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  1. Prune TargetInfo.h include from ParsedAttr.h, NFC (details)
  2. [libc] [UnitTest] Add timeout to death tests (details)
  3. Add a missing include to clang unit tests (details)
  4. [GC] Remove redundant entiries in stackmap section (and test it this time) (details)
  5. Revert "Update debugserver test for new ostype names" (details)
  6. [builtins] Build for arm64e for Darwin (details)
  7. [PowerPC] Add the MacroFusion support for Power8 (details)
  8. [gn build] Port 518292dbdfc (details)
  9. [AVR] Include AVR by default in LLVM builds (details)
  10. Revert "[AVR] Include AVR by default in LLVM builds" (details)
  11. [DebugInfo] Fix build failure on the mingw (details)
  12. Apply to CodeGenPrepare/X86/freeze-icmp.ll test (details)
  13. [X86] Reduce the number of emitted fragments due to branch align (details)
  14. Remove unused variable. (details)
  15. [ExpandMemCmp][NFC] Add more tests. (details)
  16. [AMDGPU] Use progbits type for .AMDGPU.disasm section (details)
  17. [GlobalISel] fix crash in narrowScalarExtract if DstRegs only has one register (details)
  18. [SCEV] isHighCostExpansionHelper(): use correct TTI hooks (details)
  19. [PowerPC] Add strict-fp intrinsic to FP arithmetic (details)
  20. [NFC] Add filters to hasNItems and hasNItemsOrMore (details)
  21. Basis of dropping uses in llvm.assume. (details)
  22. [libc++] [P0646] Add feature-test macro for __cpp_lib_list_remove_return_type. (details)
  23. [AST] Respect shouldTraversePostOrder when traversing type locs (details)
  24. [LoopPeel] Turn incorrect assert into a check (details)
  25. [clangd] Redirect documentation to (details)
  26. [AVR] Fix read of uninitialized variable AVRSubtarget:::ELFArch (details)
  27. [ARM,MVE] Fix user-namespace violation in arm_mve.h. (details)
  28. [ARM,MVE] Add intrinsics and isel for MVE fused multiply-add. (details)
  29. [X86] combineOrShiftToFunnelShift - remove shift by immediate handling. (details)
  30. [clang] Prune 'IsOMPStructuredBlock' Stmt bit (details)
  31. [AVR] Fix reads of uninitialized variables from constructor of AVRSubtarget (details)
  32. [gn build] Port d5edcb90643 (details)
  33. [SCCP] Use ValueLatticeElement instead of LatticeVal (NFCI) (details)
  34. [lldb] reject `.debug_arange` sections with nonzero segment size (details)
  35. [InstSimplify] add tests for FP poison; NFC (details)
  36. Use `grep -F` instead of deprecated fgrep. (details)
  37. [InstSimplify] reduce code for FP undef/nan folding; NFC (details)
  38. [AMDGPU] Add some funnel shift intrinsic test coverage (details)
  39. [clangd] Add README pointing to docs, bugtracker etc. NFC (details)
  40. [X86] Add FeatureFast7ByteNOP flag (details)
  41. [InstSimplify] simplify FP ops harder with FMF (details)
  42. [lldb] Clear all settings during a test's setUp (details)
  43. [OpenCL] Add missing get_image_array_size builtins (details)
  44. [libcxxabi] Set LIBCXXABI_LINK_TESTS_WITH_SHARED_LIBCXX to ON if LIBCXX_ENABLE_SHARED is not defined (details)
  45. [InstSimplify] simplify FP ops harder with FMF (part 2) (details)
  46. [AArch64][SVE] Add intrinsics for non-temporal scatters/gathers (details)
  47. [mlir][CRunnerUtils] Enable compilation with C++11 toolchain on microcontroller platforms. (details)
  48. [lldb][NFC] Fix unsigned/signed comparison warning in SymbolFileDWARFTest.cpp (details)
  49. [PowerPC][AIX] Fix printing of program counter for AIX assembly. (details)
  50. [VE][nfc] Use RRIm for RRINDm, remove the latter (details)
  51. [PowerPC32] Fix the `setcc` inconsistent result type problem (details)
  52. Replace getAs with castAs to fix null dereference static analyzer warnings. (details)
  53. Fix static analyzer null dereference warning. NFCI. (details)
  54. Replace getAs with castAs to fix null dereference static analyzer warnings. (details)
  55. [ELF] Move --print-map(-M)/--cref before checkSections() and openFile() (details)
  56. [lldb] Let OptionValueRegex::Clear set to value to the default and not an empty regex (details)
  57. [RAGreedy] Fix minor typo in comment. NFC (details)
  58. [Attributor][FIX] Add a missing dependence track in noalias deduction (details)
  59. ObjCMethodDecl::findPropertyDecl  - fix static analyzer null dereference warnings. NFCI. (details)
  60. [PowerPC][AIX] Implement formal arguments passed in stack memory. (details)
  61. [clang-tidy] New check: bugprone-suspicious-include (details)
  62. [gn build] Port 2c9cf9f4ddd (details)
  63. [TableGen] Move generated *Attr class methods out of line (details)
  64. [AST][SVE] Add new Type queries for sizeless types (details)
  65. [gn build] Port fa8080376e7 (details)
  66. Replace getAs/dyn_cast with castAs/cast to fix null dereference static analyzer warnings. (details)
  67. [Sema][SVE] Add tests for valid and invalid type usage (details)
  68. [CUDA] Warn about unsupported CUDA SDK version only if it's used. (details)
  69. [Sema][SVE] Reject sizeof and alignof for sizeless types (details)
  70. [Sema][SVE] Reject aligned/_Alignas for sizeless types (details)
  71. [Sema][SVE] Reject atomic sizeless types (details)
  72. [lldb/Utility] Add YAML traits for ConstString and FileSpec. (details)
  73. [mlir] Add derived attribute op interface (details)
  74. [Sema][SVE] Don't allow static or thread-local variables to have sizeless type (details)
  75. CFGDiff: Simplify and generalize over all graph types (details)
  76. Cache uwnind frame headers as they are found. (details)
  77. [AMDGPU] Simplify nested SI_END_CF (details)
  78. [clang-tidy] Add module for llvm-libc and restrict-system-libc-header-check. (details)
  79. Revert "[SCCP] Use ValueLatticeElement instead of LatticeVal (NFCI)" (details)
  80. ExecutionDomainFix - fix static analyzer out of range shift warnings. (details)
  81. CGOpenMPRuntime::emitDeclareTargetVarDefinition - fix static analyzer null dereference warning. NFCI. (details)
  82. Replace getAs with castAs to fix null dereference static analyzer warning. (details)
  83. Fix unused variable warning. NFCI. (details)
  84. Sink more Attr.h inline methods, NFC (details)
  85. Add a catch-all else case so any unanticipated configs pass this test. (details)
  86. [ARM] Long shift tests. NFC (details)
  87. [lldb] Specify default value for platform.module-cache-directory (details)
  88. [WebAssembly] Fix SIMD shift unrolling to avoid assertion failure (details)
  89. [Hexagon] Enable init_arrays when target is linux-musl (details)
  90. [DAGCombine] foldVSelectOfConstants - ensure constants are same type (details)
  91. Defer checking for mismatches between the deletedness of and overriding (details)
  92. [AMDGPU] Add ISD::FSHR -> ALIGNBIT support (details)
  93. [SVE] Update API ConstantVector::getSplat() to use ElementCount. (details)
  94. [clangd] Add a textual fallback for go-to-definition (details)
  95. [libcxx] Enable C++17 for the benchmarks. (details)
  96. [MLIR] Update documentation for loop.reduce. (details)
  97. [MLIR] Reformat documentation. (details)
  98. [mlir] [VectorOps] Progressively lower vector.outerproduct to LLVM (details)
  99. [lldb/Utility] Replace ProcessInstanceInfoList with std::vector. (NFCI) (details)
  100. Revert "[libcxx] Enable C++17 for the benchmarks." (details)
  101. [mlir][SideEffects] Mark the CFG only terminator operations as NoSideEffect (details)
  102. [mlir][SideEffects][NFC] Move the .td definitions for NoSideEffect/RecursiveSideEffect to (details)
  103. [mlir][NFC] Move the definition of AffineApplyOp to ODS (details)
  104. [mlir] Add a new `ConstantLike` trait to better identify operations that represent a "constant". (details)
  105. [mlir][SideEffects] Replace HasNoSideEffect with the memory effect interfaces. (details)
  106. [mlir] Use llvm::ElementCount when constructing an llvm splat vector. (details)
  107. [lldb] Add YAML traits for ArchSpec and ProcessInstanceInfo (details)
  108. [AMDGPU] Simplify exec copies (details)
  109. [clang][Parse] properly parse asm-qualifiers, asm inline (details)
  110. [libc++abi] NFC: Move AtomicInt to cxa_guard_impl.h (details)
  111. [lldb/Host] Fix the Windows build (details)
  112. [ORC] Add a mutex to guard EHFrameRegistrationPlugin data structures. (details)
  113. [ORC] Enable exception handling in JIT'd code when using LLJIT on Darwin. (details)
  114. CodeGen: Add constexpr to Register constructors (details)
  115. AMDGPU: Directly annotate functions if they have calls (details)
  116. [ConstantFold][SVE] Fix constant folding for scalable vector compare instruction. (details)
  117. CFGDiff: Fix one place where I'd left BasicBlock* hardcoded (details)
  118. [gn build] (manually) port eb41cc619866e (details)
  119. Add support for SHA256 source file checksums in debug info (details)
  120. [mlir] Remove unused generator (details)
  121. [mlir][spirv] Use separate attribute for (version, capabilities, extensions) (details)
  122. [mlir][spirv] Use larger range for target environment lookup function (details)
  123. [mlir][spirv] Add a pass to deduce version/extension/capability (details)
  124. [mlir][spirv] NFC: put SPIR-V attributes in separate files (details)
  125. [mlir][spirv] Use spv.vce in spv.module and wire up (de)serialization (details)
  126. [mlir][spirv] Use SmallVector<ArrayRef> for availability queries (details)
  127. [mlir][spirv] Support querying type extension/capability requirements (details)
  128. Add a test triple to avoid failure under MS ABI. (details)
  129. [lldb] Remove unused and too strict error_msg parameter from expect_expr (details)
  130. [ELF] --gdb-index: fix memory usage regression after D74773 (details)
  131. Move more tests to globalMemCounter and reset. (details)
  132. [msan] Fix srcaddr handling in recvfrom interceptor. (details)
  133. Update system_error tests for more platforms. (details)
  134. Convert settings list into a tuple so it can be matched by the decorator. (details)
  135. Revert "Update system_error tests for more platforms." (details)
  136. Only run frameheader_cache_test.pass.cpp on x86_64. (details)
  137. [mlir][NFC] Removed unnecessary StandardOp includes (details)
  138. Add support for XFAILing a test based on a setting. (details)
  139. [NFC][DAGCombine] Move the fold of a*b-c and a-b*c into lambda function (details)
  140. [mlir][spirv] Remove unnecessary friend class declaration (details)
  141. [Attributor] Enable test with update check lines (details)
  142. openmp: fix memcpy memory leak (details)
  143. [AVR] Include AVR by default in LLVM builds (details)
  144. Fix compiler warning when compiling without asserts (details)
  145. [OpenMP][Opt][NFC] Add test case for known runtime function attributes (details)
  146. Teach the MLIR AsmPrinter to correctly escape asm names that use invalid characters. (details)
  147. incorporate feedback from River. (details)
  148. [PowerPC][NFC] Rename instruction formats in (details)
  149. [ELF] Correct error message when OUTPUT_FORMAT is used (details)
  150. Revert "[Attributor] Enable test with update check lines" (details)
  151. [Attributor] IPO across definition boundary of a function marked alwaysinline (details)
  152. [X86] Add test cases for failures to form vbroadcastw due to isTypeDesirableForOp preventing load shrinking to i16. (details)
  153. [X86] Add isel patterns for X86VBroadcast with i16 truncates from i16->i64 zextload/extload. (details)
  154. [PowerPC] Replace the PPCISD:: SExtVElems with ISD::SIGN_EXTEND_INREG to leverage the combine rules (details)
  155. Add tests to Transforms/CodeGenPrepare/X86/freeze-cmp.ll before commiting D76048 (details)
  156. [libunwind] Silence warnings when __mips_hard_float is not defined (details)
  157. [CodeGenPrepare] Expand freeze conversion to support fcmp and icmp with null (details)
  158. [clangd] Populate PreambleData::CompileCommand and make use of it inside buildPreamble (details)
  159. [ARM] Constant long shift combines (details)
  160. Modernize DeclTest (details)
  161. [Sema] Fix location of star ('*') inside MemberPointerTypeLoc (details)
  162. Refactor SourceLocationTest to `using namespace` (details)
  163. [yaml2obj][obj2yaml][test] - Add base tests for relocation addends. (details)
  164. [gn build] (manually) port ce79c4246 (details)
  165. [ARM] Optimise ASRL/LSRL to smaller shifts using demand bits. (details)
  166. Added 'const' as suggested by ClangTidy llvm-qualified-auto (details)
  167. [HIP] Mark kernels with uniform-work-group-size=true (details)
  168. [Clang][Driver] In -fintegrated-cc1 mode, avoid crashing on exit after a compiler crash (details)
  169. [AArch64][SVE] Add the @llvm.aarch64.sve.dup.x intrinsic (details)
  170. [SCEV] Add missing cache queries (details)
  171. Add CppCoreGuidelines I.2 "Avoid non-const global variables" check (details)
  172. [ExpandMemCmp][NFC] Add more tests. (details)
  173. [gn build] Port 512767eb3fe (details)
  174. Revert "[ObjC][ARC] Don't remove autoreleaseRV/retainRV pairs if the call isn't" (details)
  175. [SimplifyCFG] convert if-else chain to switch; NFC (details)
  176. TableGen: Fix typo (details)
  177. [OPENMP]Reduce number of captured global vars. (details)
  178. [CMake] Explicitly specify paths to libc++abi in CrossWinToARMLinux.cmake (details)
  179. [llvm-objdump][test] Reorganize ELF --syms tests (details)
  180. [llvm-objdump] --syms: print 'i' for STT_GNU_IFUNC (details)
  181. [llvm-objdump] --syms: print 'u' for STB_GNU_UNIQUE (details)
  182. [X86] LowerEXTRACT_VECTOR_ELT - pull out repeated getOperand() calls. NFC. (details)
  183. [X86] combineExtractWithShuffle - pull out repeated getSizeInBits() call. NFC. (details)
  184. [Attributor] Improve noalias preservation using reachability (details)
  185. [LLD][ELF][Hexagon] Support GDPLT transforms (details)
  186. [Attributor] Detect possibly unbounded cycles in functions (details)
  187. [CodeView] Align type records on 4-bytes when emitting PDBs (details)
  188. [lldb/Reproducers] Intercept the FindProcesses API (details)
  189. [AssumeBundles] Preserve Information in the inliner (details)
  190. [AssumeBundles] filter usefull attriutes to preserve (details)
  191. [SCEV] Fix usage of invalid IP with FoldingSet (details)
  192. [lldb/Test] Convert stdout to str by calling decode('utf-8') on it. (details)
  193. [X86] Add cttz/ctlz tests for i686 with CMOV target (details)
  194. [CostModel][X86] Improve ISD::CTTZ costs accounting for BSF/TZCNT implementations (details)
  195. [clang-tidy] Update Abseil Duration Conversion check to find more cases. (details)
  196. Recommit "[SCCP] Use ValueLatticeElement instead of LatticeVal (NFCI)" (details)
  197. [lldb/Test] Temporarily skip TestReproducerAttach on Linux (details)
  198. [lldb/Host] s/FindProcesses/FindProcessesImpl/ in windows/Host.cpp (details)
  199. [TableGen] Support combining AssemblerPredicates with ORs (details)
  200. Use 15 byte long nops on modern Intel processors (details)
  201. [CVP,SCCP] Precommit test for D75055. (details)
  202. [SimplifyCFG] fix debug print formatting; NFC (details)
  203. [SimplifyCFG] fix formatting; NFC (details)
  204. [SimplifyCFG] regenerate test checks; NFC (details)
  205. [SimplifyCFG] regenerate complete test checks; NFC (details)
  206. Debug Info: Store the SDK in the DICompileUnit. (details)
  207. [SLPVectorizer][SVE] Bail out early for scalable vector. (details)
  208. [SimplifyCFG] add test for chain of empty block conditional branches; NFC (details)
  209. [mlir] [VectorOps,LinAlg] Remove direct LLVM lowering for vector.broadcast (details)
  210. [X86][SSE] Prefer trunc(movd(x)) to pextrb(x,0) (details)
  211. Revert "[ObjC][ARC] Check the basic block size before calling DominatorTree::dominate" (details)
  212. Revert "Revert "Update system_error tests for more platforms."" (details)
  213. [Sema][SVE] Don't allow fields to have sizeless type (details)
  214. Allow site-specific test_exec_root. (details)
  215. [Sema][SVE] Reject by-copy capture of sizeless types (details)
  216. [Sema][SVE] Reject arrays of sizeless types (details)
  217. [AMDGPU] Disable endcf collapse (details)
  218. Revert "Reland "[DebugInfo] Enable the debug entry values feature by default"" (details)
  219. AMDGPU: Don't handle kernarg.segment.ptr in functions (details)
  220. [LoopInterchange] Fix interchanging contents of preheader BBs (details)
  221. [Sema] Use the canonical type in function isVector (details)
  222. Revert "Move more tests to globalMemCounter and reset." (details)
  223. AMDGPU: Add flag to used fixed function ABI (details)
  224. [mlir][Vector]Lower vector.contract to llvm.intr.matrix_multiply (details)
  225. [COFF] Assign unique names to autogenerated .weak.<name>.default symbols (details)
  226. [AMDGPU] Fix endcf collapse (details)
  227. [ObjC][ARC] Don't remove autoreleaseRV/retainRV pairs if the call isn't (details)
  228. CMake: Turn LLVM_ENABLE_ZLIB into a tri-state option (details)
  229. Fix "unused variable" warning in NDEBUG builds. (details)
  230. [MCJIT] Check for RuntimeDyld errors in MCJIT::finalizeLoadedModules. (details)
  231. [IR] Fix formatting. NFC (details)
  232. [SelectionDAGBuilder] Simplify the struct type handling in getUniformBase. (details)
  233. [clangd] Add json::Object->Value conversion workaround for older compilers (details)
  234. [ELF] Add test for freebsd bfdname (details)
  235. [mlir] Automatically add DerivedAttribute op interface (details)
  236. [mlir][Linalg] Implement padding for linalg.conv and lowering to loops. (details)
  237. [mlir][LLVMIR] Add a support for boolean type arguments conversion (details)
  238. Add Builder::getI64VectorAttr. (details)
  239. [OPENMP]Fix PR45047: Do not copy firstprivates in tasks twice. (details)
  240. [LLJIT] Add std::move() as a workaround for older compilers (details)
  241. Initialize IsFast* values (details)
  242. [SCEV] Add support for GEPs over scalable vectors. (details)
  243. Adjust debug output for MCRelaxableFragment to include the size so that sanity checking relaxation offsets from -debug output is easier (details)
  244. [NFC][LoopUnrollAndJam] clang-format. (details)
  245. Revert "Revert "Move more tests to globalMemCounter and reset."" (details)
  246. Fix `-Wunused-variable`. NFC. (details)
  247. [X86] Remove isel patterns for X86VBroadcast+trunc+extload. Replace with DAG combines. (details)
  248. PR45063: Fix crash on invalid processing an elaborated class template-id (details)
  249. [AArch64][Fix] LdSt optimization generate premature stack-popping (details)
  250. PR44992 Don't crash when a defaulted <=> is in a class declared in a (details)
  251. [mlir][NFC] modernize / clean up some loop transform utils, affine analysis utils (details)
  252. [X86] Disable nop padding before instruction following a prefix (details)
  253. [llvm-dlltool] Add a testcase to show the kind of weak external used for import library aliases. NFC. (details)
  254. [X86] getFauxShuffleMask - merge insertelement paths (details)
  255. [yaml2obj] - Set a default value for `PAddr` property of a program header to a value of `VAddr` (details)
  256. [ValueLattice] Add new state for undef constants. (details)
  257. [X86] getFauxShuffleMask - pull out repeated byte sizes varaibles. NFC. (details)
  258. Fix signed/unsigned comparison warning. (details)
  259. [clang-tidy] extend bugprone-signed-char-misuse check. (details)
  260. [mlir] Fix cross compiling MLIR (details)
  261. [Hexagon] Only allow single HVX vector loads/stores in lowering (details)
  262. [ValueLattice] Go to overdefined in getRange() for full ranges. (details)
  263. Improve the attribute language option interface somewhat; NFCi. (details)
  264. [mlir][NFC] Move the LoopLike interface out of Transforms/ and into Interfaces/ (details)
  265. [mlir] Only treat "Alloc" effects as dead if they are for operation results. (details)
  266. Remove some explicit calls to getName() when printing diagnostics; NFC (details)
  267. Remove an unnecessary explicit 'WarnDiag'; NFC (details)
  268. [Orc] Add basic OrcV2 C bindings and example. (details)
  269. [gn build] Port 633ea07200e (details)
  270. [Orc][examples] Actually return MainResult from main (details)
  271. [llvm-jitlink] Add -show-init-es option to dump initial ExecutionSession state. (details)
  272. [JITLink][MachO] Treat linker private symbols as hidden rather than private. (details)
  273. [X86] Add avx512f only command lines to the vector add/sub saturation tests. NFC (details)
  274. Revert "[JITLink][MachO] Treat linker private symbols as hidden rather than private." (details)
  275. Test commit. (details)
  276. Basic Block Sections Support. (details)
  277. [JITLink][MachO] Re-apply b64afadf306, MachO linker-private support, with fixes. (details)
  278. [ORC] Print symbol flags and materializer name in ExecutionSession::dump. (details)
  279. [JITLink][AArch64] Fix incorrect capitalization in a testcase name. (details)
  280. [ORC] Remove an undefined static method from LLJIT. (details)
  281. [CodeGenPrepare] Freeze condition when transforming select to br (details)
  282. Be more strict when checking existence of foo (details)
  283. [mlir] Add support for generating dialect declarations via tablegen. (details)
  284. [ValueLattice] Add singlecrfromundef lattice value. (details)
  285. [DAG] MatchRotate - Add funnel shift by variable support (details)
  286. [TypeSize] Allow returning scalable size in implicit conversion to uint64_t (details)
  287. [Clang][SVE] Parse builtin type string for scalable vectors (details)
  288. [AVR] Make helper functions static. NFC. (details)
  289. [tblgen] Remove unused private field. NFC. (details)
  290. [SystemZ] Regenerate rotate/shift tests (details)
  291. [Thumb2] Regenerate rotate tests (details)
  292. [PowerPC] Regenerate rotate tests (details)
  293. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add baseline test for mul (details)
  294. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add baseline test for mul (details)
  295. [gn build] (manually) port 5087ace6519 (details)
  296. [Driver][test] Add a specific test file for -fmerge-all-constants (details)
  297. [gn build] (manually) port 5087ace6519 more (details)
  298. [gn build] Port 5087ace6519 (details)
  299. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add more tests for G_SADDE/G_SSUBE (details)
  300. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Remove -global-isel-abort=0 from some tests (details)
  301. [llvm-objdump][test] Move {AArch64,X86}/macho-* to MachO/ (details)
  302. [ORC] Enable JITEventListeners in the RTDyldObjectLinkingLayer. (details)
  303. [llvm-objdump][test] Move {AArch64,ARM}/* to ELF/ARM/ or MachO/ARM/ and {AMDGPU,Hexagon,Mips,powerPC}/ to ELF/ (details)
  304. [gn build] don't repeat arm header targets twice. no behavior change. (details)
  305. Revert "[ORC] Enable JITEventListeners in the RTDyldObjectLinkingLayer." (details)
  306. [llvm-objdump][test] Change llvm-objdump tests to use double dash options (details)
  307. [compiler-rt] [netbsd] Add support for the MKIPFILTER=no distribution (details)
  308. [X86] Add a non-zero cost for truncating v32i16->v32i8 on avx512bw. (details)
  309. [test] llvm/test/: change llvm-objdump single-dash long options to double-dash options (details)
  310. [test] lld/test/: change llvm-objdump single-dash long options to double-dash options (details)
  311. [llvm-objdump] Require long options to use double-dash --long-option (details)
  312. [NFC][Test] Add three tests to verify the behavior of a*b-c*d if there is multi-uses (details)
  313. Support prefix padding for alignment purposes (Relaxable instructions only) (details)
  314. [MLIR] fix parse bound error message (details)
  315. [lldb/Utils] Use PYTHON_EXECUTABLE to configure lldb-dotest's shebang (details)
  316. [lldb/Host] s/FindProcesses/FindProcessesImpl/ in freebsd/Host.cpp (details)
  317. [lldb/Process] Include Unwind.h in FreeBSDThread (details)
  318. Revert "[CodeGenPrepare] Freeze condition when transforming select to br" (details)
  319. [CodeGenPrepare] Freeze condition when transforming select to br (details)
  320. [debuginfo-tests] Update test for double-dash long-option. (details)
  321. [analyzer] Fix modeling some library functions when UCHAR_MAX > INT_MAX. (details)
  322. [Coroutines] Do not evaluate InitListExpr of a co_return (details)
  323. [Verifier] Remove invalid verifier check (details)
  324. [MIPS] Implement PUL.PS and PUU.PS instructions (details)
  325. [AVR] Add a release note about the AVR backend becoming an official backend (details)
  326. [NFC][X86] Simplify test cases for branch align (details)
  327. [obj2yaml][test] - Simplify call-graph-profile-section.yaml. NFCI. (details)
  328. Implement CET Shadow Stack (Intel Controlflow Enforcement Technology) support on Windows (details)
  329. [NFC][MC] Rename alignBranches* to emitInstruction* (details)
  330. [DebugInfo] Handle generic type DW_OP_convert ops in llvm-dwarfdump (details)
  331. [SVE] Auto-generate builtins and header for svld1. (details)
  332. [llvm-objdump] Display locations of variables alongside disassembly (details)
  333. [DebugInfo] Add unit test for compact expression printer (details)
  334. [llvm-objdump] Add simple memory expressions to variable display (details)
  335. [llvm-objdump] Add entry_value and stack_value opcodes (details)
  336. [lldb/DWARF] Fix crash when a dwo compile unit refers to a non-dwo type (details)
  337. [DebugInfo] Handle generic type DW_OP_convert ops in dsymutil (details)
  338. Don't run ARM objdump tests when ARM backend not built (details)
  339. [llvm-objdump] Add llvm_unreachable to silence GCC warning. NFC. (details)
  340. Don't run PowerPC objdump tests when PowerPC backend not built (details)
  341. [SystemZ]  Avoid scalarization of [SU]INT_TO_FP ISD-nodes. (details)
  342. Add AllowMissingMoveFunctionsWhenCopyIsDeleted flag to cppcoreguidelines-special-member-functions (details)
  343. [lldb] Hardcode target in dwo-type-in-main-file.s test (details)
  344. Disable llvm-objdump --debug-vars tests on Windows (details)
  345. [NFC][TTI] Use switch in getCastInstrCost (details)
  346. [AST] rename DependencyFlags.h => DependenceFlags.h, NFC (details)
  347. [X86] LowerRotate - use X86::isConstantSplat to detect constant splat rotation amounts. (details)
  348. [X86] X86::isConstantSplat - enable partial undef bit handling by default. (details)
  349. [NFC][TTI] Remove static_casts (details)
  350. [yaml2obj][test] - Fix comments in ELF/program-header-address.yaml test. NFC. (details)
  351. Disable memcpy-inline-fails.ll for windows (details)
  352. Add tests to ExpandMemCmp/X86/memcmp.ll before submitting D76113 (details)
  353. [lldb] Copy m_behaves_like_zeroth_frame on stack frame update (details)
  354. [lldb] Remove unimplemented StackFrame::BehavesLikeZerothFrame (details)
  355. [ExpandMemCmp] Correctly set alignment of generated loads (details)
  356. [GlobalISel] combine G_TRUNC with G_MERGE_VALUES (details)
  357. [gn build] (manually) port 8b409eaba (details)
  358. [TargetLowering] Only demand a funnelshift's modulo amount bits (details)
  359. [gn build] (manually) port 8b409eaba more (details)
  360. [gn build] Port f62b898c1f5 (details)
  361. [Object] Change ELFObjectFile<ELFT>::getFileFormatName() to use BFD names (details)
  362. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Make some large merges legal (details)
  363. Revert "Disable memcpy-inline-fails.ll for windows" (details)
  364. Fix typo in parameter name. (details)
  365. Revert "[SVE] Auto-generate builtins and header for svld1." (details)
  366. [GlobalISel] add additional lowering support for G_INSERT (details)
  367. [lldb] Re-add nullptr check to IRForTarget::RewriteObjCConstString log statement (details)
  368. Revert "[gn build] (manually) port 8b409eaba" (details)
  369. GlobalISel: Fix round lowering (details)
  370. [lldb/Reproducers] Decode run-length encoding in GDB replay server. (details)
  371. [AST] Move dependence computations into a separate file (details)
  372. Revert "[AST] Move dependence computations into a separate file" (details)
  373. [AST] Correct the CXXOperatorCallExpr source range. (details)
  374. AMDGPU: Drop special case f64 fround lowering (details)
  375. Minor fix to a comment in CodeGenPrepare.cpp (details)
  376. [DexTer] Add step.UNKNOWN check for NoneType line numbers. (details)
  377. Implement _LIBCPP_SUPPRESS_DEPRECATED_XXX when testing MSVC's STL (details)
  378. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix some illegal scalar argument types (details)
  379. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix handling of G_ANYEXT with s1 source (details)
  380. [PowerPC] Disable sanitizer test due to failures when using LLD (details)
  381. GlobalISel: Fix lower bswap for vectors (details)
  382. [X86] matchScalarReduction - add support for partial reductions (details)
  383. Revert "[llvm-objdump] Display locations of variables alongside disassembly" (details)
  384. [Syntax] Build declarator nodes (details)
  385. TTI: Add addrspace parameters to memcpy lowering functions (details)
  386. Utils: Always set alignment when expanding mem intrinsics (details)
  387. [InstSimplify][SVE] Fix SimplifyGEPInst for scalable vector. (details)
  388. Implement IR intrinsics for gather prefetch. (details)
  389. [mlir][NFC] Add missing include for std::string. (details)
  390. [libc] Provide Arm Optimized Routines for the LLVM libc project. (details)
  391. Revert "[InstSimplify] Simplify calls with "returned" attribute" (details)
  392. [libc] Add a file to the AOR directory. (details)
  393. [mlir] Avoid the use of auto in templates to fix MSVC build (details)
  394. [AArch64] Remove unused variable (details)
  395. [X86] Assign avx512bf16 instructions to the SSEPackedSingle ExeDomain. (details)
  396. [QuantOps] Add the quant region definition (details)
  397. [CUDA] Updated CompileCudaWithLLVM doc. (details)
  398. [LoopTerminology] Rotated Loops (details)
  399. [LoopTerminology] Rotated Loops images (details)
  400. Basic Block Sections support in LLVM. (details)
  401. [gn build] Port df082ac45aa (details)
  402. [memtag] Plug in stack safety analysis. (details)
  403. [Concepts] Fix incorrect control flow when TryAnnotateTypeConstraint annotates an invalid template-id (details)
  404. Fix profiling options on PS4 target: (details)
  405. [Tests] Add test coverage for prefix selection logic (details)
  406. Make isValidImmForSVEVecImmAddrMode inline static rather than just static. (details)
  407. [MLIR][NFC] update/clean up affine PDT, related utils, its test case (details)
  408. [mlir] Remove the PatternState class and simplify PatternMatchResult. (details)
  409. Add target to test basicblock-sections-mir-parse.mir (details)
  410. Switch to TypeSystemClang over to CreateDeserialized() (NFC) (details)
  411. [X86] Disable fast-isel call lowering for functions with vXi1 arguments on avx512. (details)
  412. [Support] Change isatty to is_displayed (details)
  413. [mlir] Add support for the attribute verifiers in the dialect declaration generator. (details)
  414. [X86] Disable nop padding before instruction following hardcode (details)
  415. Fix `-Wpedantic` warning. NFC. (details)
  416. [sanitizer] Fix warning on windows (details)
  417. Fix unused function warning (details)
  418. Affine expr simplification for add of const multiple of same expression (details)
  419. [PowerPC] add test cases for target hook isProfitableToHoist - NFC (details)
  420. [InstCombine] Transform to undef incorrect atomic unordered mem intrinsics (details)
  421. [NFC][PowerPC] Simplify the logic in lower select_cc (details)
  422. [LoopTerminology] Minor fixes in loop rotation (details)
  423. Remove the old SecTaskAccess entry from debugserver's plist (details)
  424. [lld] Fix "loop variable creates a copy" warning (details)
  425. [NFC] LoopRotate: do issue debug message when not rotating due to instr count (details)
  426. [AST] Move dependence computations into a separate file (details)
  427. [gn build] Port 876bb86e26c (details)
  428. Fix the buildbot error. (details)
  429. [llvm-readobj][test] - Remove unused Offset key from reloc-types-*.test tests (details)
  430. [obj2yaml][test] - Remove excessive missing_symtab.test test. (details)
  431. [PowerPC] Fix a typo of the condition of checking the fusion candidate (details)
  432. Fix memtag test. (details)
  433. [yaml2obj][test] - Ensure that dynamic section has sh_entsize correctly set. (details)
  434. [VE] Move VEInstPrinter.cpp and VEInstPrinter.h into MCTargetDesc (details)
  435. [lldb] [Host/NetBSD] Rename Host.cpp to HostNetBSD.cpp (details)
  436. [SVE][Inline-Asm] Add constraints for SVE ACLE types (details)
  437. [yaml2obj] - Add `ELFYAML::YAMLIntUInt` to fix how we parse a relocation `Addend` key. (details)
  438. [Sema][SVE] Reject subscripts on pointers to sizeless types (details)
  439. [Sema][SVE] Reject arithmetic on pointers to sizeless types (details)
  440. [Sema][SVE] Reject sizeless types in exception specs (details)
  441. [lldb] Add test for importing ObjC modules in a non-ObjC target (details)
  442. [Sema][SVE] Don't allow sizeless objects to be thrown (details)
  443. [mlir][vulkan-runner] Use C-compatible wrapper emission. (details)
  444. [Sema][SVE] Don't allow sizeless types to be caught (details)
  445. [StackProtector] Catch direct out-of-bounds when checking address-takenness (details)
  446. [SCCP] Explicitly mark values as overdefined (NFC). (details)
  447. [LLDB] Add support for AVR breakpoints (details)
  448. [AVR] Add support for the -mdouble=x flag (details)
  449. [lldb] Ptrs->refs in CommandObjectExpression::EvaluateExpression parameters (details)
  450. [Sema][SVE] Reject "new" with sizeless types (details)
  451. [analyzer] StdLibraryFunctionsChecker refactor w/ inheritance (details)
  452. [Sema][SVE] Reject "delete" with sizeless types (details)
  453. Replace and by runtime registration (details)
  454. [gn build] Port ac1d23ed7de (details)
  455. [lldb] Tighten checks in (details)
  456. [OpenCL] Add pipe and kernel enqueuing builtins (details)
  457. [OPENMP50]Initial support for detach clause in task directive. (details)
  458. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Legalize a16 images (details)
  459. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Legalize non-a16 non-NSA images (details)
  460. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Adjust image load register type based on dmask (details)
  461. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fully handle 0 dmask case during legalize (details)
  462. Purge unused diagnostics. NFC. (details)
  463. [MIPS] Implement MIPS3D vector instructions (details)
  464. [ValueLattice] Clarify that constant state can reached from undef. (details)
  465. [mlir] LLVM dialect: move ensureDistinctSuccessors out of std->LLVM conversion (details)
  466. [AMDGPU] Enable SEXT divergence driven selection. (details)
  467. [AssumeBundles] Detection of Empty bundles (details)
  468. [Alignment] Add alignTo with skew parameter (details)
  469. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix asserting on gather4 intrinsics (details)
  470. [HIP] Let clang recognize .hip extension (details)
  471. [docs] Remove outdated note about migration to Git (details)
  472. [NFC][PowerPC] Add 2 test cases to early-ret.mir to test BLR and BCCLR (details)
  473. [Verifier] Silence static analyzer null dereference warning (PR45118) (details)
  474. [DAGCombiner] matchRotateSub - handle shift amount truncation (details)
  475. [clangd] Only minimally escape text when rendering to markdown. (details)
  476. [NFC] Add UsedDeclVisitor (details)
  477. Support repeated machine outlining (details)
  478. [AMDGPU] Fix whole wavefront mode (details)
  479. [MLIR] Added llvm.fence (details)
  480. Revert "Support repeated machine outlining" (details)
  481. [clang][AArch64] readd support for 'p' inline asm constraint (details)
  482. Fix -Wdeprecated-copy-dtor and -Wdeprecated-dynamic-exception-spec warnings. (details)
  483. [lldb] Remove template parameters from FunctionTemplateDecl names (details)
  484. [SelectionDAGBuilder] Don't set MachinePointerInfo for gather when we find a uniform base (details)
  485. [OPENMP50]Mark expression in detach clause as firstprivate. (details)
  486. [ValueTracking][SVE] Fix isGEPKnownNonNull for scalable vector. (details)
  487. [mlir] Add a hook to PatternRewriter to allow for patterns to notify why a match failed. (details)
  488. [InstCombine] add tests for bool math; NFC (details)
  489. [InstCombine] reduce demand-limited bool math to logic, part 2 (details)
  490. [NFC][Attr TableGen] Emit Spelling Enum for Attr types if there >1 (details)
  491. [libc] Add a new rule `add_object`. (details)
  492. [libc++] Use env to set the tool's environment on Darwin (details)
  493. Move RDF from Hexagon to Codegen (details)
  494. [gn build] Port 080dd10f7df (details)
  495. [DwarfDebug] Fix an assertion error when emitting call site info that combines two DW_OP_stack_values (details)
  496. [libc++] Bugfix to std::binomial_distribution<int> (details)
  497. [ELF][test] Delete unneeded --no-threads (details)
  498. [libc] Resolve race condition in sub-process test runner. (details)
  499. [SCCP] Split up callsite handling, only propagate result on change (NFC) (details)
  500. PR45207: Fix crash if constrained-type-specifier annotation forms a (details)
  501. [pstl] A hot fix for exclusive_scan (+ lost enable_if in declaration) (details)
  502. Don't call anyone lazy in the documentation. (details)
  503. [lit] NFC: Fix typo in log statement (details)
  504. [Clang] Undef attribute for global variables (details)
  505. [TargetLowering] Only demand a rotation's modulo amount bits (details)
  506. Add some libc++ revisions to .git-blame-ignore-revs (details)
  507. [lldb/PlatformDarwin] Be more robust in computing the SDK path with xcrun (details)
  508. [MC] Recalculate fragment offsets after relaxation (details)
  509. [libc++] Move some misplaced compile-time flags (details)
  510. [mlir] Add target for Shape dialect (details)
  511. [codegen] Fix one more case where `getGlobalDecl` should be used. NFC. (details)
  512. [clangd] Extend findTarget()'s dependent name heuristic to handle enumerators (details)
  513. Fix arm build broken by D74361 by dropping align from filecheck pattern (details)
  514. [mlir][NFC] Rename QuantOps to Quant (details)
  515. [mlir][NFC] Renamed VectorOps to Vector (details)
  516. [lldb/PlatformDarwin] Return POSIX path from FindXcodeContentsDirectoryInPath (details)
  517. Disable loader-uninitialized tests on Windows (details)
  518. [AMDGPU] Print DWARF register numbers in AMDGPUInstPrinter (details)
  519. [lldb/Bindings] Check that process isn't None before calling is_alive. (details)
  520. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix verifier errors on image atomics (details)
  521. Fix `-Wunused-variable` warning. NFC. (details)
  522. [libc] Add AOR testing dependencies for buildbot workers. (details)
  523. Revert "Avoid emitting unreachable SP adjustments after `throw`" (details)
  524. Support repeated machine outlining (details)
  525. Revert "Support repeated machine outlining" (details)
  526. [MLIR] Add support for out of tree external projects using MLIR (details)
  527. [mlir][Vector] Mostly-NFC - Restructure options for lowering to LLVM Matrix Intrinsics (details)
  528. [mlir][NFC] Replace all usages of PatternMatchResult with LogicalResult (details)
  529. [mlir] Update DRR patterns to notify the rewriter why a pattern fails to match. (details)
  530. [DAGCombine] Respect the uses when combine FMA for a*b+/-c*d (details)
  531. PR45133: Don't crash if the active member of a union changes while it's (details)
  532. [mlir][DialectConversion] Print the operation being legalized if it has no regions (details)
  533. Revert "AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fully handle 0 dmask case during legalize" (details)
  534. [libc] Add sigaction (details)
  535. CET for Exception Handle (details)
  536. [Alignment][NFC] Deprecate getTransientStackAlignment (details)
  537. [clang] Fix crash on visiting null nestedNameSpecifier. (details)
  538. [NFC][ARM] Add thumb triple to test (details)
  539. [SCCP] Use constant ranges for select, if cond is overdefined. (details)
  540. [InstCombine][X86] Tests for variable but in-range per-element shift amounts (PR40391) (details)
  541. Fix ac1d23ed7de01fb3 interaction with gold plugin (details)
  542. [ARM,MVE] Add intrinsics and isel for MVE integer VMLA. (details)
  543. [ARM,MVE] Add intrinsics for the VQDMLAH family. (details)
  544. Reland D75470 [SVE] Auto-generate builtins and header for svld1. (details)
  545. [InstCombine][X86] simplifyX86varShift - convert variable in-range per-element shift amounts to generic shifts (PR40391) (details)
  546. [SCCP] Precommit some additional tests for integer ranges. (details)
  547. [DebugInfo] Fix multi-byte entry values in call site values (details)
  548. Fix possible assertion when using PBQP with debug info (details)
  549. [AArch64][SVE] Change pointer type of nontemporal load/store intrinsics (details)
  550. [llvm][SVE] Addressing mode for FF/NF loads. (details)
  551. [OPENMP50]Codegen for detach clause. (details)
  552. [lldb/Target] Support more than 2 symbols in StackFrameRecognizer (details)
  553. [mlir] NFC: Fix trivial typos in documents (details)
  554. [ARM] Track epilogue instructions with FrameDestroy flag (NFC) (details)
  555. [hip] Revise `GlobalDecl` constructors. NFC. (details)
  556. [NFC] Add missing REQUIRES clause to a test (details)
  557. [NFC][PowerPC] Add a new MIR file to test if-converter pass (details)
  558. [Alignment][NFC] Deprecate getMaxAlignment (details)
  559. [IPRA][ARM] Spill extra registers at -Oz (details)
  560. [NFCI][SCEV] Avoid recursion in SCEVExpander::isHighCostExpansion*() (details)
  561. Fix build with gcc 7.5 by adding a "redundant move" (details)
  562. Fix `warning: extra ‘;’` (NFC) (details)
  563. [InstCombine][X86] Add additional demandedelts style test for in-range variable per-element shift amounts (PR40391) (details)
  564. [lldb] [testsuite] Enable forgotten -gsplit-dwarf for 2 testfiles (details)
  565. [PowerPC][AIX] Implement by-val caller arguments in a single register. (details)
  566. [InstCombine] GEPOperator::accumulateConstantOffset does not support scalable vectors (details)
  567. [Syntax] Build template declaration nodes (details)
  568. Reland "[gn build] (manually) port 8b409eaba" (details)
  569. [ValueTracking] Add computeKnownBits DemandedElts support to AND instructions (PR36319) (details)
  570. [gn build] add rebase changes that should have been in 9f981e9adf9c8d29bb80306daf08d2770263ade6 (details)
  571. [AMDGPU] Fix AMDGPUUnifyDivergentExitNodes (details)
  572. Reapply "AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fully handle 0 dmask case during legalize" (details)
  573. AMDGPU: Initial, crude support for indirect calls (details)
  574. [NFC][PowerPC] Update test (details)
  575. [gn build] remove a workaround that is no longer needed (details)
  576. [libc] Adding memcpy implementation for x86_64 (details)
  577. Revert "[Syntax] Build template declaration nodes" (details)
  578. [ARM,MVE] Add intrinsics for the VQDMLAD family. (details)
  579. [VPlan] Use underlying value for printing, if available. (details)
  580. Support repeated machine outlining (details)
  581. Add missing module map entry. (details)
  582. [Dominators] Fixup comments in GenericDominatorTreeConstruction. NFC. (details)
  583. [GlobalISel] Port some basic undef combines from DAGCombiner.cpp (details)
  584. [InstSimplify] Add bitreverse/bswap vector tests (details)
  585. Replace get*Alignment() methods with get*Align() equivalents. (details)
  586. [PowerPC] Remove UB from PPCInstrInfo when handling rotates fed by constants (details)
  587. [TSan] Support pointer authentication in setjmp/longjmp interceptors (details)
  588. [HIP] Fix duplicate clang -cc1 options on MSVC toolchain (details)
  589. [ValueTracking] Add computeKnownBits DemandedElts support to EXTRACTELEMENT/OR/BSWAP/BITREVERSE instructions (PR36319) (details)
  590. [OPENMP50]Add support for extended device clause in target directives. (details)
  591. [AliasAnalysis] Misc fixes for checking aliasing with scalable types. (details)
  592. [libc] Add a missing deps to the linux syscalls target. (details)
  593. [TableGen][GlobalISel] Rework RegisterBankEmitter for easier const correctness. (details)
  594. [TableGen][GlobalISel] Account for HwMode in RegisterBank register sizes (details)
  595. [mlir] Add support for detecting single use callables in the Inliner. (details)
  596. [lldb/MemoryHistoryAsan] Fix address resolution for recorded backtraces (details)
  597. [mlir][LLVM] Add masked reads and writes. (details)
  598. [InstSimplify] Regenerate OR tests (details)
  599. [InstSimplify] Add missing vector OR test to show lack of DemandedElts support (details)
  600. [ValueTracking] Add computeKnownBits DemandedElts support to XOR instructions (PR36319) (details)
  601. [mlir] Disable notifyMatchFailure in NDEBUG (details)
  602. [SelectionDAGBuilder][FPEnv] Take into account SelectionDAG continuous CSE when setting the nofpexcept flag for constrained intrinsics (details)
  603. [JumpThreading] add a miscompile test based on discussion in D76332; NFC (details)
  604. [Fuchsia] Include llvm-gsymutil tool in the Fuchsia toolchain (details)
  605. Remove CompositeType class. (details)
  606. [InstSimplify] Add missing vector masked add tests to show lack of DemandedElts support (details)
  607. [libc++] Add missing visibility annotation for __base (details)
  608. [LangRef] add explanatory text for select poison semantics (PR20895) (details)
  609. [LangRef] fix formatting tick; NFC (details)
  610. [VPlan] Record underlying value for VPValues created by addVPValue (NFC). (details)
  611. [clang-tidy] misc-unconventional-assign-operator suggest to use rvalue references in C++03 mode (details)
  612. [mlir][Linalg] Remove initial value for conditions. (details)
  613. [VPlan] Do not print mapping for Value2VPValue. (details)
  614. [Host] Remove some code that's not needed anymore. (details)
  615. [MLIR] Allow global with an external linkage to include initial value (details)
  616. [ValueTracking] Add computeKnownBits DemandedElts support to masked add instructions (PR36319) (details)
  617. [OPENMP50]Add basic codegen support for ancestor device modifier. (details)
  618. [lit] Add builtin support for flaky tests in lit (details)
  619. [lldb/Test] Add unittest for FileSpec::operator bool() (details)
  620. [lldb/PlatformDarwin] Expose current toolchain and CL tools directory (details)
  621. [clang-tidy] RenamerClangTidy now correctly renames `using namespace` decls (details)
  622. [clang/test] Add test for DIFlagAllCallsDescribed under -ggdb + -gdwarf-4, NFC (details)
  623. Fix -fsanitize=array-bound to treat T[0] union members as flexible array (details)
  624. [LangRef] fix typo in select poison explanation; NFC (details)
  625. [SelectionDAG] When splitting gathers/scatters in type legalization, set MMO size to UnknownSize (details)
  626. [mlir][spirv] Use memref memory space for storage class (details)
  627. [mlir][spirv] Let SPIRVConversionTarget consider type availability (details)
  628. [mlir][spirv] Plumbing target environment into type converter (details)
  629. [mlir][spirv] Move type checks from dialect class to type hierarchy (details)
  630. [mlir][spirv] Make SPIRVTypeConverter target environment aware (details)
  631. [mlir][spirv] Change standard op patterns to consider type conversion (details)
  632. [mlir][spirv] Consolidate std.constant to spv.constant conversions (details)
  633. Fix crash in check-mlir due to 08ab8c9af4dd27cb306b449edc9a9c50ed11194a (details)
  634. [AppleObjCRuntimeV2] Rewrite GetClassDescriptor, reducing indentation. (details)
  635. [MLIR] Deduplicate dialect registration by ClassID (details)
  636. [mlir] Introduced CallOp Dialect Conversion (details)
  637. [PowerPC] add IR level isFMAFasterThanFMulAndFAdd - NFC (details)
  638. [lldb/testsuite] Skip if using a remote platform (details)
  639. [lldb/testsuite] Tweak to pass for arm64 (details)
  640. [lldb/testsuite] Apply @skipIfDarwinEmbedded to part of TestHWBreakMultiThread (details)
  641. [lldb/testsuite] Rewrite (details)
  642. [lldb/testsuite] Slightly rework (details)
  643. [lldb/testsuite] Make working with codesigning (details)
  644. CFGDiff: Simplify/common the begin/end implementations to use a common range helper (details)
  645. [InstCombine][SVE] Fix InstCombiner::visitAllocaInst for scalable vector. (details)
  646. Add a test for UsedDeclVisitor (details)
  647. Revert "Add a test for UsedDeclVisitor" (details)
  648. [PowerPC] implement target hook isProfitableToHoist (details)
  649. [mlir] Change missed usage PatternMatchResult to LogicalResult (details)
  650. recommit b58f6bb1207521cdf6a856004525d7bffa5f2153 (details)
  651. Update so debugserver can be built on macos again with xcodebuild. (details)
  652. [AST] Add a flag indicating if any subexpression had errors (details)
  653. [mlir] vector.type_cast: disallow memrefs with layout in verifier (details)
  654. [Reassociate] add testcases for more than 1 pairs - NFC (details)
  655. [SCCP] Use constant ranges for binary operators. (details)
  656. [SVE] Generate overloaded functions for ACLE intrinsics. (details)
  657. [LLD][ELF] - Disambiguate "=fillexp" with a primary expression to allow =0x90 /DISCARD/ (details)
  658. [VP,Integer,#1] Vector-predicated integer intrinsics (details)
  659. [gn build] Port 733b3199487 (details)
  660. [MLIR][NFC] fix RankedTensorType doc comment (details)
  661. [ValueTypes] Add EVT::isFixedLengthVector (details)
  662. Revert "CFGDiff: Simplify/common the begin/end implementations to use a common range helper" (details)
  663. [obj2yaml] - Stop dumping an empty sh_info field for SHT_RELA/SHT_REL sections. (details)
  664. [ValueTypes] Add support for scalable EVTs (details)
  665. [lldb] Fix string summary of an empty NSPathStore2 (details)
  666. [InstSimplify] Add missing vector MUL tests to show lack of DemandedElts support (details)
  667. [InstSimplify] Add missing vector ADD+SUB tests to show lack of DemandedElts support (details)
  668. [ARM] Setting missing isLaneQ attribute on Neon Intrisics definitions (details)
  669. Revert "[ARM] Setting missing isLaneQ attribute on Neon Intrisics definitions" (details)
  670. [ARM] Setting missing isLaneQ attribute on Neon Intrisics definitions (details)
  671. [ARM] Creating 'call_mangled' for Neon intrinsics definitions (details)
  672. [ARM] Enabling range checks on Neon intrinsics' lane arguments (details)
  673. [ARM] Fixing range checks for Neon's vqdmulhq_lane and vqrdmulhq_lane intrinsics (details)
  674. Revert "[lldb] Fix string summary of an empty NSPathStore2" (details)
  675. [mlir] Added llvm.resume and personality functions in LLVM IR Dialect (details)
  676. [ValueTracking] Add computeKnownBits DemandedElts support to ADD/SUB/MUL instructions (PR36319) (details)
  677. [llvm-dwp] Start error messages with a lowercase letter. (details)
  678. [SCCP] Use constant ranges for PHI nodes. (details)
  679. [AArch64][SVE] Rename intrinsics for gather prefetch [NFC] (details)
  680. [clang-format] Handle C# generic type constraints (details)
  681. Reland D73534: [DebugInfo] Enable the debug entry values feature by default (details)
  682. [Support] Improve Windows widenPath and add support for long UNC paths (details)
  683. [InstCombine][X86] Tests for variable but in-range vector-by-scalar shift amounts (PR40391) (details)
  684. [NFC] Simplify test (details)
  685. Test commit. (details)
  686. [obj2yaml] - SHT_REL*, SHT_DYNAMIC sections: add tests to document the behavior when sh_entsize is broken. (details)
  687. [lldb] fix typo in comment for (details)
  688. [clangd] Fix elog message when preamble build fails. (details)
  689. [OPENMP][DOCS]Update list of constructs and status, NFC. (details)
  690. [obj2yaml] - SHT_DYNAMIC and SHT_REL* sections: stop dumping sh_entsize field when it has the default value. (details)
  691. [obj2yaml][test] - Update test after output change. (details)
  692. [AST][NFCi] Make CXXBasePaths::Origin const (details)
  693. [PowerPC][AIX] Simplify the check prefixes in the ByVal lit tests. [NFC] (details)
  694. [Analyzer] Bugfix for CheckerRegistry (details)
  695. [Parser] Avoid spurious 'missing template' error in presence of typos. (details)
  696. [NFC][ARM] Add two tests (details)
  697. [lldb/testsuite] XFail not only on linux (details)
  698. [lldb/testsuite] Fix TestInlineStepping on arm64 with newer compilers (details)
  699. [lldb/testsuite] Skip part of on Darwin embedded (details)
  700. [lldb/Test] Remove debug print in supports_hw_breakpoints. (details)
  701. [MLIR] Add test for multiple gpu.all_reduce in the same kernel when lowering to NVVM (details)
  702. [InstCombine][X86] simplifyX86immShift - convert variable in-range vector shift by immediate amounts to generic shifts (PR40391) (details)
  703. [NFC][ARM] Fix for buildbots (details)
  704. [lldb/testsuite] un-XFail on linux and windows (details)
  705. [test] Re-enable accidentally disabled X86 tests (details)
  706. [X86] Attempt to more accurately model the cost of a bool reduction of wide vector type. (details)
  707. [Syntax] Build template declaration nodes (details)
  708. [libc++] Use builtin type traits whenever possible (details)
  709. [lldb][NFC] Delete the original UserExpression before trying to reparse it with FixIts. (details)
  710. [libc++] Don't use __is_fundamental in C++03 mode (details)
  711. Reland [lldb] Fix string summary of an empty NSPathStore2 (details)
  712. [SDAG] reduce code duplication in getNegatedExpression(); NFCI (details)
  713. [ORC] Bail out early if a replacement MaterializationUnit is empty. (details)
  714. [ORC] Don't waste time building empty replacement MaterializationUnits. (details)
  715. [ORC] Use finer-grained and session locking in MachOPlatform to avoid deadlock. (details)
  716. [ORC] Fix indentation in debugging output. (details)
  717. [ORC] Don't use a platform mutex for LLJIT's GenericLLVMIRPlatformSupport class. (details)
  718. [AArch64][SVE] Add support for DestructiveBinaryImm DestructiveInstType (details)
  719. [libc++] fix non-builtin is_void implementation (details)
  720. [InstCombine][X86] simplifyX86immShift - handle variable out-of-range vector shift by immediate amounts (PR40391) (details)
  721. Add Builder::get{I32,I64}TensorAttr. (details)
  722. [debugserver] Implement hardware breakpoints for ARM64 (details)
  723. Precommit test for clang::CallGraph declared functions. (details)
  724. [InstCombine][X86] Tests for variable but in-range vector-by-scalar shift amounts (PR40391) (details)
  725. [Matrix] Hoist load/store generation logic, add helpers for tiled access. (details)
  726. [Hexagon] Enable linux #defines (details)
  727. [AMDGPU][NFC] Refactor emitEntryFunctionPrologue (details)
  728. [AMDGPU][NFC] Refactor some uses of unsigned to Register (details)
  729. [AMDGPU] Add Scratch Wave Offset to Scratch Buffer Descriptor in entry functions (details)
  730. [AMDGPU] Move frame pointer from s34 to s33 (details)
  731. Teach TreeTransform to substitute into resolved TemplateArguments. (details)
  732. [JumpThreading] Fix infinite loop (PR44611) (details)
  733. [Matrix] Move multiply-add code generation into separate function (NFC). (details)
  734. [MSan] Simulate OOM in mmap_interceptor() (details)
  735. [Matrix] Fold single-use variable into assert (details)
  736. [AST] Make Expr::setDependence protected and remove add/removeDependence. NFC (details)
  737. [clangd] Do not trigger go-to-def textual fallback inside string literals (details)
  738. [MC][ARM] add implicit immediate form for ldrsbt/ldrht/ldrsht (details)
  739. [InstSimplify] Add some vector shift tests to show lack of DemandedElts support (details)
  740. [CMake] Enable the use of -ffile-prefix-map (details)
  741. [Fuchsia] Use -ffile-prefix-map (details)
  742. [profile] Record the profile size as a property of the VMO (details)
  743. [ORC] Re-apply 98f2bb44610, enable JITEventListeners in OrcV2, with fixes. (details)
  744. [MLIR] Interfaces need to used add_mlir_library (details)
  745. [GlobalISel] Port some basic shufflevector undef combines from the DAGCombiner (details)
  746. Cleanup the plumbing for DILineInfoSpecifier. [NFC] (details)
  747. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Remove leftover #if 0 (details)
  748. [WebAssembly] SIMD bitmask intrinsics and builtin functions (details)
  749. Revert "Cleanup the plumbing for DILineInfoSpecifier. [NFC]" (details)
  750. [WebAssembly] SIMD integer abs instructions (details)
  751. [WebAssembly] Support swiftself and swifterror for WebAssembly target (details)
  752. [ELF][test] Make tests less address sensitive and delete redundant tests (details)
  753. Recommit: CFGDiff: Simplify/common the begin/end implementations to use a common range helper"" (details)
  754. [MLIR] Fix for out-of-tree builds from install area. (details)
  755. [XRay] Record the XRay data size as a property of the VMO (details)
  756. [ELF] Create readonly PT_LOAD in the presence of a SECTIONS command (details)
  757. [sanitizer_coverage][Fuchsia] Set ZX_PROP_VMO_CONTENT_SIZE (details)
  758. [MLIR] Fix op folding to not run pre-replace when not constant folding (details)
  759. [RISCV] Passing small data limitation value to RISCV backend (details)
  760. [Coroutines] Fix PR45130 (details)
  761. Revert "Generate Callee Saved Register (CSR) related cfi directives like .cfi_restore." (details)
  762. [AMDGPU] Set the CostPerUse value for vgpr registers. (details)
  763. [AMDGPU] Reuse register during frame index elimination (details)
  764. [DSE] Support traversing MemoryPhis. (details)
  765. [Matrix] Generalize ColumnMatrixTy to MatrixTy (NFC). (details)
  766. [Syntax] Split syntax tests (details)
  767. [InstCombine] Don't replace musttail result based on known bits (details)
  768. [ARM] Extra MVE float loop tests. NFC (details)
  769. [InstCombine] Simplify calls with "returned" attribute (details)
  770. [NFC][RISCV] Test for 0.0 fp immediate (details)
  771. [RISCV] Select +0.0 immediate using fmv.{w,d}.x / fcvt.d.w (details)
  772. [ARM] Change VDUP type to i32 for MVE (details)
  773. Revert "[TableGen][GlobalISel] Account for HwMode in RegisterBank register sizes" (details)
  774. [clang] Add support for consteval constructors (details)
  775. [lldb] Enable now passing part of (details)
  776. [llvm-readobj][llvm-readelf][test] - Add a test to check how we dump relocation addends. (details)
  777. Improve step over performance (details)
  778. [Syntax] Test both the default and windows target platforms in unittests (details)
  779. [llvm-readobj] Allow syms from all sections to match stack size entries (details)
  780. [Tests] Regenerate some test checks; NFC (details)
  781. [ValueTracking] Add computeKnownBits DemandedElts support to shift instructions (PR36319) (details)
  782. Revert "[Syntax] Test both the default and windows target platforms in unittests" (details)
  783. [InstCombine] Move test to instcombine; NFC (details)
  784. [OPENMP50]Initial support for scan directive. (details)
  785. [ValueTracking] Add some initial isKnownNonZero DemandedElts support (PR36319) (details)
  786. Fix `-Wunused-variable` warning. NFC. (details)
  787. [DSE,MSSA] Precommit additional tests for D73763. (details)
  788. [ARM,CDE] Implement GPR CDE intrinsics (details)
  789. [ARM,CDE] Implement CDE S and D-register intrinsics (details)
  790. [ARM,CDE] Implement CDE unpredicated Q-register intrinsics (details)
  791. [ARM,CDE] Implement CDE vreinterpret intrinsics (details)
  792. [AMDGPU] Enable divergence driven ISel for ADD/SUB i64 (details)
  793. [scudo][standalone] Allow fallback to secondary if primary is full (details)
  794. AMDGPU: Add more tests for fshr (details)
  795. AMDGPU: Move towards deprecating alignbit intrinsic (details)
  796. [DAGCombiner] Fix non-determinism problem related to argument evaluation order in visitFDIV (details)
  797. [PowerPC][AIX][NFC] Add zero-sized by val params to cc test. (details)
  798. [analyzer] StdLibraryFunctionsChecker: Add argument constraints (details)
  799. [Syntax] Test both the default and windows target platforms in unittests (details)
  800. [ARM,MVE] Add ACLE intrinsics for the vminv/vmaxv family. (details)
  801. [ARM,MVE] Add ACLE intrinsics for the vaddv/vaddlv family. (details)
  802. [InstCombine][X86] simplifyX86immShift - convert variable in-range vector shift by scalar amounts to generic shifts (PR40391) (details)
  803. [[Clang CallGraph]] CallGraph should still record calls to decls. (details)
  804. Use FinishThunk to finish musttail thunks (details)
  805. [X86] Prevent (bitcast (broadcast_load)) combine from producing vXf16 broadcast instructions. (details)
  806. [PowerPC][AIX][NFC] Extend the test coverage of ByVal args. (details)
  807. [DAGCombiner] Do not fold truncate(build_vector(..)) if it creates an illegal type (details)
  808. [analyzer] StdLibraryFunctionsChecker: Add NotNull Arg Constraint (details)
  809. Attempt to fix failing build-bot with [-Werror,-Wcovered-switch-default] (details)
  810. [mlir/quant] fix a small typo in the quant utility (details)
  811. [lldb-vscode] Don't use SBLaunchInfo in request_attach (details)
  812. [InstCombine] Handle known shl nsw sign bit in SimplifyDemanded (details)
  813. Cleanup the plumbing for DILineInfoSpecifier. [NFC - Try 2] (details)
  814. Add missing module map entry (details)
  815. [mlir][AVX512] Start a primitive AVX512 dialect (details)
  816. PR45181: Fix another invalid DIExpression combination (details)
  817. [llc] Initialize TargetLoweringObjectFile for MIR input (details)
  818. [X86] Reland D71360 Clean up UseInitArray initialization for X86ELFTargetObjectFile (details)
  819. [OPENMP50]Initial support for inclusive clause. (details)
  820. [libc++] Add a new FILE_DEPENDENCIES parser (details)
  821. [libc] NFC - Move the round redirector from its own nested directory. (details)
  822. [ADT] CoalescingBitVector: Avoid initial heap allocation, NFC (details)
  823. [ADT] CoalescingBitVector: Add advanceToLowerBound iterator operation (details)
  824. [LiveDebugValues] Speed up collectIDsForRegs, NFC (details)
  825. unittest: Work around build failure on MSVC builders (details)
  826. [OPENMP50]Do not allow several scan directives in the same parent (details)
  827. [InstCombine] Remove known bits constant folding (details)
  828. [mlir][Linalg] NFC: Clean up for 0-D abstraction. (details)
  829. [mlir][LLVMIR] Fix fusion for rank-0 tensors (details)
  830. [llvm-ar] Use target triple to deduce archive kind for bitcode inputs (details)
  831. [mlir][AVX512] Hotfix - Fix CMake Doc generation dependence (details)
  832. [AppleObjCRuntimeV2] Force lazily allocated class names to be resolved. (details)
  833. [StopHook] Use wildcard matching. Pointed out by Jim Ingham. (details)
  834. [InstSimplify] Reorder checks to be more efficient; NFC (details)
  835. Correctly initialize the DW_AT_comp_dir attribute of Clang module skeleton CUs (details)
  836. Don't set the isOptimized flag in module skeleton DICompileUnits. (details)
  837. [c++20] Further extend the set of comparisons broken by C++20 that we (details)
  838. [mlir][NFC] Cleanup AffineOps directory structure (details)
  839. [lldb-vscode] stop read loop after termination (details)
  840. Create basic SBEnvironment class (details)
  841. [ValueTracking][SVE] Fix getOffsetFromIndex for scalable vector. (details)
  842. Clean up and simplify after collision of c48442c and 19fccc5, which (details)
  843. [VE] Fix -Wunused-private-field after D72598 and -Wdeprecated-declarations after D76348 (details)
  844. Allow remapping Clang module skeleton CU references with -fdebug-prefix-map (details)
  845. [Clang][test] Add .i files for test discovery (details)
  846. Enable CUDA offloading on aarch64 host (details)
  847. [mlir] [VectorOps] Introduce vector.transpose (details)
  848. [libc++] Make the %run substitution closer to how .pass.cpp tests are executed (details)
  849. Allow remapping the sysroot with -fdebug-prefix-map. (details)
  850. [clang-tidy] Merge common code between llvmlibc-restrict-system-libc-headers and portability-restrict-system-includes (details)
  851. Revert "Allow remapping the sysroot with -fdebug-prefix-map." (details)
  852. Allow remapping the sysroot with -fdebug-prefix-map. (details)
  853. [libc++] Properly handle environment variables with '=' in them (details)
  854. [mlir][AVX512] Hotfix - Add cmake dependence on MLIRSideEffects (details)
  855. [MLIR] Fix Xcode build due to incorrect library path (details)
  856. Driver: Improve performance of getSDKName() (details)
  857. Temporarily Revert "Create basic SBEnvironment class" (details)
  858. [ValueTracking] Fix usage of DataLayout::getTypeStoreSize() (details)
  859. [MLIR] Add an IfOp builder with results (details)
  860. [libomptarget][nfc] Disable amdgcn rtl build. The cmake logic for finding llvm is misbehaving. (details)
  861. [libc++] Temporarily disable an availability test that is broken (details)
  862. Temporarily Revert "[X86] Reland D71360 Clean up UseInitArray initialization for X86ELFTargetObjectFile" (details)
  863. Use values cached in ConstantExprs for expression evaluation where (details)
  864. [CodeGen] Emit destructor calls to destruct non-trivial C struct objects (details)
  865. [lldb]/Tablegen] Use ElementType instead of DefaultValueUnsinged (details)
  866. PR45267: Don't reject pure-specifiers with escaped newlines in their '0' token. (details)
  867. [cmake] Fix -stripped for umbrella library install targets (details)
  868. [lldb-vscode] Add missing launchCommands entry in the package.json (details)
  869. [lldb-vscode] Add inheritEnvironment option (details)
  870. Create basic SBEnvironment class (details)
  871. Revert "[lldb-vscode] Add inheritEnvironment option" (details)
  872. Revert "[lldb-vscode] Add missing launchCommands entry in the package.json" (details)
  873. Revert "Create basic SBEnvironment class" (details)
  874. [X86] Reland D71360 Clean up UseInitArray initialization for X86ELFTargetObjectFile (details)
  875. [WebAssembly] Add SIMD integer abs builtins (details)
  876. [clangd] Skip ClangdVFSTest.TestStackOverflow when address sanitizer is used (details)
  877. [DAG] Don't permit EXTLOAD when combining FSHL/FSHR consecutive loads (PR45265) (details)
  878. [clang-tidy] Add spuriously-wake-up-functions check (details)
  879. [gn build] Port 0f4c70dd3ec (details)
  880. Fix Wdocumentation warning. NFCI. (details)
  881. Fix Wdocumentation warning. NFCI. (details)
  882. [clang-tidy] my work: fix sphinx docs (details)
  883. [InstCombine][X86] simplifyX86immShift - remove ConstantAggregateZero handling. NFC. (details)
  884. Fix static analysis warnings about classes with virtual methods not having virtual destructors (details)
  885. Revert rGd5d8569df14e95e2c53d167bd1b37995bcbec565 "Fix static analysis warnings about classes with virtual methods not having virtual destructors" (details)
  886. [clang] Fix crash during template sema checking (details)
  887. Update (details)
  888. Revert rGe6a7e3b5e3e7 "[X86][SSE] matchShuffleWithSHUFPD - add support for unary shuffles." (details)
  889. [ADT] Implement the Waymarking as an independent utility (details)
  890. [gn build] Port 73cf8abbe69 (details)
  891. [ValueTracking] Short-circuit computeKnownBitsAddSub(); NFCI (details)
  892. [X86] Combine concat(shufps,shufps) -> shufps(concat,concat) (details)
  893. tsan: fix deadlock with pthread_atfork callbacks (details)
  894. [libc++] fix some non-modular tests (details)
  895. [libc++] Rework buildbot configuration for the greater good. (details)
  896. [libc++] Fix URL to llvm github (details)
  897. [obj2yaml] - Simplify and reduce `ELFDumper<ELFT>::dumpSections`. NFCI. (details)
  898. [clang/docs] Fix various sphinx warnings/errors in docs. (details)
  899. [X86][AVX] Add HADDPD test case for PR44694 (details)
  900. [X86] getTargetShuffleAndZeroables - add insert_subvector(undef, sub, c) handling. (details)
  901. [InstCombine] Add ctpop -> cttz combine tests (PR43513) (details)
  902. The generated code does not need to check for a null Decl; NFC. (details)
  903. [libc++] tolerate missing diagnostic with modules enabled (details)
  904. Revert "[ADT] Implement the Waymarking as an independent utility" (details)
  905. [gn build] Port 34fd007aaf8 (details)
  906. [X86] Add test for v4i8 loop sad pattern. (details)
  907. [MLIR][NFC] fix memref type doc comment on dynamic shape (details)
  908. [X86] Add nonloop v64i8 test to sad.ll. (details)
  909. [ORC] Move ostream operators for debugging output out of Core.h. (details)
  910. Revert "EHScopeStack::Cleanup has virtual functions so the destructor should be too." (details)
  911. [X86] Delete unneeded X86ELFTargetObjectFile::Initialize. NFC (details)
  912. Delete TargetLoweringObjectFile::Ctx (details)
  913. [AsmPrinter] Simplify AsmPrinter::emitXXStructorList after D61547 (details)
  914. [LVI] Use SmallDenseMap for getValueFromCondition(); NFC (details)
  915. [mlir] Move several static cl::opts to be pass options instead. (details)
  916. [mlir][NFC] Remove Analysis/Passes.h (details)
  917. [mlir] Move the testing pass for GpuKernelToCubin to the test/ directory (details)
  918. [NFC] [PowerPC] Update FMA association test (details)
  919. [SLP] Avoid repeated visitation in getVectorElementSize(); NFC (details)
  920. [ValueTracking] Avoid blind cast from Operator to Instruction (details)
  921. [X86][SSE] Add some additional irregular AVG tests (details)
  922. [NFC] [PowerPC] Remove unsafe-fp-math in FMA test (details)
  923. [DAGCombiner] Require nsz for aggressive fma fold (details)
  924. Utils: Mostly convert memcpy expansion to use Align (details)
  925. [InstCombine] Remove ExpensiveCombines option (details)
  926. Verifier: Check bswap is supported size (details)
  927. Remove a dead function. (details)
  928. [X86] Remove maximum vector width restriction from combineLoopSADPattern. (details)
  929. [libc] Add signal (details)
  930. Add Triple::isAMDGPU (details)
  931. [NFC] Refactor handling of Xarch option (details)
  932. [libc][NFC] Fix typo in milliseconds (details)
  933. [mlir] Change include image to be toplevel (details)
  934. [mips] Rename target feature Mips3D => HasMips3D. NFC (details)
  935. [mips] Add HasMips3D to the list of features unsupported by P5600 model. (details)
  936. [mips] Remove instructions related to "wired paired single" from the P5600 model. (details)
  937. [mips] Implement sle/sleu pseudo instructions (details)
  938. [mips] Implement sne pseudo instruction (details)
  939. [mips] Implement .cpadd directive (details)
  940. clang/release notes: s/Subversion/git/ (details)
  941. [X86] More accurately model the cost of horizontal reductions. (details)
  942. update of the llvm doc: we moved to git (details)
  943. [SCCP] Add a few more tests for conditional propagation,XOR. (details)
  944. Doc: Links should use https (details)
  945. doc: use the right url to bugzilla (details)
  946. [X86] Remove maximum vector length limit from combineBasicSADPattern. (details)
  947. Roll an expression into an assert to remove the need for a (void) cast. (details)
  948. Revert "[FIX] Do not copy an llvm::function_ref if it has to be reused" (details)
  949. [MLIR][NFC] rename ConvertStandardToLLVM, ConvertLoopToStandard to drop Convert prefix (details)
  950. [MLIR][NFC] Move some of the affine transforms / tests to dialect dirs (details)
  951. [NFC] [PowerPC] Prepare test for FMA negate check (details)
  952. Add test cases that are addressed by D76010 (details)
  953. Buildbot debugging of 0d0b90105f92f6cd9cc7004d565834f4429183fb (lambda/function_ref lifetime issues) (details)
  954. [libc] Don't configure test and fuzzer when -DLLVM_INCLUDE_TESTS=OFF (details)
  955. [llvm-objdump][test] Improve PowerPC branch offset tests (details)
  956. [GlobalISel] support widen unmerge if WideTy > SrcTy (details)
  957. [NFC][DAGCombine] Refactor post-inc logic (details)
  958. [DAGCombine] Skip PostInc combine with later users (details)
  959. Make use of APInt::countLeadingOnes. NFC. (details)
  960. [clang-tidy][NFC] Add missing check group docs and order entries (details)
  961. MergeFunctions.rst - multiply vs shift typo (PR44717) (details)
  962. [Alignment][NFC] Deprecate ensureMaxAlignment (details)
  963. Fix all-reduce int tests by host-registering memrefs. (details)
  964. Apply function attributes through array declarators (details)
  965. [InstCombine] Add CTPOP -> CTTZ simplifications (PR43513) (details)
  966. [llvm-readobj] Derive dynamic symtab size from DT_HASH (details)
  967. [SCCP] Extend test coverage in conditions-ranges.ll to false branches. (details)
  968. [InstCombine] Add ub-safe negation patterns (PR27817) (details)
  969. [Alignment][NFC] Use TFL::getStackAlign() (details)
  970. [Alignment][NFC] Deprecate VectorUtils::getAlignment (details)
  971. [SystemZ]  Perform instruction shortening for fused fp ops. (details)
  972. Add ParsedAttrInfo::handleDeclAttribute (details)
  973. [VectorCombine] add more tests for extract-extract patterns; NFC (details)
  974. [clang-format] Reflow long C# generic type constraints correctly (details)
  975. [clang-tidy] Fix RenamerClangTidy handling qualified TypeLocs (details)
  976. [VectorUtils] move x86's scaleShuffleMask to generic VectorUtils (details)
  977. [SCCP] Precommit additional range propagation test. (details)
  978. Implement wave32 DWARF register mapping (details)
  979. [lldb] Mark expressions that couldn't be parsed or executed as failed expressions (details)
  980. [Analyzer] Iterator Modeling - Model `std::advance()`, `std::prev()` and `std::next()` (details)
  981. [clang-format] Do not indent C# array initialisers as continuations (details)
  982. [InstCombine] Limit CTPOP -> CTTZ simplifications to one use (details)
  983. Remove legacy CMake targets for libcxx and libcxxabi (details)
  984. [lldb/Target] Initialize new targets environment variables from target.env-vars (details)
  985. [lldb/API] Make Launch(Simple) use args and env from target properties (details)
  986. [lldb/Target] Rework the way the inferior environment is created (details)
  987. Revert "Remove legacy CMake targets for libcxx and libcxxabi" (details)
  988. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add some oversized G_IMPLICIT_DEF tests (details)
  989. [GlobalISel] Add generic opcodes for saturating add/subtract (details)
  990. [Syntax] Build mapping from AST to syntax tree nodes (details)
  991. [Attributor][NFC] clang-format Attributor.{h,cpp} (details)
  992. [Attributor][NFC] Predetermine the module before verification (details)
  993. [Attributor] Unify handling of must-tail calls (details)
  994. [Attributor] Handle calls in AAValueConstantRange properly (details)
  995. [Attributor][NFC] Copy llvm::function_ref, don't use references (details)
  996. [Analysis] simplify code for scaleShuffleMask (details)
  997. [Win64] Insert int3 into trailing empty BBs (details)
  998. Add support for custom op parser/printer hooks to know about result names. (details)
  999. [libc++] [NFC] Test that correct value category is used in scoped_allocator_adaptor::construct (details)
  1000. recommit 1b978ddba05c [CUDA][HIP][OpenMP] Emit deferred diagnostics by a post-parsing AST travese (details)
  1001. [analyzer][NFC] Tie CheckerRegistry to CheckerManager, allow CheckerManager to be constructed for non-analysis purposes (details)
  1002. Add AMDGPU MC unittests only when AMDGPU target is being built (details)
  1003. [lldb/testsuite] Skip part of on windows (details)
  1004. [libc++] Bump Clang support for Clang 4 (details)
  1005. [ARM] Extra VMOVN and VMULL tests. NFC (details)
  1006. [Support] Silence warning in Path unittests when compiling with clang-cl (details)
  1007. [Analyzer] IteratorRangeChecker verify `std::advance()`, `std::prev()` and `std::next()` (details)
  1008. [ELF][test] Clean text-section-prefix.s (details)
  1009. [Attributor] Fold single-use variable into assert (details)
  1010. [OpenMPOpt][FIX] Resolve OpenMP runtime call type mismatches (details)
  1011. [OpenMPOpt] Validate declaration types against the expected types (details)
  1012. [lldb/Reproducers] Mark reproducer test directory as unsupported on Windows (details)
  1013. [gn build] Port 24698e526f619271705fe72bcaa928be9bc82484 (details)
  1014. [openmp][runtime] Fixed hang for explicit task inside a taskloop. (details)
  1015. [OPENMP50]Bassic support for exclusive clause. (details)
  1016. [clang-format] No space inserted between commas in C# (details)
  1017. [gn build] Port 24698e526f619271705fe72bcaa928be9bc82484. Fix AMDGPUTests (details)
  1018. [gn build] Port 57b8a407493 (details)
  1019. [ELF] Keep orphan section names ( unchanged if !hasSectionsCommand (details)
  1020. [InstCombine] remove one-use check for ctpop -> cttz (details)
  1021. Fix a warning building on my machine, NFC. warning: unused function 'compilePtxToCubinForTesting' (details)
  1022. [CMake] Fix AMDGPUTests -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=on builds and trim dependencies of AMDGPUTests and AMDDwarfTests after D76357/G24698e526f619271705fe72bcaa928be9bc82484 (details)
  1023. [DataFormatters] Add formatter for libc++ std::unique_ptr (details)
  1024. [mlir] Fix unsafe create operation in GreedyPatternRewriter (details)
  1. Fixes a bug in pstat module (details / githubweb)
  1. [test-suite] Add -fcommon (details / githubweb)
  2. [test-suite] switch Clang driver to default to -fno-common (details / githubweb)
  3. [MemFunctions] Add validity check. (details / githubweb)

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