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Build Log

  1. [SystemZ][FPEnv] Enable strict vector FP extends/truncations (details)
  2. [lldb] Put the headers in unittests/TestingSupport/ into modules (details)
  3. [scudo][standalone] Implement TSD registry disabling (details)
  4. [lldb][NFC] Move utility functions from ClangASTImporter and (details)
  5. [lldb/cmake] Remove support for LLDB_DISABLE_CURSES (details)
  6. [lldb] Fix an unused variable warning (details)
  7. [InstCombine] add tests for cast+gep; NFC (details)
  8. [lldb/cmake] Delete LLDB_LINKER_SUPPORTS_GROUPS (details)
  9. [OPENMP]Remove unused OPENMP_MATCH_KIND, NFC. (details)
  10. [libc++] Update feature list for NetBSD (details)
  11. [compiler-rt] [test] Disable MPROTECT on two builtin tests (details)
  12. [clang-format] C# formatting a class with inheritance followed by an (details)
  13. [lldb][NFC] Remove redundant ASTContext args to CopyDecl/DeportDecl (details)
  14. Revert "[ARM] Improve codegen of volatile load/store of i64" (details)
  15. [SystemZ]  Bugfix and improve the handling of CC values. (details)
  16. Temporarily revert "Reapply [LVI] Normalize pointer behavior" and "[LVI] (details)
  17. llvm-symbolizer: support DW_FORM_loclistx locations. (details)
  18. [lldb][NFC] Remove utility methods in TestClangASTImporter (details)
  19. [SystemZ]  Add a mapping from "select register" to "load on condition" (details)
  20. [AArch64][SVE] Replace integer immediate intrinsics with splat vector (details)
  21. ThreadPlanTracer::TracingStarted can't call virtual methods on (details)
  22. [objc_direct] Tigthen checks for direct methods (details)
  23. In 'thread step-out' command, only insert a breakpoint in executable (details)
  24. [lldb/Lua] Implement a Simple Lua Script Interpreter Prototype (details)
  25. [X86] Fix a KNL miscompile caused by combineSetCC swapping LHS/RHS (details)
  26. [PPC32] Emit R_PPC_PLTREL24 for calls to dso_local ifunc (details)
  27. [NFC][Driver] Add dummy compiler-rt sanitizer dylibs for Darwin. (details)
  28. Align branches within 32-Byte boundary (NOP padding) (details)
  29. Apply the alignment specifier attribute to anonymous unions and structs. (details)
  30. [attributes][analyzer] Add annotations for handles. (details)
  31. Comment and adjust style in the newly introduced MCBoundaryAlignFragment (details)
  32. Fix a memory leak introduced w/the instruction padding support in (details)
  33. Avoid unsupported LLD options (details)
  34. More style cleanups following rG14fc20ca6282 [NFC] (details)
  35. [msan] Intercept qsort, qsort_r. (details)
  36. [analyzer] Add Fuchsia Handle checker (details)
  37. [gn build] Port 82923c71efa (details)
  38. [analyzer] Add path notes to FuchsiaHandleCheck. (details)
  39. [msan] Check qsort input. (details)
  40. [llvm-symbolizer] Support reading options from environment (details)
  41. Add parentheses to silence warning (details)
  42. [scudo][standalone] Support __BIONIC__ (details)
  43. [compiler-rt] [test] Disable MPROTECT for XRay tests on NetBSD (details)
  44. Rename DW_AT_LLVM_isysroot to DW_AT_LLVM_sysroot (details)
  45. Customize simplified dumping and matching of LambdaExpr (details)
  46. [InstCombine] Improve infinite loop detection (details)
  47. Revert "Customize simplified dumping and matching of LambdaExpr" (details)
  48. [iOS sim] Ensure simulator device is booted in (details)
  49. [lldb/CMake] Change how we deal with optional dependencies (details)
  50. Temporarily restrict the test for D71372 to darwin till we fix it on (details)
  51. Fix name of InitLibcalls() function in comment (details)
  52. [WebAssembly] Use TargetIndex operands in DbgValue to track WebAssembly (details)
  53. llvm-objdump should ignore Mach-O stab symbols for disassembly. (details)
  54. Reland: [DWARF] Allow cross-CU references of subprogram definitions (details)
  55. [DWARF] Defer creating declaration DIEs until we prepare call site info (details)
  56. Revert "[lldb/CMake] Change how we deal with optional dependencies" (details)
  57. [llvm-symbolizer] Prefix invocations in test with env (details)
  58. [X86] Add test cases for missing propagation of fpexcept flag on strict (details)
  59. [NFC][MachineOutliner] Rewrite setSuffixIndices to be iterative (details)
  60. gn build: Silence mismatched-new-delete warning in scudo C++ wrapper (details)
  61. Add a set of tests with basic coverage of the recently added boundary (details)
  62. Constrain the macho-stabs test added in f72d001e099 to run on systems (details)
  63. fix a doc typo to cycle bots (details)
  64. fix another doc typo to cycle bots (details)
  65. fix yet another doc typo to cycle bots (details)
  66. hopefully last doc typo fix to cycle bots (details)
  67. Re-land "[lldb/CMake] Change how we deal with optional dependencies" (details)
  68. [lldb/CMake] Don't use return() from macro() (details)
  69. [lldb] Expose more optional dependencies through GetBuildConfiguration() (details)
  70. [lldb/test] Skip editline tests when LLDB_ENABLE_LIBEDIT is off. (details)
  71. [ORC] De-register eh-frames in the RTDyldObjectLinkingLayer destructor. (details)
  72. [lldb/test] Update !DIModule for isysroot rename (details)
  73. Revert "[msan] Check qsort input." and "[msan] Intercept qsort, (details)
  74. [libc++] Fix typo in std::midpoint (details)
  75. Remove a gcc 4.9 comparison as it doesn't make sense (details)
  76. clang is now under the apache2 license (details)
  77. features.html: Remove some old info (details)
  78. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Simplify code (details)
  79. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix missing scc imp-def on scalar and/or/xor (details)
  80. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix misuse of div_scale intrinsics (details)
  81. Mips: Make test resistant to future changes (details)
  82. AMDGPU: Fix repeated word in comment (details)
  83. [lldb] Fix ARM32 inferior calls (details)
  84. [lldb] [testsuite] Fix Linux fail: (details)
  85. [lldb] Fix -Wstringop-truncation in PythonReadline.cpp (details)
  86. Customize simplified dumping and matching of LambdaExpr (details)
  87. [lldb] Force the preprocessor to run in (details)
  88. Add missing `REQUIRES: hexagon-registered-target` (details)
  89. [lldb] One more attempt to fix thread-step-out-ret-addr-check on windows (details)
  90. [lldb] disable thread-step-out-ret-addr-check on windows (details)
  91. [Wdocumentation] Implement \anchor (details)
  92. [Analyzer] Use a reference in a range-based for (details)
  93. [AArch64] Respect reserved registers while renaming in LdSt opt. (details)
  94. [lldb][NFC] Remove all ASTContext getter wrappers from ClangASTContext (details)
  95. [SimplifyLibCalls] require fast-math-flags for pow(X, -0.5) transforms (details)
  96. [InstCombine] check alloc size in bitcast of geps fold (PR44321) (details)
  97. Fix `-Wunused-variable` warning. NFC. (details)
  98. Fix Wpedantic 'extra semicolon' warning. NFC. (details)
  99. Fix "result of 32-bit shift implicitly converted to 64 bits" warning. (details)
  100. [lld][RISCV] Use an e_flags of 0 if there are only binary input files. (details)
  101. [NFC] test commit (details)
  102. [NFC] test commit reverted (details)
  103. [analyzer] exploded-graph-rewriter: Fix string encodings in python3. (details)
  104. [Lldb/Lua] Generate Lua Bindings (details)
  105. [lldb][NFC] Return a reference from ClangASTContext::getASTContext and (details)
  106. [lldb] Fix windows build after getASTContext() change (details)
  107. [Lldb/Lua] Persist Lua state across script interpreter calls. (details)
  108. [lldb/Core] Support asking the debugger for a specific script (details)
  109. [lldb/Commands] Fix bogus enum entry and add Lua (NFC) (details)
  110. [lldb/Commands] Honor the scripting language passed (details)
  111. [NFC] Separate getLastArgIntValue to Basic (details)
  112. [gn build] fold Basic:version into Basic (details)
  113. [lldb/Commands] Use the default scripting langauge for BP functions (details)
  114. [gn build] fixup after c3d13d9c56 (details)
  115. [gn build] Port 7376d9eb389 (details)
  116. [lldb/Lua] Add missing boiler plate to ScriptInterpreter. (details)
  117. [lldb/Commands] Honor the scripting language passed (2/2) (details)
  118. [lldb/ScriptInterpreter] Fix stale/bogus error messages (details)
  119. [Driver] Verify -mrecord-mcount in Driver, instead of CodeGen after (details)
  120. DebugInfo: Remove out of date comment (details)
  121. [Driver] Allow -mnop-mcount for SystemZ and -mfentry for X86 and SystemZ (details)
  122. [LLDB] Fix building without SWIG (details)
  123. [Concepts] Constrained partial specializations and function overloads. (details)
  124. [Sema] SequenceChecker: Add some comments + related small NFCs (details)
  125. [Sema] SequenceChecker: Fix handling of operator ||, && and ?: (details)
  126. [Sema] SequenceChecker: C++17 sequencing rules for built-in operators (details)
  127. [lldb] Remove unused CompilerDeclContext::IsStructUnionOrClass (details)
  128. [AArch64] match splat of bitcasted extract subvector to DUPLANE (details)
  129. [ms] [X86] Use "P" modifier on operands to call instructions in inline (details)
  130. [InstCombine] enhance fold for copysign with known sign arg (details)
  131. [Test] Add examples of problematic assembler auto-padding (details)
  132. [TableGen] Fixes -Wrange-loop-analysis warnings (details)
  133. [Tools] Fixes -Wrange-loop-analysis warnings (details)
  134. [Analyzer] Fixes -Wrange-loop-analysis warnings (details)
  135. [Transforms] Fixes -Wrange-loop-analysis warnings (details)
  136. [PowerPC] Fixes -Wrange-loop-analysis warnings (details)
  137. [NVPTX] Fixes -Wrange-loop-analysis warnings (details)
  138. [Hexagon] Fixes -Wrange-loop-analysis warnings (details)
  139. [AMDGPU] Fixes -Wrange-loop-analysis warnings (details)
  140. [X86] Fix typo of intrinsic name in test cases. NFC (details)
  141. [X86] Autogenerate complete checks. NFC (details)
  142. Revert "[ARM][TypePromotion] Enable by default" (details)
  143. [SelectionDAG] Copy FP flags when visiting a binary instruction. (details)
  144. Revert "[Concepts] Constrained partial specializations and function (details)
  145. Revert "[DebugInfo] Support to emit debugInfo for extern variables" (details)
  146. build: improve python checks for Windows (details)
  147. [DAGCombiner] Check term use before applying aggressive FSUB (details)
  148. [lldb/ScriptInterpreter] Unify error message for command script import (details)
  149. [ELF] Delete a redundant R_HINT check from isStaticLinkTimeConstant(). (details)
  150. [SCEV] add testcase for get accurate range for addrecexpr with nuw flag (details)
  151. [NFC] Remove unnecessary blank and rename align-branch-64-5b.s to (details)
  152. reland "[DebugInfo] Support to emit debugInfo for extern variables" (details)
  153. [AST] Add missing MultiplexConsumer::CompleteExternalDeclaration (details)
  154. [PowerPC] Exploit `vrl(b|h|w|d)` to perform vector rotation (details)
  155. [AVR] Fix codegen for rotate instructions (details)
  156. build: use `find_package(Python3)` rather than `PYTHON_HOME` (details)
  157. [lldb/ScriptInterpreter] Remove can_reload which is always true (NFC) (details)
  158. [Concepts] Constrained partial specializations and function overloads. (details)
  159. [NFC][Test][PowerPC] Add more tests for 'and mask' (details)
  160. [SLP] Replace NeedToGather variable with enum. (details)
  161. Fix case style warnings in DIBuilder. NFC. (details)
  162. [Power9] Remove the PPCISD::XXREVERSE as it has completely the same (details)
  163. [lldb][NFC] Make CompilerDeclContext construction type safe (details)
  164. [lldb][NFC] Document CompilerDeclContext constructors (details)
  165. [NFC] Style cleanups (details)
  166. [lldb] Add a SubsystemRAII that takes care of calling Initialize and (details)
  167. [lldb][NFC] Simplify ClangASTContext::GetTranslationUnitDecl (details)
  168. [lldb/lua] Fix bindings.test for lua-5.1 (details)
  169. [lldb] Fix a -Wreturn-type gcc warning in ScriptInterpreter.cpp (details)
  170. [llvm-readobj][test] - Stop using Inputs/trivial.obj.elf-x86-64. (details)
  171. [ItaniumCXXABI] Don't mark an extern_weak init function as dso_local on (details)
  172. [ARM] [Windows] Use COFF stubs for calls to extern_weak functions (details)
  173. [AArch64] [Windows] Use COFF stubs for calls to extern_weak functions (details)
  174. [yaml2obj] - Add testing for OSABI field. (details)
  175. [lldb] Don't process symlinks deep inside DWARFUnit (details)
  176. [yaml2obj] - Add support for ELFOSABI_LINUX. (details)
  177. [yaml2obj] - Allow using an arbitrary value for OSABI. (details)
  178. [lldb] Add sanity check to CreateDeclContext and fixed illformed (details)
  179. [lldb][NFC] Delete all 'else return ...' in CompilerDeclContext.cpp (details)
  180. [lldb][NFC] Remove wrong and unused ClangASTContext::CopyDecl method (details)
  181. [lldb][NFC] Remove unused 'type' parameter in (details)
  182. [] Add git blame output cache (details)
  183. [lldb][NFC] Simplify ClangExternalASTSourceCallbacks (details)
  184. [OpenCL] Add atomic builtin functions (details)
  185. [lldb][NFC] Remove unused callback functionality from ClangASTContext (details)
  186. [Matrix] Add forward shape propagation and first shape aware lowerings. (details)
  187. [NFC] Move OptionUtils from Basic to Driver (details)
  188. [Matrix] Use fmuladd  for matrix.multiply if allowed. (details)
  189. [lldb/DWARF] Fix hostname-stripping logic (details)
  190. [gn build] Port eca40066ebb (details)
  191. [lldb] Remove DWARFUnit::AppendDIEsWithTag (details)
  192. [OPENMP50]Codegen for nontemporal clause. (details)
  193. [DAGCombine] visitEXTRACT_SUBVECTOR - 'little to big' (details)
  194. [PowerPC] NFC - fix the testcase bug of folding rlwinm (details)
  195. [RISCV][NFC] Fix use of missing attribute groups in tests (details)
  196. [AMDGPU] Don't create MachinePointerInfos with an UndefValue pointer (details)
  197. [ELF] Don't suggest an alternative spelling for a symbol in a discarded (details)
  198. Move from a long list of checkers to tables (details)
  199. [lldb/Test] Disable TestSynchronous.test on Windows. (details)
  200. Fix LLVM tool --version build mode printing for MSVC (details)
  201. MC: Ensure test only reads from the Inputs directory (details)
  202. [Sema][X86] Consider target attribute into the checks in (details)
  203. [msan] Intercept qsort, qsort_r. (details)
  204. [msan] Check qsort input. (details)
  205. [FPEnv][X86] More strict int <-> FP conversion fixes (details)
  206. ASTContext: fix declaration of ParsedTargetAttr [-Wmismatched-tags] (details)

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