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  1. Added missing commas for mlir-nvidia buildbot. (details / githubweb)
  2. [lldb win buildbot] Add a couple people to the default notifications (details / githubweb)
  3. lldb-cmake job: Temporarily disable LLVM_ENABLE_MODULES (details / githubweb)
  4. [zorg] Add x86_64 buildbots for Polly. (details / githubweb)
  5. Re-land running check-lldb-repro on the CMake incremental bot. (details / githubweb)
  6. Revert "lldb-cmake job: Temporarily disable LLVM_ENABLE_MODULES" (details / githubweb)
  7. Execute libunwind/libc++abi tests on AArch64 devboard by llvm-clang-win-x-aarch64 builder. (details / githubweb)
  1. [lldb][NFC] Modernize test setup code in several lang/cpp tests (details)
  2. [AArch64][ASMParser] Refuse equal source/destination for LDRAA/LDRAB (details)
  3. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select MUBUF path for global atomic cmpxchg (details)
  4. [PatternMatch] Match XOR variant of unsigned-add overflow check. (details)
  5. [CGP] Adjust CodeGen tests after e01a3d49c22 (details)
  6. Add <128 x i1> as an intrinsic type (details)
  7. [Hexagon][NFC] Rename VK_Hexagon_PCREL to VK_PCREL (details)
  8. [AMDGPU][ConstantFolding] Fold llvm.amdgcn.fmul.legacy intrinsic (details)
  9. [gn build] revert e8e078c8bf7987 (details)
  10. [AArch64][SVE] Add initial backend support for FP splat_vector (details)
  11. [ARM,MVE] Fix predicate types of some intrinsics (details)
  12. [mlir] NFC: use ValueRange for BlockArgument in ConvertStandardToLLVM (details)
  13. tsan: removing redundant loop in ThreadClock::release() (details)
  14. [lldb][NFC] Remove giant do{...}while(false); in ClangASTSource::FindExternalVisibleDecls (details)
  15. [mlir][spirv] Add mlir-vulkan-runner (details)
  16. [SystemZ] Regenerate risbg tests. NFCI. (details)
  17. [IRBuilder] Always respect inserter/folder (details)
  18. [Sema][CodeComplete] Handle symlinks for include code completion (details)
  19. [InstCombine] Fix removal from deferred instructions (details)
  20. [mlir][ods] Adding attribute setters generation (details)
  21. Revert "[IRBuilder] Always respect inserter/folder" (details)
  22. [NFC][compiler-rt][test] Fully qualify string -> std::string (details)
  23. [libc++] Fix ABI break in __bit_reference. (details)
  24. [AMDGPU] Fix assumption about LaneBitmask content (details)
  25. [analyzer] CERT: POS34-C (details)
  26. [X86] Add DCI.isBeforeLegalize() check to the v64i1 constant splitting code in combineStore. (details)
  27. [gn build] Set up include_dirs for a54d81f597 (first checker in a subdir) (details)
  28. Fix Block::eraseArgument when block arg is also a successor operand. (details)
  29. [gn build] Port a54d81f5979 (details)
  30. [gn build] use \bfoo\b instead of \<foo\> in sync script (details)
  31. [ValueTracking]  Improve isKnownNonNaN() to recognize zero splats. (details)
  32. [AssumeBundle] Add documentation for the operand bundles of an llvm.assume (details)
  33. [lldb/Core] Remove locking in the PluginManager (details)
  34. [mlir][ODS] Add a new trait `TypesMatchWith` (details)
  35. [mlir][Parser] Use APFloat instead of FloatAttr when parsing DenseElementsAttrs. (details)
  36. Revert "[PatternMatch] Match XOR variant of unsigned-add overflow check." (details)
  37. [mlir][NFC] Fix warning for mismatched sign comparison. (details)
  38. [DDG] Data Dependence Graph - Graph Simplification (details)
  39. [mlir][NFC] Fix 'gatherLoops' utility (details)
  40. [CMake] Only detect the linker once in AddLLVM.cmake (details)
  41. [UpdateTestChecks] Add support for '.' in ir function names (details)
  42. [AMDGPU] Regenerate immediate constant tests (details)
  43. [libFuzzer] Fix denominator in the "inputs have DFT" log line. (details)
  44. Include static prof data when collecting loop BBs (details)
  45. [mlir] [VectorOps] Framework for progressive lowering of vector.contract (details)
  46. Reapply [IRBuilder] Always respect inserter/folder (details)
  47. [OpenMP][OMPIRBuilder] Introducing the `OMPBuilderCBHelpers` helper class (details)
  48. [Hexagon] Change HVX vector predicate types from v512/1024i1 to v64/128i1 (details)
  49. [x86] add test for uint->fp with unsafe-fp-math (PR43609); NFC (details)
  50. [AMDGPU] Update AMDGPUUsage with DWARF proposal (details)
  51. [IndVarSimply] Fix assert/release build difference. (details)
  52. [AMDGPU] AMDGPUUsage define call convention ABI (details)
  53. [libc++] Fixes backreferences for extended grammar. (details)
  54. [libc++] reduce <complex> parsing time (details)
  55. [TSan] Fix incorrect expansion of `%deflake` lit substitution. (details)
  56. [AMDGPU] Fix DS_WRITE_B32 patterns (details)
  57. [lld][ELF] Add --shuffle-sections=seed to shuffle input sections (details)
  58. Fix broken test on Windows caused by D74790 (details)
  59. [ORC] Add generic initializer/deinitializer support. (details)
  60. libclang: Add static build support for Windows (details)
  61. Add benchmarks for basic_string::erase (details)
  62. Another fix for 7d91633a2b9b1f563dc14c632cc0c461c3651f76 (details)
  63. [ORC] Qualify nullptr_t. (details)
  64. [ORC] Fix a missing move. (details)
  65. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Cleanup min/max RegBankSelect tests (details)
  66. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Remove outdated comment (details)
  67. Add cl_khr_mipmap_image_writes as supported to AMDGPU (details)
  68. AMDGPU: Enable integer division bypass (details)
  69. [JITLink] Fix testcase for main JITDylib rename in 85fb997659b. (details)
  70. [gn build] Port 85fb997659b (details)
  71. [clang-tidy] fix readability-redundant-member-init auto-fix of Function-try-block (details)
  72. [WebAssembly] Fix memory bug introduced in 52861809994c (details)
  73. [NFC] Fix issues with clang-tidy checks list.rst (details)
  74. Add a `%darwin_min_target_with_tls_support` lit substitution. (details)
  75. Add an Offset field to the SourceLocation for LookupResult objects. (details)
  76. [mlir][Linalg] Allow specifiying zero-rank shaped type operands to linalg.indexed_generic ops. (details)
  77. [MS] Mark vectorcall FP and vector args inreg (details)
  78. [ELF][test] Fix shuffle_sections.s (details)
  79. [ELF][test] Fix --symbol-ordering-file tests of shuffle_sections.s (details)
  80. [WebAssembly] Use llvm::Optional to store optional symbol attributes.  NFC. (details)
  81. [mlir] Update usage of createJITDylib to createBareJITDylib after LLVM change (details)
  82. [lldb/Test] Skip VSCode test on embedded Darwin (details)
  83. [lld][WebAssembly] Allow symbols with explict import names to be undefined at link time. (details)
  84. [gn build] (manually) partially (?) merge 7ff1f55a1219 (details)
  85. [DebugInfo] Read CIE pointer as a relocatable value. (details)
  86. [DebugInfo] Remove a misleading comment for llvm::dwarf::FDE. (details)
  87. [DebugInfo][NFCI]: Removed an exclamation mark from error message. (details)
  88. Fixup test after changes made in 709fd989. (details)
  89. [Attributor] Allow multiple uses of a casted function pointer (details)
  90. [examples] Fix the clang-interpreter example for changes in 85fb997659b. (details)
  91. [examples] Fix the SpeculativeJIT example for 85fb997659b. (details)
  92. [Attributor] Add initial AAIsDead for arguments (details)
  93. [lldb/Test] s/skipIfDarwinEmbedded/skipIfRemote/ in VSCode tests. (details)
  94. [Attributor][FIX] Do not create new calls edge we cannot handle (details)
  95. [Attributor] Generalize `getAssumedConstantInt` interface (details)
  96. TableGen: Fix logic for default operands (details)
  97. [Attributor][FIX] Avoid setting wrong load/store alignments (details)
  98. [Attributor] Use existing `returned` information better (details)
  99. [Attributor][NFC] Add more memory_location tests (details)
  100. [Attributor][NFC] Improve the debug output & add a TODO (details)
  101. [MustExecute] Add backward exploration for must-be-executed-context (details)
  102. [ELF][test] Fix section sh_type and sh_flags (details)
  103. Fix compiler extension in standalone mode (details)
  104. Remove debugging artefact. (details)
  105. [lldb] Remove license headers from all test source files (details)
  106. [Attributor][NFC] Prepare some tests to be used with update test script (details)
  107. [Attributor][NFC] Refactor interface (details)
  108. [Attributor] Make sure abstract attributes are properly initialized (details)
  109. [LLD][ELF][ARM] Add test cases for R_ARM_THM_MOV*-type relocs (details)
  110. [lldb/DWARF] Always construct a DWARFDebugInfo object (details)
  111. [compiler-rt] [builtins] Fix logb / logbl tests (details)
  112. [NFC] Remove ar/ranlib test noise during cmake step (details)
  113. [ARM,MVE] Add vqdmull[b,t]q intrinsic families (details)
  114. [clang-tidy] misc-no-recursion: point to the function defs, not decls (details)
  115. SpeculativeExecution: fixed ingoring free execution (details)
  116. [AMDGPU] simplifyI24 - replace GetDemandedBits with SimplifyMultipleUseDemandedBits (details)
  117. [AArch64][SVE] Re-arrange definitions in (NFC) (details)
  118. [lldb] Add boilerplate to recognize the .debug_tu_index section (details)
  119. [lldb]: fix typo in lldb-gdb-remote.txt (details)
  120. [Sema] Demote call-site-based 'alignment is a power of two' check for AllocAlignAttr into a warning (details)
  121. Revert "Reland "[DebugInfo] Enable the debug entry values feature by default"" (details)
  122. [clang][Index] Fix the incomplete instantiations in libindex. (details)
  123. Regenerate rotate test. NFC. (details)
  124. [AMDGPU] Don’t marke the .note section as ALLOC (details)
  125. [Utils][x86] add an option to reduce scrubbing of shuffles with memops (details)
  126. AMDGPU: Fix v2i64<->v4f32 bitcast (details)
  127. [NFC][RDA] Break-up initialization code (details)
  128. [PowerPC][NFC] We do not save/restore vrsave for any remaining subtargets. (details)
  129. [x86] regenerate test checks with less shuffle scrubbing; NFC (details)
  130. Add #include <condition_variable> to fix build after 85fb997659b5 (details)
  131. [DAGCombine] visitEXTRACT_VECTOR_ELT - add SimplifyDemandedBits multi use support (details)
  132. [clang][analyzer] Modify include AllocationState.h in PutenvWithAutoChecker.cpp (details)
  133. [X86] Add DAG combines to form CVTPH2PS/CVTPS2PH from vXf16->vXf32/vXf64 fp_extends and vXf32->vXf16 fp_round. (details)
  134. [AArch64][SVE] Add intrinsics for SVE2 bitwise ternary operations (details)
  135. [x86] add vector tests for splatted memory ops; NFC (details)
  136. [AArch64] Move isOverflowIntrOpRes help function to the ISD namespace in SelectionDAG.h. NFC (details)
  137. [X86] Rewrite LowerBRCOND to remove dead code and handle ISD::SETCC and overflow ops directly. (details)
  138. [libc++] Fix unintended ADL inside ref(reference_wrapper<T>) and cref(reference_wrapper<T>) (details)
  139. [libc++] Fix unqualified call to 'ref' inside shared_ptr(unique_ptr<U, D>) (details)
  140. [clang-tidy] maintain alphabetical order in Renamed checks section (details)
  141. [X86] Fix a -Wparentheses warning. NFC (details)
  142. [clang] Fix search path logic for C_INCLUDE_DIRS (details)
  143. Add target.xml support for qXfer request. (details)
  144. [lldb] Fix version string when using LLDB_REVISION but not LLDB_REPOSITORY (details)
  145. [DAGCombiner] Use SDValue::getConstantOperandAPInt helper where possible. NFC. (details)
  146. [macho][NFC] Extract all CPU_(SUB_)TYPE logic to libObject (details)
  147. [mlir] Refactor the structure of the 'verifyConstructionInvariants' methods. (details)
  148. Revert "[macho][NFC] Extract all CPU_(SUB_)TYPE logic to libObject" (details)
  149. [PowerPC][NFC] Cleanup some of the Darwin mentions in the README.txt. (details)
  150. [x86] allow peeking through an extract_subvector to find a splatted operand (details)
  151. [libc] Add Initial Support for Signals (details)
  152. Fix some typos in the MLIR documentation. (details)
  153. [ORC][examples] Fix ThinLtoJIT example after changes in 85fb997659b. (details)
  154. [ORC] Add a convenience method for setting the ExecutionSession to LLJITBuilder. (details)
  155. [X86] Fix NSW/NUW typo in avg test (PR44973) (details)
  156. [clang-format] Merge name and colon into a single token for C# named arguments (details)
  157. libclang: Make shared object symbol exporting by default (details)
  158. [AIX] Pack BasicBlockBits (details)
  159. [clang][doxygen] Fix false -Wdocumentation warning for tag typedefs (details)
  160. [GISel][KnownBits] Give up on PHI analysis as soon as we don't know anything (details)
  161. [cxx_status] Update -std= instructions for C++20. (details)
  162. [llvm][build] Fix shared lib builds. [NFC] (details)
  163. Revert "[NFCI][DebugInfo]: Corrected a Typo." (details)
  164. [ConstantFold] add/move tests for FP with undef operand; NFC (details)
  165. Revert "[AArch64][SVE] Add intrinsics for SVE2 bitwise ternary operations" (details)
  166. Revert "libclang: Add static build support for Windows" and (details)
  167. [X86] Replace a bad use of MVT::getVectorVT with EVT::getVectorVT (details)
  168. Revert 714265dabb606bfef2f85694234f152edbfa91ac "[X86] Replace a bad use of MVT::getVectorVT with EVT::getVectorVT" (details)
  169. Recommit "[X86] Replace a bad use of MVT::getVectorVT with EVT::getVectorVT"" (details)
  170. [AIX] Improve 32/64-bit build configuration (details)
  171. [ASTImporter] Add linkage check to ASTNodeImporter::hasSameVisibilityContext and rename to hasSameVisibilityContextAndLinkage (details)
  172. [Driver] Escape the program path for -frecord-command-line (details)
  173. [SVE] Add support for lowering GEPs involving scalable vectors. (details)
  174. [SCCP] Do not mark unknown loads as overdefined. (details)
  175. [mlir] [VectorOps] Multi-dim reductions for lowering vector.contract (details)
  176. [mlir] Use LLJIT::getMainJITDylib instead of hardcoding '<main>' (details)
  177. [lldb/Plugin] Don't mark ProcessNetBSD as a plugin (details)
  178. Revert "[Driver] Escape the program path for -frecord-command-line" (details)
  179. [mlir][Parser] Update DenseElementsAttr to print in hex when the number of elements is over a certain threshold. (details)
  180. [lldb/Test] Remove stale README in test/API (details)
  181. [libc++] Explain XFAILs with std::uncaught_exceptions test (details)
  182. [X86] Custom legalize v1i1 add/sub/mul to xor/xor/and with avx512. (details)
  183. [X86] Fix a couple copy mistakes in v4i1 or/and/xor isel patterns. (details)
  184. [X86] Custom legalize v1i1 UADDSAT/USUBSAT/SADDSAT/UADDSAT to match v2i1/v4i1/v8i1 etc. (details)
  185. [X86] Expand vselect of v1i1 under avx512. (details)
  186. [X86] Add CMOV_VK1 pseudo so we don't crash on v1i1 ISD::SELECT (details)
  187. [libc++][regex] Validate backreferences in the constructor. (details)
  188. [libunwind][CMake] Treat S files as C to work around CMake bug. (details)
  189. Filter callbr insts from critical edge splitting (details)
  190. [Dominators] Use Instruction::comesBefore for block-local queries, NFC (details)
  191. [XCore] Add instruction pattern for bitrev (details)
  192. [OpenMP][NFC] Remove leftover debug messages (details)
  193. [mlir] Use getOperation()->setAttr when generating attribute set (details)
  194. Split _LIBCPP_STRING_EXTERN_TEMPLATE_LIST up into a V1 and UNSTABLE version. (details)
  195. [X86] Add CMOV_VR64 pseudo instruction for MMX. Remove mmx handling from combineSelect. (details)
  196. libclc: Use acos implementation from amd_builtins (details)
  197. [X86] Remove unnecessary isNullConstant in LowerSelect. NFC (details)
  198. [WebAssembly] Remove unneeded getWasmKindForNamedSection function (details)
  199. [X86] Autogenerate complete checks. NFC (details)
  200. [X86] Make combineCMov not create unsupported FCMOVs when f32/f64 are using X87. (details)
  201. [X86] Don't bother avoiding illegal FCMOVs if we don't have the cmov subtarget feature. (details)
  202. [clangd] Fix the incomplete template specialization in findTarget. (details)
  203. [lldb][NFC] Split up ClangASTSource::FindExternalVisibleDecls (details)
  204. [clangd] Allow renaming class templates in cross-file rename. (details)
  205. Make unittests include path relative (details)
  206. [NFC][mlir] Adding more operators to EDSC TemplatedIndexedValue (details)
  207. test/CodeGen/AMDGPU: Add a test case that shows a miscompilation (details)
  208. [NFC] Corrected a minor typo in a comment (details)
  209. Detect and disable openmp tests that require multiple hardware processor to run (details)
  210. [ConstantFold] fold fsub -0.0, undef to undef rather than NaN (details)
  211. [DependenceAnalysis] Memory dependence analysis internal caching mechanism is broken in presence of TBAA (PR42733). (details)
  212. [Hexagon] Introduce noop intrinsic to cast between vector predicate types (details)
  213. [mlir] Add a signedness semantics bit to IntegerType (details)
  214. [TargetLowering] SimplifyDemandedBits - use getValidShiftAmountConstant helper. (details)
  215. [X86] Regenerate hi reg tests (details)
  216. [Error/unittests] Add a FailedWithMessage gtest matcher (details)
  217. [PowerPC][NFC] Remove Darwin specific logic in frame finalization. (details)
  218. [AST][NFC] Update outdated comments in ASTStructuralEquivalence.cpp (details)
  219. [PowerPC][NFC] Add a test for vrsave usage iinline asm. (details)
  220. [lldb/DWARF] Add support for type units in dwp files (details)
  221. Remove unused functions in llvm-ml (details)
  222. [mlir] Silence error: call to constructor of 'llvm::APInt' is ambiguous (details)
  223. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix constant bus violation with source modifiers (details)
  224. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select llvm.amdgcn.fmul.legacy (details)
  225. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Legalize G_FPOW (details)
  226. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Manually select G_BUILD_VECTOR_TRUNC (details)
  227. [ARM] Correct Formatting. NFC (details)
  228. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Precommit xnor matching test (details)
  229. [ELF] Ignore the maximum of input section alignments for two cases (details)
  230. [ELF] Warn changed output section address (details)
  231. [lldb-vscode] Use libOption with tablegen to parse command line options. (details)
  232. [ELF] Shuffle .init_array/.fini_array with --shuffle-sections= (details)
  233. [TargetLowering] Apply basic shift combines before recursive SimplifyDemandedBits calls. (details)
  234. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix xnor matching (details)
  235. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Commit test changes I forgot to squash (details)
  236. GlobalISel: Fix narrowing of (G_ASHR i64:x, 32) (details)
  237. [AArch64][SVE] Add +fullfp16 to sve-vector-splat.ll (details)
  238. [DSE,MSSA] Add debug counter. (details)
  239. [AST matchers] Add basic matchers for googletest EXPECT/ASSERT calls. (details)
  240. [VectorCombine] refactor matching code to reduce duplication; NFC (details)
  241. [AArch64][SVE] Add intrinsics for SVE2 bitwise ternary operations (details)
  242. AMDGPU: Use default operand for VOP3P clamp (details)
  243. [SystemZ]  Return scalarized costs for vector instructions on older archs. (details)
  244. [gn build] Port 23444edf30b (details)
  245. [SimplifyLibCalls][IRBuilder] Accept any IRBuilder in SimplifyLibCalls (details)
  246. [X86] Fix SDLoc initialization (details)
  247. [VectorUtils] Move ToVectorTy to VectorUtils.h (NFC). (details)
  248. [DSE,MSSA] Dbg counters required assertions. Mark test accordingly. (details)
  249. [InstCombine] Use replaceOperand() in more places (details)
  250. [Clang interpreter] Rename Block.{h,cpp} to InterpBlock.{h,cpp} (details)
  251. [BFI] Fix missed BFI updates in MachineSink. (details)
  252. [InstCombine] Improve simplify demanded bits worklist management (details)
  253. [llvm][CodeGen] DAG Combiner folds for vscale. (details)
  254. [MLIR] Allow Loop dialect IfOp and ForOp to define values (details)
  255. [XCOFF][AIX] Put undefined symbol name into StringTable when neccessary (details)
  256. [LoopVectorize][X86] Regenerate tests. NFCI. (details)
  257. Fix MSVC "not all control paths return a value" warning. NFCI. (details)
  258. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select G_SHUFFLE_VECTOR (details)
  259. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select VOP3P instructions (details)
  260. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select llvm.amdgcn.fdot2 (details)
  261. AMDGPU: Move dot intrinsic patterns to instruction def (details)
  262. [lldb/cmake] Enable more verbose find_package output. (details)
  263. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix SALU mapping for v2s16 min/max (details)
  264. [ARM] Change ARMAttributeParser::Parse to use support::endianness and simplify (details)
  265. [libc++] Do not set the `availability=XXX` feature when not testing against a system libc++ (details)
  266. [AArch64][SVE] Add backend support for splats of immediates (details)
  267. [CodeGen][RISCV] Fix clang/test/CodeGen/atomic_ops.c for RISC-V (details)
  268. [mlir][spirv] Add lowering for load/store zero-rank memref from std to SPIR-V. (details)
  269. [MLIR] Remove constexpr from (details)
  270. [Hexagon] Simplify intrinsic (vandvrt (vandqrt q b) m) -> q if possible (details)
  271. Move StandardOps/Ops.h to StandardOps/IR/Ops.h (details)
  272. [llvm][aarch64] SVE addressing modes. (details)
  273. [VectorCombine] refactor cost calcs to reduce duplication; NFC (details)
  274. [llvm][CodeGen][aarch64] Add contiguous prefetch intrinsics for SVE. (details)
  275. [IR] Update BasicBlock::validateInstrOrdering comments, NFC (details)
  276. [X86] Add a new format type for instructions that represent named prefix bytes like data16 and rep. Use it to make a simpler version of isPrefix. (details)
  277. [macho][NFC] Extract all CPU_(SUB_)TYPE logic to BinaryFormat (details)
  278. Allow customized relative PYTHONHOME (details)
  279. [gn build] Port 1874dee5662 (details)
  280. [VectorCombine] refactor to reduce duplicated code; NFC (details)
  281. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Better code for one case of G_SHUFFLE_VECTOR on v2i16 (details)
  282. [AArch64][SVE] Add support for DestructiveBinary and DestructiveBinaryComm DestructiveInstTypes (details)
  283. [llvm-objcopy][MachO] Change the storage of sections (details)
  284. [lldb/test] Move `platform process list` tests to its own directory (NFC) (details)
  285. [lldb/Plugins] Add ability to fetch crash information on crashed processes (details)
  286. [AArch64][SVE] Fix -Wimplicit-fallthrough after D73711 (details)
  287. clang/Modules: Finish renaming CompilerInstance::ModuleManager, NFC. (details)
  288. [SelectionDAG] remove unused isFast() helper function; NFC (details)
  289. [AArch64][SVE] Fix -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=on builds after -D74808/1874dee5662603c9251228c71b66de72cec0c979 (details)
  290. [AArch64] Delete an unneeded dependency on Object after 1874dee5662603c9251228c71b66de72cec0c979 (details)
  291. [Hexagon] Define __ELF__ by default. (details)
  292. [CloneFunction] Update loop headers after cloning all blocks in loop. (details)
  293. [Attributor][FIX] Undo 16188f9 until SCC iterator bug is fixed (details)
  294. [GISel][KnownBits] Add a cache mechanism to speed compile time (details)
  295. [Attributor][FIX] Disable a test to unblock the builders (details)
  296. [Target] Remove libObject dependency in lib/Target (details)
  297. Revert "Allow customized relative PYTHONHOME" (details)
  298. [Analysis][Docs] Parents of loops documentation. (details)
  299. [mlir][DeclarativeParser] Add support for the TypesMatchWith trait. (details)
  300. [mlir][DeclarativeParser] Add basic support for optional groups in the assembly format. (details)
  301. [mlir][DeclarativeParser] Add an 'attr-dict-with-keyword' directive (details)
  302. [mlir] Add a utility iterator range that repeats a given value `n` times. (details)
  303. [mlir][ODS] Add support for specifying the successors of an operation. (details)
  304. [mlir][DeclarativeParser] Add support for formatting the successors of an operation. (details)
  305. [mlir][Tutorial] Add a section to Toy Ch.2 detailing the custom assembly format. (details)
  306. [llvm-objdump] Print method name from debug info in disassembly output. (details)
  307. [MC][ELF] Error for sh_type, sh_flags or sh_entsize change (details)
  308. [lldb/test] Tweak libcxx string test on Apple+ARM devices (details)
  309. Revert "[AMDGPU] Don’t marke the .note section as ALLOC" (details)
  310. [mlir][DeclarativeParser][NFC] Use explicit type names in TypeSwitch to (details)
  311. [Driver] Escape the program path for -frecord-command-line (details)
  312. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Remove dead code (details)
  313. Allow customized relative PYTHONHOME (Attemp 1) (details)
  314. [llvm-objdump][test] Fix source-interleave-function-from-debug.test on Windows after D74507 (details)
  315. [WebAssembly] Fix a non-determinism problem in FixIrreducibleControlFlow (details)
  316. Flags for displaying only hot nodes in CFGPrinter graph (details)
  317. [lldb][test] Fix sh_type of .debug_cu_index and .debug_tu_index (details)
  318. Remove unused variable (details)
  319. [X86] Teach combineCVTPH2PS to shrink v8i16 loads when the output type is v4f32. Remove extra isel patterns. (details)
  320. [lldb][test] Fix sh_flags and sh_entsize of .debug_str.dwo (details)
  321. [libc] Lay out framework for fuzzing libc functions. (details)
  322. [GISel][KnownBits] Suppress unused warning on the dump method (details)
  323. [Preprocessor][test] Move AArch64 tests from init.c to init-aarch.c (details)
  324. [Preprocessor][test] Fix __VERSION__ in init-aarch64.c (details)
  325. [Frontend] Replace CC1 option -mcode-model with -mcmodel= (details)
  326. [AArch64] Predefine __AARCH64_CMODEL_*__ as GCC does (details)
  327. [Preprocessor][X86] Fix __code_model_*__ predefine macros (details)
  328. Update (details)
  329. Update (details)
  330. [VE][fix] missing include (details)
  331. [yaml2obj] - Automatically assign sh_addr for allocatable sections. (details)
  332. [lldb][test] - Update basic-elf.yaml to fix build bot. (details)
  333. [NFC] Remove some GCC warning from c9e93c84f61400d1aac7d195a0578e80bc48c69a (details)
  334. [libcxx] [test] Suppress MSVC++ warning 4640 under /Zc:threadSafeInit- (details)
  335. Add a llvm::shuffle and use it in lld (details)
  336. [Sema] Fix pointer-to-int-cast diagnostic for _Bool (details)
  337. [ORC] Add errors for missing and extraneous symbol definitions. (details)
  338. [ORC] Update LLJIT to automatically run specially named initializer functions. (details)
  339. [X86] Use movlps for i64 atomic stores on 32-targets with sse1. (details)
  340. [X86] Teach EltsFromConsecutiveLoads that it's ok to form a v4f32 VZEXT_LOAD with a 64 bit memory size on SSE1 targets. (details)
  341. [X86] Add AddToWorklist(N) after calls to SimplifyDemandedBits/SimplifyDemandedVectorElts that are called on an operand of N. (details)
  342. [X86] Add sse2 command lines to sse-intrinsics-fast-isel.ll. (details)
  343. [NFC] Test commit access. Drop trivial braces. (details)
  344. [NFC] fix test nan value (details)
  345. [clangd] Debounce rebuilds responsively to rebuild times. (details)
  346. [clangd] Reapply b60896fad926 Fall back to selecting token-before-cursor if token-after-cursor fails. (details)
  347. Revert "[clangd] Reapply b60896fad926 Fall back to selecting token-before-cursor if token-after-cursor fails." (details)
  348. [DSE] Track overlapping stores. (details)
  349. [SDAG] fold fsub -0.0, undef to undef rather than NaN (details)
  350. [X86] Regenerate some tests to show FMA4 comments. NFC (details)
  351. Recommit "[PatternMatch] Match XOR variant of unsigned-add overflow check." (details)
  352. [AArch64] Update new test. (details)
  353. [clangd] Reapply b60896fad926 Fall back to selecting token-before-cursor if token-after-cursor fails. (details)
  354. Updating a comment to clarify that SkipUntil handles balanced delimiters. (details)
  355. [clangd] Try to fix buildbots - copy elision not happening here? (details)
  356. [SystemZ]  Support the kernel back chain. (details)
  357. [X86] Use FIST for i64 atomic stores on 32-bit targets without SSE. (details)
  358. [X86] Enable the use of movlps for i64 atomic load on 32-bit targets with sse1. (details)
  359. [X86] Remove most X86 specific subclasses of MemSDNode. Just use a MemIntrinsicSDNode as we usually do. (details)
  360. [SelectionDAG] Remove SelectionDAG::getTargetMemSDNode now that its not used. (details)
  361. IR printing for single function with the new pass manager. (details)
  362. [NFC][PowerPC] Refactor the tryAndWithMask() (details)
  363. [Driver][X86] Add helptext for malign-branch*, mbranches-within-32B-boundaries (details)
  364. [libc] Add a README to the sub-directories under the utils directory. (details)
  365. [SelectionDAG] Remove ISD::LIFETIME_START/LIFETIME_END from assert in getMemIntrinsicNode. (details)
  366. [X86] Use custom isel for gather/scatter instructions. (details)
  367. [X86] When creating X86ISD::MGATHER nodes from AVX2 gather intrinsics, cast the mask to integer type. (details)
  368. [JITLink] Add a MachO x86-64 GOT and Stub bypass optimization. (details)
  369. [lldb] Remove all the 'current_id'  logging counters from the lookup code. (details)
  370. [ARM][MVE] Combine more extending masked loads (details)
  371. [lldb/DWARF] Don't index dwp file multiple times (details)
  372. [lldb/test] simplify basic-elf.yaml (details)
  373. [lldb] Disable auto fix-its when evaluating expressions in the test suite (details)
  374. [MC] Widen the functional unit type from 32 to 64 bits. (details)
  375. Use new FailedWithMessage matcher in DWARFDebugLineTest.cpp (details)
  376. [profile] Don't dump counters when forking and don't reset when calling exec** functions (details)
  377. [Intrinsic] Add fixed point saturating division intrinsics. (details)
  378. Add a basic tiling pass for parallel loops (details)
  379. Silence compiler warnings (details)
  380. [AArch64][SVE] Add intrinsics for SVE2 cryptographic instructions (details)
  381. [ORC] Remove spammy debug print (details)
  382. Use temporary directory for tests in D74346 (details)
  383. [CostModel][X86] Try to check against common prefixes before using target-specific cpu checks (details)
  384. [ARM] FP16 bitcast test. NFC (details)
  385. [ARM,MVE] Remove 64-bit variants of vbrsrq* intrinsics (details)
  386. Fix TryParsePtrOperatorSeq. (details)
  387. [RDA][ARM][LowOverheadLoops] Iteration count IT blocks (details)
  388. [AArch64][SVE] Add the SVE dupq_lane intrinsic (details)
  389. [MIR][ARM] MachineOperand comments (details)
  390. [CostModel][X86] We don't need a scale factor for SLM extract costs (details)
  391. add release notes for ffp-model and ffp-exception-behavior (details)
  392. [AIX][Frontend] C++ ABI customizations for AIX boilerplate (details)
  393. [OpenMP] Refactor the analysis in checkMapClauseBaseExpression using StmtVisitor class. (details)
  394. [libc++] Implementation of C++20's P1135R6 for libcxx (details)
  395. [libc++] Adapt a few things around the implementation of P1135R6 (details)
  396. [libc++] Mark the C++03 version of std::function as deprecated (details)
  397. [lldb/DWARF] Fix dwp search path in the separate-debug-file case (details)
  398. [PowerPC][AIX] Spill/restore the callee-saved condition register bits. (details)
  399. [X86] getTargetShuffleInputs - check that the source inputs are all the right size. (details)
  400. [gn build] (manually) merge 54fa9ecd308 (details)
  401. [libc++] Fix CI and Linux failures after landing D68480 (details)
  402. [gn build] remove -std=c++11 in libcxx build pending discussion in 80e73f2 review thread (details)
  403. Revert "Rework go bindings so that validation works fine" (details)
  404. [NFC] Fix typo in error message (details)
  405. [libc++] Drop redundant check for -std=c++14 (details)
  406. [ReleaseNotes] Mention the `vector-function-abi-variant` attribute. (details)
  407. [CMake] Default to static linking for subprojects. (details)
  408. [XCOFF][AIX] Fix incorrect alignment for function descriptor csect (details)
  409. [AVR] Use correct register class for mul instructions (details)
  410. [AVR] Don't assert on an undefined operand (details)
  411. [X86] combineX86ShuffleChain - select X86ISD::FAND/ISD::AND based on MaskVT (details)
  412. [AVR] Disassemble register operands (details)
  413. [bindings/go] Add RemoveFromParentAsInstruction (details)
  414. [MachO] Add cpu(sub)type tests and improve error handling (details)
  415. [SelectionDAG] Merge constant SDNode arithmetic into foldConstantArithmetic (details)
  416. [LLVM-C] Add bindings for addCoroutinePassesToExtensionPoints (details)
  417. [mlir][spirv] NFC: Move test passes to test/lib (details)
  418. [libc++] Give headers that require C++14 a cplusplus14 requires in the modulemap (details)
  419. [AMDGPU] use llvm_unreachable instead of default for rp set (details)
  420. [X86] Add back fmaddsub intrinsics to work towards fixing the strict fp implementation (details)
  421. [MLIR] NFC - Fix indentation in examples in (details)
  422. [ms] [llvm-ml] Improve data support, adding names and complex initializers. (details)
  423. [lldb/Debugger] Remove macros formerly used by property definitions (details)
  424. [lldb] Color the current PC marker (details)
  425. Revert "[ms] [llvm-ml] Improve data support, adding names and complex initializers." (details)
  426. [Hexagon] Lower bitcast of a vector predicate (details)
  427. [MachineVerifier] Doing ::calcRegsPassed in RPO: ~35% faster MV, NFC (details)
  428. Reland "[ms] [llvm-ml] Improve data support, adding names and complex initializers." (details)
  429. [Hexagon] Lower vector predicate store (details)
  430. [lldb/Test] Update TestDisassemblyFormat for new format (details)
  431. Add methods to data extractor for extracting bytes and fixed length C strings. (details)
  432. Validate argument passed to __builtin_frame_address and __builtin_return_address (details)
  433. [NFC] [DA] Refactoring getIndexExpressionsFromGEP (details)
  434. Revert "Validate argument passed to __builtin_frame_address and __builtin_return_address" (details)
  435. [lldb/Plugins] Move SBTarget::GetExtendedCrashInformation to SBProcess (details)
  436. [libc] [UnitTest] Create death tests (details)
  437. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Lower 64-bit uaddo/usubo (details)
  438. [LegalizeTypes] Scalarize non-byte sized loads in WidenRecRes_Load and SplitVecResLoad (details)
  439. [lldb] Color the line marker (details)
  440. [docs] dump_ast_matchers strips internal::(Bindable)?Matcher from Result_type (details)
  441. Unwind past an interrupt handler correctly on arm or at pc==0 (details)
  442. [arcconfig] Default base to previous revision (details)
  443. [arcconfig] Delete subproject arcconfigs (details)
  444. Adjust max_align_t handling (details)
  445. Prefer PATH_MAX to MAXPATHLEN (details)
  446. [MLIR] Add std.atomic_rmw op (details)
  447. [polly] Don't count scops in a global variable. (details)
  448. My prevous commit to RegisterContextLLDB is causing a test fail (details)
  449. [AArch64] SVE implies fullfp16 (details)
  450. [NFC] Cleaned up ASTMatchersInternal Code (details)
  451. GlobalISel: Reimplement fewerElementsVectorBasic (details)
  452. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix incorrect VOP3P fneg folding (details)
  453. [DebugInfo]: Refactored Macinfo section consumption part to allow future (details)
  454. Allow "callbr" to return non-void values (details)
  455. Support output constraints on "asm goto" (details)
  456. [MachineVerifier] Doing ::calcRegsPassed over faster sets: ~15-20% faster MV, NFC (details)
  457. Revert "My prevous commit to RegisterContextLLDB is causing a test fail" (details)
  458. Revert "Unwind past an interrupt handler correctly on arm or at pc==0" (details)
  459. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Introduce post-legalize combiner (details)
  460. GlobalISel: Remove unneeded initialiation (details)
  461. [Attributor] Use AssumptionCache in AANonNullFloating::initialize (details)
  462. [lldb/Utility] Fix unspecified behavior. (details)
  463. [Sparc][NFC] Remove trailing space (details)
  464. [lldb] Mark ObjectFileBreakpad test inputs as non-text (details)
  465. [lldb] Fix that a crashing test is marked as unsupported when it prints UNSUPPORTED before crashing (details)
  466. [ASTMatchers] Matcher macros with params move params instead of copying (details)
  467. [ASTMatchers] Adds a matcher called `hasAnyOperatorName` (details)
  468. [X86] Remove mask output from X86 gather/scatter ISD opcodes. (details)
  469. [X86] Pass parameters into selectVectorAddr to remove dependency on X86MaskedGatherScatterSDNode. (details)
  470. [libc] [UnitTest] Give UnitTest gtest like colors (details)
  471. [lldb][NFC] Make ArrayRef initialization more obvious in lldb-test.cpp (details)
  472. [lldb] s/CHECK-NEXT/CHECK-DAG in dwp-debug-types.s (details)
  473. [NFC][PowerPC] Add a new test case scalar_cmp.ll (details)
  474. [lldb][NFC] Move namespace lookup in ClangASTSource to own function. (details)
  475. libclc: cmake configure should depend on file list (details)
  476. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: add legalize tests for s64 max/min (details)
  477. GlobalISel: NFC minor cleanup to avoid a couple of fixed size local arrays (details)
  478. [profile] gcov_mutex must be static (details)
  479. Add llvm-cov to LLVM_TOOLCHAIN_TOOLS (details)
  480. [DebugInfo] Fix printing CIE offsets in EH FDEs. (details)
  481. [analyzer][MallocChecker][NFC] Communicate the allocation family to auxiliary functions with parameters (details)
  482. [AArch64][SVE] Add predicate reinterpret intrinsics (details)
  483. [yaml2obj] - Address post commit comments for D74764 (details)
  484. [MLIR][GPU] Implement a simple greedy loop mapper. (details)
  485. Don't generate libcalls for wide shift on Windows ARM (PR42711) (details)
  486. [mlir] Generalize intrinsic builders in the LLVM dialect definition (details)
  487. [mlir] Intrinsics generator: use TableGen-defined builder function (details)
  488. [mlir] simplify affine maps and operands in affine.min/max (details)
  489. [lldb][NFC] Modernize logging in ClangASTSource/ExpressionDeclMap (details)
  490. [AArch64][SVE] Update names and comments for gathers/scatters (NFC) (details)
  491. [MLIR][GPU] Fix forward declaration of Region class. (details)
  492. build_llvm_package.bat: Produce zip files in addition to the installers (details)
  493. [clangd] Disable ExtractVariable for C (details)
  494. [lldb][NFC] Move NameSearchContext to own header/source files (details)
  495. [lldb][NFC] Make NameSearchContext::m_found members bools instead of bitfields (details)
  496. Remove myself from CODE_OWNERS. (details)
  497. [gn build] (manually) merge fee41517fe0f (details)
  498. [lldb] Initialize NameSearchContext::m_namespace_map in constructor (details)
  499. [lldb][NFC] Move filling namespace map in ClangASTSource to own function (details)
  500. [debuginfo-tests] Warn, not error, if we can't delete working directory (details)
  501. [mlir] NFC: move AffineOps tests from test/ to test/Dialect (details)
  502. [MLIR][GPU] Properly model step in parallel loop to gpu conversion. (details)
  503. [DSE,MSSA] Do not attempt to remove un-removable memdefs. (details)
  504. [VectorCombine] make cost calc consistent for binops and cmps (details)
  505. [VectorCombine] add tests for possible extract->shuffle; NFC (details)
  506. [ASTImporter] Improved variable template redecl chain handling. (details)
  507. [Analyzer] Fix for iterator modeling and checkers: handle negative numbers correctly (details)
  508. [PhaseOrdering] add test for missing vector/CSE transforms (PR45015); NFC (details)
  509. [CodeGen] fix clang test that runs the optimizer pipeline; NFC (details)
  510. [mlir] NFC: update documentation in ConvertLinalgToLLVM (details)
  511. [RISCV] Fix sysroot tests without GCC on RISC-V hosts with GCC (details)
  512. Fix DfaEmitter::visitDfaState() crash in MSVC x86 debug builds (PR44945) (details)
  513. [clang-format]  Wrap lines for C# property accessors (details)
  514. [OpenMP][cmake] ignore warning on unknown CUDA version (details)
  515. Stop including sys/param.h from Unix.h (details)
  516. [clangd] Migrate Lexer usages in TypeHierarchy to TokenBuffers (details)
  517. [analyzer][MallocChecker][NFC] Change the use of IdentifierInfo* to CallDescription (details)
  518. clang-cl: Add a `/showIncludes:user` flag. (details)
  519. [AMDGPU] Precommit some test updates for D68338 "Remove dubious logic in bidirectional list scheduler" (details)
  520. Make test not write to the source directory (details)
  521. [NFC][InstCombine] Add shift amount reassociation miscompile example from PR44802 (details)
  522. [InstCombine] reassociateShiftAmtsOfTwoSameDirectionShifts(): fix miscompile (PR44802) (details)
  523. [NFC][InstCombine] Add shift amount reassociation in bittest miscompile example from PR44802 (details)
  524. [InstCombine] foldShiftIntoShiftInAnotherHandOfAndInICmp(): fix miscompile (PR44802) (details)
  525. [LLDB] Let DataExtractor deal with two-byte addresses (details)
  526. [DWARFDebugLine] Avoid dumping prologue members we did not parse (details)
  527. [analyzer] Add support for CXXInheritedCtorInitExpr. (details)
  528. [clang-rename] Add the USR of incomplete decl to the USRSet. (details)
  529. [ELF] Support archive:file syntax in input section descriptions (details)
  530. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Legalize s64 min/max by lowering (details)
  531. Make builtbot happy. (details)
  532. [Sema][C++] Propagate conversion kind to specialize the diagnostics (details)
  533. [remark][diagnostics] [codegen] Fix PR44896 (details)
  534. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Use packed for G_ADD/G_SUB/G_MUL v2s16 (details)
  535. [libc++] Proper fix for libc++'s modulemap after D68480 (details)
  536. [libc++] Revert 03dd205c151 "Adjust max_align_t handling" (details)
  537. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Un-XFAIL a test (details)
  538. Revert "[DWARFDebugLine] Avoid dumping prologue members we did not parse" (details)
  539. Revert "[LICM] Support hosting of dynamic allocas out of loops" (details)
  540. [libc++] Remove incorrect XFAIL in modules test (details)
  541. [NFC][Codegen] Add miscompile test for constant store merging from PR43446 (details)
  542. [Codegen] Revert rL354676/rL354677 and followups - introduced PR43446 miscompile (details)
  543. [PowerPC][NFC] Remove comments mentioning Darwin and VRSAVE from lit test. (details)
  544. [MachineInstr] Add a dumpr method (details)
  545. [X86MCTargetDesc.h] Speculative fix for macro collision with sys/param.h (details)
  546. Make __builtin_amdgcn_dispatch_ptr dereferenceable and align at 4 (details)
  547. Emit register names in cfi assembly directives (details)
  548. Support emitting .cfi_undefined in CodeGen (details)
  549. [AMDGPU] Implement wave64 DWARF register mapping (details)
  550. Fix a race between lldb's packet timeout and the profile thread's usleep. (details)
  551. [PhaseOrdering] add tests for missed CSE; NFC (details)
  552. [libcxx] Fix building for windows after 54fa9ecd3088508 (details)
  553. Add 'l' constraint to goto label reference (details)
  554. [NFC][SCEV] Piping to pass TTI into SCEVExpander::isHighCostExpansionHelper() (details)
  555. [NFC][SCEV] Piping to pass new SCEVCheapExpansionBudget option into SCEVExpander::isHighCostExpansionHelper() (details)
  556. [NFC][SCEV] SCEVExpander::isHighCostExpansionHelper(): check that we processed expression first (details)
  557. [SCEV] SCEVExpander::isHighCostExpansion(): assert if TTI is not provided (details)
  558. [SCEV] SCEVExpander::isHighCostExpansionHelper(): begin cost modelling - model cast cost (details)
  559. [SCEV] SCEVExpander::isHighCostExpansionHelper(): cost-model UDiv by power-of-two as LShr (details)
  560. [NFC][IndVarSimplify] Adjust value names in IndVarSimplify/exit_value_test2.ll (details)
  561. [SCEV] SCEVExpander::isHighCostExpansionHelper(): cost-model plain UDiv (details)
  562. [SCEV] SCEVExpander::isHighCostExpansionHelper(): cost-model add/mul (details)
  563. [SCEV] SCEVExpander::isHighCostExpansionHelper(): cost-model polynomial recurrence (details)
  564. [SCEV] SCEVExpander::isHighCostExpansionHelper(): cost-model min/max (PR44668) (details)
  565. [SCEV] rewriteLoopExitValues(): even if have hard uses, still rewrite if cheap (PR44668) (details)
  566. [SCEV][IndVars] Always provide insertion point to the SCEVExpander::isHighCostExpansion() (details)
  567. Use "nop" to avoid size warnings. (details)
  568. Check args passed to __builtin_frame_address and __builtin_return_address. (details)
  569. [X86] Add test to show incorrect ordering of flt.rounds intrinsic relative to calls to fesetround. (details)
  570. [LIBOMPTARGET]Fix PR44933: fix crash because of the too early deinitialization of libomptarget. (details)
  571. [ObjC][ARC] Don't move a retain call living outside a loop into the loop (details)
  572. [libTooling] Add function to determine associated text of a declaration. (details)
  573. [WebAssembly] Simplify extract_vector lowering (details)
  574. [OpenMP][Opt] Combine `struct ident_t*` during deduplication (details)
  575. [llvm][TextAPI] rename test vars, NFC (details)
  576. [Sema] Perform call checking when building CXXNewExpr (details)
  577. [clang] Annotating C++'s `operator new` with more attributes (details)
  578. Revert "[X86MCTargetDesc.h] Speculative fix for macro collision with sys/param.h" (details)
  579. [libc++] Avoid including <semaphore.h> on Apple (details)
  580. Re-land Unwind past an interrupt handler correctly on arm or at pc==0 (details)
  581. [mlir][DenseElementsAttr] Fix storage size for bfloat16 when parsing from hex. (details)
  582. [NFC][libc++] Refactor some future tests to reduce code duplication (details)
  583. [mlir] [VectorOps] Add vector.print to EDSC (details)
  584. [GISel][KnownBits] Update a comment regarding the effect of cache on PHIs (details)
  585. Revert "[libTooling] Add function to determine associated text of a declaration." (details)
  586. Fix a null dereference in the LLDB data formatters. (details)
  587. [ORC] Remove the JITDylib::SymbolTableEntry::isInMaterializingState() method. (details)
  588. Remove std::shared_ptr::allocate_shared (details)
  589. [SelectionDAG][PowerPC][AArch64][X86][ARM] Add chain input and output the ISD::FLT_ROUNDS_ (details)
  590. [compiler-rt] Fix a typo in a comment in FuzzedDataProvider.h. (details)
  591. Remove namespace lld { namespace coff { from COFF LLD cpp files (details)
  592. [docs] dump-ast-matchers removes const from Matcher args and handles template functions slightly better (details)
  593. [Analysis] Fix -Wrange-loop-analysis after D69876 (details)
  594. [MC][ARM] Don't create multiple .ARM.exidx associated to one .text (details)
  595. [MC] Default MCContext::UseNamesOnTempLabels to false and only set it to true for MCAsmStreamer (details)
  596. [PowerPC] Fix the unexpected modification caused by D62993 in LowerSELECT_CC for power9 (details)
  597. [SimpleLoopUnswitch] Fix introduction of UB when hoisted condition may be undef or poison (details)
  598. Add a llvm-gsymutil tool that can convert object files to GSYM and perform lookups. (details)
  599. [ARC][NFC] Remove trailing space (details)
  600. [SimpleLoopUnswitch] Canonicalize variable names (details)
  601. Add missing dependency to fix shared library build. (details)
  602. Remove no un-necessary require for load_extension.ll (details)
  603. Strip preceeding -Xclang when stripping -fcolor-diagnostics or -fdiagnostics-color (details)
  604. [clangd] Expose the rename LimitFiles option to the C++ API, NFC. (details)
  605. Fix the clangd-fuzzer build error. (details)
  606. [lldb/gdb-remote] Add support for the qOffsets packet (details)
  607. Support -fuse-ld=lld for riscv (details)
  608. Fix typo in clang lit config (details)
  609. AMDGPU: Fix some incorrect FUNC-LABEL checks (details)
  610. [docs][llvm-symbolizer] Fix --functions description (details)
  611. [docs][llvm-symbolizer] Fix indentation of inline option examples (details)
  612. [docs][llvm-objcopy][llvm-strip] Move --wildcard description earlier (details)
  613. [AArch64] Flip default for register renaming in the ld/st optimizier. (details)
  614. [ARM][RDA] add getUniqueReachingMIDef (details)
  615. [AArch64][SVE] Add SVE2 intrinsics for bit permutation & table lookup (details)
  616. tsan: fix pthread_detach with called_from_lib suppressions (details)
  617. Revert "[compiler-rt] Add a critical section when flushing gcov counters" (details)
  618. [gn build] (manually) merge e058667a2e01 (details)
  619. [clangd] Bump index version number. (details)
  620. [clang][Tooling] Add a way to tokenize a FileRange (details)
  621. [OpenMP] Fix the test by generating output file in temporary directory (details)
  622. [gn build] (manually) port 2f6cc21f44e (details)
  623. [Assembler] Allow assembling empty index with non-zero flags (details)
  624. [gn build] re-"gn format" all gn files (details)
  625. [OpenCL] Add atomic type builtins (details)
  626. [mlir][Linalg] NFC - Refactor LinalgStructuredOps towards "named" Linalg ops (details)
  627. AMDGPU/SIInsertSkips: Fix the determination of whether early-exit-after-kill is possible (details)
  628. AMDGPU: Fix some more incorrect check lines (details)
  629. [libTooling] Add function to determine associated text of a declaration. (details)
  630. Quick fix for bot failure on "AMDGPU/SIInsertSkips: Fix the determination of whether early-exit-after-kill is possible" (details)
  631. Put microsoft template parameter shadow warning behind separate flag (PR44794) (details)
  632. [AIX] Remove whitelist checking for ExternalSymbolSDNodes (details)
  633. [ARM,MVE] Add predicated intrinsics for many unary functions. (details)
  634. Full fix for "AMDGPU/SIInsertSkips: Fix the determination of whether early-exit-after-kill is possible" (hopefully) (details)
  635. [clangd] use printQualifiedName to skip the inlinenamespace qualifiers. (details)
  636. [clang-format] Special handling of spaces for C# code (details)
  637. Recommit "[DWARFDebugLine] Avoid dumping prologue members we did not parse" (details)
  638. [DAG] visitRotate - modulo non-uniform constant rotation amounts (details)
  639. Add unit tests for RangeDataVector::FindEntryIndexesThatContain (details)
  640. [AArch64] add tests for fake fneg; NFC (details)
  641. Add _LIBCPP_BUILTIN_CONSTANT_P support. (details)
  642. Introduce DWARFDataExtractor::getInitialLength (details)
  643. [gn build] Port 3c36d8dad57 (details)
  644. [DAGCombiner] avoid narrowing fake fneg vector op (details)
  645. [clangd] Clean-up XRefs.cpp from Lexer usages and unnecessary SourceLoc transformations (details)
  646. [ELF] --orphan-handling=: don't warn/error for unused synthesized sections (details)
  647. [llvm-objcopy][test] Improve empty section tests (details)
  648. Avoid SmallString.h include in MD5.h, NFC (details)
  649. [libc] Fix build when -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=On (details)
  650. Use virtual functions in ParsedAttrInfo instead of function pointers (details)
  651. [PowerPC][NFC] Convert grep usage to FileCheck in lit test. (details)
  652. [compiler-rt] Build all alias in builtin as private external on Darwin (details)
  653. [mlir][spirv] NFC: move folders and canonicalizers in a separate file (details)
  654. Devirtualize a call on alloca without waiting for post inline cleanup and next (details)
  655. [libcxx] Fix _LIBCPP_HAS_THREAD_API_EXTERNAL build (details)
  656. [TTI] Let getOperationCost assume that Freeze is free (details)
  657. [SDAG] Add SDNode::values() = make_range(values_begin(), values_end()) (details)
  658. [lldb/test] Skip running a test under ASan, it intentionally double-frees (details)
  659. Fix buildbots after recent GSYM commit. (details)
  660. [ELF] --orphan-handling=: don't warn/error for input SHT_REL[A] retained by --emit-relocs (details)
  661. Remove unneeded Compiler.h and DataTypes.h includes, NFC (details)
  662. Inline basic_string::erase for fastpath where __n == npos (details)
  663. [Hexagon] Improve casting of boolean HVX vectors to scalars (details)
  664. Fix LLP64 detection in SwapByteOrder.h (details)
  665. [InstCombine] Remove trivially empty ranges from end (details)
  666. [AVR] Don't adjust addresses by 2 for absolute values (details)
  667. [AVR] Fix private label prefix (details)
  668. [CVP] Add test for cmp of local phi; NFC (details)
  669. [InstCombine] Simplify DCE code; NFC (details)
  670. [TSan] Add CMake check for minimal SDK requirements on Darwin (details)
  671. [CVP] Simplify cmp of local phi node (details)
  672. [SimpleLoopUnswitch] Remove unnecessary include; NFC (details)
  673. [clang] fix error detection in consteval calls (details)
  674. [mlir][spirv] Add some folders for spv.LogicalAnd/spv.LogicalOr (details)
  675. [VectorCombine] add a debug flag to skip all transforms (details)
  676. [ms] Rename ParsingInlineAsm functions/variables to reflect MS-specificity. (details)
  677. [dsymutil] Avoid copying swiftinterfaces from the SDK into the dsym bundle (details)
  678. Fix for the test failues introduced in (details)
  679. [libc] Fix typo of namespace in round implementation. (details)
  680. [scudo][standalone] Various improvements wrt RSS (details)
  681. [mlir][spirv] Refactoring to avoid calling the same function twice (details)
  682. [llvm-objcopy] Enable --discard-all for MachO (details)
  683. [MC] Pull out a relaxFragment helper [NFC] (details)
  684. Update the ARC docs for non-trivial ownership in structs. (details)
  685. [DebugInfo][NFC] Remove handler with ErrorPolicy from DWARFContext. (details)
  686. [ASTMatchers] HasNameMatcher handles `extern "C"` (details)
  687. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Fixup <32b heterogeneous regbanks of G_PHIs just before selection. (details)
  688. [ObjectFileMachO] Fix a build error on embedded. (details)
  689. [X86] Add proper MachinePointerInfo to the loads/stores created for moving data between SSE and X87 in X86DAGToDAGISel::PreprocessISelDAG (details)
  690. [X86] Use correct MachineMemOperand for stack load in LowerFLT_ROUNDS_ (details)
  691. [X86] Use proper alignment for stack temporary and correct MachinePointerInfo for stack accesses in LowerUINT_TO_FP. (details)
  692. [X86] Query constant pool object alignment instead of hardcoding. (details)
  693. Visit previously unreachable nodes in the debug info metadata verifier. (details)
  694. Disable memory leak checking in a test to work around a bot failure (details)
  695. PR44978: Accept as an extension some cases where destructor name lookup (details)
  696. [libc++] Temporarily disable availability markup for the C++20 Synchronization library (details)
  697. Revert "[libc++] Do not set the `availability=XXX` feature when not testing against a system libc++" (details)
  698. [X86] Explicitly pass Pointer, MachinePointerInfo and Alignment to BuildFILD. (details)
  699. [X86] Explicitly pass Destination VT and debug location to BuildFILD. NFC (details)
  700. [libc++] Workaround unused variable warning in test (details)
  701. [X86] Add proper MachinePointerInfo to stack store created in LowerWin64_i128OP. (details)
  702. Cost Annotation Writer for InlineCost (details)
  703. [ELF][test] Rename SHF_LINK_ORDER related "metadata" to "linkorder" (details)
  704. [X86] Add test cases showing incorrect setting of nofpexcept flag due to CSE occuring during SelectionDAG creation. (details)
  705. [docs][LoopTerminology] Add Loop Simplify Form description. (details)
  706. GlobalISel: Cleanup code with MachineIRBuilder features (details)
  707. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add missing G_[US]ADDE/G_[US]SUBE tests (details)
  708. GlobalISel: Fix lowering for G_UADDE/G_USUBE (details)
  709. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add missing test for G_UMULH (details)
  710. [LoopVectorize] Fix cost for calls to functions that have vector versions (details)
  711. Fix buildbot break after c46b85aaf4d4 (details)
  712. Some fixes for open breaks on MacOS and UBSan (details)
  713. [libc] Add an optional `NAME` argument to `add_entrypoint_object` rule. (details)
  714. [MLIR] Add `take_back()` to STLExtras.h for completeness. (details)
  715. [clangd] Get rid of getBeginningOfIdentifier helper (details)
  716. [libc] Add CMake script to check host cpu features (details)
  717. [clangd] Get rid of lexer usage in AST.cpp (details)
  718. [AArch64] Peephole optimization: merge AND and TST instructions (details)
  719. [NFC][ARM] Add test case (details)
  720. [clang,ARM,MVE] Remove redundant #includes in test file. (details)
  721. [lldb] Skip on sanitized builds until D75200 has landed (details)
  722. [ARM] Add CPSR as an implicit use of t2IT (details)
  723. [lldb][NFC] Fix several -Wdocumentation warnings (details)
  724. [DebugInfo][NFC] Move out lambdas from collectCallSiteParameters() (details)
  725. [DebugInfo] Describe call site values for chains of expression producing instrs (details)
  726. [DebugInfo][ARM] Fix noreg case when checkig if it is an addImm (details)
  727. Revert "[Hexagon] Improve casting of boolean HVX vectors to scalars" (details)
  728. [lldb] Show the actual error when 'watchpoint set expression' failed (details)
  729. [InstCombine] Fix confusing variable name. (details)
  730. [MC][ARM] Resolve some pcrel fixups at assembly time (PR44929) (details)
  731. [clang-format] Handle commas in [] in C# (details)
  732. [ARM] Fixup FP16 bitcasts (details)
  733. Require asserts for debuginline-cost-delta.ll test (details)
  734. [AVX] Cleanup check prefixes (details)
  735. [driver][darwin] Don't use -platform_version flag by default (PR44813) (details)
  736. [AArch64][SVE] Add intrinsics for first-faulting gather loads (details)
  737. [CallSiteInfo] Handle bundles when updating call site info (details)
  738. Revert "make -fmodules-codegen and -fmodules-debuginfo work also with PCHs" (details)
  739. [clang-format] Recognize C# named argument colons as a token type (details)
  740. [X86] createVariablePermute - handle case where recursive createVariablePermute call fails (details)
  741. [clangd][NFC] Don't query the index if the rename symbol is function (details)
  742. [mlir] fix wrong symbol order in AffineApplyNormalizer (details)
  743. Fix uninitialized variable warning. NFC. (details)
  744. [X86] LowerMSCATTER/MGATHER - reduce scope of MaskVT. NFCI. (details)
  745. Fix shadow variable warnings. NFC. (details)
  746. Fix shadow variable warning. NFC. (details)
  747. Add GPU lowerings for the different log ops. (details)
  748. Adding some documentation for __builtin_dump_struct. (details)
  749. [X86] Use Subtarget.useSoftFloat() in X86TargetLowering constructor (details)
  750. Fix cppcheck definition/declaration arg mismatch warnings. NFCI. (details)
  751. [AMDGPU][ConstantFolding] Fold llvm.amdgcn.fract intrinsic (details)
  752. Revert "Devirtualize a call on alloca without waiting for post inline cleanup and next" (details)
  753. [mlir] NFC - Move runner utils from mlir-cpu-runner to ExecutionEngine (details)
  754. [Hexagon] Do not use init_arrays by default (details)
  755. [SYCL] Driver option to select SYCL version (details)
  756. [DA] Delinearization of fixed-size multi-dimensional arrays (details)
  757. [Debuginfo][NFC] Unify error reporting routines inside DebugInfoDWARF. (details)
  758. Revert "[ARM] Add CPSR as an implicit use of t2IT" (details)
  759. [CostModel][X86] Improve extract/insert element costs (PR43605) (details)
  760. [InstCombine] Add PR14365 test cases + vector equivalents. (details)
  761. [WebAssembly] Add an `isWasm` target triple predicate. (details)
  762. [WebAssembly] Teach lld how to demangle "__main_argc_argv". (details)
  763. [WebAssembly] Mangle the argc/argv `main` as `__wasm_argc_argv`. (details)
  764. [Transforms][Debugify] Ignore PHI nodes when checking for DebugLocs (details)
  765. Revert "[SYCL] Driver option to select SYCL version" (details)
  766. Remove BinaryOperator::CreateFNeg (details)
  767. Add an attribute registry so plugins can add attributes (details)
  768. [InstCombine] DCE instructions earlier (details)
  769. [mlir] Hotfix - Rename MLIRRuntimeUtils to mlir_runtime_utils (details)
  770. [AMDGPU] improve fragile test for divergent branches (details)
  771. Forward declare special case lists (details)
  772. Forward declare FileEntry and DirectoryEntry in Module.h (details)
  773. [libc++] Mark more try_lock tests as possibly flaky. (details)
  774. [XCOFF] Don't emit non-external labels in the symbol table and handle MCSA_LGlobal (details)
  775. [clang-tidy] Store all ranges in clang::tooling::Diagnostic (details)
  776. [MLIR] add show-dialects option for mlir-opt (details)
  777. [MLIR][Loops] Expose transformations on loop.parallel in header (NFC). (details)
  778. [mlir] NFC - Split out RunnerUtils that don't require a C++ runtime (details)
  779. [LLDB] Fix AddressSanitizer failure in MemoryCache (details)
  780. [AArch64] regenerate complete test checks; NFC (details)
  781. [AArch64] add splat shuffle combine test; NFC (details)
  782. [x86] use instruction-level fast-math-flags to drive MachineCombiner (details)
  783. [libc++] Rework docker files for buildbots. (details)
  784. [ADT] Add CoalescingBitVector, implemented using IntervalMap [1/3] (details)
  785. [LiveDebugValues] Encode a location in VarLoc IDs, NFC [2/3] (details)
  786. [LiveDebugValues] Encode register location within VarLoc IDs [3/3] (details)
  787. [gn build] Port b0142cd9867 (details)
  788. [AMDGPU] Enable runtime unroll for LDS (details)
  789. unittest: Disable checks to work around compiler errors (details)
  790. [lldb/CMake] Use PYTHON_HOME as a hint to find Python 3. (details)
  791. [libc++] Update lld version on buildbots to be LLVM-11. (details)
  792. Avoid SourceManager.h include in RawCommentList.h, add missing incs (details)
  793. Update Sanitizer tests for Android R. (details)
  794. unittest: Convert EXPECT_EQ iterator checks to use EXPECT_TRUE instead (details)
  795. [libc++] Update compiler images and more docker cleanup. (details)
  796. Add some missing header dependencies (details)
  797. [llvm-exegesis] Remove unnecessary deletion of an assignment operator of WrappingIterator that angers some versions of MSVC (details)
  798. Avoid ASTContext.h -> TargetInfo.h dep (details)
  799. Fix DSE miscompile when store is clobbered across loop iterations (details)
  800. Need /bigobj to build SourceCodeTest.cpp with MSVC. (details)
  801. [DFSan] Remove unused IRBuilder. NFC (details)
  802. Change test to use -S so it works when an external assembler is used that is not present in the testing environment. (details)
  803. [DFSan] Add flag to insert event callbacks. (details)
  804. [Support] Remove byte swapping from MathExtras.h (details)
  805. Add missing cstdint include not found on Windows (details)
  806. [IndVars] Fix sort comparator. (details)
  807. [mlir] Clarify/Fix parts of MLIR toy tutorial chapter 2 (details)
  808. [mlir] Fix comma+typo in MLIR toy tutorial chapter 3. (details)
  809. [mlir] Fix/clarify parts of MLIR toy tutorial chaper 4. (details)
  810. Fix/Clarify parts of MLIR toy tutorial chapter 5 (details)
  811. [mlir] Fix/Clarify parts of MLIR toy tutorial chapter 6+7 (details)
  812. [mlir][Tutorial] Fix comment position in SimplifyRedundantTranspose. (details)
  813. Revert "[SimpleLoopUnswitch] Fix introduction of UB when hoisted condition may be undef or poison" (details)
  814. [Coroutines] CoroElide enhancement (details)
  815. [X86] Add FMA commuting test case for D75016 (details)
  816. build: process the libxml2 library path for embedding (details)
  817. [DataExtractor] Improve error message when we run off the end of the buffer (details)
  818. [DebugInfo] Avoid crashing when parsing an invalid unit header in DWP. (details)
  819. [DebugInfo] Fix parsing DWARF64 units in DWP. (details)
  820. [clangd] Use tokenize instead of raw lexer in SourceCode/lex (details)
  821. [clangd] Get rid of lexer usage in ObjCLocalizeStringLiteral tweak (details)
  822. [ASTImporter] Improved import of AlignedAttr. (details)
  823. llvm-ar: Fix MinGW compilation (details)
  824. No longer generate calls to *_finite (details)
  825. SROA: Don't drop atomic load/store alignments (PR45010) (details)
  826. [lldb] Use llvm MC as the source of dwarf/eh register numbers for X86 ABIs (details)
  827. [debuginfo-tests][dexter] Add a test tool --calculate-average option (details)
  828. [DWARFLinker][NFC] Remove usages of "const object::ObjectFile" from DWARFLinker. (details)
  829. [mlir] Fix the build by using correct symbol name (details)
  830. [NFC] [Test commit] Testing commit access with new email (details)
  831. [ARM][Thumb2] Support .w assembler qualifier for pld/pldw/pli (details)
  832. [ARM][Thumb2] support .w assembler qualifier for dmb/dsb/isb (details)
  833. [clang-format] Recognize C# nullable types (details)
  834. [RDA] Track implicit-defs (details)
  835. [AMDGPU] Precommit some scheduler related test updates (details)
  836. [NFC][ARM] Add tests (details)
  837. [MC][ELF][ARM] Add relocations for some pc-relative fixups (details)
  838. [LLD][ELF][ARM] Implement Thumb pc-relative relocations for adr and ldr (details)
  839. Let EarlyCSE fold equivalent freeze instructions (details)
  840. [DebugInfo] Re-implement LexicalScopes dominance method, add unit tests (details)
  841. [ELF][LLD][ARM] Add missing REQUIRES: arm to tests (details)
  842. [gn build] Port 6af859dcca2 (details)
  843. [RISCV] Compress instructions based on function features (details)
  844. [clang-format] Improve C# handling of spaces in square brackets (details)
  845. [clang-tidy] Added virtual isLanguageVersionSupported to ClangTidyCheck (details)
  846. Fix buildbots after c074f5234d29439116f0e0be6033ea9331e85394. (details)
  847. [AMDGPU] Update a comment missed in 74e2974ac6a (details)
  848. [AMDGPU] Mark the scheduling model as complete (details)
  849. [Utils] Make some scripts directly executable (details)
  850. [cmake][msvc] Don't disable C4345 any more. (details)
  851. Skip TemplateSpecializedType in modernize-pass-by-value. (details)
  852. [ARM] Additional MVE VMLA tests. NFC (details)
  853. [ARM] MVE VMLAS (details)
  854. Reland 7691790dfd1011d08f5468f63952d7690755aad4 with a MSAN fix (details)
  855. [Transform][MemCpyOpt] Add missing DebugLoc to %tmpbitcast (details)
  856. [TargetLowering] SimplifyDemandedBits - fix SCALAR_TO_VECTOR knownbits bug (details)
  857. Fix MSVC "32-bit shift implicitly converted to 64 bits" warning. NFCI. (details)
  858. [Inliner] Inlining should honor nobuiltin attributes (details)
  859. [mlir] Add reifyReturnShape to shaped type OpInterface (details)
  860. [F16C] Add strict-fp constrained tests (details)
  861. [AVX512] Add strict-fp cvtph2ps constrained tests (details)
  862. [mlir] [VectorOps] Add vector.broadcast to EDSC (details)
  863. Revert "[NFC][ARM] Update test" (details)
  864. [SLP][NFC] Delete some unreachable code. (details)
  865. [CallPromotionUtils] Add missing promotion legality check to tryPromoteCall. (details)
  866. Devirtualize a call on alloca without waiting for post inline cleanup and next DevirtSCCRepeatedPass iteration. (details)
  867. [lld][WebAssembly] Handle mixed strong and weak undefined symbols (details)
  868. [X86] Recognize CVTPH2PS from STRICT_FP_EXTEND (details)
  869. [SLP]Update test checks, NFC. (details)
  870. [SLP][NFC] Assert that tree entry operands completed when scheduler looks for dependencies. (details)
  871. [libc++] update GCC cherry-pick to build 4.8.5 (details)
  872. [VectorCombine] Fix assert on compare extract index (details)
  873. [DAGCombine] Fix alias analysis for unaligned accesses (details)
  874. [AST Matchers] Fix bug in 'optionally' matcher wherein all previous bindings are cleared when all inner matchers fail. (details)
  875. Add a pass that specializes parallel loops for easier unrolling and vectorization (details)
  876. [mlir] Fix typo (details)
  877. [MLIR] Refactor handling of dialect libraries (details)
  878. [MLIR] Refactor library handling for conversions. (details)
  879. [MLIR] Refactor library initialization of JitRunner. (details)
  880. [MLIR] Move from using target_link_libraries to LINK_LIBS for llvm libraries. (details)
  881. [MLIR] Remove redundant library dependencies (details)
  882. [MLIR] Move from add_dependencies() to DEPENDS (details)
  883. [MLIR] Add support for (details)
  884. [MLIR] Fixes for BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=on (details)
  885. [OpenMP5.0] Allow pointer arithmetic in motion/map clause, by Chi Chun (details)
  886. Revert "[MLIR] Fixes for BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=on" (details)
  887. Revert "[MLIR] Add support for" (details)
  888. Revert "[MLIR] Move from add_dependencies() to DEPENDS" (details)
  889. [Hexagon] Map dcfetch intrinsic to Y2_dcfetchbo, not Y2_dcfetch (details)
  890. [MLIR] Add LLVMConversionTarget as a customization point. NFC. (details)
  891. [MLIR] Add llvm.mlir.cast op for semantic preserving cast between dialect types. (details)
  892. [MLIR] Add vector support for fpexp and fptrunc. (details)
  893. [LTO][Legacy] Add new API to query Mach-O CPU (sub)type (details)
  894. [LLD] Report errors occurred while parsing debug info as warnings. (details)
  895. [AMDGPU] Remove dubious logic in bidirectional list scheduler (details)
  896. Revert "[MLIR] Remove redundant library dependencies" (details)
  897. Revert "[MLIR] Move from using target_link_libraries to LINK_LIBS for llvm libraries." (details)
  898. [NFC] Fix minor python issues. (details)
  899. [ADT] Allow K to be incomplete during DenseMap<K*, V> instantiation (details)
  900. [DFSan] Add __dfsan_load_callback. (details)
  901. [entry values] ARM: Add a describeLoadedValue override (PR45025) (details)
  902. [ubsan] Add support for -fsanitize=nullability-* suppressions (details)
  903. [llvm][Support][modulemap] Exclude WindowsSupport.h from the LLVM_Util module (details)
  904. [X86] Cleanup a comment around bitcasting X86ISD::VBROADCAST_LOAD and add an assert to make sure memory VT size doesn't change. (details)
  905. [X86] Remove stale FIXME form test. NFC. (details)
  906. [X86] Canonicalize (bitcast (vbroadcast_load)) so that the cast and vbroadcast_load are both integer or fp. (details)
  907. [AMDGPU] Fix scheduling model for V_MULLIT_F32 (details)
  908. [modules] Allow frameworks to have only a private module without a public one. (details)
  909. [DFSan] Add __dfsan_mem_transfer_callback. (details)
  910. [Sema] Fix an assert when objc_externally_retained was applied to an unprototyped function (details)
  911. [DFSan] Add __dfsan_cmp_callback. (details)
  912. [LTO][Legacy] Add explicit dependency on BinaryFormat (details)
  913. [compiler-rt/test] Use FileCheck -allow-empty instead of count 0 (details)
  914. [X86] Remove isel patterns from broadcast of loadi32. (details)
  915. Fix GSYM tests to run the yaml files and fix test failures on some machines. (details)
  916. Try to fix WindowsManifest CMake logic on Windows (details)
  917. [Coverage] Revise format to reduce binary size (details)
  918. [compiler-rt/test] Relax a test so we can debug it on sanitizer-x86_64-linux-android (details)
  919. Revert "[Coverage] Revise format to reduce binary size" (details)
  920. Reland: [Coverage] Revise format to reduce binary size (details)
  921. Add cast to appease clang-armv7-linux-build-cache (D69471 followup) (details)
  922. Disable instrprof-merging.cpp on powerpc64 (D69471 follow up) (details)
  923. [cmake] Fix LLVM_USE_SPLIT_DWARF (details)
  924. Revert "Fix GSYM tests to run the yaml files and fix test failures on some machines." (details)
  925. [ELF] Delete two unneeded `referenced = true` after D65584 (details)
  926. [ELF][PPC32] Fix canonical PLTs when the order does not match the PLT order (details)
  927. [X86] Disable the NOP padding for branches when bundle is enabled (details)
  928. [X86] Move the function getOrCreateBoundaryAlignFragment (details)
  929. [libc] Add ability to generate enum types/values to HdrGen. (details)
  930. ArrayRef'ize restoreCalleeSavedRegisters. NFCI. (details)
  931. [llvm-readobj] - Report warnings instead of errors for broken relocations. (details)
  932. [ExecutionEngine] Add JITSymbolFlags::fromSummary(GlobalValueSummary*) (details)
  933. [PassManager] add tests for vector pass enabling; NFC (details)
  934. Remove unused parameter from CXXRecordDecl::forallBases [NFC] (details)
  935. [MC] Add MCStreamer::emitInt{8,16,32,64} (details)
  936. Ensure that multi-threading is disabled when enabling IRPrinting with module scope (details)
  937. [MLIR] Move from using target_link_libraries to LINK_LIBS for llvm libraries. (details)
  938. [MLIR] Remove redundant library dependencies (details)
  939. [MLIR] Move from add_dependencies() to DEPENDS (details)
  940. [MLIR] Add support for (details)
  941. [MLIR] Fixes for BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=on (details)
  942. [X86][F16C] Remove cvtph2ps intrinsics and use generic half2float conversion (PR37554) (details)
  943. [CMake] Use PUBLIC link mode for static libraries (details)
  944. [CMake] Link against ZLIB::ZLIB (details)
  945. Revert "[MLIR] Fixes for BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=on" (details)
  946. Revert "[MLIR] Add support for" (details)
  947. Make argument const to silence cppcheck warning. NFCI. (details)
  948. [MachineInst] Remove dead code. NFCI. (details)
  949. Fix Wdocumentation warning - use tparam for template parameters. NFC. (details)
  950. Revert "[MLIR] Move from add_dependencies() to DEPENDS" (details)
  951. Revert "[MLIR] Remove redundant library dependencies" (details)
  952. Revert "[MLIR] Move from using target_link_libraries to LINK_LIBS for llvm libraries." (details)
  953. Avoid including FileSystem.h from MemoryBuffer.h (details)
  954. [X86] Tighten up the SDTypeProfile for X86ISD::CVTNE2PS2BF16. NFCI (details)
  955. [GVN] Fold equivalent freeze instructions (details)
  956. [ValueTracking] A value is never undef or poison if it must raise UB (details)
  957. [ValueTracking] Let getGuaranteedNonFullPoisonOp consider assume, remove mentioning about br (details)
  958. Fix MLIR build by adding missing header after cleanup in af450eab (details)
  959. [PowerPC] Move .got2/.toc logic from PPCLinuxAsmPrinter::doFinalization() to emitEndOfAsmFile() (details)
  960. [X86] Don't add DELETED_NODES to DAG combine worklist after calling SimplifyDemandedBits/SimplifyDemandedVectorElts. (details)
  961. [Coroutines][new pass manager] Move CoroElide pass to right position (details)
  962. Revert "[Coroutines][new pass manager] Move CoroElide pass to right position" (details)
  963. [Coroutines][New pass manager] Move CoroElide pass to right position (details)
  964. [DAGCombiner] recognize shuffle (shuffle X, Mask0), Mask --> splat X (details)
  965. [WinEH] Fix inttoptr+phi optimization in presence of catchswitch (details)
  966. Attempt to fix ZLIB CMake logic on Windows (details)
  967. [ADT][NFC] SCCIterator: Change hasLoop() to hasCycle() (details)
  968. Fix [ADT][NFC] SCCIterator: Change hasLoop() to hasCycle() (details)
  969. [JITLink] Update DEBUG_TYPE string for llvm-jitlink. (details)
  970. [DAGCombiner] Don't emit select_cc from visitSINT_TO_FP/visitUINT_TO_FP. Use plain select instead. (details)
  971. [X86][TwoAddressInstructionPass] Teach tryInstructionCommute to continue checking for commutable FMA operands in more cases. (details)
  972. [X86] Not track size of the boudaryalign fragment during the layout (details)
  973. [DAGCombiner][X86] Disable narrowExtractedVectorLoad if the element type size isn't byte sized (details)
  974. [Sparc] Fix incorrect operand for matching CMPri pattern (details)
  975. [ELF][PPC32] Don't report "relocation refers to a discarded section" for .got2 (details)
  976. [InlineSpiller] Relax re-materialization restriction for statepoint (details)
  977. [PowerPC][test] Improve .got2 and .toc tests (details)
  978. [DebugInfo][clang][DWARF5]: Added support for debuginfo generation for defaulted parameters (details)
  979. Revert "[DebugInfo][clang][DWARF5]: Added support for debuginfo generation for defaulted parameters" (details)
  980. [libc] Add sigprocmask (details)
  981. [clangd] Remove the deprecated clangdServer::rename API, NFC. (details)
  982. Syndicate, test and fix base64 implementation (details)
  983. [gn build] Port 5a1958f2673 (details)
  984. [MLIR] Added llvm.freeze (details)
  985. [NFC][PowerPC] Move some alias definition from to (details)
  986. [ARM][MVE] Restrict allowed types of gather/scatter offsets (details)
  987. [git-clang-format] Fix typo in help message (details)
  988. Fix Base64Test - for StringRef size (details)
  989. [DWARFDebugLine] Use new DWARFDataExtractor::getInitialLength (details)
  990. [DWARF] Use getInitialLength in range list parsing (details)
  991. [DWARF] Use DWARFDataExtractor::getInitialLength to parse debug_names (details)
  992. [lld] Fix test failure from d978656fd06 (details)
  993. [ARM,MVE] Add ACLE intrinsics for VQMOV[U]N family. (details)
  994. [ARM,MVE] Correct MC operands in VCVT.F32.F16. (NFC) (details)
  995. [ARM,MVE] Add ACLE intrinsics for VCVT.F32.F16 family. (details)
  996. [ARM,MVE] Add ACLE intrinsics for VCVT[ANPM] family. (details)
  997. [AArch64][SVE] Add intrinsics for non-temporal gather-loads/scatter-stores (details)
  998. [mlir] mlir-opt: print a newline after the top-level module (details)
  999. Fix operator precedence warning. NFCI. (details)
  1000. Reland "[DebugInfo][clang][DWARF5]: Added support for debuginfo generation for defaulted parameters (details)
  1001. [analyzer][StreamChecker] Using function description objects - NFC. (details)
  1002. [clang-tidy] Copy the Ranges field from the Diagnostic when creating the ClangTidyError (details)
  1003. [CostModel][X86] Add vXi1 extract/insert cost tests (details)
  1004. Fix shadow variable warning. NFC. (details)
  1005. Fix shadow variable warning. NFC. (details)
  1006. [ARM] Add Cortex-M55 Support for clang and llvm (details)
  1007. [clangd] Get rid of unnecessary source transformations in locateMacroAt (details)
  1008. [clangd] Get rid of lexer usage in locateMacroAt (details)
  1009. [MLIR] Add includes to PointerLikeTypeTraits where needed. (details)
  1010. [clang-format] Handle NullCoalescing and NullConditional operators in C# (details)
  1011. [CodeGen] avoid running the entire optimizer pipeline in clang test file; NFC (details)
  1012. [clangd] No need to query ctor refs in cross-file rename. (details)
  1013. [mlir] NFC - Move Vector structure from RunnerUtils.h to CRunnerUtils.h (details)
  1014. [CodeGen] avoid running the entire optimizer pipeline in clang test file; NFC (details)
  1015. [MLIR][GPU] fix loop trip count computation in LoopsToGPU (details)
  1016. [OpenMP] Allow const parameters in declare simd linear clause (details)
  1017. Partially inline basic_string::operator=(const basic_string&) (details)
  1018. [LoopVectorizer] Change types of lists from pointers to references. NFC (details)
  1019. EHScopeStack::Cleanup has virtual functions so the destructor should be too. (details)
  1020. [CodeGenPGO] Fix shadow variable warning. NFC. (details)
  1021. [X86] Cleanup ShuffleDecode implementations. NFCI. (details)
  1022. Build fix: Turn off _GLIBCXX_DEBUG based on a compile check (details)
  1023. Add flag _LIBCPP_ABI_STRING_OPTIMIZED_EXTERNAL_INSTANTIATIONS for basic_string ABI (details)
  1024. [clang-format] Rename CSharpNullConditionalSq and add missing test (details)
  1. Lit is obtained from Git Monoroepo, rather than SVN (details / githubweb)
  1. Fix undefined behaviour in ldecod (details / githubweb)
  2. Add a missing #include to tramp3d-v4.cpp (details / githubweb)
  3. Experimental support for spec 2017 on Apple platforms (details / githubweb)
  4. This was missing the import (details / githubweb)
  5. Revert "This was missing the import" (details / githubweb)
  6. Revert "Experimental support for spec 2017 on Apple platforms" (details / githubweb)

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