis] Re-discard type sugar when casting values retrieved from the (details)
  924. [libomptarget][nvptx] Fix build, second symbol reordering (details)
  925. [PowerPC] make lwa as a valid ds candidate in ppcloopinstrformprep pass (details)
  926. [compiler-rt] Enable SANITIZER_CAN_USE_PREINIT_ARRAY on NetBSD (details)
  927. DebugInfo: Fix test fallout from (details)
  928. Enable STRICT_FP_TO_SINT/UINT on X86 backend This patch is mainly for (details)
  929. [AMDGPU] Implemented fma cost analysis (details)
  930. [llvm-readobj][llvm-objdump] - Cleanup testing of dynamic tags dumping. (details)
  931. [llvm-readobj][test] - Refactor mips-st-other.test (details)
  932. [llvm-readobj][test] - Improve dyn-symbols.test. (details)
  933. [SCEV] NFC - add testcase for get accurate range for AddExpr (details)
  934. [lldb][NFC] Change if statements in ClangASTImporter to follow LLVM code (details)
  935. [LLD] [COFF] Fix reporting duplicate errors for absolute symbols (details)
  936. [clang] Fix compilation with GCC < 8 for MinGW (details)
  937. Revert "Support powerpc when builing without init_array." (details)
  938. [cmake] Include the llvm-locstats target when utils and tools are not (details)
  939. [clangd] Improve documentation for auto and implicit specs (details)
  940. [AArch64][SVE] Implement ptrue intrinsic (details)
  941. [AArch64][SVE] Implement pfirst and pnext intrinsics (details)
  942. [ARM] Improve codegen of volatile load/store of i64 (details)
  943. Make more use of MachineInstr::mayLoadOrStore. (details)
  944. [llvm-exegesis] Fix pfm counter names for Haswell for older versions of (details)
  945. Re-land "Add an -fno-temp-file flag for compilation" (details)
  946. [Instcombine] Add select canonicalization tests. NFC (details)
  947. [InstCombine] Canonicalize select immediates (details)
  948. [Dsymutil][Debuginfo][NFC] Refactor dsymutil to separate DWARF (details)
  949. [gn build] Port abc7f6800df (details)
  950. [DebugInfo] Fix verbose printing of rows added via DW_LNE_end_sequence (details)
  951. [AArch64][SVE] Add permutation and selection intrinsics (details)
  952. [ConstantHoisting] Ignore unreachable bb:s when collecting candidates (details)
  953. [InstCombine] add/adjust tests for pow->sqrt; NFC (details)
  954. Revert "[AArch64][SVE] Add permutation and selection intrinsics" (details)
  955. [PowerPC] Only use PLT annotations if using PIC relocation model (details)
  956. [DDG] Data Dependence Graph - Ordinals (details)
  957. [cmake] Add dependency on llvm-dwarfdump to llvm-locstats (details)
  958. [RISCV] Enable the machine outliner for RISC-V (details)
  959. [Clang FE, SystemZ]  Recognize -mrecord-mcount CL option. (details)
  960. [libomptarget][nfc] Provide target_impl malloc/free (details)
  961. [SystemZ]  Recognize mrecord-mcount in backend (details)
  962. Revert "[cmake] Add dependency on llvm-dwarfdump to llvm-locstats" (details)
  963. [x86] add test for missing FMF propagation; NFC (details)
  964. [RISCV] Don't crash on unsupported relocations (details)
  965. [SLP]Added test for gathering reused extracts from narrow vector, NFC. (details)
  966. [NFC][InstCombine] Add some more non-zero assumption variants (D71660) (details)
  967. [lldb/Lua] Add Boilerplate for a Lua Script Interpreter (details)
  968. [SLP]Fix test arguments, NFC. (details)
  969. [Alignment][NFC] Align compatible methods for (details)
  970. [ASTImporter][LLDB] Modifying ImportDeclContext(...) to ensure that we (details)
  971. [compiler-rt] [test] Add missing %run to fread_fwrite MSAN test (details)
  972. [LegalizeDAG] Add return to the strict node handling in (details)
  973. [X86] Mark various pointer arguments in builtins as const (details)
  974. [FaultMaps] Make label formation a bit more explicit [NFC] (details)
  975. [StackMaps] Be explicit about label formation [NFC] (details)
  976. [clangd] Fix write past end pointer (details)
  977. Temporarily Revert "[StackMaps] Be explicit about label formation [NFC]" (details)
  978. Implement latest C++ feature test macro recommendations. (details)
  979. [XCOFF][AIX] Fix for missing of undefined symbols from symbol table (details)
  980. Fix some typos in the clang-tools-extra doc (details)
  981. Temporarily Revert "[Dsymutil][Debuginfo][NFC] Refactor dsymutil to (details)
  982. Fix the links to clang analyzers checkers (details)
  983. [gn build] Port 3075cd5c9fc (details)
  984. ConstrainedFP: use API compatible with opaque pointers. (details)
  985. [StackMaps] Be explicit about label formation [NFC] (try 2) (details)
  986. HotColdSplitting: Do not outline within noreturn functions (details)
  987. [NFC][InstCombine] Add a test for assume-induced miscompile (details)
  988. [ValueTracking] isValidAssumeForContext(): CxtI itself also must (details)
  989. [ValueTracking] isKnownNonZero() should take non-null-ness assumptions (details)
  990. [analyzer] Add a syntactic security check for ObjC NSCoder API. (details)
  991. Fix crash on init-capture packs where the type of the initializer is (details)
  992. [NFC][InlineCost] Simplify internal inlining cost interface (details)
  993. [lit] Add "from .main import main" back into lit/ (details)
  994. [X86] Add test case for miscompilation of a vector setcc on KNL target. (details)
  995. [CommandLine] Add template instantiations of cl::parser for long and (details)
  996. CWG2352: Allow qualification conversions during reference binding. (details)
  997. [JITLink][MachO] Fix common symbol size plumbing. (details)
  998. [Orc][LLJIT] Re-apply 298e183e813 (use JITLink for LLJIT where (details)
  999. [X86] Directly call EmitTest in two places instead of creating a null (details)
  1000. [X86] Make EmitCmp into a static function and explicitly return chain (details)
  1001. [LLDB] Fix address computation for inline function (details)
  1002. [clang] Fix the canonicalization of paths in (details)
  1003. [ARM][MVE] Tail predicate bottom/top muls. (details)
  1004. [ARM][MVE] Tail predicate in the presence of vcmp (details)
  1005. [lldb] Remove XFAIL from (details)
  1006. Re-land "[cmake] Add dependency on llvm-dwarfdump to llvm-locstats" (details)
  1007. [ARM][MVE] Fixes for tail predication. (details)
  1008. [lldb] Added test for objc_direct calls with categories (details)
  1009. [clang][Tooling] Prefer -x over -std when interpolating (details)
  1010. [AArch64][SVE] Add intrinsics for binary narrowing operations (details)
  1011. Recommit "[AArch64][SVE] Add permutation and selection intrinsics" (details)
  1012. [AArch64][SVE] Add intrnisics for saturating scalar arithmetic (details)
  1013. [lldb] Make that we can call HostInfo::Initialize and (details)
  1014. [AArch64][SVE] Fold constant multiply of element count (details)
  1015. [lldb] Fix test using lld on non-linux systems (details)
  1016. [LV] Strip wrap flags from vectorized reductions (details)
  1017. Use isa instead of dyn_cast (details)
  1018. Parenthesized a logical expression. (details)
  1019. [lldb] Add tests for ClangASTImporter's DeportType and DeportDecl (details)
  1020. [AArch64] add more tests for extract-bitcast-splat; NFC (details)
  1021. [OPT-DBG] Teach DbgEntityHistoryCalculator about meta-instructions. (details)
  1022. [lldb/pexpect] Force-set the TERM environment variable (details)
  1023. [lldb] Fix a -Wreturn-type warning on gcc (details)
  1024. [AArch64][SVE] Correct intrinsics and patterns for logical predicate (details)

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